Pondering 101

So I took the David Archuleta Pondering Challenge tonight. I sat for 20 minutes, no TV, no computer … no TOSOD … and just (to quote David’s vlog tags) began “pondering ponder thinking think meditate.”

Three guesses what I thought about.

This is me writing it down.

I started thinking about how let down I felt immediately after watching the vlog. That I’d hoped he was going to spill music news, the “dates to be announced” hinted at in @jennyFOD’s tweet. Or maybe something about the songs he’s been working on, the ideas twirling around in that jukebox mind of his. Anything but American Idol.

I thought about how weird it was to hear him get so excited about watching Idol again, when just hearing the intro music gives me hives … how much he says he learns watching them … “you could give each and every one of them a masterclass!” I felt like screaming at him.

And when he talked about how much he loves singing the song “I Need You Now” — in his room!?! — I held my breath hoping he’d belt out the first verse in that closet soundbooth and knock that gorilla back off the shelf.

And then my pondering turned into laughing at myself as I realized what I learn every time I watch one his vlogs:  To step back. To let go. To let David be David.

We love him for being special and unique and … so very David. And yet, for me anyway, it’s so easy to sometimes wish he’d be like every other celebrity … be a self-promoter, be a schmoozer, play the game, work the system, get those album sales up, try out new hand gestures on TMZ.

I never think that for long, however, usually just when I see a Kardashian pretending to be a singer and actually getting airplay.

Then I remember the antidote to all that is fake and false and shallow that we have in David. He is so real it hurts. Because he’s not afraid to be himself and follow the path he’s surefooted on. He’s braver than I’ll ever be.

He’s exactly where he needs to be right now — otherwise, he’d be somewhere else.

So David, try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time … we’ll be right here … pondering how we got to be so lucky.


p.s. Be honest, guys, am I reading too much into this vlog? lol

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  1. Archugeezer says:

    This here was perfect pondering.

  2. Heidijoy says:

    I pondered too Tofan and wrote a note under David’s vlog that I pondered about what’s new re: his music, his manager, his publicist, tour and what fun things he’s been up to. I actually miss his written blogs sometimes where he used to go into detail about everything that he was doing between blogs. Talk about ODD. I was waiting to hear some meaningful news and anticipated this Vlog too much.
    Later when I went back I could see David seems happy and enjoying being @ home which he really missed out on back when he was 16 on up until recently.
    I hope he is having lots of fun and enjoying friends. He has all kinds of time .
    I’m anxious to see him again. As an older fan my need for him to hurry up is more about me than him. Lord give me patience but hurry up. Ha! Ha!

  3. betsy says:

    I felt the exact same way. For a few minutes.
    Then I remembered him saying “It’s like I’m watching it when I was 11 years old again – I’m so into it”
    Never change, David.

  4. Kizzi says:

    Aww TOfan. When I watched, I laughed, and then I found my self pondering the unponderable. 😀 For some reason (thank my lucky stars) I don’t have any deep expectations. As everyone has noted, he seems happy. As far as meditating, turning off all distractions and thinking and writing down what you think, well that’s very introspective, such a path to self discovery—listening to your inner voice. Very cool.

    One thing I have noted around cyber land is a sense of loss, a kind of bereavement. And taking that one step further I’ve also noted the stages of loss….shock & disbelief, bargaining, anger, depression, and then acceptance and we are all in different phases.

    I am enjoying AI this year and so I enjoyed David’s comments about watching the show and it’s like he’s 11 again. I think the show is new and fresh so my interpretation is that he sees the new and fresh too. “Regression in service of the ego” is what Mr. K interprets…and go figure what that means. LOL.

    And like you in the end, this is David being David giving us, unintentionally, Machiavellian-style clues to pondering the unponderables.

    • TOfan says:

      kizzi, interesting you noted that sense of bereavement … when the Jive news broke it initially brought me right back to the “loss” of AI7 finale night, feeling David had been “robbed” and wondering why the whole world couldn’t see (& hear) the amazingness we all do. What brought me out of that “grief” was David’s positive outlook and absolute unshakable confidence that things were unfolding as they should… and, dagnabbit, he’s doing it again! lol 🙂

      • Kizzi says:

        I just don’t feel a sense of loss, it’s rather excitement and anticipation.

        I can only feel encouraged as David has made such a wide network of contacts in the industry, and I’m not talking about the entertainment media but people in the music industry that are in the know. That counts BIG.

        It is so very healthy to hear that he’s taking time to re-calibrate and think what’s next. And after reading about recording contracts in Don Passman’s book and that the artist is basically at the beck and call of the contract and that was David’s life for 3 years, I think David paid some huge dues.

