@DavidArchie MoTab release: How excited are you?

*busted* This post is just an excuse to post this amazing photo art from photographer Walid Azami. Wouldn’t it be perfect for an album cover???? [Spooky update: Just after I finished this post, I found out that Mr. Azami agrees! 😯 ]

… and the MoTab CD/DVD release date of September 6 is fast approaching … what stage of anticipation describes you best?


p.s. From the David Archuleta FB page:

LOLing that David's the one signing 5,000 copies and stacker girl needs to wear a wrist brace.

p.p.s. You can preorder “Glad Christmas Tidings” from Amazon.ca (only CD avail. so far, released Sept. 13),  Amazon.com (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray; released Sept. 6) and Deseret Books.

p.p.p.s. If the MoTab release wasn’t enough to spazzzzz about, check out this Twitter convo with makeup artist Laurie Vukich from last night:



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32 Responses to @DavidArchie MoTab release: How excited are you?

  1. peppertara says:

    Oh how I do love this post! First of all had to stop and look at that amazing picture of David by Mr. Azami for an undetermined number of minutes, lol…and yes it would make a stunning album cover!
    I love his work and nothing less than a true work of art (such a fine subject to work with) should grace the cover of any of David’s albums I’m thinking. 🙂
    As for being excited for the MOtab release…..one of the true highlights of my year! In a year filled with ups and downs, sadness, challenges and blessings I am overjoyed at the thought at having my own copy to watch and to listen to! (and to gift to others). A true blessing, cannot say how much I am looking forward to this and to just have it in my hands! Now we see David has or will be signing 5000 CDs, wow! Must, must have one of those too. Love this…”stacker girl needs to wear a wrist brace”. Lol.
    Gotta love the poll, haha. “said the cat to the mouse”….yep, been doing that, haven’t put my tree up or taken any anti-vortex meds yet (love that) but just about everything else. Love your humour TOfan, between David and this site I get a lot of smiles, thanks.
    Just caught up on all the wonderful posts from the last thread too and David’s ‘full of heart’ video blog. ❤ Proud to be a fan.
    September is going to be a good month!

    • betsy says:

      I just love this. “First of all had to stop and look at that amazing picture of David by Mr. Azami for an undetermined number of minutes, lol”

  2. Kizzi says:

    “Said the cat to the mouse…”so poignant and sweet.

    And that photo/art! The “eyes” say it all.

  3. refnaf says:

    How excited am I ????? got an email this a.m. that said my DVD has been shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    **runs to wait by mailbox**

  4. refnaf says:

    Oh and I like the artwork too 🙂

  5. refnaf says:

    ** pops another anti-vortex med**

  6. refnaf says:

    Gloriaaaaa Deooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  7. betsy says:

    I can’t get past those eyes in that picture. That artwork, I should say. I can’t decide if it’s a sadness or an “I know” look.
    Anyway, I am excited for the dvd as well, but I have to say I am more excited to see it pop up all over PBS. I kinda want the unsuspecting to be blown away. I’m so tired of the skeptics. I want then to watch, buy, then start youtubing. Then buy more.
    Ref, I hope you brought supplies for your mailbox wait. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      “I can’t decide if it’s a sadness or an ‘I know’ look” … love that! … it could be like the Mona Lisa of album covers!

  8. TOfan says:

    acckkkkkkk, check out the end of the post above for a Twitter convo from last night between some fans and a makeup artist who says she saw David backstage at a taping for an NBC 9/11 concert *flails* … please let him be singing!!!!!

    • Heidijoy says:

      Yes, so exciting. I hope they show him as a young boy singing to the fireman followed by him singing a Patriotic medley now. Maybe even fronting the Motab choir too!!

      I’m also very excited about the Motab Christmas CD/DVD. I’ve ordered from three different place. I’m humming the Cat and Mouse song for sure.

  9. SandyBeaches says:

    Yes, he has to be singing with the choir and what a wonderful combination with the release of the MoTab DVD & CD. I mean it goes together wonderfully well, doesn’t it??

    TOfan I wanted to check off three circles but had to resort to the Cat & Mouse!

