The Other Side of Doom

By the one & only Rabid. (Click 2 enlarge 🙂 )

Picture this. You’re driving along the road and hit a pothole. For the rest of the trip you keep your eyes on the pavement so you can turn the steering wheel and manoeuver around as many cracks and divets as possible.

You get to your destination frazzled, drained and exhausted yet relieved you finally made it. Your friend who’d been following you in their car parks next to you. Smile beaming, eyes sparkling, they glomp you with a huge hug.

“What are you so happy about?” you ask. “That trip was a nightmare.”

“Nightmare? Did you not see those incredible mountain ranges, glorious waterfalls, two double rainbows and Halley’s Comet soaring across the sky?”

“But what about all those potholes?”

“Sure it was bumpy,” your friend laughs. “But I wasn’t about to let a few bumps ruin the most thrilling ride of my life.”

The End

Okay, cheesy story. But I thought it cheesily summed up the great divide in the fandom at the moment. The divide between those who choose to disco with the flow and accept the joyful musical gifts David gives us each day and those filled with fear about the future.

A couple of fans have been so fearful, in fact, they’ve been spamming Jive and some of David’s writers/producers with tweets trying to influence their selection of the next single. Methinks someone needs a time out. Shouldn’t David get to choose the songs he feels most strongly about to represent him as an artist on radio? I’m having a hard time understanding how a person could be a fan of someone they have such little faith in.

So, okay, what if the fearful few are right? What if David’s heretofore exquisite musical taste and judgment fail him this time? What if, no matter how amazing this album is, there are no hit singles from it and it enjoys only moderate sales success from his current fan base? Is that going to stop David from making music? His music, his way? Hah, as if.

If we’ve learned anything these past two years it’s that David Archuleta knows exactly what he’s doing and why. He’s in the driver’s seat with his capable man hands gripping the steering wheel,he’s revving the engine and keeping his head held high to soak in every moment of this endless ride.  I’m going to try my best to do the same … minus the man hands.

The Other Side of Doom? That would be David.

Ms. Beebee's amazingness. David needs to hire her.

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  1. happy says:

    TOfan- you make me 🙂 . Now I have to go catch up on the last thread…….

  2. embe says:

    Love you TOfan ❤

    Hey, could you bring the last comments from the last thread over here so they don't go unnoticed? I mean the ones with the video of David. It is a must-see, k? LOL

    • TOfan says:

      Here you go embe, LOL, you do crack me up, girl!!!:

      Brought over from the end of the last thread:

      From embe
      Oh gahhhh…….. At 0:10, when David raises his arms to scratch his neck, look at the outline of his back under his right arm. WTH?!?! Illegal!! Sadistic!!! Oww.

      From jackryan4DA:
      TOFan – thanks for keeping in mind my iffiness about the negative comments. It just comes and goes. Right now here is what I have to say about that:
      Not for the money
      Not for fame
      Not for the screams
      Though they will come, just the sam
      He will do his thing
      As he only knows how
      Cos music is his life
      We should know that by now!

      He can be spacey & random
      And at times, such a tease
      But trust in TheArchuletor
      Cos he only aims to please 🙂

      Not everyone for sure
      Cos to target that is insane
      He has his priorities aligned
      And for that he’s got game!
      ps: TOSOD deluxe pre-order is now # 7 in top POP albums & # 27 overall on iTunes – regular version #50 in POP

      • embe says:

        Have to post these too, since JR is so evil 😀 😀

        From JR: I have been waiting for someone to comment on that! Bahahahaha why am I not surprised it was you EMBE! LOL

        My response: Well, being the openly perverted, hormonal mess that I am, it is my RIGHT to point out such assets. As long as I keep it PG. Which is sometimes hard, especially when TOfan suggested I wrote a fanfic about David because I “sure know how to paint a picture”. I’d gladly write it, but I don’t know where it could ever be posted.
        Hey, I’m only human with five senses all of which David overloads every friggin’ day.

  3. MunkFOD says:

    TOfan! Thank you! You took the words out of my mouth and the thoughts out of my head! We need to remember how David felt “inspired” to choose Imagine to sing at AI and people we upset with him. And looked at what happened! David knows exactly what he is doing and I trust the Archuleta! It is such a relief to read your comments! We don’t need to second guess David. He is in the drivers seat and knows exactly where he is going! I, for one, am loving the ride!

  4. awestruck says:

    TOfan – “I’m having a hard time understanding how a person could be a fan of someone they have such little faith in.”

