Interview with Symphonie Jeunesse founder/conductor Michèle Brosseau-Tacchia

Photo: @MirandaTacchia (Michèle's daughter! 🙂 )

When I originally contacted Michèle Brosseau-Tacchia for this interview, I didn’t know David would be announcing his mission last night. It makes her comments all the more poignant. And she was so kind in responding to my fan questions that I wanted to post her answers here in spite of what we learned last night.

SAz: What inspired you to found Symphonie Jeunesse?
MT: My inspiration to found and establish Symphonie Jeunesse came four and a half years ago while mentoring a 15-year old violinist.  The room fell silent and she asked me if I might ever start a youth orchestra for “kids like me” and her question went right to my heart.  I was teaching ten classes of music a day in elementary public school and wondered where I would  find time to add another endeavor like that.  I didn’t even know where to start, but it had been a dream of mine to have a youth orchestra for strings in my community for a long time.  I wrote a proposal for funding and presented it at a board meeting of the San Bernardino Valley Concert Association.  It was overwhelmingly supported and funded.  I was able to open auditions four years ago and we presented our first concert with membership of just twelve string players.

Why did you choose a French name for the orchestra?
My father was born in France and has not been alive for many, many years to hear and see my work.  I did not want to call my group another “youth orchestra”, so as a tribute to him, I have called it Symphonie Jeunesse, (Youth Orchestra for Strings).

How did your participation in David Archuleta’s tour come about?
The collaboration came about in November during a rehearsal for MKOC Tour in LA.  The question about finding a good high school orchestra for the LA leg of the tour was posed to David’s band mates by his father.  David’s bass player, Ben has been a coach for my basses in Symphonie Jeunesse and he suggested David’s dad call me, which he promptly did.  Thank you, Ben for such a great recommendation!

What was he like to work with?
David is marvelous to work with!  He is one of the kindest, most caring young people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  He was so genuine and lovely with me and my orchestra members and their families.

Did anything surprise you about the experience?
I was very surprised to have been asked to have my orchestra play for the VIP dinner in Anaheim!  The night before at the venue in Ventura, my kids had not had an opportunity to warm up on the stage.  At 7:00 p.m. I started warming them up and as their sound wafted through the Majestic Ventura Theatre, David and his entourage came out of dressing rooms to listen to them.  I think it was then that the decision to invite us to play for 40 minutes during dinner in Anaheim came.

How was the experience for your players?
The experience for my orchestra was phenomenal!  They will carry this memory forever!  It gave them an opportunity to work in a professional arena, which doesn’t usually come for most until college.  Their playing will be so much stronger from here out.

Do you have any favourite songs from his tour?
We loved Pat-A-Pan!  David’s pronunciation of French was so good.  We LOVED the way he pronounced our orchestra name.  (It is often badly pronounced by most who try in the US.  Some examples:  “Juh-ness”, “Jew-ness”, “Juh-noose”, “Genesis”, “Juh-neese” and the list goes on…)

Favourite memories?
There are so many memories.  The first day that we met David was Wednesday, December 14th at Nokia in LA.  He and his band mates had just come back to California from a long nation-wide tour.  We wanted to play one of our pieces for them as a gift.  We chose Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Man’s Chest.  That evening during the concert, he introduced us and told the audience that we had played one of his favorite songs for him!  On the last night of LA tour in Anaheim, we gave him a huge card with words from our hearts to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity he shared with us and we gave him our orchestra mascot:  a pirate with a chest full of jewels.

What’s next for Symphonie Jeunesse?
Well, just after the Anaheim concert with David, Symphonie Jeunesse was scheduled to play at Disneyland for the Community Arts Showcase!  We played there yesterday.  We have holiday break and then we are scheduled to play two concerts for the professional symphony in January on invitation from the conductor.


In case you missed it, here’s a video of David announcing at the end of last night’s SLC concert that he’ll be going on a formal LDS mission.

And comments from the end of the last thread … please feel free to leave your own!

From Kizzi:

Just saw the announcement. Surprised, yet not. His decision and subsequent announcement alone are powerful statements of faith. He has never hidden his devoutness.

I can just imagine him channeling his magic in music to two years of service to humankind! If people, who are searching for hope and for a doorway to the divine, paths intersect with David’s, well, they will have a most powerful experience…

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Keep living your beautiful dreams David. icon_biggrin.gif

I am feeling such love and respect for him…. when you watch this it is very clear that this is something he needs to do. What hits me so hard is that he is following the same “feeling” of spirit that brought us to him through AI. I can only be thankful that he follows his heart, else we would not have experienced these past 3+ years, met other fans and have a collection of music and videos to wait with. Now we are here together , and will be ready when he comes back.

