Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyeuses Fêtes to all!

At this wonderful holiday time, I’d like to say a big thank you to David Archuleta of course, for inspiring this blog, and to all who visit, take time to comment, or just “hover” 🙂 . We plan to stick around here at SAz and go with the flow… wherever that goes….

Hope each and every one of you enjoys a warm, wonderful holiday season with friends, family, neighbours, pets, whomever you hold dear.

P.S. Michèle Brosseau-Tacchia, the founder/conductor of Symphonie Jeunesse was kind enough to answer a follow-up question I had for her about her thoughts on David as a musician:

“I think that David is phenomenally talented and extremely gifted.  He is able to connect with his audiences so personally.  His tone is always warm as is his personality.  I love the way he is able to ornament a line or a phrase so spontaneously in rehearsal warm up, or to  improvise a subtle change in a line during a performance.  He is truly a remarkable young musician!  I look forward to a time when he works with his band mates again sometime in the future~~they are all fabulous musicians!”

Merry Christmas, everyone!


BC fan serenade to David:

….. and …. apparently the vid police were in full force in Beaver Creek, but @muldur (8throwcenter) and Toronto’s @CADTHU (*Standing O*!!!!!) managed to ninja vid these songs:

VIP I’m trying to be like Jesus (8throwcenter)

VIP Mary Did You Know

This Christmas (8throwcenter)

Ave Maria


Fa La La Pt 1

Fa La La Pt 2

I need a silent night

Silent Night

The First Noel

Riu Riu Chiu

O Holy Night


Little Drummer Boy

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41 Responses to Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyeuses Fêtes to all!

  1. TOfan says:

    Bringing this over from end of last thread from abanana77:

    ,Love everyone’s comments here <333 I've been on a roller coaster of emotions the last couple of days, as I know a lot of fans have been.
    I had to remind myself a couple times that it is okay to feel a little sad at the thought of David being away for 2 years. Yes, of course I'm so happy for him and soooo unbelievably proud of him. But I can feel that and pain for myself at the same time. Like when you're mourning someone (I know, not the same thing) the pain, hurt & sorrow you feel aren't really for the person who is gone, but more for the people who are left behind. And it's okay to feel that way. It doesn't mean I don't support David 100%.
    And I've come to realize that maybe this is happening for a reason, not just for David but also for me. David is following his own divine path, which like it or not affects ours too. Who knows what God will have in store for the next 2 years for me? I've always thought His plan is bigger than we can even comprehend, and standing in it, we don't have the right perspective at all to see it. Just my opinion but it gives me hope to think about.
    Hope we don't lose touch, I have really enjoyed having you guys & SnowAngelz in my life <333

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{{Agent Banana}}}}}}

      I’ve been feeling exactly the same way… it’s taught me a life lesson that I can be simultaneously happy for someone yet feel miserable at the same time, lol.

      I also realize that until now, I didn’t 100% believe David didn’t know how good he was and how well he’d do on American Idol. I know he’s always said that but I kept thinking “How on earth did you not realize how amazing you are???” But now it seems clear that he probably didn’t expect to get far, thought he’d go home, go back to school then go on his mission when all of his friends did. But his voice needed to be heard around the world first so “pop star” was next on his path. Now this chapter is what he needs to do next… I’ve seen that some missionaries post regular blogs… part of me would love that, obviously, but I also want David to get all the time and space he needs (without the eyes of the world watching) to do what he needs to do.

      Anna, love this too, “His plan is bigger than we can even comprehend, and standing in it, we don’t have the right perspective at all to see it” …so true. ❤

    • refnaf says:

      Oh A<> that is my plan… lol, I am breaking it up this way, one year till the Hobbit is released and then a year till David’s comeback tour… ((hug))
      That also gives TOfan a year to read the Hobbit and LOTR just sayin’

      Wouldn’t it be great if he posts a blog about his mission??? I think that would be a wonderful thing for him and us.

      I agree TOfan that he had really not thought the “career ” would happen as a result of AI and that he would just finish school and then do his mission. How blessed are we that this is the way it is happening?? The last 3+ years have been an amazing experience for him AND US!!!

  2. ray says:

    hi all. tofan i agree with you,i think god has a master plain for david and us as the choesin ones,but i think this chapter is a test to our faith in david,and for david himself,how we all aill handel it to see if we will stil support him when he returnes,, i for one will be here i hope

  3. embe86 says:

    Hello… sorry for my absence – I haven’t gone anywhere, just haven’t had the time to comment.
    I can’t really form any such words that would express the magnitude of what David’s decision means to both his fans and himself. I will miss him terribly, but I also find joy and excitement in the fact that he will be “davidised” during the mission – meaning it’s not possible for a guy as kind, selfless, modest, thoughtful and wise as him to change for the better, so he’ll probably become an updated version of his current self. How do you enhance such greatness – I have no idea. But I can only imagine what he can add to his talent after his experience, and we, the fans, will be the ones enjoying the results.

