It’s official! David Archuleta goes primetime on TV5!

From the TV5 website:

“American Idol star David Archuleta is scheduled to arrive in Manila on Jan. 13 to do a primetime series for TV5 with homegrown Kapatid stars Jasmin Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero.”

Who is TV5? Currently the third-largest broadcasting network in the Philippines. According to

“Archuleta’s joining TV5 comes from left field, however. The signing of an international star of Archuleta’s youth and talent, arguably in his prime, is bound to shake up the Philippine entertainment industry.” Full news story HERE.

(You didn’t think you were going to hear the news from David first, did you? 😆 )

Here are more deets from the amazing ninjas at Archuleta Philippines:

Click pic 4 source.

“Musical Drama” … so will this show be the Pinoy Glee? hmmm

P.S. Article about D’s new costar, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, HERE … maybe Charice got the understudy role … *snap*

…aaaand some tweets from Eula (@oheulacaballero):

I am so blessed. I’m sure working w/ @jascurtissmith and @DavidArchie will be such a challenge! I’m a fan of them both! 🙂

@urieldavid Yeaaa see you 🙂 We are so lucky to work with him!

@DavidArchie’s fans are so overwhelming. Yes everyone n TV5 will take care of him. Thankyou also for trusting us w/your angel.So blessed!:)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, 17.

Eula Caballero, 16.

… and .







…aaaaand Giselle Tongi (@gtongi) will play David’s young mom:

Giselle Tongi (aka the TV "Lupe" 🙂 )

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13 Responses to It’s official! David Archuleta goes primetime on TV5!

  1. Heidijoy says:

    Yipeee!! wow!! TV series and possible concert?

  2. betsy says:

    (possible love triangle?)
    I will never stop chuckling over these words. Never.

    • TOfan says:

      ROTFL, ikr! Loved the possible scenarios @FSteven was tweeting a few days ago:

      “Spoiler alert! Boy falls in love with girl, boy has accident, comatose, girl cries dramatically for 2 years till he wakes up. The end… Is the OS going to provide plot synopsis every week? Keke… I look forward to lines like: I WILL NOT have my daughter marry that boy from the mango plantation! NEVAH!!! (in Tagalog)


  3. refnaf says:

    “(You didn’t think you were going to hear the news from David first, did you? )”
    ROTFL…. no I did not think we would>>> he is clueless!!!!

    This is just hilarious to even imagine>>> certainly has brightened up January for me. David in a soap??? ay curumba….. fodder for weeks of laughter!!!!!
    I like Fstevens plot line too!!!! eeeeeeeeee

  4. TOfan says:

    Have been seeing some angst on Twitter from fans worried that the show will be too “cheesy” … yo, what could be cheesier than American Idol??? LOL

    imo, David + any camera + his voice = WIN!!!! Most of us discovered him on TV and I’ve heard of many peeps “finding” David via his SBL vid and the many repeats of Hannah Montana and iCarly. What do you guys think?

  5. peppertara says:

    I was reading all the twitter buzz last night about thiis…..and well… of course David’s fans would find out before he made an announcement, LOL. I think this will be fun and exciting stuff for David!
    Leading man, musical drama? Go David!! Looks like he will be adding his beautiful self to a show with some beautiful actresses. If he gets to sing in this series, even better! What great experience for him as he eases himself more into the role as actor. Too cheesy? Nah, he will once again be melting hearts and captivating audiences.
    I agree TOfan….David + any camera + his voice = WIN!!!!
    The plot should be interesting, haha. Well, David certainly was right when he said he wasn’t finished yet and had more things planned before he leaves…he is always full of surprises!
    David: The Actor = 🙂

  6. refnaf says:

    Trust the Archulator> He can make cheese work….. just SING AND SMILE David!
    So true TOfan…. he always looks soooo good on camera and he can do a good angsty look as in “Wait” vid, so any exposure can make new fans, and give his uber fans something to squee over.

  7. emmegirl says:

    Cheesy, hogwash.
    He’s leaving us with something to gnaw on for the next 2 years.

  8. abanana77 says:

    Wow I actually missed something when I was gone for a couple days. Haha, was not really expecting that.

    I seriously could not care how cheesy this is, since it is airing in the Philippines and none of my friends are ever going to see it and be like “That is so cheesy, he is a terrible actor”. So whateves, I’m cool with whatever.

  9. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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