Show me the bunny!!!! Most epic Nandito Ako episode yet!

This is a tribute to both today’s beyond EPIC Nandito Ako episode (aka The Bunny Tales) and the aMAZing gifs created by @SamLouiseG on her ohnopurple Tumblr! (hope she doesn’t mind 🙂 )


Peeps from all walks of life tuned in from around the globe to catch David Archuleta in today’s Nandito Ako epi:

William: "Pip, pip, I'm Team Anya." Harry: "You're drunk bro', Team Holly all the way!"

"Josh Bradley?? Yes, we've had a few ... dates."

"By jove, Josh was right, this halo-halo is aMAZing!"

"Hey, I'm Team Chit too!"







Meanwhile, back in Maneeela….

Why do I keep running from the taruuuuuuuth ...

...all I ever think about is you... while I hold onto my head for dear life...

... you've got me hypnotiiiiiized

soooooooooo mesmerized....

really, really, really mesmeriiiiiiiiized

wow, you're so pretty ... and adventurous... and modest ... but I gotta run, my sisters have hacked into my Twitter again, grrrrrr!*

plus I'm training for a new Olympic event ... limo bunny hop.

No really, I am!!!

Just gotta work on my dismount.....

hmm ... he's got a cute, um, cottontail

dangitt, Chit, I can spike my own hair ... nevermind ....

"It's too tight around my waist!!! grrrrrrrr"*

Chit tries valiantly to get Josh ready for his dinner appointment….

"Be kind to your date. Filipinos can be very... conservative."

*no comment at this time*

…. we interrupt regularly scheduled programming to…. DOUGIEEEE!!!!!!




… to be continued…..

*New Nandito Ako drinking game: Every time you hear an Archugrowl, do a watermelon juice shot.



Download TOSOD remix mp3 HERE. (thx. djxox!!!!!)

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36 Responses to Show me the bunny!!!! Most epic Nandito Ako episode yet!

  1. Heidijoy says:

    Ha! Ha! Love it!! Thought sure you would tie in the IHOP! Clever !!

    Josh and Anya definitely Mesmurized. Great Episode!!

  2. karenkid says:

    heeheeeheeeheeeeheee!!! ❤

  3. fa3ryg1rl says:

    I love this so much! Funny stuff!

  4. suttygal says:

    Absolutely dying here hahahahahahah Every caption- every gif-every pic!!! Priceless!! Thank you Deb!!

  5. trudi says:

    I’m so excited that the Royals love Josh. I’d love to know what the Queen thinks.

  6. joymus says:

    Everytime I think the script leaks can’t get any better, you keep outdoing yourself. My fav today is the cottontail comment LOL! Really terrific stuff!

  7. stenocruiser says:

    Oh my — great stuff! — and it’s a good thing my condo has “party walls”.

  8. emmegirl says:

    Great stuff! Had me really, really, really mesmeriiiiiiiiized….and laughing my cottontail off!

    I noticed that too – he jumped into that limo with that bunny suit on like a gazelle.
    “New Nandito Ako drinking game: Every time you hear an Archugrowl, do a watermelon juice shot.”…lol!!!

    What a great pic of him and Jasmine! Josh, they are both so photogenic!

  9. peppertara says:

    So hilarious TOfan!! Epic bunny episode for sure, laughing my tail off at this too! Glad the Royals had a chance to tune in, lol. Definitely one of my favourite scenes….Josh running in a bunny suit, his epic fall which propelled his big bunny feet up in the air and then yes…his very agile hop into the limo, haha. The gifs are fabulous to watch, this whole “show me the bunny” is fabulous too, thanks for the laughs, what fun!
    This series just gets better and better!

  10. TOfan says:

    Just added the Bench BTS vid to the end of the post…. brace yourselves. 😆 😆 😆

  11. roxfox says:

    Hahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahah….epic. Love ya! Oh, and I always cue romantic music as well whenever I see a man in a bunny suit. Love is a many splendid thing.

  12. PandasMama says:

    Ok TOfan,
    You are going to get me in big trouble here. It’s midnight and everyone else is asleep in this house and I am about to fall out of my chair trying not to laugh out loud at this insanely funny story. What can be better than David in a bunny suit? Only TOfan’s epic bunny tales. Thank you.

    And I was quite proud of our little “bunnyman” jumping into that limo. He reminded me of a Texas Jackrabbit leaping for his life with the coyotes hot on his tail.

  13. Kizzi says:

    Secret Bunny Man, our hero…hahahahahaha..with a Kate, William and Harry twist, just delish-i-ous!

    TOfan – you keep setting your subplot bar higher and higher…what next? Manga?! 😀

  14. TOfan says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments, guys, means a lot!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    … I posted the new fan mail address D. tweeted up in the sidebar… NOW he finally has a fan mail address?!?!? oh, David…. 😆

  15. refnaf says:

    TOfan… you need to keep this up, you have us all gasping for breath laughing (GFBL, form now on)> something we all need!!! I adore your sense of humour and love that the princes are taking sides in the Anya/Holly debate!!!! GFBL

    So now we have an address! Do they realize how much MAIL he will get??? ay curumba!

  16. KathyH says:

    I thought of that, refnaf. The deluge of letters coming to him now, when he’ll have a limited amount of time to read/respond. But I’ll take my carrots when they are supplied to me.