    Also, I wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, since to us here in Finland it is tomorrow. And here’s Neela, also wishing happy holidays to all:

  4. Betty says:

    Has anyone given thought to the opportunity it is for us to grow while he is gone? It took my breath away–like looking off the edge of someplace high–the feeling of not having him there to lean on for hope and strength. All at once being free to test my own ability to stand alone and be firm in my faith and to invite that same Spirit that whispered to him, speak to me in absence of his song. His leaving may be just as much a test for us as it is for him and his family. Each of us finding for ourselves this same source of comfort and direction may be the greatest blessing of all to come from knowing and loving David Archuleta..

    • abanana77 says:

      This is EXACTLY the way I felt: “like looking off the edge of someplace high–the feeling of not having him there to lean on for hope and strength.”

      And you are so right, we are given the chance to stand on our own, still having the support system of each other to lean on but without him. A little scary but exciting at the same time.

    • refnaf says:

      This will be a good time to get on with some things that I have been letting go of….
      “invite that same Spirit that whispered to him, speak to me in absence of his song.”
      wow, powerful stuff

    • tawna21 says:

      hmmmm Becky…I like your thinking….now I’m thinking 🙂

    • Heidijoy says:

      Yes Betty! Grateful4all_DA had a day between SLC and Beaver Creek. We each decided to write to David and leave it for him @VIP. With tears streaming down our eyes we wrote and read each other’s message. Of course I wished him well ,told him how much I’ve learned from him and also told him that I would look into more volunteer opportunities and re evaluate my own spiritual life.
      I like what you said about inviting that same Spirit that whispered to him,speak to me in absence of his song. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Heidijoy says:

    Tofan, I sent a copy of a recap of SLC and Beaver Creek to use as you wish. I arrived home safely to Iowa last evening from Colorado after attending Motab, SLC and Beaver Creek. Didn’t even mention Motab in my recap (oops) It was quite an emotional venture as you can imagine. I spent this a.m. writing the recap and was shaky by the end. I wanted to share with some of the sites that have been so good about sharing and dedicating their time which has been so meaningful to me. I couldn’t write more than one as you can imagine. I appreciate SnowAngelz and hope you’ll be sticking around. Blessings to all of you!! You have been in my prayers as we share this journey together. David seems very happy!!……..and boy can he get his groove on!

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks Heidijoy!!! But since you mentioned HG at SoulDavid asked you to write it, let us know when it’s posted there!

      I loved reading the version you emailed me though, and found these parts especially interesting (hope it’s okay that I post them here):
      “[In the BC VIP] he thanked all of us for everything and talked of how important it was for him to do this tour in appreciation for his fans.  He said that is was very difficult to schedule it because someone was trying to block him from having this tour. (I think that is part of why it was also difficult to hit all the areas he would have liked to include in the tour)

      “… We saw Sunny [Hilden] out by the bus and … She said David was looking for her before the Encore and was going to sing [Be Still My Soul] but she has gotten locked out of the back when she has gone out to the Child Fund display area.”

      Someone was trying to block David from having this tour???? Show me where they are so I can throttle them!!!! Seriously though, can’t figure out (with Jive gone), who might’ve been standing in his way.

      And I’m having a hard time picturing anyone wandering out to the lobby while David’s singing the very last songs of his very last tour for two years. 😯 … Maybe Be Still My Soul would’ve killed every fan there, lol.

      • Heidijoy says:

        The original plan was to sing Be Still My Soul in VIP but some stage guy said no it was time to open doors to GA. Non negotiable. We didn’t know what song he was going to sing and later asked Sunny by the bus. She said it was Be Still My Soul. He must need her to play it . While she was out at the Child Fund at the end of the show before the Encore David decided he might add it to the Encore segment. The door to get back in the backstage was locked and since they couldn’t find her David went ahead with Waiting on the World to Change and Drummer Boy. We almost got three Encore songs!! It wasn’t meant to be. She was watching the Encore like the rest of us. You had to be there or I need to learn to tell the story more clearly. Oh Well!

      • Heidijoy says:

        Not sure who was trying to block it!! I thought possibly Jive but don’t know what’s involved and all the rights issues with music etc. He was successful in going ahead with the tour.

      • TOfan says:

        Thanks for clarifying, Heidijoy! The fact that David had to overcome obstacles to make this tour happen makes it all that much more meaningful. Every single show seemed epic in its own way. Amazing.

  6. silverfox says:


  7. tawna21 says:

    Thank you TOfan…as always, your thoughts have lifted me up.


  8. tawna21 says:

    Oh, I almost forgot. Let me join with Silverfox and wish all of you a very, Merry Christmas!!

  9. TOfan says:

    SF & tawna21, Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad to you too!!!! <333

    …oh man, here I am wallowing and David, with his last Christmas at home for 2 years is doing this:

    @kimdfly David Archuleta just sang Oh Holy Night to my patients. I’m taking care of the two happiest girls in the world. And feeling blessed.

    …and this:
    @emccaffertyful: @DavidArchie Thank you for seeing my niece! U made her day!! 😀 (click pic 2 enlarge)
    @DavidArchie Thank you for seeing my niece! U made her day!! :D on Twitpic

  10. KT says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the folks at SAz!!! I really enjoyed spending time with many of you at the concerts recently and thanks so much for the recaps that you wrote.