    Maybe these are the fans who are young (being a relative thing) and inexperienced with being a fan of anyone – like me! You want so much for success – some like the instant variety – that they fail to realize that the success that is lasting is often the kind that is worked for. The “endless” ride” that David eludes to in Elevator.

    This paragraph from the article –

    and David’s explanation of life’s many decisions, ups and downs… says it all.

    On his upcoming third release, The Other Side of Down, due in stores Oct. 5, Dave Archuleta has a song he wrote called “Elevator,” that was inspired by a dream he had recently.

    “In my dream there’s a huge building with all these different floors and elevators going to different places, and I didn’t know which floor to get off at,” says the 19-year-old singer, who performs Sunday at the Delta Fair & Music Festival. “The song is just reflective of life. How there’s so many different decisions, so many different things that can happen to you in your life. They may not always make sense, and it can be really confusing at times. But it’s an endless ride. Sometimes it takes you up. Sometimes it takes you down. But it’s the butterflies that keeping you feeling so alive.”

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks so much for bringing that over, Awestruck. So interesting that even when David was introducing the song as “this doesn’t make much sense,” those of us who love the song got those underlying meanings right away. But cool to see him articulate it, nonetheless.

      And aren’t the best songs the ones that appear to be simple on the surface but stay with you and make you feel and think about them long after they’re finished?

  5. Kizzi says:

    TOfan: I do lurve your use of words and analogy. I live to write like you. 😀

    I was making this comment on another blog…This whole internet fan thing is quite an interesting experience… I don’t think I ever see this degree of “gratuitous criticism” with covers. Most of what I read, I believe, is a cataloging of disappointment and sometimes it takes on a life of its own. I have written somewhat of my own disappointment with certain songs/performances and I hope it comes across as I own my disappointment. It’s good to see the full circle of opinion. When that opinion drifts into ridicule for its own sake, a usurpation of power, that is when I get the urge to comment on it.

    I think that AI is a platform that fans who come in contact with an “Idol for Life” sometimes can’t let go of. Yeah, we voted then and we vote on some internet polls now…how much it helps, idk, but it doesn’t mean we direct the career path. Yeah, we comment. Yeah, we buy the music and attend concerts. But that’s about it.

    It’s all about knowing our boundaries. Where is it that we as fans stop. Where is that line that gets crossed when support mode has ended, and usurpation of the “Idol’s” power starts? Tough to learn sometimes.

    The rest, the building of a sustainable career, attracting new fans, etc. is up to the “Idol.” Once our “Idol” graduates from AI we have a role of support but we definitely don’t get to function in the capacity of “voting on” in terms of the ultimate endpoint of what that “Idol” should and shouldn’t be doing.

    Transitions are hard. We had some temporary power during Idol over what would happen career wise for our “Idol.” It ended over 2 years ago. It’s not about power anymore…it’s about support, celebration, sharing our joys and our disappointments; oh, yes, absolutely all that.

    No “doom” from my perspective. It’s all good.

    • awestruck says:

      Kizzi, yes so true about fans and boundaries and knowing when to stop…

      No ‘doom’ from my perspective either, lol

      Other Side of Doom – oh yes TOfan, Kizzi’s right you DO have a way with words.

    • TOfan says:

      I think you’re doin’ just fine there, Kiz! LOVE this: “It’s not about power anymore…it’s about support, celebration, sharing our joys and our disappointments; oh, yes, absolutely all that.” Amen!!!

      • Tawna21 says:

        I really like and appreciate these comments! Thanks TOfan and Kizzi…I think you’ve both boxed it up really well here with what you’ve said.

        David is most definitely in charge and we need to trust him, and just enjoy the ride. That, after all is what he has asked us to do .. hang on for the ride of our lives!

  6. awestruck says:

    I like this part too where David is quoted as saying this about how fast everything has moved for him career wise since Idol:

    “I felt like I was trying to hang onto something that was moving a lot quicker than I was able to keep up with. But it pushed me past my boundaries — WHAT I THOUGHT WERE MY BOUNDARIES — and I learned a lot..”

  7. abanana77 says:

    I love this TOfan! It totally describes what is going on in the fandom. I have read some of the negative comments and it bothers me because I find reading them almost made me get caught up in it, and start thinking like that too. I’m talking about the places where it’s all negative and the negativity builds off each other. So now I try to stay away from those places. Because as a David fan, the thing I want most is for David to be happy. And I’m pretty sure he’s got a good control over his happiness. So I will just disco with the flow. LOL.

