The phenomenon of a hug

Pic from Mrs. Butterworth/Snarkies.

Why do we hug?

What magic does a hug have?

What does it provide us with?

Is it contagious?

For me a hug represents a unique and special communication between human beings.  Next to music and song, I would put it on the top of the list.  According to Wikipediaa hug is a form of physical intimacy, not necessarily sexual, that usually involves closing or holding the arms around another person or group of persons.  The hug is one of the most common human signs of love and affection.

We all do it – some more than most.  It is an invasion of personal space – the touching of human flesh – so this could pose a problem unless we’re hugging those we feel closest to.  However, it is interesting that we can embrace the idea of a hug from a virtual stranger — i.e. Mr. David Archuleta — with a great deal of anticipation.  Some might say, well I know him, but in reality we just know OF him and we can only make inferences as to who we think he really is.

In trying to answer the questions above, how does the anticipation of a hug from David measure up to the following analysis:

From the scientific to the ‘ridiculous’ to the sublime

Exhibit A: Consider this passage from the following article from Psychology Today entitled “The Moral Molecule – Handshake or Hug? Why We Touch”

Oxytocin – the nine amino acid "hugging" molecule

“Touch needs to be freely given and accepted to have a positive effect.

But “why do we even have this ritual where with nearly everyone we meet we must touch our palms together? True, in some Latin cultures, the handshake is replaced with a kiss or two. But isn’t that really intimate for people who are just friends? Why all this touching?

Apparently there is a scientific basis for this.  In a nutshell, a touch — be it a handshake, massage, or hug — stimulates the brain to release the neurochemical Oxytocin – but only after one has received a signal of trust.  This explains why it must be freely given. √√

Not so surprising is the fact that women are more susceptible to the effect of touch, so scientifically speaking, poor David doesn’t stand a chance in trying to avoid some kind of physical contact with his female fans.

Interestingly as well, the release of Oxytocin increases the chances that a person will treat the “huggee” like family even if you’ve just met him, um, them.

Hmmm, this might provide David with an indisputable explanation as to why everyone wants to hug him and some ODD fans want to take him home and “adopt” him.


"I just wanna steal this moment right away from time."


Yes, indeed, there is a website called Hugology. On their home page the title reads:

“The Science and Psychology of Therapeutic Touch” (In my limited foray on this website I saw next to nothing scientific, lol)

An excerpt:

“What’s in it for me???   Hugging is healthy!

It helps the body’s immune system, cures depression, induces sleep, it’s invigorating, it’s rejuvenating, it has no unpleasant side effects, uses energy so you lose weight and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug! Hugging is all natural. It is organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no artificial ingredient, I’ve never heard of an allergy to affection and they are 100% wholesome.”

How can it be sleep inducing and invigorating at the same time?  And, as for weight loss, depression and effect on the body’s immune system, more research needs to be done – oops we are in the ‘ridiculous’ section of this article, lol.  But, as to the rest of the paragraph √√√√√√ and


Juan Mann: Don't you wanna just hug him? (Pic: Wikipedia)

Free Hugs Campaign

This campaign has David written all over it – so let me make it bigger.

Another Wikipedia moment:

The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places… The hugs are meant to be random acts of kindness – selfless acts performed just to make others feel better.”

An excerpt from the Free Hugs Official Website:

How it all started:

I’d been living in London when my world turned upside down and I’d had to come home. By the time my plane landed back in Sydney, all I had left was a carryon bag full of clothes and a world of troubles. No one to welcome me back, no place to call home. I was a tourist in my hometown.

Standing there in the arrivals terminal, watching other passengers meeting their waiting friends and family, with open arms and smiling faces, hugging and laughing together, I wanted someone out there to be waiting for me. To be happy to see me. To smile at me. To hug me.

So I got some cardboard and a marker and made a sign. I found the busiest pedestrian intersection in the city and held that sign aloft, with the words “Free Hugs” on both sides.

And for 15 minutes, people just stared right through me. The first person, who stopped, tapped me on the shoulder and told me how her dog had just died that morning. How that morning had been the one year anniversary of her only daughter dying in a car accident. How what she needed now, when she felt most alone in the world, was a hug. I got down on one knee, we put our arms around each other and when we parted, she was smiling.

Everyone has problems and for sure mine haven’t compared. But to see someone who was once frowning, smile even for a moment is worth it every time.

The Campaign became famous internationally in 2006 as the result of a music video on You Tube.  This video has almost 63,000,000 views to date.  International Free Hugs Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July. For inspiration watch this Free Hugs Campaign video taken in Toronto in July 2009.