    LOVE the Bench photo shoot and TOSOD track. LOVE TOFan’s brilliance and willingness to share such brilliance. Lately, I feel like I’m in the Christmas morning of David fandom — lots of goodies to be followed by a wait until the next. I can’t even imagine the anticipation of, say, February, 2014. 🙂 It’s gonna be deeeeelicious.

  17. angelofdja says:

    KathyH, Bwahahaha! “I’ll take my carrots when they are supplied to me”! ABSOLUTELY! No questions asked!
    (David will never sleep trying to read all the letters he is sure to receive!)
    TOfan, you and your wonderful ability to write humor! LOVE IT!
    (Feels like I did 50 sit-ups from laughing so hard!) 😉

  18. ray says:

    i gust love this site lol

  19. TOfan says:

    “I’ll take my carrots when they are supplied to me” rotfl … me too, KathyH! And perfect analogy for a bunny post btw! 😆

    Does Kari live in Florida?? *hopes* … she’s a gem, methinks

  20. First chance I’ve had to get over here since your new post! Bravo, again, TOfan! Hard when you have so little to work with, huh? 😉 Those jumping jacks are cracking me up!!! & “hypnotiiiiiized” and really “mesmeriiiiiiiiized” … LOL. Thanks!

  21. TOfan says:

    aww, eula tweeted that she missed her Nandito Ako family:

  22. peppertara says:

    Aw great photo with David, Eula and NA family. Bench photoshoot….WOW, David is such a natural…acting, modelling along with his phenomenal singing. Yes, think he was born to do it all.
    He is such a tweetheart and sweetheart. Fan mail address, making sure he can do all for his fans before he leaves and while away. (Kari’s location is listed as Apopka, FL). 🙂
    Loved another episode of Nandito Ako! Way to go Josh!

  23. supergrandjudie=judie miller says:

    So much fun seeing Nandito Ako and your rendition makes it even funnier. Keep it up, please. Totally hilarious.

  24. Kizzi says:


    Inside snow storm, nandito ako, songs for US (as in album) about where he is going next in his life, different, cool covers and connected to what he is doing next, ONE MORE MONTH, waiting to hear what he can and can’t do, working on stuff, not overwhelmed and stressed cuz things are going really well, meet Katsu.

    “Have a good day where ever you might be or when ever you might be watching this.” 😀 😀 😀

    Happy David!

    • TOfan says:

      Thx 4 posting, Kizz… tbh, that “One Month” title felt like a punch in the gut… but then couldn’t help but smile watching it and seeing him SOOOO happy!

      *sniff* at his more info… esp. “There will be music!” … he really is too much….

      I wanted to let you guys know March is the last month I have left before I leave. Keeping busy this month to make sure everything falls into place, though! There will be music! Sorry if this is so long and rambly again.


      * David
      * Archuleta
      * mission
      * leave
      * One
      * Month
      * Forevermore
      * album
      * recording
      * music
      * songwriting
      * snow
      * snowstorm
      * cat
      * katsu
      * lame
      * view
      * outside
      * cover
      * winter
      * vlog

      • Kizzi says:

        Yeah TOfan, one more month … then the cliff event, for fans that is. Sounds like David is building several bridges so maybe not a cliff looming out there but a series of small valleys…here’s to those bridges spanning 24 months! Either that or perhaps you will hold regular Archu-holics chats to aid with withdrawal symptoms. 😀

      • abanana77 says:

        LOL at the “lame view outside” tags. Hahahahaha

    • joujou579 says:

      his tags are THE best!

  25. Sunny says:

    TOfan: thanks for the hilarious post!! I always get a kick out of the stuff you come up with!

    Just wanted to pass onto you guys that @WISE_RADIO is doing a feature on David on Saturday, March 3rd, 2 & 9 pm. They are an online radio station that plays music by David, Cook, Adam Lambert, Lee Dewyze, etc. Their online link is: or download their app: They have been very supportive of David’s music! You can tweet your requests for his music to @WISE_RADIO everyday/night!

    Also NanditoAkoTVSeries has a link on fb. They have Episodes 1-8 up with English subtitles. Like them & watch:

  26. jeaniut says:

    Toooooooooo funny. I love these

  27. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Sunny!

    And look what trended Worldwide, in the U.S. and *drumroll* Canada tonight for almost an hour until the Twitter police yanked us:


  28. utahmom says:

    Bwahahaha! You’re amazing, TOfan! Looking forward to the next installment…

  29. skydancer1x says:

    Tofan,you are a Hoot!
    …”Just gotta work on my dismount” lol!
    mind if we just call you “toofunnyTOfan” ? TFTO?
    thanks for keeping the fandom in stitches aahhHAHA!

  30. peppertara says:

    Missed the last twitter trending but love that. Such a sweet, thoughtful vlog from David. Don’t think he could give anymore than he does, geesh. New music, Nandito Ako, countless videos, him trying his best to do all he can to stay connected with fans and leave us with many treasures. Think while he is gone, all will be okay.
    Couldn’t ask for more, honestly. What a gem he is.
    Love that he includes family pets in his vlogs! 🙂

  31. emmegirl says:

    Have my Forevermore CD’s ordered, can’t wait….and more music..covers and originals.♥

  32. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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