    This next step of his journey is growing to be so exciting and he is definately not just a pop singer night after night or place after place with song after same song. He is truly an exciting artist.


  10. jackryan4DA says:

    Anti-vortex med – bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Gosh I needed that.

  11. emmegirl says:

    Great post clever lady.

    I was late getting my preorder ordered, so will be a tailend Charlie getting mine. 😦

    THAT artwork as a cover would definitely get some attention!
    Betsy, you always go straight to the heart of things. ♥

    The many faces of David. He really has one of the most interesting, intriguing (and beautiful) faces I have ever seen. The photos from the Asian tour really demonstrated that.
    Maybe because he was feeling such intense emotions during that entire tour.

    Thank you twitter, now we know we could be seeing him before AZ! If he is there, you have to believe he is singing. You cannot make a better choice for something like this than him.

    Heidijoy, the video of him singing at the fire station, lousy quality and all, has always been
    one of my favorites and I watch it often. I love your idea about the then and now, ala SOF.

    • Heidijoy says:

      Me too! I get chills and tears when I listen to how heartfelt “little” David was and how meaningful that was to those Firemen.

    • abanana77 says:

      Don’t worry about it, I put the wrong city in my address so who knows when I’ll get mine 😛

  12. emmegirl says:

    sheesh, apologies for the weird formatting.
    I get a little windy sometimes and have to go back and cut a bunch of stuff out.

    Your welcome.

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, emme, no need to do any cutting, we love “windy” around here! 😆 … and I’d actually forgotten about that fire station vid, I remember David mentioning somewhere (COS?) that that was his favourite/most meaningful moment from that trip. *uTubes*

  13. emmegirl says:

    The one I have favorited has gone to private. These are from JR and they have much better audio. It is amazing how at that age he just stands there and belts these out like nothing.

    God Bless America

    I Will Always Love You

  14. peppertara says:

    Those videos of adorable young David singing for the firefighters still astound me. Have watched them many times over the years, so beautiful, heartfelt. I did read that some celebrities will be talking about their experiences and memories around that time, for the show, maybe David will get to talk about his and yes……they must let him sing!!

  15. TOfan says:

    peppertara, ooo, I hope you’re right, that would be awesome!!!!

    … and @NanDeeAy tweeted that she received her MoTab DVD already!!! (hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her tweets here 🙂 ):

    The DVD was definitely edited with a David slant. He really shines and his songs make up a majority of the DVD.
    The audience is shown at different times after his numbers. Their appreciation for him is so evident. Silent Night was magnificent! … they showed the standing ovation too
    They have a bonus feature – backstage with David. He has twinkly eyes during the interview.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. TOfan says:

    …if anyone’s wondering what happened to David’s twitter last night, it was hacked 😯 … gives us a glimpse of what he’s got to put up with, sheesh

  17. TOfan says:

    Here’s an mp3 of an interview in Manila, where David sings a snippet of The Script (more, David, more!!!!) … the interviewer (a fan, I believe) is hard to hear but David comes through loud and clear, as usual (thanks, @nareejo!!!):


    Update: Here’s the youTube version of that interview/”Man Who Can’t Be Moved” snippet:

  18. peppertara says:

    Cannot wait to get my DVDs, CDs and the description sounds wonderful! A bonus feature too!
    Feel bad for David about having his twitter acct hacked. Geesh, what is the matter with some people, they should be ashamed. Of course David was so gracious about it. He’s a wise and loving prince however. I love this tweet from “David’s Back Pack”:

    Davidsbackpack David’s Back Pack
    youtu.be/ZuHl1_DTb4w I love you David. What is sacred to you should never have been trampled on. )*: I know how your heart forgives others.
    Now to listen to the mp3, thanks.

  19. Angelica says:


    As usual, awesome witty post! Love the poll. August advent calendar, haha! I picked taking anti-votex meds, (do they make those?) But I doubt they will work. I’m sure I will be drowning in “Los Pastores A Belen” till I ring in the New Year! That snap of his hand over his head at the end and the joyful expression on his face, the brilliant twinkle in his eyes…I can feel myself getting pulled in already just thinking about it.

  20. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Angelica, me too!!!!!

    … new post/thread!


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