Jorvid hug FTW!

Questions answered?  All accept the last one.

Is it contagious? √ (I didn’t find anything in my websearch except ‘Hug Me… I am NOT Contagious’ so I took it upon myself to place the check mark there. 🙂 )

I think the real question we might want to ask ourselves is:
Why do we want to give a hug to or get a hug from David Archuleta?

Can I answer the question with more questions? 🙂

1. Is it to get confirmation that he is really real?

2. Do we want to feel connected to him somehow?

3. Could it be to return something to him – to thank him?

Honestly I cannot answer any of the above regarding a David hug, though that won’t stop me from wanting one.


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87 Responses to The phenomenon of a hug

  1. peppertara says:

    awestruck….what a lovely huggable post! Like the “free hugs” campaign, rather sweet. Hugs are interesting. We hug those we love (or even just like) but when it comes to David, It’s a whole different hug story isn’t it. We know David doesn’t generally go around hugging people yet he has been very gracious with his fans. I think part of it is gratitude, his fans want to say thank you and David being the very loveable guy that he is, a hug seems to seal the deal for a lot of his fans.

    Personally I would love to GIVE David a hug but I doubt that I would every ask him if I could do that, mainly because I wouldn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable with me being the older fan that I am. If I was 20 yrs old I’m sure I wouldn’t hesitate! Some older fans do ask for hugs (and receive them) but I don’t think I could ask. I just accept the handshake and am happy with that I guess.
    When you think of all the hugs, handshakes, pokes, squeezes, pinches and whatever else David’s fans have bestowed upon him, David deserves a lot of credit, bless his heart. Especially when he is not really the hand holding, hugging, squeezing kind a guy at this point in his life, haha.

    There is definitely a hug phenomena going on though when it comes to David, his fans just cannot resist and who can blame them really? We simply love David, respect him, admire him, want the best for him and want to say Thank You David.
    I’m sure there is more to it than that but maybe the ‘hug phenomena” goes hand in hand with the “David phenomena”.
    Great post awestruck!

  2. abanana77 says:

    {{{{{awestruck}}}}} (virtual hugs FTW)

    I actually LOVE this post. I think it’s because I am a HUGE hugger. I actually give probably about 15 or more hugs a day. And I almost always initiate it. I think it’s because my family is very touchy-touchy. Like if we’re just watching TV or something, someone is always leaning on someone else. Or we just give each other random hugs all the time for no reason. So I hug my friends alot, and they’re used to it. And I think I’ve even changed some of my non-hugging friends into huggers 😀

    I actually love hugging soooooo much. I have a friend who’s mom is having some kind of nerve problems, and she’s not allowed to hug anyone (in case it sets off an attack). I would find it SO hard to not be able to hug my mom indefinitely.

    I do not know what it is about hugging I love so much. I think maybe it’s just that it’s a way of communicating your emotions to a person without having to like talk about your feelings. Haha. Maybe that’s why we all want to hug David? Because words could never describe what he’s done in our lives?

  3. awestruck says:


    – David is even beyond generous with his fans to be sure.

    “I’m sure there is more to it than that but maybe the ‘hug phenomena” goes hand in hand with the “David phenomena”.” THIS helps me oodles! I always try to dechiper why and how come, but when it comes to a David hug THIS allows me to just say I can’t explain it – much like I have done with the entire “David phonomena”. You’ve just taken a load off my mind, LOL


    – yes to virtual hugs, they are just about as good and I have surley felt the wonderful because of them, so thank you.

    Like music and singing, hugging requires no talking, yes so true. My son (who is 20 years old) gave me a hug yesterday that warmed me to my toes, then he proceeded to ask if he could borrow our ‘spare’ pvr. Because of the hug I simply smiled and said in a patient voice that ‘no he could not’ – instead of getting frustrated and snapping ‘no, now don’t ask again’ bwahahahah… the power of a hug is ginormous!!!!!

    “Because words could never describe what he’s done in our lives?” THIS really fits with peppertara’s comment for me.

  4. awestruck says:

    Well, David premiered Falling Stars last night in Wichita… to listen or not?

    abanana, TOfan, myself (sort of) and others who are trying to remain snippet free what do I do/ It is not a snippet (apparently there are more of these on the OS) so I find myself weakening. David wants us to hear it right? otherwise he wouldn’t have performed it right?

    I’m going to take my dog for a walk…

  5. peppertara says:

    awestruck….yes hugs can go a long way! What abanana said is perfect too. It’s true, words are never enough to express what you truly feel and experience sometimes.
    Ahh….Falling Stars, I was watching that performance late last night over and over until I needed to get to bed. I find it so incredibly lovely. Another one I need to hear live. I imagine the album version will be just beautiful too. Guess David wanted to share this one, I definitely indulge myself in it’s loveliness!