    Special note to TOfan; thanks so much for all you do to keep the blog going, I am a HUGE fan of your writing…you are one talented lady!

  11. Heidijoy says:

    Merry Christmas to all. Hoping you all have Blessings and Love to keep you warm.

    Grateful for you Tofan and all who write here. Gotta Get Through This!!!

  12. refnaf says:

    Read your recap at SD Heidijoy!!! awesome!!! TY

    Listening to the voice again…. slowly able to get back to that place where I can with out wailing.. I know it will all be OK, he is always going to follow his heart and I am convinced he will bless the world with his Music. Like Paula said way back “a gem for the whole world to see”

    Wishing all snowangelzz a blessed Christmas and to all lurkers too!!! We will continue on this journey. one foot in front of the other >3

  13. awestruck says:

    Merry Christmas everyone – joy, peace and happiness!

  14. abanana77 says:

    TOfan, I seriously LOLed at the lobster trap Christmas tree! Hahahahaha amazing!

    Merry Christmas everyone! <33333

  15. peppertara says:

    Love the Christmas tree up top! 🙂 Love this entire post too and the wonderful comments from everyone. Want to say thank you TOfan for keeping this great site going and for everything you have done to keep us all informed, inspired, humour struck and leaving us with many joyful smiles on our faces! David’s fans are the best…so many incredible stories and videos they have left us with. Will be catching up on many over the next week, when I have some time off.
    David never stops inspiring and astounding. I have learned that with every experience of sadness there is always something good that emerges from it, if you allow it. All part of life’s journey and learning curve.
    All will be fine, we will all experience our own personal growth and a chance to focus in on other areas of our lives too (at least for me) and when that 23 yr old wise, inspired young man returns, have a feeling it will be as though he never left.

    In the meantime David still has things in store for his fans! What a fabulous, special tour this was and I cannot imagine anyone trying to stop it from happening, whatever the reasons (shame on them)! Can’t keep him down though!
    embe….your little daughter is so beautiful, eyes as bright as the stars!

    Want to wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas and holiday season. May all our hearts be filled with love, peace, joy and the spirit of the season.
    ….and may Angels in the snow bless all you do!

  16. TOfan says:

    {{{{pepp}}}} “with every experience of sadness there is always something good that emerges from it, if you allow it” <333

    Behind-the-scenes O Holy Night dress rehearsal vid with Lyceum Philharmonic in SLC … not gonna lie, that “EXIT” sign is killing me:

    …and RRC rehearsal (missed this!):

  17. emmegirl says:

    Blessed and Merry Christmas Snowangelz!

  18. emmegirl says:

    Another video of rehearsal O Holy Night. The person taking it was shaking like a leaf (I totally get that), but the audio is beeeaaauutiful, not as close to the orchestra. Will bring you to tears.

  19. Kizzi says:

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyeuses Fêtes!

    …in thinking about David’s special announcement, I am reminded of the lyrics from a song from Ingelo and Purcell titled “We Sing to Him”:

    We sing to Him, whose wisdom form’d the ear,
    our songs, let Him who gave us voices, hear;
    we joy in God, who is the Spring of mirth,
    who loves the harmony of Heav’n and Earth;
    our humble sonnets shall that praise rehearse,
    who is the music of the Universe.
    And whilst we sing, we consecrate our art,
    and offer up with ev’ry tongue a heart.

    I can only be happy for David who will be singing the music of the Universe over the next few years in a setting that most satisfies his beautiful soul.

  20. peppertara says:

    Those rehearsal videos of Oh Holy Night, oh my, how perfect for Christmas eve. Tears…yes but oh the beauty of it all goes deep. Thanks TOfan, emmegirl.
    Kizzie, what a very lovely comment and this “I can only be happy for David who will be singing the music of the Universe over the next few years in a setting that most satisfies his beautiful soul.”
    So true and how beautifully stated.
    Has everyone seen David’s very sweet holiday message to his fans on his OS and oh…that photo,

    • TOfan says:

      aww, just saw the holiday message, thanks, peppertara… nice photo, would make an AWESOME album cover… just sayin’ *sniff*

      Here’s the Wait video… not sure what to make of it … guess we have some time to discuss further, lol:

      …and as a side note, we decorate our hibiscus as our Christmas tree and yesterday, on Christmas eve, the branch holding my CFTH ornament burst forth in flower … and this morning woke up to two! Have a cool Yule, my friends!!!

      two flowers

  21. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my friends here at Snowanglezz! 🙂

    TOFAN – great flowering. Here in Manila, we call that “Gumamela” Would you believe I used that in my high school science project – Gumamela Pancake and we won! Of course during the testing stage, it took a while for any of us in our group to try to taste test it, hehehe.

    Re WAIT MV – yeah trust David to leave us with a music video that would require months to decipher! I think he is easing us into our stages of grief. Anyone in stage 2 already?

    Again, happy holidays!

  22. TOfan says:

    Happy Holidays, JR!!!!

    New post/thread!


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