When love came down to the earth



omigosh there’s a shadow at the top of his forehead… FROM ACTUAL HAIR!!!! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!

Dangggg, I was stuck at the airport last night and then on a flight home through a snowstorm so I missed the Livestream. Oh, I lie. The family members I was with took off to the airport coffee shop at one point so I quickly tried to log in with my little iPod and heard about 30 glorious seconds of David singing the end of Mary Did You Know then *gasp* HE STARTED TALKING!!!!

Yes, it was in Spanish and I understood nothing but the fact that he was saying something LIVE — not a two-year-old vlog or five-year-old interview but LIVE — got me so flummoxed I forgot where I was for a second and let out a high-pitched sound hopefully only heard by dogs.

Some talking at the beginning and end of this vid (thx. JR4DA!!!)… loved his getting everyone to clap in his adorkably bossypants way *replays*:

Fortunately you can still watch the Livestream HERE. And download mp3s and 4s HERE (thank you, Abrra!!!!! <3333)

After catching up, I’m still speechless over the whole thing, so I’ll post these comments from the last thread:

Refnaf: So excited for this!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee

Grammyj: Hope everyone got to see the live stream. It was divine. David’s singing was phenomenal and we got to hear him speak in Spanish too. I especially loved “Mary Did You Know” in Spanish with guitar accompaniment. I’m ready for him to come home.

amb4da: Well, it’s 1:43 here…and I’ve listened to the concert…(I’m dead.) And that Emmanuel…about 8 gazillion times. And wanted to finally post here about how “out there” I am etc, but…first things first.. Point is tonight….David was back! And as usual. BRILLIANT. Thank you, David. (and to my cyber friend who sent me the link…I didn’t even know it was going to be streamed tonight…so glad I was tipped off!)
He was David. He was adorable. He was dimpled. And holding back smiles. And under that, oh so solemnly humble, Elder Archie persona….hunkerdown, weepingly poignant, twinkle in his eyes David returned. And I loved every minute of it. :))) … Grammyj above is right…tonight was DEVINE!! Got to go to bed but am going to enjoy those close up videos above here tomorrow! ps. btw…I enjoyed his fluent Spanish speaking as much as the singing. I loved his Qué niño es éste? sigh. And his “directives” before Los Pastores a Belen.

Kizzi: Such a huge privilege to see and hear this celebration of the birth of Jesus. David at his humble and genuine best sharing his genius of song to give testimony. Quite riveting to get a glimpse of his experience….and for me it was so emotional to see what all this means to David through his beautiful and exquisitely vulnerable performances. I am so happy for him. Experiencing his life, his way. Bravo!

amb4da: Couldn’t have said that better Kizzi…every word. Absolutely agree. And yes..Bravo! to David. I willingly gave hrs. of sleep last night (blarry-eyed today!) because I could not tear myself away from those performances (still listening!) I haven’t even found my words yet for it…but you did it for me.

emmegirl14: ♥

amb4da: Omg…did I really misspell DIVINE in my original post, even with spellcheck?! …it was late and I was gobsmacked! Think of it as D-vine! ;)

peppertara: Happy Holidays everyone and happy “DA In All His Magnificence gifted weekend!” Am still soaking in all the wonderful performances and his very lovely and fluent Spanish speaking self. Almost felt like he was back.
I agree, all so Divine or Devine or D-vine! …..and as Kizzii said “David at his humble and genuine best sharing his genius of song to give testimony.” “and for me it was so emotional to see what all this means to David through his beautiful and exquisitely vulnerable performances.”
Oh yes, ditto to all of it. ❤

wereevertythingandmore (Tumblr): Hearing him singing today was like breathing fresh air again.

But I’m still a little too not over our other gifts this week, especially, O Ven O Ven Emmanuel … as newangel2 said in the last thread, “So so beautiful. I’ve never heard this song before and now it’s a favorite. How does he do that???” And pouncer84 on Tumblr: “Its WOW!! I get the feeling that he’s singing with extra feeling because this is his last Christmas in Chile before returning.”

Here are the lyrics in English, as per Google translate 🙂 (it’s a version written by Steven Curtis Chapman):

O, come! O come, Emmanuel!
Free captive Israel
That mourns in lonely exile here
And wait the son of David
O come, and bring your great light
Shining with your truth
Dispels all darkness,
And I will fight with your power.

Rejoice, Emmanuel
Shall come to thee,
O Israel, sings
Sing Emmanuel
Coming for you
O Israel, Sing

And last but not least, this gem … to quote robertantonnyc from the youTube comments: “That was dope David. Loved the little flourishes. Happy Holidays”

How about you guys?? Are you now in the Christmas spirit? What are your favourite parts of all this bountiful gold, frankincense and myrrh?

p.s. I guess I should go unpack. 🙂

p.p.s. the lovely cristobalite4126 put all David’s songs in one vid!

NEWSFLASH! According to the lovelies at The Voice, David sang The Prayer with Rebecca Lopez at tonight’s concert!


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35 Responses to When love came down to the earth

  1. djafan says:

    This was so beautifully said that it needs to be repeated.