        P.S. How fun to think that David had a “Gorilla” in the room, seen but not discussed (much.) LOL. Now couldn’t we speculate the holy heck fire out of the 800 pound gorilla analogies we think we know that are in his life. bahahahahahaha *evil tone*

  5. flyonthewall says:

    Yeah, it would be nice for him to be like any other celebrity so that he can get more exposure, more media attention and generate more buzz, and ultimately sell more awesome music. But than he wouldn’t be David. The guys we fell completely in love with, voice and all. He is himself through and through and oh so very real. His strength of character is pretty amazing and as often said, very inspiring especially for someone so young. But just as any other person out there in this world, there are also weaknesses (or what we perceive to be weaknesses which may vary from one person to the other). So if I were to sit ponder on David and his ‘celebrity status’ and what I think (IMO) would be best for him in that sense, I would say to just be himself because he is freaking AWESOME!! BUT, at the same time, work on any weaknesses (or what other people perceive to be weaknesses) that has room for improvement such as well, maybe his speaking skills. It bugs me when people comment about his speaking skills and how he comes across because of it, i.e. young, etc. The thing is, since we follow David, we ALL know he’s got some GREAT things to say, you just need to give him time and room to say it. But I guess others (especially those seeing him for the first time) won’t be as patient and will easily write him off because of it. It was more or less okay when he was a teenager but now he’s in his twenty’s I guess people will be a lot less tolerant and a lot more judgmental (not that they weren’t before). So yeah, I hope he can work on that a little bit more. I think it will help a lot in his overall confidence and how he comes across as a person and as an artist. And since I’m at it, I would love him to learn and practice the guitar!! I don’t know what it is, but somehow there’s a perception (I could be mistaken on this) that knowing how to play this instrument gives you a certain cred in the music industry, especially if you wanna be known as a singer songwriter. Well, I personally don’t know about cred or whatnot I just think it would be pretty darn cool! Lastly, this isn’t so much a weakness on David’s part but more a selfish want on mine. I miss his tweets when he first started out!! He was so random and funny (unintentionally) and just being the David we know. Now he’s a bit more guarded and we get quotes from others more than we get some of his own priceless words and quotes (hush cats anyone?) I miss those! And please don’t kill me on this but I could do with a vblog, tweet, etc that does not tell or ask me to do something. I know, I know. It makes people think and ponder and take the time out from our busy lifes to look around us but I think all he needs to do for us to do this is to lead by example and say that that is what he is doing instead of asking us directly to do it. I’m not saying he shouldn’t do this AT ALL, but maybe not as much as he does now. Not all his followers are teens and tweens and all I’m saying is that the indirect approach will come across a lot better I think especially if you’re a new fan or someone interested in becoming a fan (if that makes sense). See. This is what happens when Archies are left to ponder! Sorry if anyone is offended but what is said above. I’m just trying to put myself in the shoes of someone just discovering him and thinking what that person would be interested in and what would put people off. Obviously that would vary from person to person and really you can never really please anyone. But David as a person is made of win either way. He just needs some really good people around him that can see the big picture and give the right guidance and direction that can be the best fit for David to remain who he is as an artist and as a person and yet to reach the widest audience as possible beyond his current fanbase 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      flyonthewall (love that name, btw!), “But David as a person is made of win either way.” Yes!!!!

    • awestruck says:

      flyonthewall – very interesting perspectives, especially about imaging to be a ‘new fan’. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. AnnieDAFG says:

    Ah, good post! I loved this part:
    “And then my pondering turned into laughing at myself as I realized what I learn every time I watch one his vlogs: To step back. To let go. To let David be David.”

    YES, PLEASE! More fans need to do that!

    See, I’ve done a lot pondering lately, and it always comes down to these questions:

    Why are David’s fans so dang impatient and demanding?

    Sometimes it really boggles my mind. There are artists who don’t tweet, don’t vlog, and only release music every 3-4 years and go on 1 tour in between. And their fans somehow manage just fine.

    Why can’t David go on a break for even 1 or 2 month without fans getting nervous, and starting to freak out (well, actually, if he doesn’t tweet for a day, his fans get nervous)? He is a human being. He is not a machine whose sole purpose in life is to entertain and serve us 24/7.

    After he posted his vlog yesterday, I’ve seen so many tweets to him or about him, that were all about what fans want, what they need, what they are interested in, not stopping for a moment to think about what David wants, needs or is interested in. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes, really.

    I’m sorry for ranting here, but I just wish more of David’s fans would have that moment of “wait, what the heck am I thinking?” like you, TOfan, where they realise they just need to breathe, chill and trust in David, and let him do things his way, on his terms, at his pace. He hasn’t had a chance to do that in the last 3 years. It’s time now. Just mho.

    • kizzi says:

      Bravo Annie. And u r so right. Most music buyers aren’t looking at tweets or vlogs or the like. Or how many times the musician was on tv or in magazines.

      We diehard cyber fans can have a skewed perspective and unrealistic expectations. In this milieu our primary relationship is with other fans and our purpose is sharing our mutual fan-cination imo. And when several of us think the same speculation in cyberland it becomes fact and starts getting repeated as such around the fan sites. And while speculation can be harmless or just a way to “ponder” in cyber space it is ultimately self serving.

      Reality is none of us know for sure what is next and we won’t know til David decides to reveal his next steps. He owes us nothing. He’s given us great music and performances and insights into his life and career. That’s plenty.

      • AnnieDAFG says:

        Thanks, Kizzi! Totally agree.

        I think the internet has changed a lot of things, and not always for the better.