    Also you first story reminded me of something that occurred to me while reading COS. I had always thought that being optimistic was being hopeful for the future. Like, if you’re going through a rough time to cling to hope that it would eventually get better. But that’s really just setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Real optimism is taking what you’ve got and finding the good in it already and focusing on that. I do not even know what part of COS helped me discover that, but it was really eye-opening. Sorry not really related, but the story reminded me of that.

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, “Real optimism is taking what you’ve got and finding the good in it already and focusing on that.” Wow, just wow. Love your link to COS. You hit the nail on the head & I had never thought of it that way, but you’re so right. (Sounds like something David would say. 🙂 )

      • Tawna21 says:

        wow! “Real optimism is taking what you’ve got and finding the good in it already and focusing on that.” You made my day with this comment. You’ve got me re-thinking about lots of things now. Thank you! 🙂

  8. pastel says:

    Minus the man-hands! LOL.

    Right on…I missed the hysteria but if fans think that a barage of tweets to a music company is gonna make them say “we’ve been wrong all along”, well, then, they have bigger fish to fry than potholes.

    Loved your little analogy, you wise Canuck you!

  9. TrudyFOD says:

    As sad as I am about SBL not being played on the radio and hitting the Top 40…I do “trust the Archuleta.” David is so in tune with what is going on — and whatever choices he makes — I am behind him all the way! I like Elevator and can see it being a “David song” — hit or not — I will support David / his album / career 4ever because he is the most amazing and talented person I’ve ever seen/met. He just makes me happy and I love his music. The music industry is tough … and I can’t imagine all the hurdles David has had to deal with in this career he has chosen. But I do REALLY believe he knows what he is doing and making the right choices for him…so I trust and will support everything he does. Fans need to realize that we are just fans (and not a part of his management) … and when we get carried away with spamming or negativity…it usually backfires on us/them/David. Trust me…I would love to email or walk into our local radio stations and say, “what the heck – why won’t you play my song requests?!” — but I know that will only turn them against me & future David’s music. So I find myself pulling back many times & taking a breath. I find sharing thoughts with close fans I know a way to “vent” and share my feelings – that way I alleviate frustration with something I have no control of. I am proud to be a David Archuleta fan – he gives us so much — but we need to let David make his own decisions and support those all the way. And as far as not being able to hear SBL on the radio – well all I can say is — “thank goodness for iPods”

  10. smanda says:

    Can I just hang out with you guys for the duration? It feels so nice and cozy here. I’ve been out wandering around in David fanworld the past few days and I’m exhausted.
    I am looking forward to this next album in part because I know that I will listen to those songs until they are practically part of my bones and that his sweet faith-filled positivity will make me a better person. The effect he has on me is a huge part of why I love him. He seems to know that the way he touches people is extremely important, far more important than having a top 40 CHR hit, and he is true to himself, true to his mission. He’s been given a gift, he means to honor that gift.

    • Kizzi says:

      Hi smanda – SAz is the next best thing to being “home.” If they let me hang out here (which they do – great Canadian hospitality at it’s finest is the rule of the day) I’m sure you are a shoo in 😀

      P.S. Every now and then they quiz you on all things Canadian – like Tim Horton and double-double, Vancouver Olympic questions, and brush up on Canadian singers like Nellie Furtado, Avril Lavigne, and actors like Michael J. Fox. hahaha

      And, since reading COS I have to agree 1M% with your observation, “He seems to know that the way he touches people is extremely important.”

    • TOfan says:

      smanda!!! *waves* Yes, for sure, pull up a chair, and as Kizzi says, order a Tim Hortons double-double and some Tim-bits!

      Srsly tho, David does seem to know how he touches people and I’m amazed sometimes that he’s so calm and cool with it… I think it would freak me out. lol But as you say, all part of honoring his gift.

  11. Nan says:

    Bravo! Great post. Thanks.

  12. Archugeezer says:

    Hooray for this great post! Perfectly put.

    As long as David keeps making music, I promise to refrain from any form of self-implosion.

  13. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Nan! And Archugeezer (love your screen name btw), bahahaha, glad to hear that!

    Off topic: Had to laugh when I got this link from Entertainment Tonight Canada:

    @ETCanada “Love in an Elevator” for the Beckhams –

    😆 😆

    @omygoshashley suggested someone should rip the video and use D’s Elevator as background music. He would probs be mortified… but it would be pretty funny.

  14. archiesfan4life says:

    I second the “Bravo” for this article TOfan – love it!!

