Waiting on the world to change

[disclaimer: I apologize for the emotional rollercoaster that is this post :)]

Mark Nilan Jr. filmed this encore last night of WOTWTC (w/Jeff LeBlanc) at David Archuleta’s final concert of the amazingly awesome My Kind of Christmas Tour.

I can’t watch it yet. The full circle of it all is killing me right now. I hope, as JR4DA put it so eloquently in the YouTube comments:

“Rather than a circle, am imagining a spiral. David comes back to where he started but steps up for the next phase. To remind us that he is nothing but deliberate and nothing but going forward.”

… and from @KimmieDavid (who was at the VIP):

“To all David fans: He does plan on not only returning to music when mission is over but touring and concerts as well! Per David himself. 🙂 … David himself told someone at the vip that he plans on picking up where he left off…says he doesn’t know why ppl think he is leaving the business. just hope things do not change within 2 yrs. But as of now, its looking up”

And Toronto’s @CADTHU (also at VIP):

“For all who asked, I DID it! I managed to tell D how much his Canadian and all fans love him, how we will be there when he returns and … I did it without crying! However as soon as I was done I broke down a bit:). Fortunately I could watch D, he was happy, I composed myself.”

… and from the amazing @muldur:

“Time to share what happened at my VIP lol. I did fine for 2.5 seconds until the pic was done. Then I tried to say that I wanted him to know on behalf of all the fans who could not be there how much he was loved and how very very proud they were of him. I actually said the words … But I was crying big time and my voice was just a squeak he said aww thanks!

“I had given him a hug when I first walked up to him but i was Really weeping like an idiot and he said aw you’re making me get all emotional and I said I was sorry for crying like an idiot and he said It was all right. That he had been pretty emotional since the announcement. And he gave me the best hug probably hoping i would stop Blubbering lol. Anyway he was very sweet and for those of you who asked I told him he was loved and you were very very proud. :).”

… this I did watch, from ShelleyFOD, filmed at VIP… I feel nothing but peace now… wow, David, you’ve done it again:

P.S. And if that didn’t knock you sideways, this will … the “Wait” teaser:

… and David at the tour bus with fans after last night’s show (thx. @rhiminee):

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19 Responses to Waiting on the world to change

  1. awestruck says:

    Thank you TOfan for being my Twitter Bird – these comments reaffirm my thoughts!

  2. peppertara says:

    Thanks TOfan, yes…like awestruck, these comments reaffirm my thoughts too. I watched that incredibly awesome video of WOTWTC late last night about 17 times and then I had to go to bed. You really must watch, pure joy and just more of David’s love and swagger in action. Another gift to leave us with. Big thanks to Mark for the video too.
    Will have to get to everything else later, ah….so much love, joy and hearts overflowing.

    • awestruck says:

      Peppertara David has left us with an amazing amount of music. WOTWTC is amazing, that it is.

      Chapter 9 read to Mom this am and for anyone wondering about how much music means to David I’d suggest reading it over again.

  3. TOfan says:

    pepp & awestruck, thanks for recommending both WOTWTC & COS… I’m working up to it, lol.

    I haven’t gone this long without hearing David’s songs in, well, 3 years, hahahaha.

    *picturing D making snow angels while stuck in snow* 😆

  4. refnaf says:

    ((((TOfan))))) I can not listen to any thing from David right now….. not the new vids either…. (soon I will i think. but I am in such a good place about it all now. The tweets from the VIPer’s are so reassuring…… I may shed a few more tears for myself, but I am convinced that he needs to do this and I will be behind him 100% How can we not when we see his sincerity and have witnessed first hand God working through him. What a blessing he is and will continue to be…. gosh, I respect him so much. He listened to that still small voice 4 years ago so that we could find him….. if he had not he would probably be returning from his mission and beginning his career now and we would not have shared all the joy we have had since AI, and met all the peeps we have.

    Not sure if I am looking forward to the Wit vid though…. yikes I am still emotionally up and down, but I WILL GO WITH THE FLOW!!!

    ((((hugs)))) to all

  5. refnaf says:

    It is crazy TOfan>> I have not gone this long with out his voice either….. I think when I am able it will be the most amazing thing ever….