        On one hand it’s amazing (and sometimes scary) how fast we can access info, news, music, or whatnot these days through the internet (and even start revolutions! haha), at the same time, I feel like people get so spoiled by that fast access, it slowly but surely is killing everyone’s ability to just wait for something. To just give things time. I wouldn’t want to miss the internet for anything, but yeah, as everything in life it too has its downsides. haha!

      • TOfan says:

        Annie & Kizzi, you’re so right, we do expect so much from David (even though he’s given us an incredible amount of music/shows/himself in 3 short years). I’ve noticed a lot of performers (including Adele) don’t even tweet themselves, they have someone do that for them.

        And I watched a PBS documentary this week about L.A.’s Troubadour (where Joni Mitchell, CSNY, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, etc. got their 1st big break) and they interviewed Carole King, who said when she made her legendary album Tapestry, she refused to do interviews and personal appearances or go to awards shows, so she could focus on her music & have an actual life… what a concept?! lol What a gift back to David to give him some space to do just that.

  7. AnnieDAFG says:

    P.S.: just to clarify: I’m not saying all of David’s fans are impatient, haha. I’m also not saying that they don’t have a right to be – every person handles things differently; I just don’t think it’s doing anyone any good. David is doing what he can to make us happy. He just needs some time right now, and I think we should give him that time.

  8. emmegirl says:

    oh tofan, love the honesty and sweetness of your article.
    And great comments.
    Still pondering.

  9. awestruck says:

    Great read TOfan
    I havn’t read anyones comments yet… David sounded HAPPY and relaxed, what I think I want most FOR him. By putting himself in a closet he removed himself from any – save the gorilla – distraction, lol. Kept himself on track for the 4 minute vlog! I smiled through the entire thing. The blessed uniqueness of David is his ability to share with his fans the down to earth non musical bits of his life that let’s us see into his personal being. More music will come and oh how sweet it will be, but for now I am content with what he is offerring. Live some life David and enjoy it!

  10. MunkFOD says:

    Love your article. Love that David is pondering upon things… I am sure it is helping him in discovering who he is as an artist, as an individual, and is helping him in his writing. I am going to try to “ponder” on a daily basis throughout the week. I’ll check back in and let you know how it goes. 🙂

  11. Victoria says:

    Awww…this is such a sweet post. I think all fans should have that 20 mins to think about the fact that they need to give David some space to figure things out and support him no matter what. I mean that’s what loyal fans do rite? It took me awhile to let go of the panic I felt when you departed with his previous label but I think that it’s worth the hardship if he will get a contract with a label who will do a better job. Anyways just wanted to comment on your post^^ because it was worth mentioning~

  12. refnaf says:

    Tofan!! Awesome post… So glad you pondered and came up with my thought pr0cess as well! (how do you do that??)
    AI argh, do not want to hear about it , but David’s happiness about be able to watch and the fact that he seems to be getting some down time makes me feel content. Content cause I know his music is not going any where, he is not going any where, and I am for sure not going anywhere.
    TOfan this is such a zinger “He’s exactly where he needs to be right now — otherwise, he’d be somewhere else.” We only need to believe that statement and all will be well.

    I truly now limit my fansiteing (new word??) and twittering because of some of the things mentioned in this thread (thanks Annie and Kizzi). I get too stressed reading the impatience and the demands often made of David. We are fans, David owes us nothing, and the issues of management, label etc. are I am sure things that he is working on…. we need not know every detail as it happens. This kizzi>>>”In this milieu our primary relationship is with other fans and our purpose is sharing our mutual fan-cination imo. And when several of us think the same speculation in cyberland it becomes fact and starts getting repeated as such around the fan sites. And while speculation can be harmless or just a way to “ponder” in cyber space it is ultimately self serving. << I agree!

    I trust that a tour will come, and then new music, and then more tours and more music……..
    "More music will come and oh how sweet it will be, but for now I am content with what he is offering. Live some life David and enjoy it!" <<><<< ditto awestruck 🙂

    As for David's "task", pondering and meditating are things I have in the last while begun to do more of… and also journaling, (since |I am now working from home, I seem to be able to fit it in). It can be very refreshing, as D would say!! Love him.

  13. JH says:

    Great post and discussion! He always seems to strike a chord within us, doesn’t he? “Sometimes we immerse ourselves in the thick of thin things.” (Thomas S. Monson) Taking time to ponder…to just breathe…is essential and something that David enjoys – and needs – to do. I hope I can follow his lead….

    Annie – enjoyed your comments as well. “Give it time and it will fall in line.” (MKOP) Maybe David’s next blog should be about practicing patience! 😉

  14. abanana77 says:

    Loved this pondering TOfan 🙂 Also loved this “I never think that for long, however, usually just when I see a Kardashian pretending to be a singer and actually getting airplay.” Haha

    I’ve been thinking a lot about David the last couple weeks (I’m assuming most of us have), with where he’ll go next, when/if he’ll sign with another label, etc. and everytime I think about it, I end up thinking about how ridiculously brave he is to have made the decisions he has. He could have taken the easy road, resigning with Jive, leaving everything the way it was even if it wasn’t working out perfectly. But that’s not David’s way. It was an extremely gutsy move on his part. Some people might say it was stupid, or a bad decision, but he’s following his heart so I do not believe it was a bad decision at all.

