Feelin’ groooovy

brb, dying (source)











Fast-forward to 2012…..

“Ha ha, most amusing … I am SO much more mature now….”


Full Guitar Hero commercial that I only vaguely remember from the AI7 Tour, lol:

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9 Responses to Feelin’ groooovy

  1. abanana77 says:

    Haha WOW I don’t think I’ve ever seen that ever. Hilarious! Also love how whenever David shows up on the screen there’s a roar from the audience. Amazing.

    • TOfan says:

      That part I do remember from the AI tour show–David getting the loudest cheers. He must wonder sometimes where all those people went, lol…

  2. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan, those are quite the screen caps!!! The Beatles haircut?? Well anyway…

    Handsome pic that I haven’t seen before!

    Then it got a little sad when I also think about where have they all gone now??

    But, I believe that they are still there in the background surely, just being silent until they hear his voice again and see him on stage in New York or LA and in between. Maybe I live in a dream world!


  3. jackryan4da says:

    Wanna see the HD version of that Guitar Hero AD?

    Got some screencaps too over at TDC. Enjoy groovy David!

  4. jackryan4da says:


    Oh David!

  5. jackryan4da says:

    And my fave of the bunch 🙂

  6. refnaf says:

    How much do I love this???? <<<<>>>>>, I remember seeing this for the first time AI7 in TO> and I was so thrilled at the screams David got!!
    ((((JR))) Screencaps for the win!! HILARIOUS

  7. refnaf says:

    Must have a MGR of David pushing Ramielle away!!!! bahahhh

  8. jackryan4da says:


    Can’t believe my luck that I found it 🙂

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