  6. TOfan says:

    Had such a great time! Thanks everyone for coming out to the shows! We hope you all enjoyed. It meant a lot to have you there for this last tour and look forward to what’s ahead!

    * David * Archuleta * My * Kind * of * Christmas* Tour * Beaver * Creek * Colorado * Vilar * Performing* Arts* Center* mission

  7. emmegirl says:

    When I heard the news I wondered how long it would take me to be able to listen to his music. And then I couldn’t stand the thought of not listening to his music, so I have been listening, and listening and listening and listening. And sometimes it makes my cry, but, mostly it makes me smile and my heart fills with warmth and love and happiness. He and his music are such gifts.

    peppertara, “I watched that incredibly awesome video of WOTWTC late last night about 17 times ”
    LOL, can’t quit either, wow, he is sumthin’.

  8. Abrra says:

    Thank you for posting the VIP fan reports! Its a comfort to know that David has been told, in no uncertain terms, that we respect his decision and will wait patiently for his return from his mission.

    It was sweet to get an official Snowangelz hug in Westbury! TOfan I sent you an email 🙂 Small, but pleasing gift inside. Size 9 1/2 I think 🙂


    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{Abs}}}}} LOOOOVE it! (it’s in the sidebar 🙂 )

      Cheered me up enough so I could finally watch WOTWTC… wowza, glad I did, crazy good, organic free-range David goodness (to quote Ms. Beebs) … the mp3 (& all MKOCT songs) are HERE also thanks to Abs. <333

  9. abanana77 says:

    Love everyone’s comments here <333 I've been on a roller coaster of emotions the last couple of days, as I know a lot of fans have been.

    I had to remind myself a couple times that it is okay to feel a little sad at the thought of David being away for 2 years. Yes, of course I'm so happy for him and soooo unbelievably proud of him. But I can feel that and pain for myself at the same time. Like when you're mourning someone (I know, not the same thing) the pain, hurt & sorrow you feel aren't really for the person who is gone, but more for the people who are left behind. And it's okay to feel that way. It doesn't mean I don't support David 100%.

    And I've come to realize that maybe this is happening for a reason, not just for David but also for me. David is following his own divine path, which like it or not affects ours too. Who knows what God will have in store for the next 2 years for me? I've always thought His plan is bigger than we can even comprehend, and standing in it, we don't have the right perspective at all to see it. Just my opinion but it gives me hope to think about.

    Hope we don't lose touch, I have really enjoyed having you guys & SnowAngelz in my life <333

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{{Agent Banana}}}}}}
      I’ve been feeling exactly the same way… it’s taught me a life lesson that I can be simultaneously happy for someone yet feel miserable at the same time, lol.

      I also realize that until now, I didn’t 100% believe David didn’t know how good he was and how well he’d do on American Idol. I know he’s always said that but I kept thinking “How on earth did you not realize how amazing you are???” But now it seems clear that he probably didn’t expect to get far, thought he’d go home, go back to school then go on his mission when all of his friends did. But his voice needed to be heard around the world first so “pop star” was next on his path. Now this chapter is what he needs to do next… I’ve seen that some missionaries post regular blogs… part of me would love that, obviously, but I also want David to get all the time and space he needs (without the eyes of the world watching) to do what he needs to do.

      Anna, love this too, “His plan is bigger than we can even comprehend, and standing in it, we don’t have the right perspective at all to see it” …so true. ❤

    • refnaf says:

      Oh A<<as TOfan says “to be simultaneously happy for someone yet feel miserable at the same time, lol.” True true true.
      As for staying in touch >> that is my plan… lo,l I am breaking it up this way, one year till the Hobbit is released and then a year till David’s comeback tour…((hug))

  10. refnaf says:

    That also gives TOfan a year to read the Hobbit and LOTR just sayin’

  11. refnaf says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if he posts a blog about his mission??? I think that would be a wonderful thing for him to do….

  12. refnaf says:

    Gosh> spamming. I agree TOfan that he had really not thought the “career ” would happen as a result of AI and that he would just finish school and then do his mission. How blessed are we that this is the way it is happening?? The last 3+ years have been an amazing experience for him AND US!!!

  13. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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