    Who knew when I fell in love with a cute 16 year old on American Idol with a great voice that he would end up being one of my biggest inspirations?

    • awestruck says:

      abanana – “Who knew when I fell in love with a cute 16 year old on American Idol with a great voice that he would end up being one of my biggest inspirations?”

      OhYEAH, I have often thought this…

  15. Marylee says:

    “He is so real it hurts. Because he’s not afraid to be himself and follow the path he’s surefooted on. He’s braver than I’ll ever be”.

    ~TOfan~ and being himself is what endears us to him ~ Thank you for a beautiful writing about a young man who has taught us so much. ❤

  16. omgdavid says:

    Hello! TOfan wonderful article and sooooooo very positive posts from everyone. Thanks. Fans who expect too much from David should learn how to breath and chill and allow him to have some quiet time.

  17. peppertara says:

    Very sweet and pondering post TOfan. I was hoping for some news too but then again just enjoyed as you put it “David being David”. Short and very sweet! We know that David is a master at keeping things quiet. 🙂 Liked his comment about the task for the week and him saying “it will be good for you guys”. Yes, well maybe we all need some quiet time and introspection (especially in this time of suspense and mini drought) lol. I think the reason that many of David’s fans get impatient is because he is just so dang wonderful and enjoyable, he has spoiled us a little I think, just by being who he is, ha.
    Glad that David is enjoying Idol…..of course David doesn’t have one ‘Idol” like the rest of us, so he just enjoys it all. He does seem happy and seems to be fine with the changes happening in his life. I’m sure with all his time at home he is still busy with song writing, meetings, etc. and who knows what else and we will hear some news…..in due time, as David has said. 🙂
    and it’s just as you said: “He’s exactly where he needs to be right now — otherwise, he’d be somewhere else. So David, try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time … we’ll be right here … pondering how we got to be so lucky.” Yes, lucky, indeed.
    Have to love the random gorilla and your screencap! Also have to admit I was hoping he just might burst into song! Ah well, grateful that David takes the time to even do blogs and tweets as much as he does. We’re pretty fortunate.
    Really great comments from everyone, lots to ponder. 🙂

  18. emmegirl says:

    tofan, just keep reading your post and thinking how I relate to every single word you wrote. You have powers you may not even be aware of. 🙂

    peppertara, regarding the fans, I think so too.
    What really is being said in alot of different ways based on a multitude of mixed emotions is how deeply everyone cares. And I think sometimes our fear can get the best of us a bit. So I have just been taking deep breaths when I feel the need, and as of yesterday, taking the time to ponder. No worries, just ponders.

    And I think he is keenly aware of the angst, thus the, “it will be good for you guys.”
    His caring runs as deep as ours. He just needs this time.

  19. peppertara says:

    “His caring runs as deep as ours” so true emmegirl and he does need this time. It’s all good and things will flow as they should.

    Well, this tweet makes me happy! Available in August….I’m so looking forward to ordering this!! (Twitterer wishes to remain anonymous, got too many responses I think).

    ” at work-just got notice that motab concert dvd & cd available 8-23!
    thats august 23!
    @janey79 Sorry for the delayed reply..I work for an independent LDS bookstore chain.”

  20. TOfan says:

    wow, great discussion, you guys always come up with things that never occurred to me but when I read your comments, a light goes off and I realize how true that is. abanana, me too, the “inspiration” part was not expected, I was just blown away at first by his voice & talent & how genuine he was… then bam there was more!

    peppertara, “it will be good for you guys” … didn’t even notice that he said that, lol … I think you & emme are right, he is “keenly aware of the angst*” and “his caring runs as deep as ours” … his way of telling us to “chill” maybe? (and random, but B96 radio in Chicago has been posting David’s vlogs, including this one, love that. 🙂 )

    * except lucky Kizzi, who’s in an angst-free zone! 😆

    • kizzi says:

      Lol. I think ref is in that “angst-free” zone too.

      Ever since I read “COS” and realized David is about as “what you see is what you get” as any mortal can be and saw his need to be completely honest whether it was cool to say or not and all the challenges he has faced with trepeditation and the courage rare in one so young, I stopped trying to second guess or think I could give advice or know what is better for him.

      He is what he is and will do what he decides. And I get to enjoy that, discuss that, and see it unfold with all of my cyberfan friends.

      The illusion for me was to think or act or write anything beyond that. It’s David’s journey and mine is to observe and enjoy alongside my cyber buddies.

      So yes angst free. David’s career be it good, bad or ugly, it’s out of my control. What is in my control is my thoughts, what I write and how I behave. And to have a ball with all of you.

      3 cheers for SnowAngelz!!!!!. 😀

    • Kizzi says:

      Tease away O’Great TOfan. 😀 And I think I may be oh so slightly different. (what’s that you’re saying under your breath, “??only slightly kizzi??” lol) I’m ok with bad news too as it’s part of life and learning. 😉

  21. refnaf says:

    (((((group hug))))) You guys are the best.