  6. awestruck says:

    I cracked.

    Falling Stars – has a BEAUTIFUL melody. Ballady, yet a bit of a tempo to it in parts. What ever he did differently with his voice (according to his ‘ride through the park description’ of what Eman aked him to try) sounds stunning when he hits those high notes.

    I. need. lyrics. My older ears couldn’t make out. from the video, all the words clearly (but (((YouCanCallMeTina))) for taking and uploadng this for all of us fans)

    Yes, peppertara this is a must see live song.

    Oh. My. Heavens.

  7. abanana77 says:

    awestruck – that’s a tough one! I know I’m not listening but I feel like I’m slightly more intense with the no spoilers than most. I just want October 5th not to be anticlimactic so I’m saving the songs for then (I still have no listened to TAGGB, either). Live performances are wayyy more tempting than snippets IMO. Keep in mind that if you do not listen to it, he might sing it again tonight (or again soon) and you will be missing all those performances. (But of course you can listen to them all after Oct. 5th). That’s why I gave and listened to elevator, because he just kept singing it and I couldn’t handle it anymore!

  8. awestruck says:

    Ask and you shall receive – thank you Snarky’s

    Falling Stars lyrics

    When you forget me
    When you don’t remember my name
    Not even a memory
    Somewhere in the back of your brain

    I won’t be offended ’cause I always knew
    That the day would come when
    I’m not enough to make you stay

    You tell me it’s not possible
    No way that we could break
    But nothing is illogical
    Believe me…

    Like falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn up alive
    Crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you,
    Never over you ’cause
    You are so beautiful, yeah

    The world is turning
    And time keeps on lingering on
    The sun will be burning
    Eventually you will be gone

    I’ll always love you
    Ohh, believe it or not
    But baby, that’s not enough to,
    Not enough to stop these…

    Falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn up alive
    Crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you
    Never over you ’cause
    You are so beautiful, yeah

    When it’s all said and done
    I’ll be just a speck in the galaxy
    Floating far away by gravity
    Tell me it’s not possible
    No way that we could break
    Like falling stars
    Like crashing cars

    Like falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn out, just like
    Crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you
    Never over you, ’cause
    You are so beautiful

    You are so beautiful, yeah

  9. embe86 says:

    Lovely post ❤

    It is often said of us Finns, that we're distant or not open. I happen to be the exact opposite – very open, forward, honest and a HUGE hugger.

    I find hugs appropriate when words fail. Whether it's a matter of a great loss or indescribable joy, a hug can transport your energy into another being without words.

    I think I'd love to hug David because even if I knew all the languages in the universe, I'd still have a vocabulary too limited to express my gratitude, admiration and love for him. I'd hug him so he'd feel the emotion and the feelings I experience when listening or watching him. I really believe people send out a "vibe", and I hope David would be able to read me by hugging me.

    Not gonna lie, though – I'd love to be pressed up against that body… I'M ONLY HUMAN. Can you really judge me? Just watch the Pink Ribbon videos and tell me David's pants and shirt are not just a little too tight and his movements a little too confident to be thinking of him as a mere man-child cherub. I am sorry, but I ain't gonna lie to myself, or to you guys.

    • awestruck says:

      “I find hugs appropriate when words fail. Whether it’s a matter of a great loss or indescribable joy, a hug can transport your energy into another being without words… I think I’d love to hug David because even if I knew all the languages in the universe, I’d still have a vocabulary too limited to express my gratitude, admiration and love for him.” Oh Yeah, this makes so much sense embe.

      Human nature heh! See what it makes us think?

  10. awestruck says:

    abanana this will be hard to stay away from –

    a tweet from AOL

    @David Archuleta fans: on Mon. @AOLMusic will stream his entire new album for free. Check @AOLMusic and @AOLRadio for link


  11. abanana77 says:

    awestruck – I KNOW!!!!! When you think about it, what’s the point of waiting until October 5th anyways, if the whole songs will be available before that? PLUS Monday is actually my birthday! What a better present than to listen to the whole album? Dying just thinking about it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So i dunno what I should do. The fact that it’s my birthday is sooooooooo tempting.

