Josh Bradley: Love in Manila — A recap in pics and tweets

.A huge thanks to @kariontour for these amazing David Archuleta… oops, Josh Bradley … Nandito Ako concert shots! (Especially considering the tight security at the venue.) …

Top 3 pics from @kariontour: "press conference Josh Bradley style!"

Twitter was a love-fest before, during and after the “Josh Bradley” concert scene today. *sigh* Here’s just a sampling:

Twitpic: @jasscurtissmith




Twitpic: @louisian_nieto








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16 Responses to Josh Bradley: Love in Manila — A recap in pics and tweets

  1. claudiacb says:

    David, TAKE THE BOOTS HOME! Sorry for yelling, I got a little carried away. *0*

  2. TOfan says:

    hahahaa, claudia, aren’t we all! ๐Ÿ˜†

    So apparently “Josh” sang Nandito Ako, Wherever you are, Something ‘Bout Love and a song called Rainbow (can’t wait to hear him sing this one!):

  3. ray says:

    O MAN move over archuleta,josh bradley for the winn LOL

  4. TOfan says:

    Wow, as if David wasn’t busy enough in Manila… on Sunday he did this:
    “Children in ChildFund Philippinesโ€™ programs and a few of their school peers received a special treat last Sunday when David Archuleta made a surprise appearance at a ChildFund gathering held at a local school. Read rest HERE.
    “Bridge Over Troubled Water” a cappella????? *dies*
    David at ChildFund

  5. TOfan says:

    Breaking news!
    TV5 is offering a LIVE-Stream of the Grand Fans Day activities, as well as the following press conference, on February 4 12pm PHT (1 a.m. ET) at

  6. refnaf says:


  7. Kizzi says:

    David Archuleta TV5 Live 2 – Nandito Ako trailer – ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Kizzi says:

    David Archuleta sings Nandito Ako at TV5 Philippines Presscon 2/4/12

  9. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, thanks for posting… just watched the Nandito Ako trailer & DYINGGGGGGGG HERE … OH MY JOSH … this is going to be EPICCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buckets of tears? beach bust-ups? BUNNY SUIT????? ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    The amazing Abrra uploaded this vid of David singing MKOP live at the Grand Fans Day event (*tears* … most beautiful MKOP ever I think), then the short interview then the trailer at 10 mins. with shots of David face as he watches the preview… PRICELESS!!!

    TV5 Press Conference (including clips of David getting the giggles during acting class) & singing Nandito Ako

  10. TOfan says:

    MUST SEE!!!! (grab Costco-size box of tissues)

    The ArchuletaPhilippines amazing peeps sing Nandito Ako to a teary David & the lovely Kricket tells him about the 21 trees planted for his birthday & how they’ll continue to support him when he returns from his mission. (I’m getting so dehydrated… *SOBS*)

  11. Kizzi says:

    David Archuleta – Nandito Ako Official Trailer…a fan got some closeups – very clear ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. emmegirl says:

    tofan, thanks so much for the tweets. Really appreciate it when folks post them, I have little time these days for this, much less twitter. Love the one about combination of brains and heart…like a sponge. And thanks for your humorous articles. Are you a comedic writer. If not, you missed your calling, lol!

    It is a complete love affair between D and the filipinos. I love how he touches people in such profound ways. These videos show how parting is such sweet sorrow for him and all those he has been associated with.

    Sidebar, LOL!

    kizzi, thanks for the official trailer, wow, the sreeeeams! :)) (why do I love that so much?)
    Love your O Winfrey quote post. Your granddaughter sounds lovely, and wise. Gonna keep that quote for my grandaughter.
    “Both now and when he returns to music. May his and our wishes come true, transitions, whispers, screams and all.”….love this!

    pandasmama, In These Eyes โ™ฅ

  13. peppertara says:

    Wow and yes so much epicness! Right now I am just beaming with pride for David, he should be proud too, what an accomplishment. My….so much emotion, drama and just pure love and adoration. The Filipinos are wonderful, huge kudos to all of them and to David’s ‘roadie’, amazing support and so much buzz for all of us. Still soaking all this in and catching up but I have to say that hearing the full song of Nandito Ako by David singing in Tagalog may just do me for the next two years, never mind everything else. To say it is heavenly doesn’t do it justice. Oh David, oh Josh. So proud!! You bring tears to us with everything beautiful that you do.
    Thanks for all the great videos, updates. Watching David’s responses to the trailer and the fans tributes was as moving I think as watching the awesome sneak peak of the series. Whoa, we are in for a treat…..romanticism, fight scene, slaps, high emotions not to mention that bunny suit!
    Way to go David/Josh! Add very emotive actor to his resume. Oh those scenes and expressions. โค

  14. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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