  22. abanana77 says:

    Extremely excited about the August 23rd release date for the Motab CD/DVD 😀

  23. awestruck says:

    off topic

    peppertara and everyone check this out over at FanScene


  24. peppertara says:

    awestruck….thanks very much for that link. Seeing those adorable photos of the kids cuddling those bears makes my heart smile bigtime! Omg, so beautiful to see and so very sweet.
    Had forgotten about the signatures on the bears actually, I’m so glad those bears are ‘bearing kindness’ for the kids, just love to see their sweet smiles. ❤

  25. KathyH says:

    This blog is beautiful and just what I needed today. Loved this line, “He is so real it hurts. Because he’s not afraid to be himself and follow the path he’s surefooted on. He’s braver than I’ll ever be.” I feel that way too.

    I loved David’s advise to ponder, and though I occasionally allow myself time to meditate and free write afterward, I don’t usually give the process as much time as he suggested. I enjoyed the task and felt better about a lot of things afterward. If David is spending time pondering, I am happy.

    I have noticed the different reactions, too. I think the idea that the feelings align with the stages of grieving sounds right. I had thought sometime this week, after seeing a few tweets, that it’s almost like his entire fan base is afraid he’s breaking up with us but not sure until he spells it out. (LOL?!)

    Love, love, love all of the comments here and I’ve not only agreed with much, I’ve also learned much. (One of the good things about the Internet, getting to associate with many of the great people who make up David’s fan base.)

  26. TOfan says:

    KathyH, “afraid he’s breaking up with us” hahaha, I know what you mean but that cracked me up! It was a little like that I guess, until he cleared things up in his vlog and explained “it’s not you, it’s me”! 😆

    This vid is from back in November (D’s Asia trip) but somehow I missed it!

  27. TOfan says:

    okay, I missed this too, lol, and I hope the girl he’s looking at from 1:46-1:49 is still breathing! 😆

  28. SandyBeaches says:

    Dear TOfan, I enjoyed your article very much as always.

    Hello to all of the Snow Angelz,

    Although looking at so many comments and tweets it may appear that David’s fans are not giving David downtown or the space he should have in his career, but there is more to the scenario then meets the eye.

    Many fans have been the ones who have read David’s daily tweets for a very long time. Many fans have watched the videos of interviews and appearances around the world. David did by his choice four back-to-back tours and was in the midst of planning another tour starting in Asia, by his desire and his choice. David has stated that he was eager to return to Asia with many other locations to follow. But then, he became embroiled in record label discussions and management discussions. Almost from the beginning, it was becoming more evident as time went by that his new management team was not about to take him where he wanted to go.

    It was now time for David to take care of his business, his career, his future. He did not want his time to be spent this way, he wanted his new management to work with him and contribute to his success. David is a humanitarian and that needed to be included and excepted to be part of his future plans but as we all saw, that was not always appreciated by those who worked for him. Conflicts came into his contract with Jive that gave him months of deliberations to obtain permission to even perform with the MoTab choir.

    In his song “Good Place”, David strongly stated that he didn’t want to lose another summer, he didn’t want to be away so that he would be forgotten or not remembered at all. Now this could be the second summer since he began to sing that song and he meant it.

    When David stopped tweeting and people did not know where he was or what he was doing, the concerns set in. Even Richard from FOD, said to call him and they would get together. Everyone was concerned for his welfare not just for a tour, we are not that spoiled even though we joke about it. No one including David will forget the drought as it was named from last winter that went on for months leading up to the release of TOSOD and the song “Good Place”. We knew that he did not want things to go this way. All the concerns, all of the comments have been primarily to say that we were concerned and we cared. Talks of touring were not the serious talks but just hopes and dreams for awhile.

    All we have wanted to know is that David is safe, with friends or family and being treated with the highest of regards in a business that sometimes can be outrageous.

    We have had fears and David has had doubts especially when the sale of TOSOD was not as expected. You have a record label not satisfactory, new management being a disappointment and the new CD not selling well enough for various reasons.

    We the fans have wanted David to have what other stars have so that he can carry on as he wants to in his career. We simply have been afraid that he might leave his singing behind and move on to another career because he was discouraged. I have heard the sighs of relief after his tweet today on the sites and in personal emails by him simply saying that he was writing.

    He is the singer and cares deeply about his fans and has said that his fans are the reason that he continues to sing. We are the fans only wanting David to be David.


    • Kizzi says:

      Wow, SB. I feel your sadness.

      I’m one of those fans who has read the tweets and seen the interviews and I agree, there is more here than meets the eye. My conclusions are just different, not unfeeling and, of course, just my opinion.

      We have about 5% of the facts of what’s going on and the rest we, as fans, fill in with our personal perspectives. You may have hit the nail on the head, and I respect your truth, or, David may just be re-calibrating his career goals, as we all re-calibrate things in our lives from time to time, and changing up the who, what, when, where and why of it. He appears to deal well with adversity, in fact, better than most, imho, and I don’t even know if he thinks anything adverse happened.

      For all the information that we have received, he may be totally fine with the decisions he made in leaving Jive and WEG and happy to be set on his current course–he appeared to me to be that in his last 2 vlogs. Maybe this is ‘David being David’ and he had to shed Jive & WEG to get to there. We, the fans, are adjusting to change for sure. We will know more in due time.