    Thanks and {{{{{Hugs}}}}

  15. emmegirl says:

    Tofan, [clapping]…. you have again hit the nail on the proverbial head! And really love this:

    “If we’ve learned anything these past two years it’s that David Archuleta knows exactly what he’s doing and why. He’s in the driver’s seat with his capable man hands gripping the steering wheel, revving the engine and keeping his head held high to soak in every moment of this endless ride. I’m going to try my best to do the same … minus the man hands.”

    This is all too good to not enjoy every second. How often do we get the privilege of witnessing and experiencing something like this. Don’t think it will happen again in my lifetime; and I am along for the incredible trip as he continues to grow and make music with that “David vibe.”

    So Ima just gonna sit back – me and my ArchuPod – soak it in, live in the moment, not worry about what’s gonna happen tomorrow, allow it to do what David desires… make my day a little bit happier, create a smile that might not have found its’ way otherwise.

    • TOfan says:

      haha, forgot about his blogging about “more of the David vibe” so love that. He gets that we get him getting himself. bahahaha

  16. jeani/ut says:

    Great article. I’ve been enjoying every little bit of David we’ve been getting. I like all the songs and parts of songs I’ve heard.

  17. Kizzi says:

    Just posted on the OS:

    Part 1 – David has recorded a series of videos to describe the album with snippets.

    Spoiler Alert- Other Side of Down and Elevator snippets are on this first video.

    Video won’t embed so here is the link. 😀

  18. TOfan says:

    Welcome, jeani/ut!

    And kizzi, the moment I’ve been dreading (cover your ears too, abanana!) … snippets… I decided to resist any and all snippets but … my… cursor…is…inching …. noooooooooooooooo.

    • Kizzi says:

      LOL TOfan. I admire your resolve. Me, I have none.

      OK – Diversion for ya and off topic: Waiting for son #2 to land at airport. Big family weekend. Son #1 opens in play tonite. And, he sprained his ankle earlier today so after dr, xray, ice, ace bandages and cane, he is going on at 8pm. The show must go on. I just wish he didn’t take break a leg literally–lame i know. Ack, that was even worse.

  19. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, keep going, keep going……you’re on a Ouija board and it is going toward the YES!

    We are sooo lucky. From a techno-like beautiful pop song to a quirky, fun metaphor filled song to a straighttotheheart anthem type to a hip, cool, “bouncy” vibe.

    And we’ve only just begun.

  20. emmegirl says:

    I’m a homer, I love everything he does. I just do, can’t help myself.

    *kizzi, how exciting for you, wish him luck for all of us. Hope he makes it thru okay.

  21. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – resist! Haha, you won’t be alone! Actually this is alot easier to resist than TAGGB. After the first day when everyone calms down abit, it gets a little easier.

    But does anyone know what he said about the song? I would like to hear that, without actually hearing the song. Does anyone know if anyone’s typed it out or anything?

    • Kizzi says:

      Actually his explanations are so interesting. Maybe someone will re-record without the snippets. Right now if you are strong you can go listen on the OS. (Don’t click on the link I put here as it just starts with no controls to pause or FF.) And then mute at 0.29 to 0.60 and you miss OSOD and you’ve already heard Elevator so no worries after that.

      • abanana77 says:

        I don’t think I’m strong enough for that. Hahaha. Actually I changed my mind I am going to go try it. Thanks for the times kizzi! 😀

      • abanana77 says:

        Ahhh I tried but the sound was ahead of the video and I accidentally heard the first half a second of TOSOD. But then I ripped out my earphones and closed the window. Haha so I didn;t get to hear pretty much anything of the rest of him talking.

      • TOfan says:

        is this a trick? *shift eyes*

        I don’t know if I’m strong enough either, abanana, let me know if you hung in there! lol

      • TOfan says:



      • TOfan says:

        abanana, give it another try (altho the vid stops & starts a lot) … thanks to kizzi, I successfully skipped 0.29 to 0.60 and the rest is pure GOLD. The way he talks about how the songs were written, the joyful look on his face when he talks about Elevator, the buggy ride, the eating????? oh my heck, gotta love him.

  22. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, yep bouncy, that was his word… and it is.

    I don’t even know how to describe it – I am lousy at that stuff – so hopefully someone else can give you a better idea of what you and abanana have to look forward to. I admire your conviction!

    *and abanana ripping out her earbuds is hysterical
    (ie David/I’m Yours!)

    Glad you got to see the narrative… just love hearing him talk about that part of it.