    Also are some snowangelzz at the concert tonight? (or am I all mixed up with my facts? Haha) Exciting 🙂

  12. peppertara says:

    OMG….I feel like I am in another world right now, I just listened to the whole album! Absolutely and beautifully amazing! There is a leak of the whole album out there and I hesitate to post it because I hate to think of the people out there who make a habit of stealing artists music and never buying it. Not the people here of course but you know what I mean.
    But I thought…the songs will be available on AOL on Monday (but maybe not to international countries) so I could not resist downloading the album (I already have David’s CD pre-ordered from 4 different places) and I had a rather stressful day so I needed something! I will always support David and buy his music, one of my purposes in life!
    Oh my goodness, the songs are fabulous. David sounds absolutely incredible. TAGGB with that choir joining in, my heavens! When I got to “My Kind Of Perfect” I ended up in tears. What an incredibly sweet, beautiful, sensitive and heartfelt song by David. I think the only acoustic sounding song, with piano, oh my, oh my…so very sweet and young and David and so lovely!
    Every song is unique and wonderful, Bravo to David! I need to listen some more, sorry for rambling, this album is a gem for David!
    If anyone wants the link and can’t find it, just say so. I am loving TOSOD and Good Place, wow.. and whoa…need to listen again to the others!

  13. peppertara says:

    By the way….I never download songs without buying them, hope you don’t think badly of my “pre-obtaining” David’s new music. I know some would disagree with that. Normally I don’t do that, guess I just couldn’t resist. I give a big thumbs down to anyone who doesn’t buy the artist’s music and only downloads illegally. I will always buy David’s music and do buy many copies and gift many copies. 🙂

    • awestruck says:

      Peppertara – I have gone through that whole arguement with myself… it’s OK!!! You know you support David more than anything so let yourself enjoy the music early. I will likely do the same on Monday if I can not being from the US and all.

      I am glad, glad, glad that it is what you describe and what I had hoped!

  14. jackryan4DA says:

    SPOILER ALERT but I’ve got to share. Now I understand why I just love “WHO I AM” at 1st listen to the snippet Cracking up with this verse:

    “I’m gonna step back from my new ring tone,
    I don’t care if Jeff Fenster is calling”


    This is like a hug from David cos I basically said the same line just 2 days ago but of course referring to another person.

    I just love our young man!

  15. jackryan4DA says:

    Awestruck – he did! he did! I wonder if Frenster knows about those lines in advance hehe

  16. awestruck says:

    JR – wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall when Frenster does hear those lyrics for the first time?!?

    anymore tidbit kinda spoilers to keep me going this weekend? (It was a crazy busy last week and I need some nourishment or as emmegirl quoted some ‘soul- soothing’ or another ‘you’re kidding moment, lol.

  17. vermeer says:

    I must confess I hesitated at first to click on the link last night and hear the first song in full. But I did. I didn’t download. I can wait. I don’t doubt for a second his fans would buy and buy and buy his music.

    I don’t mean to torture anyone who is holding off but My Kind of Perfect had me in tears just like it did for Peppertara. It is truly truly truly beautiful. His voice, the melody, the lyrics. It is incredibly beautiful. I stopped at two listens just not to overdo this taking a sneak peek thing LOL! But considering the original release date was in September, I figured I am actually listening to this late!! Yeah, what twisted logic!!

    awestruck {{{hugs}}}} to you for such a hug-worthy post! The last time I saw David I asked for a hug and I was not planning to do that at all. It just came out of my mouth at the end of talking to him. I actually was surprised I did that. And for someone who doesn’t like holding hands, he is sure generous with holding fans’ hands. That same time I met him, I held out my hand for a handshake and started talking about how he would need to like eating fish if he is to go to Japan some day. Then he muttered something like “I know I should eat …” and that’s when I noticed he was still holding my hand. I am pretty sure I wasn’t gripping his and not letting go LOL! He really was just casually holding mine as we chatted for a brief few seconds. He seems so comfortable around his fans.

  18. miasmom1 says:

    Hey there. I’ve only posted here a couple of times, but I just listened to most of the songs on the album in full and had to comment. So about a minute and a half into My Kind of Perfect the tears started streaming down my face and never stopped. Just listened again and the same reaction all over again. Just so incredibly beautiful and coming straight from the heart. To tie this with the topic of this post, coupling the song with his comments in that interview about how he wonders why he hasn’t “liked” anyone in a romantic way yet makes me want to just give him a huge hug!!!! I cannot wait to see this song live, pack up the Kleenex because we’ll be needing them!

  19. peppertara says:

    Vermeer, loved your little story about holding hands (or shaking hands) with David. Yes, he is so good with his fans, so true.