  29. Kizzi says:

    Just wanted to add SB, I am reminded with the changes happening of a story my Dad told me (he was a master storyteller 😀 ) as I was maturing and experiencing life’s ups and downs about lobster’s shedding their skin to grow. And it’s after they shed their skin, before they grow their new outer shell, that they are most sensitive & vulnerable and experience great growth. After that I’d always tell him I was “shedding” when I was going through a big re-calibration of my own life. So I do think of this as a “shedding” of the old skin and growing of new skin for David’s music career. Great thing is he is in control of the growth and the new skin he develops.

    I am also reminded of David’s replies to what he looks for in a girlfriend and one of the words he used repeatedly is “adventurous” which makes me believe, and again it’s just my opinion–speculative of course, that David, himself is an adventurer, albeit one with an introverted nature. Still, I just see this as part of an evolving adventure from David’s perspective, as in “What’s next?” with enthusiasm and optimism.

  30. Kizzi says:

    Just wanted to share these two videos from the Paul O’Grady Show. Part I has over 12,000 hits

    Part I

    Part II

    Electric blue is on David’s color wheel! Fun to walk down memory lane eh?

    And there are videos out there of David herding goats on another segment of the show. hahahaha

    (P.S. TOfan, my embed codes get turned into URLs. What am I doing wrong?)

  31. TOfan says:

    Off-topic in the best way possible, here’s an update from karin (@zerogravity1) on her “The Voice/Broadcast Media Center/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta project”:

    “Hiiiii All,

    I AM SO EXCITED TO SEND YOU THIS UPDATE!!! First, let me start by sending my deepest thanks to the whole David Archuleta fanbase for their support of this project. The outpouring of tour items, beautiful photos, CD’s, COS’s, autographed items etc… showing up on my doorstep each day is so overwhelming at times. The e-mails and tweets that I’ve received on the daily basis just showing appreciation for this project has touched my heart so deeply and for that I will always be grateful. We always come together as a team in David’s name to do what is right and to make a difference in this world and I know this is just another small extension of that mission. Thank you… (hand over heart).

    Well, I wanted to let everyone know that I received a call from the Volunteer, Wendy, that I’ve been working with at The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta & The Ryan Seacrest Foundation The Voice today. It was a conversation that I will not soon forget. She was so touched by the basket of David goodies that was dropped off on Saturday and said the kids were so excited to pick their favorite items out of the basket. She said the kids were AMAZED by everything! That is really all I needed to hear… but there is more.

    I explained to her that this is a team effort within David’s fanbase and we have all come together to support this project and provide the children with as many items as we can for several months to come. I told her that I have already started to work on the Spring/Easter basket that will be dropped off the first week of April because of all of the items that were sent in just the first week. She just kept giving the most heartfelt “Thank You’s” I think I have ever heard.

    We spent a good portion of time talking about how music is so powerful and what an upbeat, fun CD like The Other Side of Down can do to lift a child’s spirits and assist in the healing process. We also talked about what inspiring messages there are in Chords of Strength and how much those messages can help to bring clarity and focus when they may be needed in any capacity. She said that she hopes David knows what special fans he has and what his fans are doing to help in these ways.

    I explained to her that David has always had such a giving heart and spirit when it comes to his fans and THIS is why we will always try to represent him in the best light possible. She said that she hoped David will stop by to visit the children whenever he is in town… haha! Of course I said “ME TOO”!! It was such a lovely conversation and I really felt how just this small gesture has and will continue to make people happy… the hospital support team as well as the children.

    I just wanted to let you know about this conversation so you know the difference you are making. I can’t think of too many things that are better than a smile on a child’s face. This is what I am hoping to accomplish here and I think we’re on the right track!

    I am starting to work on different theme baskets for the next several month… April will be Spring/Easter… May will be a flower theme… June will be a Summer/Beach theme. If you’d like to send any of David’s Favorite Things or tour items for any of the baskets my e-mail address is kcarlson27@hotmail.com … I will continue to send pictures as the baskets are built and dropped off and give updates as I have them!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support!


    You can read more about her great project here.

    • Kizzi says:

      Just WOW! How wonderful. I’m thinking this would be a great project for nursing homes too. Love to see how David fans are giving back to their communities.

      I’m always buoyed to see such acts of charity and kindness. A brotherhood of man, in action!

  32. PandasMama says:

    I love your “pondering” article. I wonder if David actually realizes that many of us were actually pondering “all things David” before he told us to take time to ponder.

    I have been in a creative mood lately and had just started a story for my blog when he posted that vlog. Well, I have the story completed now and thought I would share it with the fandom. In the very silly story, I have incorporated 158 song titles of songs that David has performed and covered.

    The story is very silly and very lighthearted, if you need a small break from today’s tragic news. If not save the link for another day.


    • TOfan says:

      Fun!!!!! 🙂 How did you fit all those in???

      • PandasMama says:

        Revision, revision, revision. I had a basic idea started but then when I asked fans for what I was missing. I had togo back and add in about 20 more. Some didn’t work the way I wanted but it was just for fun. Glad you liked it.

  33. silverfox says:

    Hi TOfan!