    • TOfan says:

      I know, me too. And when he talks about just bursting out with a melody line, gahhh can you imagine being in the room for that???? wow

      • ai lyn says:

        AH! I know right?! I also freaked when he said he played A Fine Frenzy for them. I love A Fine Frenzy!!!
        It is now one of my missions in life to song-write with David. lol

    • abanana77 says:

      Hahaha it kinda was like the I’m Yours! I made a weird scream sound and ripped off my headphones. Hahahahahahaha

      And I’m not gonna try again, unless someone youtubes. My computer makes it lag like crazy.

      • abanana77 says:

        I lied. I watched it successfully this time! 😀 I love his explanation of elevator! Can’t believe they wrote it in like 30 minutes! Ah-mazing.

  23. peppertara says:

    Whoa, so much to say but so little time, haha. David is something pretty wonderful. If there is a snippet of anything, I just jump right in and take it in, can’t help myself. I commend those of you who have the resolve to wait! TOSOD, wow…..he sounds fantastic and yes, bouncy, upbeat, positive, love what I hear! David has been referred to as the “new cool” and that’s how I feel about this song snippet. How does he do that with everything he sings?
    TOfan…absolutely loved your blog. Perfectly stated and soooo….touched on what I have been feeling about the nay sayers. I agree wholeheartedly, David’s fans have no place in deciding what David should do or sing. A fan’s duty and privilege (especially in the case of DA) is to love and support. Gah..some of the comments I have read lately on some sites, not pretty but I know even these fans still love David. They just need to read and re-read the definition of a ‘fan’. I honestly don’t think I could criticize David if my life depended on it. I am happy, grateful, moved and so very proud of what David has accomplished and what he gives us. Nuf said.
    Gosh, love the video of David talking about his album and the songwriting. Elevator written in a half hour and I think there is a little brilliance in that sweet, quirky song.
    Great comments and thoughts from everyone. 🙂

  24. TOfan says:

    Glad you finally got to see it, ab!

    “It’s just a quirky, feel-good song that wasn’t worried about being anything other than itself.”

    Who does that sound exactly like??? I love that he talks about his song as if it’s a person, a friend.

  25. SandyBeaches says:

    TOfan the article is great, I love the topic and discussion by comments. It is time that someone spoke out and sometimes it just has to be done, thank heavens.


  26. emmegirl says:

    peppertara, pretty much love everything you said!

    Still groovin on 30 sec of TOSOD.

  27. ai lyn says:

    Great great great great article TOfan. 😀 Agreed with every word of it.
    I’ve always felt weird for not being interested in the whole single/sales/radioplay discussion that go on quite a lot on the net among fans. maybe it’s cuz I don’t listen to the radio and stuff but yeah. And when a new song is leaked or released sometimes people just talk about how well they think it’s gonna do on the charts or whatever when really it’d be cooler if we just talked about the music. y’know? That really long sentence of mine probably didn’t make sense but yeah. haha sorry.

  28. beebee says:

    Y.o.u.r…A.t.t.e.n.t.i.o.n..P.U.H-L.E.A.S.E… *tinks glass with fork*

    I am pleased to announce that I have taken in not one NIT of the wuteveritiz MESS of fan uproar (or wutEVERitiz).


    TOFan, you are brilliant, and wise and AWESOME and…and…and…THIS… “He gets that we get him getting himself. bahahaha”


    Dear TOFan, I heart you. No. I lurrrrrve you. No. I lurrrffffffvvvvvve you. No. I…*squishhhhhhhhhhh* you.

    You and Snowangelzz and ebbybody here makes me so happy Imma hafta DIE. (“look what you made me do!”)

    I can’t even begin to speak to my exploding heart over TAGGB. Anthem. Soulful. Gospelly. Tiny tinge of country-ish. (Yep, I can kinda hear that). And just pure Archu_Heart_and_SOUL. GUH! He ROCKS MY SOUL. And you KNOW I am terminally BONKERS for Elevator. And I am utterly UNDONE over TOSOD snippet. UNDONE, I tell ya! *pounds fist*

    auuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (TOfan, how we gonna live through this? HUH???) I love it all. Sorry but I just do. I do I do I do I do I doooooooooo.

    Emmegirl, you said it A.L.L.L.L for me and absolutely p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y and to the very last molecule (you do that quite frequently, jsyk):

    “This is all too good to not enjoy every second. How often do we get the privilege of witnessing and experiencing something like this. Don’t think it will happen again in my lifetime; and I am along for the incredible trip as he continues to grow and make music with that “David vibe.”

    “So Ima just gonna sit back – me and my ArchuPod – soak it in, live in the moment, not worry about what’s gonna happen tomorrow, allow it to do what David desires… make my day a little bit happier, create a smile that might not have found its’ way otherwise.”