    Oh I love that line from “Who I Am” too…re: Jeff Fenster, too funny! Good one David! It’s such a great song and I adore the lyrics to all of David’s songs, he really is saying what’s on his mind, way to go David.
    Would love to hear the story behind some more of the songs. Love “Good Place”:
    “You find it, you know it, you feel it’s grace”.
    Ah, that song goes on to say a lot.
    You can really say so much about each song but of course I won’t go on too much. Just love it all and wow,”Look Around” just realized, what a cool song. When you really listen to the lyrics in David’s songs…brilliant and real and sensitive. He’s just so good and of course with his soulful silky voice, ah!
    “My Kind Of Perfect” sigh, oh how I love that. Still makes my cry. Don’t think I will overdo it with the songs right now though, only when I need a lift!
    Will save some of that for later.
    Well, enough said for now (said a lot lately)!

  20. peppertara says:

    Oh and miasmom1…..I know exactly what you mean, My Kind Of Perfect definitely brings out the kleenex. Really makes me want to give him a hug too. He truly shares a piece of his heart and soul with everyone, how could anyone not love him.

  21. Kizzi says:

    Great article Awestruck. I come from a hug-gy family like abanana. I love big, snuggly, squeezing hugs from loved ones. We have a family authored bed time story called “Huggle-less Huggle-Bee” whose quest for a hug is legendary in family.

    And as for the album for those waiting until their designated time to listen, its all that and more. Imagine beauty, sweetness, youth, optimism, quirkiness, unexpected twists and turns, light and a bit of dark all wrapped up in a CD with David’s voice front and center.

    Live concerts will be a real treat.

    Love ya’ SAz’s. 😀

    Oh, and P.S. – I only really liked 1 song on the first album, studio version that is (not counting live performances) and it was a bonus track at that on first listen. This one, I would have to say at least 1/2 of them abducted me from the first note and at the end, I was gobsmacked with that “what just happened” look on my face. And if “My Kind of Perfect” isn’t picked up as a film track, I’ll eat my Vancouver Olympic Red Mittens, maple leaf emblem and all.

  22. SandyBeaches says:

    No no Kizzi :0 …not the ‘Vancouver Olympic Red Mittens with maple leaf emblem’! You must seriously believe that it is going to make a film track!


  23. MunkFOD says:


    Can’t hold it in anymore…It’s official we have a new client! Welcome @DavidArchie to the @WEGMusic family!! Letssss goooo

    YAY! Finally!

    • awestruck says:

      It really seemed like it was headed in that direction, given the natrue of all the tweets these last few days. Nice to finally have it ‘official’.

      Melinda seems excited heh?!?

  24. peppertara says:

    Stopping in briefly before I head out….
    Yay is right, WEG music management! Sounds like a good thing to me, have a feeling they will really get things going. Thinking positive here all the way. 🙂

  25. awestruck says:

    Well everyone, I am a hugger and a crier 🙂 So bring it on, live, with David ‘family’, kleenex and all AND I havn’t even heard My Kind of Perfect yet.

    So is this link still out there? Has AOL streamed early?

    vermeer! – twisted logic ftw… and love to hear those kinds of stories, thank you.

    miasmom – do you favor a specific brand of kleenex? I’ll be there with you, crying up a storm, when I get a chance to see David live again.

    peppertara 🙂

    kizzi – “I’ll eat my Vancouver Olympic Red Mittens, maple leaf emblem and all.” bwahhahah I’d pay good money to see that wouldn’t you SB? LOL So, is that family bed time story tradition a real book or a story that was scripted by someone in your family – sounds like a winner to read to my grandkids…

  26. TOfan says:

    I just wanna give all you guys a huge {{{hug}}} right now! Especially you, awestruck for such a cool post!!! I think guys are so right about hugs for David expressing gratitude and admiration and love and respect and awe and befuddlement and delirium and…. see? Stuff that mere words cannot.

    Sorry to have been AWOL, but Refnaf and I found ourselves at the York Barndance concert last night (funny how that happens! lol) It was short but oh so very sweet. Acoustic David FTW!!! When he broke out MH (a song I’d sort of resigned myself to never hearing live again), I think I screamed even louder than the Olympic-level screamers standing next to me! And as you’ve probably already seen in the vids. It. Was. OOTWA. (out of this world amazing)

    The DJ who introduced him said we should be prepared to hear some amazing stuff he’d been practicing, but I think he’d just never heard him do ATM before. Because when he sat down at the keyboard for that song, we could see a crowd of radio & other peeps in the wings (which NONE of the other acts had had) gazing on in awe as he sang. 🙂