    As always, I enjoyed your article! 🙂

    And, as always, I agree with some comments & disagree with others. But I had to thank SandyBeaches for validating all the reasons why some, actually, the majority of David’s fans want more information from David. In fact, SB brought up another important point in our discussions whic I had not thought of…David obviously is aware of the angst & worry & confusion his fans are feeling now and how badly we miss him and how much we want some word about a tour, so he has tried to ease our worries as best & as much as he can. BUT what if we said nothing at all about missing him or letting him know how much we want to see him sing & perform live in concert for us? How would he feel if he saw nothing about how much he is missed and how much we want to hear & see him? When SB brought this up to me, I thought OF COURSE! I think he NEEDS to know about how we are feeling. Most of the tweets he gets about a tour are coming from his younger fans who don’t think that perhaps asking David about a new tour or music puts undue pressure on him, they are simply worried and want him to know how much he is missed. They speak for many older fans of David as well. Anyway, they speak for me even though I know he is taking care of whatever he needs to be doing right now. I just want him to know we are waiting….impatiently.

    Yes, I know I still ramble…Sorry. But you know what I mean…I hope.

    Now I have to go read PandasMama’s story…

  34. TOfan says:

    I know that fans who tweet David asking for info on when he’s going to tour, when he’ll release new music, if he’ll tweet more, do a vlog, appear on Idol, sing in a vlog, wish them Happy Birthday, give us some news (these are just ones I saw today)… all mean well. All want to let David know we care about him and miss him. But I can’t even imagine the kind of pressure that puts on him. Especially if he’s trying to write new music.

    As much as I love his tweets and would miss him terribly, he’d be doing himself a huge favour if he took a break from Twitter entirely and went off to a mountain cabin or something and focused completely on his music for six months. But he’d probably never do that because he knows how much we angst about him and need to hear from him.

    I kind of thought that might be part of the reason behind his “pondering” task. To help us all get a grip, lol.

    That said, I think he does feel bolstered by our support, and a lot of his FB, youTube and Twitter messages are just that … very supportive. As he said in the Decisions, Decisions vlog: “I just wanted to thank all of you for the support you’ve been showing. It means a lot to me. Even if sometimes it’s like ‘What’s going on?’ you’re still supportive and so positive and it helps keep me … I mean, I already feel good about things but it makes me feel so much better to know that you guys are [it cut off, but I presume he was going to say supportive, lol].

    I have no business telling any other fan how to feel or what to do, but I try to be honest about how conflicted I feel at times. Of course I’m dying to know what’s next for David and I definitely want him to know how much we all love TOSOD and will be there in a flash when he does announce a tour, but I also want to give him the space he needs to make the music he was born to make… maybe I need to take up decoupage in the meantime. 😆

  35. TOfan says:

    Twitpic from @NanDeeAy! 🙂


  36. silverfox says:

    TOfan, “maybe I need to take up decoupage in the meantime.”

    Or you can do what I do…take a step back and away from the Internet for a few days and just listen to David’s music. Which is what I’m forced to do sometimes anyway whether I want to or not due to my work commitments. But you better not ever do that because you ARE SnowAngelz and David needs you! 😀

    I appreciate what you said and respect how you feel, however I think David needs reassurance that we are not going away and we will wait however long he needs to do whatever he’s doing as much as we need reassurance from him that he is not going away either. JMHO.

    Good night & sleep tight!

    • TOfan says:

      SF, I 100% agree with your last paragraph! 🙂 (and I think I’ll take your advice in the 1st para. ‘cuz I’d be hopeless at decoupage, lol) … and btw, I only put up the tent here, you guys (even lurkers!) are what makes SAz & David needs all of us, esp. now!

  37. Heidijoy says:

    Kizzi, I enjoyed seeing those interviews of David in the UK again. I remember you and Mr. Kizzi got to go to a couple of those concerts over there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I love that interviewer and he was so enthused about David’s energy and enthusiasm and had such a great sense of humor.

    I hope we hear news in the near future of what David’s plans are. I pray for patience and acceptance.

    • Kizzi says:

      Heidijoy – Yes, we saw the first two shows in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The first concert was in a “Corn Exchange” which was built in 1909 and converted to a concert/meeting venue. The 2nd was in a concert hall that looks like the famous one in Sydney, just smaller. I got a kick out of Paul O’Brady and that dry British wit.

      And, yes, I too work on patience and acceptance.

  38. SandyBeaches says:

    I will be brief…

    I believe that David would not be where he is if he had not had to sustain certain unforseen pressures.

    Although there were some wonderful experiences including the elevation of his career during the MoTab concerts followed by his humanitarian trip to India, his worlds collided when he returned home.David is 20 and sometimes we forget just what an impact a trip to India could have on him.

    Everyone has to be aware of expectations and perhaps what fans write about their wishes are the smallest of expectations.


    • TOfan says:

      SB, “sustain certain unforeseen pressures”? It seems he’s always had a bunch of those 🙂 … and yes, for sure, “managing expectations” as they say at my workplace can be tricky.

