Going with the flow, part 2: Archugeezer’s story

Source: Tumblr/peacelovedavid

The lovely Archugeezer sent me a response to my last post about “soft-selling” David and “going with the flow” that was too long to go in the comments (yay! 🙂 ) … I loved every word and wanted to share with you guys …

I relate. I finally figured out why relatives scattered in droves when I showed up flashing David Archuleta CDs. I am doing much better at “going with the flow,” but I tend to remain at high risk for a relapse. This past weekend we went to Utah for a football game. Hubby tends to plan business errands all the way down and back. What I call a “getaway,” he calls “efficiency,” and for some reason this little road trip had David Archuleta along as the unexpected guest. For instance:

We have a second store in Twin Falls (South Central Idaho). It is only a few miles off the beaten path, but we stopped to deliver stuff and pick up stuff. The manager there (guy, late 20’s) greeted me and said, “I know you like David Archuleta’s music. Have you heard his album, BEGIN.?” I said “a little.” 🙂 He proceeded to praise David’s voice and interpretation, etc. Of course I joined in on the gushing, and then when we left, I thought about David and his music for at least the next 100 miles.

The next stop was in Brigham City, Utah, and another store — not ours, but affiliated in our buying group. David’s BEGIN was playing in the store! Why were people moving about?? Stop! Pay attention! I was wounded, LOL.

Later that day, shortly before the game in Provo, we made a stop at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). You must have security clearance to get into that place these days, so while we waited for the guard to call and make sure our name was on the list, I looked around at several flocks of missionaries. Some were walking between classes; some were exercising (running); several were just coming back from the temple across the street; all were smiling. When we got to the front door, another friendly missionary flock came out to take the packages out of the car for my husband. If one doesn’t think of David in those surroundings, one never thinks of David.

It was a fast trip, an overnighter; and I was wiped out by the time we drove the 350 miles back to Boise the next morning. I crashed in front of the TV long before dusk and was channel surfing for something, anything. I landed on a documentary called “The White Palace.” It was a 90-minute piece about the 100-year history of Hotel Utah. I used to work in downtown Salt Lake City, so I settled in to watch. I found it to be quite interesting and began to record it for my husband to see later. During the last five minutes of the program, I spotted David! What??? Yep, there he was, in a collage of famous people whose presence had graced that building.

So, if you are a longtime (circa 2008) David Archuleta fan who has relished his every word and note and deed, you can attempt to just relax and go with the flow; but sometimes you have to swim upstream to do it.

~ Archugeezer

P.S. I can totally relate … all in one day last week, these three things happened:

1. I was browsing in my favourite store, Winners, at lunch and heard this:

2. A friend called to say he’d discovered a really fun new game … Apples to Apples …

3. I had dinner at a Thai restaurant, looked up and saw this photo beside me on the wall 🙂 :

Dang you, Archuleta!!!!!!!!!

How about you guys, can you relate?

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7 Responses to Going with the flow, part 2: Archugeezer’s story

  1. Ha! Ha! I needed that!!

  2. abanana77 says:

    Haha Archurgeezer – hilarious as always!

    TOfan – your friend is like 4 years behind on “really fun new games” lolol (It is an awesome game though, you should play it!)

  3. djafan says:

    Archugeezer, I understand you 150%! Everyday, sometimes several times a day there are David reminders that happen. It’s not like I’m looking for them. For instance yesterday in one evening at the same event two times I had to refrain myself from yelling out David!

    I’m at a fundraiser event for cancer awareness.

    1. They have a slideshow presentation. Guess what song is playing as soon as it starts? Beautiful, not by David but definitely David related.

    2. There is a singer who sings a few songs. He announces his last song as a cover in Spanish. Guess what he sings? Contigo En La Distancia.

    What are the odds? haha

  4. tawna21 says:

    LOL! I love it!!

  5. refnaf says:

    Geezer!!!!! Too fun, and I can totally relate…. I am really bad cause lately when I need a bottle of wine I always shop in the Chilean section so I can buy something from where he is…. lol

  6. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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