Don’t know what I’m doing here, how I landed in this space… but it’s a good place

These stats cover the period of September 30, 2012, to October 6, 2012.

How awesome are these David Archuleta stats on the right? A 97% jump in Facebook page likes?! … 46.8% new Twitter followers?!?

Thanks to the lovely @jonerz, I subscribe to “Next Big Sound,” a service that tracks social media stats for performers.

After David made his big Announcement, I almost cancelled my subscription, figuring it would be too depressing to watch the numbers steadily fall for two years. But something stopped me from doing that, and I’m glad.

Sure, there’s been some fluctuation here and there, but considering I was expecting the worst, it’s been nice to be pleasantly surprised by David slowly, but steadily, gaining new followers/likes/views etc.

I must admit though, I’m trying not to care so much about the progress of David’s career. In fact, this past Thanksgiving weekend, I took a short road trip with my sister to visit my niece at her university town and asked if my sister wanted to hear BEGIN. in the car. (I’d gifted her the album via iTunes, and she said she was looking forward to downloading it to her iPod and listening to it.)

Imagine my shock and dismay when I plugged her iPod into her car stereo jack but couldn’t find BEGIN. anywhere on her iTunes. She hadn’t even listened to it yet. sheesh

A year ago, I probably would have started ranting to her about how amazing it is and how she NEEDS to download it right away and listen. But this time, even though I was disappointed, I didn’t say anything. I’ve come to realize browbeating people into listening to his songs probably isn’t doing David any favours, lol. So now I gift his CDs to only those people I think would enjoy them and then say no more…. “soft sell,” I think they call it. 🙂

Sure, I want more people to hear his amazing music, but I’ve come to realize that coming on too strong — whether to friends, family, radio peeps, media, bloggers, or on Twitter — can be a big turnoff and can backfire. I also don’t want to do any more worrying or second-guessing about his career choices. That’s his business… literally.

Instead, I’m gonna go with the flow … wherever that goes…..

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12 Responses to Don’t know what I’m doing here, how I landed in this space… but it’s a good place

  1. I’ve gone more soft sell too and only gift to those that I think will enjoy David’s music. Had a couple of neat experiences this week. Got a Thank You note from a friend: “I put the David Archuleta CD in my bedroom and fell asleep listening to the soft musicI read the insert, it confirms all you have told me about him: a young man with talent and deep convictions” That warmed my heart. She still talks of him singing “Silent Night’ at Motab(shared the CD and DVD)
    Another neat experience this week: I donated a Basket to the Library for their Charity Silent Auction which included COS, The Alchemist and 4 of David’s CD’s. One of the ladies in my book club asked me about it. She had never heard of David Archuleta and has Teen daughters. Couldn’t believe it but when I and my friend told her about him, she showed interest in finding out more about him and plans to read his story. The Library was pretty enthused too. Hoping someone that will treasure it will win it . P.S, Since this is Iowa-also included Shawn Johnson’s “Winning Edge”
    Love promoting David. Thanks Tofan

  2. abanana77 says:

    K being annoying, sorry, but my inner mathematician needs to know: what’s the period of time these stats are measuring over? 97% jump in Facebook page likes, since when? His twitter followers up 46.8%, but since when? Without knowing that, these stats mean nothing to me haha.

    But yeah, I’m into the soft sell. Am not a very pushy person in general, so that’s basically how I roll lol

  3. refnaf says:

    “instead, I’m gonna go with the flow … wherever that goes…..”
    I am with you 100% TOfan. It really does amaze me that the stats still go up…. the power of the Archuleta…..his career is and will be his………… I am in a no worry zone at this point.

    Your side bar is killin’ me> New David song is new David song… is all over twitter, and I am happy that Kari is keeping us somewhat informed about how leaks happen, and that this one has not been leaked by David but it is ok if we listen to it (thanks Kari, I am now feeling guilt free!!)

    “Don’t make a sound, I’ll be your voice
    You don’t need to be afraid anymore
    Shine a light out in the dark
    Guide you here no matter how far
    oh woah, yeah

    Yes somebody cares,oh yeah”

    Those lyrics, do something to me…. makes me feel like getting out of lurking mode and just start gushing about how amazing his voice and everything about him is…. and how awesome being a fan is…. and thanking all the peeps in Archuworld, the ones I have met and the ones I know only on-line> for being here in this place… A Good Place, and thanks to all the peeps who run fansites and keep us informed and for Kari for “getting” how much David means to us> and to the man himself>>>>>> Dang it ((((David))))) you are awesome.

  4. refnaf says:

    On the soft sell side….. when my cousin from Holland was here this summer I played BEGIN. for her and she did not say much about it but when she saw i had several Cd that I was gifting she quietly took one!!!!

  5. SandyBeaches says:

    I think many of us do get carried away when mentioning David to our friends and well, to just about anyone. In this time we have been given we have seen the errors in our ways and have become careful with our over the top chatter about David. I was at a meeting recently and sat next to a woman I had just met. I ended up showing her “Be Still My Soul” on my iPhone. Does she now think I am a little crazy? Perhaps! I couldn’t stop myself, but I am working on that. I believe his tremendous enthusiasm for music has spilled over on to his fans and we are sometimes a reflection of his love for the songs he has sung. Maybe now I have an intact excuse!

    Anyway I gave his latest CD to our minister who knows all about David. I got in to a chat with him telling him about certain aspects of the album and I suddenly realized as I was talking that he was not quite as familiar with each song. He does listen to it when he drives and that is good!!

    Thanks for the stats TOfan!!


  6. awestruck says:

    I can relate – go back in time to the my MoTab experience. I came out of the conference center? after the concert and went a tad overboard in my exuberence to extoll David’s profound musical effect on me to two people walking beside me. The grand-daughter actually listened intently to me while the grandmother slowly backed away from me, lol. I laugh about it now but so out of character for me… I am definitely a soft sell too.

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    Not really a stats person, but those look like some pretty good ones, especially with him not even being in the country or having an active career right now.
    Didn’t David say something once about how he loved Wiki because he loved reading all the stats?

    refnaf, “Those lyrics, do something to me…. makes me feel like getting out of lurking mode and just start gushing about how amazing his voice and everything about him is…. “, copy that!
    I sometimes wonder why it is I love everything he sings. Think it just comes down to that voice, and the essence of the person behind it.

    ♥ side bar (you are a wonderfully silly woman)

    • TOfan says:

      “I sometimes wonder why it is I love everything he sings. Think it just comes down to that voice, and the essence of the person behind it.” <3333333333

  8. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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