    “Kizzi: Such a huge privilege to see and hear this celebration of the birth of Jesus. David at his humble and genuine best sharing his genius of song to give testimony. Quite riveting to get a glimpse of his experience….and for me it was so emotional to see what all this means to David through his beautiful and exquisitely vulnerable performances. I am so happy for him. Experiencing his life, his way. Bravo!”

    I feel blessed and like I’ve just received a personal gift directly from David. Christmas has truly begun 🙂

  2. davidarchiefan4life says:

    Kizzi, I loved every word of your comment! I loved all the comments in the post, actually, thanks for posting them. But pick a favorite moment from all these wonderful videos? Impossible!

    Although the Archugrowl in Little Drummer Boy was a delight to see. Just seeing David’s joy in performing and sharing his love for music and for Christmas and seeing that twinkle in his eye (even while he spoke Spanish) was a beautiful gift for this season. Happy Christmas, everyone!

  3. ray says:

    i have to agree with everone what a gift.david is to the world

  4. Kizzi says:

    Just listened to “The Prayer.” Rich, vibrant, heart rendering, and most amazingly, at times, operatic. There were moments where (as ridiculous as it may seem) I thought this is how angels sing. Heartfelt truths, deep and spiritual.

    This performance, for me, brings oh so close to my senses the Divine. What a gift!

    TOfan, your title “When love came down to earth” is both brilliant and astute. You, Madam Biographer Extraordinaire, are also love on our planet!!!!

    • awestruck says:

      Hey Kizzi, “Heartfelt truths, deep and spiritual” Oh how I miss David for this. As well to openness and honesty! I just read that Miley Cyrus was named ‘entertainer of the year’ or some such thing. Blah to that.

  5. peppertara says:

    Great post! Hope you had a good trip TOfan. Definitely in the Christmas spirit and Christmas would simply not be the same now without David and his glorious, reverent singing. Always loved Christmas but have forgotten how it was B.D. Guess I enjoyed the beauty of it all but now have that extra blessing added to make it even more beautiful.
    O Ven, O Ven Emmanuel has become a close second to my fave, OHN by David. So incredibly beautiful! What a superb rendition of that song, the depths he brings with it invoke such powerful emotion. Makes no difference singing in Spanish (love it) and just as gloriously felt and Universally sung by the power of his music.
    The new performances, videos, gift from TeamArchie, the spirit of joy and gratefulness felt among the fans, the wonderful comments all definitely create a strong Spirit of the Season and a wonderful excitement and anticipation of his homecoming and his return to music. Yes….Love came down to the earth. 🙂

  6. I thought the audience was not allowed to applaud. They didn’t last year.

    • awestruck says:

      the Aruchuleta made them do it! As an audience member I would not be able to refrain from clapping (yelling screaming, crying etc…). Hope though that it didn’t ‘break any rules’

  7. awestruck says:

    Merry Christmas to EVERYONE in case I don’t get back to post…

  8. refnaf says:

    gosh you guys!!!! This is gobsmackingly good!!!
    Love all your descriptions of David and his voice… pure, spiritual,graceful….
    LOVe to all came down to earth!!
    I get a little crazy when I think what may be coming in #DA 2014

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s wonderful to see David’s beautiful performances appreciated. OHN already has 17,500 views, Maria Sabias Que (MDYK) over 10,000 and El Tamborilelo (LDB) more than 6,500 views.

  10. TOfan says:

    asldkfaflkadfjkajf THIS. SONG. (ending cut off though 😦 )

  11. trace says:

    Loving everything in this post! Thanks so much Tofan!
    And Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  12. TOfan says:

    An actual sort-of tweet from David! *sniff*

  13. peppertara says:

    Aw, that sweet tweet is so David. He is such a good rep of the season (and of kindness in general). Will happily accept his invitation, it’s certainly a good challenge. I probably won’t sing for anyone though (to their benefit, ha) but do have plans to visit someone today, do some errands for them and bring them some goodies. Will try and add to that this week. 🙂
    There is always something we can do, even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. David has some great fans who are such good examples of this. ❤
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks and Merry Christmas to David and his giving heart. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Awesome, pepp! I’m sure they’d also appreciate a song or two! 😆

      Seriously though, hope you have a Merry Merry Christmas!!! And if the planets align for #DA2014, look forward to finally meeting you in the new year! <333

  14. janey79 says:

    I like the title of this post.

  15. Tina says:

    Uhhhhhhh have you seen this new rehearsal vid of O Ven O Ven Emmanuel????

    The obsession continues unabated. Or maybe it escalates. How is this rehearsal?? How did he just walk through the door and start singing like some kind of singing superhero? Wow.

  16. betsy says:

    This is madly beautiful.
    As if I needed another reason to obsess.
    And Deb! I’ve never been in a gif! Has abanana seen this?

  17. VeeBee123 says:

    I love this thread, I love these videos, and I LOVE the comments. David and his Voice are beautiful. I can never get enough ❤ Happy holidays!
    *crying with awestruck happiness*

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