    I hope the vids show David’s attempts to fend off multiple offers last night … a proposal of marriage (to which he kiddingly replied “I think you need to get to know someone first”) … an invite to a homecoming (“when is it? Tomorrow? aww, I have an early flight” 😆 ) … and another invite I think for a date (“it’s hard to meet people and get to know someone when you’re on the road… I haven’t gotten into all that yet” :lol:)

    I haven’t listened to any snippets yet but when we found out after the show that full songs were “leaked” I confess I caved and listened to some … and was of course blown away. Haven’t heard What I Am yet but My Kind of Perfect choked me up too… I think it could be such a huge hit for him … it’s so personal and vulnerable and heartbreakingly beautiful. oh my.

    abanana, def. listen for your birthday!!!!! (Happy B-day btw!!!)

    We’re now in Ohio & will be heading to the NA Classic show in the a.m. with our Canadian flags in tow and will keep you guys posted!!!! woooooot!

  27. TOfan says:

    Fasten your seatbelts for the last long note… the crowd erupted & almost blew the roof clean off!

    • Kizzi says:

      Acoustic “My Hands” – woah! My favorite live performance of songs from the first Album 😀

  28. awestruck says:

    (((TOfan))) and (((refnaf))) enjoy! and stay safe!

    Any updates most def. welcome – I LOVE to live vicariously…

  29. irishjustin says:

    this was awesome!!!!! i don’t really know why I’d want to hug David, I guess I just do. I want him to know he’s appreciated, and a hug is a way you can do that that says so much more than words. so i guess that’s it, it expresses our fondness for him in ways that we can’t put into words, at least that’s what i think it is 🙂
    anyway, awesome job awestruck i really loved it 🙂

  30. awestruck says:

    thank you irishjustin!

    and THANKS TO EVERYONE who commented!

    It was a fun topic to ‘research’, lol.

    I’m thinking the concensus is that hugging communicats more than words can say… also my last comment at the end I feel really should be that I would like to GIVE David a hug as opposed to ‘wanting one’.

  31. abanana77 says:

    TOfan and Refnaf – sounds amazing! Hope its just as good tomorrow! <3333

    And I decided I will listen to the songs on my birthday! 🙂 Anyone have the link? Or is that something we're not supposed to be posting in the comments?

  32. emmegirl says:

    TOfan and refnaf just found yourselves at the Barndance… that must have been weird! lol.

    Thanks for that My Hands. Loooooved the note! How many ways can he sing a song? Really! He is ridiculous!

    awestruck, really enjoyed your article. We are huggers too. My in-laws weren’t we I first got married, but after about 10 years it thrilled me when I realized they had caught the hugging bug.

    As we have all noticed, it seems just about impossible for anyone who meets him finds to refrain from touching him. Touching gives us so much more of a personal connection… he most definitely inspires that in people.

  33. jackryan4DA says:

    SBL from Pink Ribbon

    Is EMBE around cos, ermmm the shirt… the lighting…


  34. peppertara says:

    Tofan and Refnaf….how exciting to be taking in the magic of David and twice! Wow, loved the MH video, that note at the end, just beautiful and powerful.
    abanana…..would be happy to give the link for the songs, don’t know if I should post it here or not. What a sweet gift to give yourself on your Birthday though!
    Anybody’s thoughts on that? Should we post the link or keep it private?
    I’ve read that AOL left the filter off their server and somebody was able to “steal” the songs from them and that’s how they were leaked. Don’t know if that is true or not but if it is, guess AOL owes David something, ha.

  35. Katheryn says:

    In case you haven’t heard….see my latest post over on the “What could new management mean for David Archuleta?” thread!

  36. jackryan4DA says:


    Can’t hold it in anymore…It’s official we have a new client! Welcome @DavidArchie to the @WEGMusic family!! Letssss goooo

    WEG handles Jonas Brothers, N’SYNC, BackstreetBoys, Justin Timberlake, Adrienne B (the girl who introduced David during AAKD) to name a few.

    I like this development.

  37. silverfox says:

    TOfan, Refnaf!!

    Have a great time in New Albany Oh with David!
    Wish I was there cuz it’s going to be more than you realize, more than you are expecting! I just have a feeling this will be a small but fabulous preview of what we can expect for his next solo tour!

    Just hope you will be coherent enough to share every little detail! 😆

  38. abanana77 says:

    peppertara – could you email me the link at I would love to have them on my ipod by monday sometime so I can just lie on my bed and bask in the amazingness of David Archuleta. <333

    • awestruck says:

      Good option – JR did post the link and I did flay… never listened or downloaded (afaid of virus…) and it’s all good for me to wait till Oct.5 – my choice!