    Why, I feel downright giddy…

    ….g.u.i.t.a.r…h.e.r.o…b.r.e.a.k… anybody?


    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{{{{♥ beebs ♥}}}}}}}}} Not if I *squishhhhhhhhh* you first! LOL

      I have NO idea how we’re gonna live through this … but WHAT A WAY TO GOOOOOO, eh?!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆

    • refnaf says:

      ((((beebee))))) You take the spazz right out of my heart for me, and say it soooo well!!!

  29. Angelica says:


    As usual, you said just right what needed to be said. I don’t go to sites that engage in negativity and worry over David’s career. I seek after the positive in life, which is one of the many reasons I’m so attracted by our guy.

    There is also this. I trust him. After all this time, he has earned that and nothing, not radio play, chart placement, failure of promotion or anything else is going to stop him. He is unstoppable. I truly believe that. The hand-wringers would do well to not underestimate the power of faith and determination in a man of strong desire and the moral compass and work ethic not to be distracted from his goal. Like he says, he just puts “one foot front of the other, no no no nothings gonna break my stride..”

    Like you say, “He’s in the driver’s seat with his capable man hands gripping the steering wheel..”

    I saw on a bumper sticker the other day, “Get in, sit back, shut up, and enjoy the ride.” 😆

    I intend to do just that.

  30. Angelica says:

    Beebee the blither bomber strikes again! LOLOL! You so craazzaaay and oh so elevator high ai ai ai ai ai!! Love the positive vibrations you send out to every corner of Archudom! And I love the way you love and get him. (((hugs)))

    • beebee says:

      lolol… I try to keep it to minimum. (the blither that is. Not the archu_LUUUUV.) I luvz you, too! And I am so SO EXCITED!! *implodes*

  31. jackryan4DA says:

    Let’s try embedding this epic vid:


    And that’s what I have to say about that!

  32. jackryan4DA says:

    That’s starnge. I was able to embed it in come it won’t embed here?

    In any case I may be able to upload it to YT but have to do it later (AND AM NOT BEING A TEASE HERE, ok?

    My son is just imploring me to shut down my internet access cos he has o dl something and it has to be uninterrupted.

    He says every time I download something of David – I hog all capacity here at home LOL

    • refnaf says:

      Would love it if you could get it on youtube…. I still have not seen it, can only get audio 😦

  33. embe says:

    Well voeee herranjumala sentään with this guy!!!

    TOSOD is such ear-drum massage I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m having a hard time beginning and ending setences. I’m able to type mostly “hamana hamana hamana” and that’s it. But perhaps that is all I need to say, since you lovely people so totally get what I’m going through ❤

    The other side of down is seriously UP, high high HIGH up in the stars and clouds and the milkyway and all the planets whose inhabitants are probably THIS close to making contact with the Earth 'cause they wanna meet this Archuleta kid after hearing what he's able to produce. Don't steal David from us E.T!

  34. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, The Voice of Reason strikes again! Thanks for bringing much needed peace of mind to the anxiety-ridden fandom. 🙂 We sometimes forgot our ambitions and dreams for David remain ours. For now he is living HIS dream and I can’t be happier for him.

    The 10 seconds of TOSOD… Gah. *trembles* Spazzing right with you Embe.

    Who else is worried about overdosing on Archuleta on October 5?

  35. emmegirl says:

    Angelica, pure gold… trust… he has earned it in spades!

    beebee, backatya 🙂

    embe, buckle up.

  36. TOfan says:

    JR4DA, peppertara, beebee, embe, Angelica, af4L, YJfan, and emmegirl, you make it VERY difficult to resist listening to the TOSOD snippet. But with abanana as my ODD “sponsor” I’m hanging tough. LOL

    I know that no one here needs any reminders about the Stand Up to Cancer telecast tonight (8 p.m. ET/PT; 7 CT), but I put a widget in the sidebar that links to the live stream along with the donation URL (You can also text STAND to 40202 to donate $10).

    And MaggieFOD kindly transcribed the entire transcript of the TOSOD Central Park video, wow. You can read it at or download the Word doc HERE. Thanks, Maggie!

    cristobalite4126 synched the studio version of Elevator with dj’s & 8throwcenter’s Six Flags vids for this awesome video mix!

  37. refnaf says:

    %$##^spazzzing^$##% over TOSOD. This album is going to be totally adored by moi!

    TOfan, another BINGO on this post. The fan angst really affects me and I have found myself cutting waaay back on sites I visit for that very reason. Success defined by “pop idol” status and airplay and sales has become less and less important to me. David’s career is assured by his talent, and I join all of you in saying TRUST THE ARCHULATOR. His music will be what he wants it to be. I love his attitude and the “David vibe” of what we have heard so far is all I have dreamed of.