Kizzi – As usual you capture my thoughts completely

“I can just imagine him channeling his magic in music to two years of service to humankind! If people’s, who are searching for hope and for a doorway to the divine, paths intersect with David’s, well, they will have a most powerful experience…”

Refnaf – we WILL be here and ready when he comes back. I’m still crying as I have just watched.

Follow you heart David, it has not steered you wrong.

… and from me:
… my husband’s first words when I told him the news were, “Wow, well I guess you guys have been lucky to get to hear him.”

That says it all for me. We love and support you, David, in every brave path you take.

Dream Sky High/SLC VIP (thx. hazeleyd71 for both)

I am a Child of God/SLC VIP

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33 Responses to Interview with Symphonie Jeunesse founder/conductor Michèle Brosseau-Tacchia

  1. Abrra says:

    Thank you , Deb for publishing this interview. I warms my heart to hear what transpired with David and this orchestra of young people. He is a shining example to them.

    It’s good to see that you will be here til he returns. We at The Voice will carry on as well. Even though David will be absent from the Internet he will not be forgotten. Two years is a small price to pay when we realize how much life experience he will bring home to us in his tattered backpack.

    We will have a candle in the window for home it will never go dark.


    • TOfan says:

      “a candle in the window” … love that Abs ❤

      I'm just taking things one day at a time at this point… maybe I'll finally catch up on my laundry! 😆

  2. Abrra says:

    My phone keyboard fails me. Lol

  3. peppertara says:

    My heart is so full for David. Wow, very emotional time for him last night and I wept right along with him, as I’m sure many of his fans did. Had to stop watching that announcement video at some point, so beautiful but too emotional right now!
    David has always followed his heart and this is one more step on his personal journey. I know there are a mixture of emotions out there and he will be so missed! However. in his young life 2 years is not so very long. Wish him only the best and want him to be happy, healthy and safe.
    Still processing this and I just take one day at a time too! You’re right TOfan, maybe we can all catch up on laundry, etc. etc. etc.!
    TOfan, your interview with Symphonie Jeunesse was lovely, how very nice! Anyone who has the pleasure of spending time with David is touched in special ways. He has certainly touched all of our lives and yes, like others I will be here for him too, when he returns.
    It doesn’t matter what your faith or belief system is, I think your heart guides you to certain special experiences along the way. David’s heart has obviously guided him to this experience and no doubt, he will bless many lives. ❤
    "A candle in the window" ah, love that too. Yes, we have been very blessed to experience David for the past few years and I am so glad that I followed my heart and went to his concert, so glad.
    A hug to everyone!

  4. Pamela Stewart says:

    Some may say that David made a difficult decision but really I know that it was an easy one. The difficult decision David made was to ask his Heavenly Father if he should fulfill a mission – to leave his comfort zone. David’s courage was displayed when he decided to follow the answer the Spirit gave him. To think, to ask and then to act. These are the exact same qualities that brought David to us in the first place. These are the qualities that will sustain him in this earthly life. I am so proud of him!!!

  5. Kirsten says:

    Oh my word – YES! I’ve had “I am a Child of God” memorized for as long as I can remember. It is one of my favorite Primary songs/hymns and serves as a great reminder to me in my life. Thanks for that vid.

  6. TOfan says:

    Didn’t sleep last night for obvious reasons so just got up from a long nap. I had a rare dream about David … he was hosting a big event to thank everyone who’s supported him (Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were guests, hahahaa). I think it was in the future ‘cuz he looked older, very serious and determined. I was near the front and had written a book about him and he was giving me his suggestions for changes to the structure of it. He also looked taller. 🙂

    Sorry if that’s TMI, just thought I’d share. 😆

  7. Trish Rogers says:

    TOfan… it was so nice meeting you and Refnaf and sit across from you at the table. How ironic that I notice this site today as I search for comments following David’s announcement last night. I too had very little sleep and I’m sure a nap would do wonders for these bags under my eyes. Although I was devastated to hear his news, it is like so many others, due to my fear of living without his influence in MY life. However I know this was the best decision for HIM. Once again it was nice meeting you and I will look forward to future times down the road. Trish

    • TOfan says:

      Trish, hello! So nice to “see” you! Yes, I too am happy he’s following the path he needs to and I’m sure the sadness I feel now will turn into hope… someday soon. 🙂

  8. TOfan says:

    Wow, I’m impressed at how respectful the press is being… even!
    “We’ll miss U, Archie!
    Check out the video (above) of David Archuleta announcing plans to go on a two year Mormon mission.
    We’ll be sad to lose two years of David’s music, but we certainly understand how important this is to him, and we hope it’s a fulfilling experience.
    Good luck, and safe travels, David! See ya in 2014!!!

    And love this comment there:
    He’s “walking” his beliefs.
    There’s no money in it.
    He takes a risk that whatever ‘career’ his has will evaporate…permanently…in his absence.
    Life is short. (And so is he. lol!)