  39. Kizzi says:

    Video Courtesy of KSL.com

    There are a few frames of stirring video of David helping at RSO in this KSL news piece. Reminds me of something St. André Bessette (who dedicated his life to to people suffering from spiritual and physical illness in Montreal) said: “It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the most exquisitely beautiful pictures.”

    To use TOfan’s signature phrase, makes me “Verklempt.”

    • Kizzi says:

      If you click on the Video Courtesy of KSL.com you will go to the video. I fail at embedding. :/

      • TOfan says:

        I fail at embedding too! lol Love that St. Andé quote & that vid, I actually didn’t realize at first it was David doing the washing, he just totally became the act of giving there. *verklempt* 😉

  40. TOfan says:

    Found on Twitter!
    You can click on all the topics on this page to find what David tweeted about them (clearly an incomplete list… no giant grapes, canned meat section or hush cats in sight! :lol:) http://whocelebstweet.com/twitter/DavidArchie/talksabout/

    And @BentonPaul tweeted this great pic, with the caption, “going through photos and found this!” ah, good times! 🙂


  41. peppertara says:

    First of all just want to say my heart goes out to Japan and the people, such a horrendous and catastrophic event. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all. So much help will be needed, may they receive all the aid they need. We can all do what we can to help and I know the world will respond (and is responding to the suffering and devastation there). Continued prayers, love, light, financial help…whatever I can give. David’s tweets today certainly touch upon the goodness in us that can be called upon, especially in times like this. ❤
    Made me realize that I need to restock and finish completing my own earthquake preparedness kit since I live in an earthquake zone. Certainly have felt tremors over the years but the scale of what happened in Japan (and other places around the world) is hard to even imagine. My heartfelt blessings to all those dealing with this catastrophe.

    Well, I took time out today to read the very insightful comments here (thanks everyone) and watch the videos….so good to see the old ones again. Love the photo of David with Brooke and Benton…they all have such beautiful smiles! The project that Karin has taken on to help the kids is wonderful, what a great response too from David's wonderful fans.
    The best way I find, to deal with difficult times we all live through is to keep on giving in what ever way you can, no matter how big or small and I know that is exactly what David exemplifies. He certainly has been an example to all his fans of that pure sincerity, goodness and honesty that comes from the heart. I think that we will see and hear more of that through his new music in the years ahead.
    Whatever David has in store for us in the near future, I know his fans will welcome with joy and I think we will all be sticking to him and his music like glue!
    Well, rambled enough here….a peaceful day to everyone. ❤

    Enjoyed reading all the comments here from everyone, thank you…all very insightful. Loved re-watching the videos too. I was watching David's first video blog recently and will always find that to be the sweetest, most tender blog…so young and adorably sweet and sincere in only the way David could be.
    PandasMama, enjoyed reading your story…very clever and creative, wow. That is a lot of song titles. Found myself mentally singing each title as I was reading!

  42. peppertara says:

    Oops…have to excuse my rather long and disjointed post! Guess I mixed things up and messed things up a little, edited badly, lol. Hope most of it made sense, tried to hurry things up I guess before I head out the door.

  43. TOfan says:

    peppertara, you made perfect sense, as always! Didn’t know that you live in an earthquake zone, must make seeing all the devastating news footage from Japan even scarier. My heart goes out to everyone there. Via twitter I checked in with the lovely Keiko, who we met in SLC, she flew from Japan for MoTab, and glad to hear she’s fine.

    Heartwarming to watch the beautiful slideshow of RSO pics of David’s trip to India on Fanscene here:

  44. TOfan says:

    okay, this is probably just one of those crazy Internet speculations that start out as a “what if” and end up getting circulated as fact, but hey, it made me laugh, so I thought I’d share (JR have you heard this one? 😆 ):

    “Sorry if this has been mentioned before. But a friend of mine helps in bringing artists to the Philippines. She helped out in bring Lambert, and Kris Allen to the Philippine last year. She said the Archie will be living in the Philippines for 3 months to guest star on a Filipino tele-novela (soap opera). I think they start shooting within the next few months.”

    • Kizzi says:

      I wonder who will dub his voice or if he’s studying Tagalog or Filipino along with writing when locked in his gorilla cage. 😀 j/k lol

  45. emmegirl says:

    Life’s stuff is keeping me from the comfort of my cyberfamily, but just wanted to say those RSO photos at archuletafanscene are so incredibly heartwarming and are exactly what I needed. Hope everyone is doing well, and my prayers to all of those affected by the tragic earthquake.

  46. Kizzi says:

    What Are We Gonna Do Now?

    What shall we do to fill the empty spaces?
    Where waves of @DavidArchie wishes roar?
    Shall we cyber surf across the sea of faces?
    Questioning, in search of more and more?

    It’s a great time to be introspective,
    To ask–what gives meaning to our Archu-Life?

    Shall we…
    … volunteer for RSO?
    …donate to Angels for a Cause?

    Shall we…
    …give TOSOD to CMN Hospitals?
    …contribute gift baskets to @zerogravity1’s “The Voice?”

    Shall we walk down memory lane?
    Shall we hope things stay the same?

    It can be a time to sit back or ponder,
    or donate or volunteer,
    Any one or all of those things engenders,
    Grace, humaneness, goodness & cheer.

  47. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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