    Looking forward to SU2C tonight!!! Perhaps a surprise????

    • archiesfan4life says:

      Hi Ref – {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I am also spazzzzzzing over TOSOD!!!! I can’t stop listening to it!

  38. Josie says:

    This entire thread is all WIN for me. I don’t listen to Top 40 radio anymore for 3 reasons;

    1. I don’t understand the words to many of the songs.

    2. I am too old to understand the words I do understand and…

    3. I own an iPod filled with David Archuleta.

    TOfan – ♥

    and becuz….beebee ♥

    everyone else – ♥

  39. Josie says:

    Oops, forgot to weigh in on the snippet love we got yesterday – ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    You who are staying STRONG and not being tempted by this little LOVE NUGGET, you’re gonna be in for a treat….

    Then you’re gonna be daid. 🙂

  40. TOfan says:


    daid? oh ya … R.I.P. me

    For Refnaf (& others who couldn’t get the video to load properly), here it is on YouTube thanks to Archiedorable:

    [and for anyone else NOT watching TOSOD spoilers/snippets, mute from 0.29 to 0.60… Elevator’s at the end]

    • embe says:

      I’m bored so I’m just gonna teach you some Finnish since the new vice president (or someone who has to wear a suit and is not allowed to smile, I dunno) for Nokia is a Canadian man. Apparently he has many children and was offered a Finnish candy treat called “salmiakki” and hated it. Anyway, here goes:

      The Other Side of Down=Alapuolen toinen puoli (VERY hard to translate :D)
      Something about love=Jotain (something) rakkaudesta (about love) (in Finnish the prepositions are attached to the word, making it a really hard language to learn lol)
      spiky=piikikäs (the way David’s hair has been recently)
      muscly=lihaksikas (P90X, nuff said)
      snowangel=lumienkeli (lumi is snow and enkeli is angel)

      So there. Ugly language, I know, but so very unique 😛

  41. TOfan says:

    aww, embe, Finnish is cool, you enkeli you! 🙂

    From @kricket_rc234 on Twitter, “Archuleta Emoticons” 😆


  42. abanana77 says:

    embe – love the finnish, that’s soo cool! I wish I was bilingual. I should have kept up the french after grade 9…

    TOfan – yes I will be your ODD “sponser”! LOL too funny! I have not found too many others who are not snippett-ing. We must stick together!

  43. betsy says:

    Just got home from my mini-vacay and am catching up on everything.
    TOfan, thank you for writing this.
    I can barely comment on it because I am in love with TOSOD!!!!!
    Good luck on not listening to it TOfan!
    p.s. My husband walked by while I was listening to the mgr of it and asked me who it was. He knows David is on all the time. And didn’t recognize it this time. Said it’s really different from everything he’s heard from him. AND LIKED IT.

  44. betsy says:

    Yep, Paul Flippin’ McCartney. 🙂

  45. vermeer says:

    TOfan, WHY must you torture yourself? abanana77 too! You KNOW David wants you to HEAR the snippet! Do you not want to do what David is wanting for his fans?? Ok, I’m just totally teasing you!!! LOL! Sorry! I admire your will power, but I really do worry about how you could handle the WHOLE song all at once on Oct. 5th? Do you not see how we are already with just 30 sec?? Definitely take the day off!

    • TOfan says:

      It is torture, believe me! But the pay off will make it all worthwhile! Now, if he performs the whole song (not just a snippet) at one of his upcoming shows, all bets may be off!


    • abanana77 says:

      I find Oct. 5th will be anticlimactic if I listen to all the snippetts now. That’s my main reason for staying away. I have already heard SBL and Elevator. And P&A. So that only leaves 9 new songs and I want to save them.

  46. abanana77 says:

    Oh and I was wondering this – do you think the fan pack (or whatever it’s called) from the OS eill have the same bonus track as the itunes pre-order? Or is there a possibility of different bonus tracks? Or is there any bonus tracks at all?

  47. jackryan4DA says:

    Cos it’s worth posting & reposting/watching & re-watching AND MUST BE SEEN by all!

    (and it wasn’t easy capturing with all its crappy stalling!)

  48. TOfan says:

    Hey guys, watch for crazy Canuck @pastelpastel (along with @pecanpie and @semicolon09) on the Telethon tonight!!!!

    … and GIVE!!!