  9. peppertara says:

    Love all the respect that David is getting too, as it should be. I don’t think that anyone except David’s true fans know what an impact this has on them or can understand it and how profound his influence has been for them. It is actually a kind of grieving process while at the same time feeling much joy, love and respect for David and wanting him to follow his heart. Didn’t sleep much at all last night either.
    TOfan, love your dream! Once had a dream where David was receiving a very important award and I was in the audience applauding so hard that when I woke up my hands hurt, lol.
    By David’s tweets can tell that he is greatly moved and so appreciative of the support. I have so much respect for him.
    We have the ‘Wait’ video to look forward to and now….that song may take on a whole other meaning. ❤

    • TOfan says:

      so true, peppertara, it is like losing a loved one… although he’s not “gone” and I too respect and admire his courage in taking such a brave step and staying true to himself.

      So strange not to be able to listen to his music right now…it’s usually my “go to” place for comfort and joy… right now it brings back all the tears. I know that’s only temporary, and someday soon I’m sure I’ll review all the amazing vids from tour.

      In the meantime… the KUED Interview with David has been posted here:

      • abanana77 says:

        I think we’re all feeling the same things. I couldn’t listen to his music today either, it was just too much. Turned on some other Christmas music to cheer me up. But you’re so right, it felt so strange. Glad I was not the only one feeling this way <333

      • archiesfan4life says:

        It is strange TOfan – I have not been able to bring myself to listen to any of David’s music today either – I guess we just need some time. This has been an emotional day for all of us.

    • refnaf says:

      I have been listening to my old fave “Boney M” today while baking with my daughters….. can not handle any thing else right now….

      • fenfan says:

        very strange…i too have avoided all his videos and music since the announcement. i hope he has a happy two years away and come back to an even more successful career. he deserves the very best in life.
        i guess i will now have more time to devote to reaching my own goals instead of obsessing over him, reading his fan sites and watching his youtubes over and over again every day.
        it’s going to be a very long two years – i’ll be waiting.

  10. canarchaudry says:

    I must admit, a lot of tears rolled down my cheeks last night after watching David’s special announcement of serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
    For some reason, David’s emotion always has that effect on our emotions…well…at least on me.
    I find that when he is happy, we are happy…when he is sad, we feel that sadness regardless of where you are in the world and last night was no different. perhaps it is the thought of separation between his fans and him for two years is what is hard to bear.

    My admiration of David’s strong faith and belief grows deeper each years that I have known him as an artist and as an amzing caring human being. I have always felt it in my bone that he truly is the real deal. So proud of his big decision to serve the Lord. I shall continue to pray for his safety
    in wherever life takes him.

    It is comforting to know that you will be here until we hear from David again and I shall be here waiting silently for his return. I know his dedicated fans will not go anywhere.

    Thanks for posting the interview with Symphonie Jeunesse founder/conductor Michèle Brosseau-Tacchia,Deb. Once again, Enjoyed reading the comments from KIzzi, Refnaf and the rest.

  11. I haven’t been able to listen to his music either, but this morning I listened to “Wait” and bawled my eyes out. Felt good, actually. I guess the wounds are still a little too fresh.

    • TOfan says:

      “wounds” is a good word, Kathy 😦 … songs like “Wait,” “Gotta Get Thru This,” “Think of Me” etc. all take on a brand new meaning … even “Good Place” (“I could be a memory tomorrow, I could be nothing at all”) *sniff* … I don’t even know if I’ll be able to watch GCT over the holidays, I hope so.

      I asked on Twitter yesterday whether or not missionaries are allowed to write songs while serving and momJulee kindly responded, sharing that her son-in-law wrote songs while on his mission. This info cheered me up in a big way… I know that’s not his purpose in going but it gives me a ray of hope for more beautiful music to come some day from David.

      This is a completely personal opinion, but I believe all the best artistic endeavours are Divinely inspired and to me David’s music and voice represent true art …
      a way to help us connect with each other and to help us move closer to a clearer understanding of what it means to be human. I cling to this line in his announcement speech, “it’s not because that I no longer want to do music anymore” and have hope that this next phase of his journey will only help him on that path. Sorry to blather on, gahhhhh.

      • awestruck says:

        (((TOfan))) David was always first and foremost directed by his faith, though music is a close second. Just finished reading to my Mom chapter 8 of Chords of Strength and it made me realize this even more.

        “Artisitc endeavours are Divinely inspired” speaks to me that David will continue to make music when the time is meant for it to happen.

  12. Kris says:

    I guess I am not going through a grieving process. I certainly will “miss” David. I will miss watching his vlogs and interviews. I will miss his funny tweets. I will miss listening to new songs and watching new performances. I have really enjoyed being a fan of David’s. Doing all of those things brought me a lot of joy. But I don’t feel like there is a loss. I am happy that David is doing what is best for him in this time of his life. I am happy that he is following his heart. I hope he continues doing that. I want him to continue to live his life to the fullest. He has to live his life for himself. However he does that is fine by me. I certainly hope he returns to his musical career when he returns from his mission. I know that I will continue being a fan of his.