      But, abanana ENJOY on your BD – it seems fitting as the PERFECT present!

  39. peppertara says:

    abanana……just sent you the link. 🙂
    Yes, you will definitely bask in the amazingness of David’s album.

  40. embe86 says:


    Thanks for that SBL video…. All I can say is….

    Pectorial bliss. *drools*

  41. Kizzi says:

    TOfan & Ref – “accidentally” ended up at the BarnDance—hahahaha – my kinda accident….or was that “accidentally on purpose” – bahahaha

    I know you both have that special mojo going on that only happens when you two are in tour mode…can’t wait to hear what you both heard and saw…tonight will be another step up on the David Archuleta Staircase to Listening Bliss…

    Hugs, Love & Kisses (a family tradition of ours and so since you let me be an adopted SAz, I am in your family—like it or not ;D )

    Awestruck- “Huggle-less Huggle-Bee” is a family tradition handed down for at least 5 generations…its a story my mom heard from her grandmom, my great grandmom and I’ve told my kids and now grandkids. Never written but my son did make some illustrations that I’ve put in a scrapbook of the story when he was 8. Never thought to put in writing but maybe I will find the pictures from an 8 yo perspective and take a stab at writing it. The fun thing about “Huggle-less Huggle-Bee” is that there is the main version and then we’ve added different versions and add-ons, etc. I would fit it to what was going on in the kids lives…bully in the school yard, disappointment with a friend, getting in mischief, etc….and you got it, it always ended with a great big ole’ hug.

    Happy Sunday SAz’s. Love ya’!

    • awestruck says:

      Might make a children’s storytime book… ever though of becoming an ‘official’ author (you write brilliantly)?

  42. jackryan4DA says:

    Please do not miss ClearChannel’s official footage of David’s performance of FS

    • awestruck says:

      My knees are sore, I have a bruise on my forehead… from falling to my knees and bowing down – you know what’s coming next dontcha???

      salamat sa inyo (hope this is appropriate as I used Google Translate)

      This song is sublime

  43. jackryan4DA says:

    SIGH! The poetry…

    When you forget me
    When you don’t remember my name
    Not even a mem’ry
    Somewhere in the back of your brain
    I won’t be offended
    Cause I always knew that the day
    Will come when I’m not enough to make you stay
    You tell me it’s not possible
    No way that we could break
    But nothin’ is illogical
    Believe me

    Like falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn out
    Burn like crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you, never over you
    ‘Cause you are so… beautiful… yeah

    The world is turnin’
    And time keeps on lingering on
    The sun will be burnin’
    Eventually you will be gone
    I’ll always love you
    Oh believe it or not
    Baby that’s not enough to…
    Not enough to stop

    These falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn out
    Burn like crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you, never over you
    ‘Cause you are so… beautiful… yeah

    When it’s all said and done, I’ll be
    Just a speck in the galaxy
    Floating far away by gravity
    You tell me it’s not possible
    No way that we could break

    Like falling stars
    Like crashing cars
    Like falling stars over your head
    We were bound to burn out
    Just like crashing cars
    I’ll never get over you, never over you
    Cause you are so… beautiful

    You are so beautiful, yeah

    David may be wanting in stature but he sure is 6 ft tall to me with his writing skills. At 19?! Joining you awestruck in bowing.

    And yup, you got it right w/ the Filipino ‘thank you’. You are most welcome:)

    • awestruck says:

      your ears must be so much better than mine – those lyrics just wow.

      • embe says:

        Well, David didn’t write Falling Stars. BUT judging by the lyrics of the songs he DID write, he has such depth I can’t even comprehend…. He is friggin’ nineteen, but his mind holds the age of a wise wizard, that’s for sure.

      • jackryan4DA says:

        I actually have the lyrics of all the trax… Out of respect for all archies I just kept quiet about getting early access to the tunes. See, I also have self control LOL

        So it burns me that others would have the audacity to just post the whole album on a public site. And they call themselves archies – go figure.

  44. KT says:

    TOfan and Refnaf and everyone else! Here’s a little gift in honor of your accidental visit to the Barndance!

    Did you ever wonder what is would be like to be in the eye of a hunkerdown?

  45. awestruck says:

    JR – “David may be wanting in stature but he sure is 6 ft tall to me with his writing skills. At 19?! Joining you awestruck in bowing.” Yes!

    KT – “Did you ever wonder what is would be like to be in the eye of a hunkerdown?” IN THE EYE OF A HUNKERDOWN love that – this was an epic one!