    • TOfan says:

      You have the right attitude, Kris! I am happy for him too. And it’s not even his vlogs or tweets I will miss specifically, can’t really explain it.

      Loved this tweet from drummer Steven J. Robinson:
      @StevenJRob Glad yall are feeling better! Allow David his time to do his thing. I’ll let him elaborate on it more, But I have a feeling this is a “see ya later”. We all need time every now and then. When it’s time for a reunion, you’ll know! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Love MasterClassLady’s take on things, HERE.

    • awestruck says:

      Kris – I’m agreeing with you.

  13. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – i enjoy your blatherings, you have a beautiful mind.

  14. Kizzi says:

    Took some time to skim and lurk around the net this afternoon.

    Lots of emotions on a roller coaster and then some bea-u-ti-ful, gorgeous sentiments at fan sites from excruciating pain to pure delight and all points between.

    And the news outlets carrying the story…amazing. I opened up my USA Today on the airplane this morning and lo-and-behold – “Archuleta, Man on a Mission.” Short and supportive piece. Media is giving David good props. Cool to see.

    Another perspective about David’s decision that I hadn’t considered came from this commenter on mjs called windmills: One of the tough aspects of being on AI and making it far is you get this instant, super invested fanbase, the guarantee of a certain amount of “Idol bubble” media, and the expectations that come with the Idol machine if you’re signed out of the gate. Idols often go onto that show because they love to sing and think they can make a career out of it, but it’s extra easy to lose your sense of self when the machine is working for you. So, when somebody makes a decision to take back control of himself or herself, I can only think it’s for the best.

    David Archuleta’s always seemed like a thoughtful guy. I think it takes courage, maturity, and real honest introspection to take a step back like he’s doing. Seeing how much it means to him made me tear up. Good for him, and Godspeed.

    I am happy for David. A while back I talked about visiting Italy during the Christmas Holidays and I listened to songs from CFTH around sacred sites and biblical art. I remember being in the Sistine Chapel looking at Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” painting on the ceiling listening to David’s “O Holy Night.” I remember thinking that space between God’s finger and Adam’s, where life is being bestowed, that’s the space David’s Christmas music creates.

    I’ll miss his music and his performances as he takes a path that is not focused on singing & songwriting & performing. He gave his art, I took it and looked for more and I hope I was as appreciative in those moments as I am now. If this is all there ever is, I am happy I got to experience it in real time.

    After all, one of the best things is I got to meet all of you, my Canadien David-fan friends. And for that, I feel truly blessed.

    Now on to the Christmas Holidays. Lots of family & friends. And wishing all of you at SAz a Happy Holiday Season!

  15. TOfan says:

    Love every word you said!

    I also love these tweets from tonight’s VIP, from uStream Queen @rhiminee:
    “David said he would never stop doing music, even on his mission. He’s just putting the career part on hold.”
    “Also told him good luck and lots of ppl send their love 🙂 I did not cry on him. Success is mine.”
    “He said this is the fav tour he’s ever done because there were so many obstacles & ppl trying to stop them. And because it means so much …”
    “Also said he already knows where he will be serving his mission but wants to keep it private for right now.”

  16. awestruck says:

    (((kizzi))) you are in Beaver Creek are you not??? will wait patiently for your thoughts…

  17. peppertara says:

    Love all those tweets! Love Kizzi’s words too and love everyone’s thoughts and feelings. Also looks like Beaver Creek is a lovely, lovely place! Epic last show tonight, oh can just imagine all the love overflowing for David! Must say, I am in a much more peaceful place now…a good place actually. I know David is at peace with all of this and tonight he is having a blast! Have such faith that he will be back in to his music again, we’ll just keep those candles burning.
    Too bad they couldn’t get reception for a livestream tonight.

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, I don’t think I could’ve handled a livestream, tbh, lol … apparently they are being super strict about videos tonight so any we do get will be like GOLD! *fingers crossed*

      I am blown away by the media coverage David is getting (oh the irony) … the sheer volume but also the respectful tone of most of it. David’s genuine, heartfelt, eloquent words are being quoted verbatim and I have to think they struck a chord even with jaded journalists… the announcement video now has over 300,000 views!

  18. peppertara says:

    Tofan, I am blown away too by all the press and his announcement video views, wow!…yes I think David’s beautiful, heartfelt words have maybe even touched some previously untouchable hearts out there.
    As for a livestream for the last concert, you have a point….may have been hard to handle but I really hope we do get something to watch from that concert! Pro ninjas maybe? We’ll see.

  19. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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