  46. peppertara says:

    Wonderful, exceptional videos with an exceptional artist, truly is a treat to get to see these! I think David should have the copyright on the word “hunkerdown” and all that it means.

    awestruck….kudos to you for waiting for the album release. I wish the leak had never happened in the first place and am hoping it will be removed from Youtube…gahh…..that bothers me, had to go there and do something, ha. Some fans just don’t realize what they put out there and how it affects the artist.
    True I am guilty of an early indulgence of the songs but I would rather it wasn’t leaked in the first place. In fact I just went and ordered an additional copy of David’s album yesterday (maybe to make up for my sneak preview) haha. All to help David too of course.
    The Albany Classic must have been a sight and sound to behold today….did you see that set list? Six songs off the album apparently, whoa!

  47. awestruck says:

    peppertara – I may be weakening… mostly I’ve been strong BUT

    FOD – – has karin’s/zerogravity1’s twitvids of Stompin’ the Roses, Fallings Stars, TOSOD and My Kind of Perfect. I fail at being able to embed…

  48. awestruck says:

    Wonder if TOfan and refnaf are DAAAID?


  49. embe says:

    Hahahaah 😀 A fan tweeted the following after the New Albany concert:

    _slowdownsugar Omg. One of the pics blew over in the wind and he said “that’s ok. That’s where my face belongs.”

    David you so silly. The image of perfection, yet so oblivious.

  50. embe says:

    JR and others, there’s a YT user who has all the songs too.

    I reported her but I don’t know if it went through.

    • awestruck says:

      I reported her too embe… then proceeded to listen to Falling Stars.

      I have no coherent words right now.

  51. Kizzi says:

    My Kind of Perfect – New Albany
    ….And perfect is the RIGHT word…nuf said ev-ah *tilt*

    Great audio:


  52. Kizzi says:

    Falling Stars – New Albany

    Stomping the Roses – a thing of beauty!


    Other Side of Down


  53. emmegirl says:

    I know kizzi, it really is beautiful…you can actually feel that longing, kind of aching in YOUR heart when he sings it.

    • Kizzi says:

      emmegirl {{{{hugs}}}} talk about “emotion-laden!” It is so beautiful and pure. A heart laid bare. WOW!

  54. beebee says:

    awestruck, just LOVE this Hug article! My impulse to hug David is a kind of gut “primitive brain” reflex, I think. If I could stop to analyze it I’d have to say it’s pure gratitude and love in the form of a physical gesture. He sends pure gratitude and love throughout my whole being. Just by being!

    KT… bahaha! That is moz def in the eye of a hunkerdown! Boyhowdy, that video buh-LEW me away when I first watched it. Lord have MERCY!

    I am so proud of David with this album and so freaking happy for both him and US! I’m completely beside myself.

    • emmegirl says:

      Me too beebee! Freaking happy and freaking proud, lol!

      Hear a little soul, a little jazz, a very, very cool vibe… just wait until he has sung them a few times… the improvising on My Hands and WFM were deadly.. I think we are in for a full out assault. Yikes!

    • awestruck says:

      thanks beebee! this says it well “I’d have to say it’s pure gratitude and love in the form of a physical gesture.”

  55. Kizzi says:

    New Albany


    ALTNOY – 1:31 seconds only


  56. peppertara says:

    Wonderful, fabulous videos. What an experience to be there and hear David sing some of those songs for the first time live…..he’s sharing his babies with everyone!
    Well, I am officially in love with My Kind Of Perfect, no doubt about it. His performances were incredible on the other songs too, have to say I love them all.
    Yes, makes me feel “freakin proud and excited” too.

  57. Kizzi says:

    Falling Stars – New Albany

  58. Kizzi says:

    My Kind of Perfect – with intro *sweeeeeeeet*

  59. beebee says:

    Gotta check this out. TOSOD is so cool and he really scratches some this-is-me itches in this one… lots of places to just do his thang. And all of these songs are gonna just ripen and mature with more mileage. MANNN.

    ANNNND… ANNNNNNNNNNND… a bonus: at 1:16 he *skippety*skip*skips* hehe… 🙂 Love it!

  60. jackryan4DA says:

    If anyone is interested – my take on the lyrics of the 12 trax

  61. jackryan4DA says:

    MJ has this to say about TOSOD the album:

    “Just finished listening to the entire album. The Other Side of Down is another step–no a huge leap–toward a self-assured adult-oriented sound for David. The album holds together as a work in a way the 2008’s debut did not. A big evolution for David, for sure. I am really impressed!”

    🙂 –> “something u can’t put on paper” or on screen but my smile is truly a mile wide

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