  49. stenocruiser says:

    Just saw David and Mary Lou Sinclair (pastel). Very nice.

  50. TOfan says:

    Yes, stenocruiser, here’s a screencap from @Zully_FOD:

    Pastel & David

  51. abanana77 says:

    Amazing about pastel!

    And I love how at the end, when Ryan says “Good work you two”, David points at pastel as if to give her all the credit. <33333333

    • TOfan says:

      I know! I noticed that too, abanana … he really is too much.

      I was verklempt through most of the show but his “And look who we have here?” cracked me up.

      (Kinda surreal seeing Pastel up there, lol, in a good way! She’s one amazing lady.)

      And when David was explaining how much Team Crush Kids Cancer raised, he looked so pleased & proud of what we’d accomplished. I’ll never forget that. *sniff*

  52. TOfan says:

    Oh geez, that smile??? How could you not donate your life savings?
    answering phones

    More photos of David answering SU2C phones here:

  53. refnaf says:

    Oh my heck, how cool that pastel could be a part of SU2C with David!!!
    He did so well and I am so proud to be his fan… verklept is right, TOfan,> seeing pastel, and hearing all the stories and stats… cancer sucks and has affected EVERYONE, but SU2C gives hope for a cure. I thought it was awesome when the one Dr. said he is not going to be afraid to say “cure” for cancer… it is possible.

  54. jackryan4DA says:

    David must be beaming with pride of his arch angels involved in SU2C. One of the reasons why he is enamored with his fanbase and which drives him to work harder.

    Congrats Pastel, PecanPie, & company for making this happen!

    BTW, here is the YT version of David Answering Fan Messages p1 — I just love his laughter here.

    Errr, more chances to screencap?

    And if you are wondering why am using another channel well my new channel got shot down again 😦

    Oh well, TAGGB 🙂

  55. Kizzi says:

    SU2C rocks! Cool, calm, at ease presenter, Mr. Archuleta. Great event.

    New phrase, TOfan, for awesomeness – “bomb diggity” – means “awesome in its purest form.” Learned it last night from the kids and friends. 😀

    As in, “SAz is the bomb diggity.” 😀 😀 😀 😀

  56. TOfan says:

    Thanks, JR, too adorbs & that heheheh rotfl.

    Is it my imagination or is Jive (or more likely David) making more of an effort to engage his existing fan base these days? Rather than taking us for granted & focusing on nabbing new fans, every Thursday seems to bring new pics, these video teasers, the album cover contest, even that “arrange your dream setlist” thing. I mean, David’s always done that with his vlogs & blogs etc. but there seem to be even more “surprises” lately. Could be just smart social media marketing, but whatever it is, bring it on!!! (It’s “the bomb diggity,” as Kizzi says! 😆

    okay, sorry to go on and on, but am geekily fangirling over this picture from the SU2C after party (from HERE). BD (before David), all I listened to was jazz and Herbie Hancock is a master. I was lucky to see him play piano in a combo that included Wynton & Branford Marsalis at Massey Hall and he also produced the 2008 Grammy-winning Album of the Year “River: The Joni Letters” that featured the likes of Norah Jones, Tina Turner and Leonard Cohen singing Joni Mitchell songs. If he ever did Part 2 and included David on it, I would spontaneously combust.

    David & Herbie

  57. TOfan says:

    And an update from Pastel!!!! (from FOD)

    “As many of you now know, I had the pleasure and honour of attending the Stand Up 2 Cancer performance at the Sony Studios in LA yesterday, representing ALL OF YOU in the Crush Kids’ Cancer David Archuleta Angels Team.

    “It was an exciting but very emotional experience. Having lost my heroic husband Lawrence last year at the age of 51 to colon cancer, the day took on an entirely different meaning for me than an encounter with David Archuleta and his team, although that was an awesome and generous experience as well.

    “The significance of Standing Up yesterday, after a cross country trip for me and my daughter, was even more poignant. It was truly an honour to be there.”

    More on the entire day and some conversations we had with David to come.

    Mary Lou

    pastel and david

  58. emmegirl says:

    Had the same thoughts on Jive’s involvement. Not sure why the 180, but think it was much needed. Nowadays you have to find inexpensive, innovative ways to promote yourself. Love what they are doing.

    ahh, this explains alot and your amazing taste in music TOfan! I dabble in jazz a bit too. You can bet dollars to donuts that David knew who he was and probably told him which songs of his he liked! They both look very happy to be standing there together.

    A performance… together… mind blowing. Can’t you just imagine it!

    • TOfan says:

      I was thinking the same thing emme… he’s got that “I’m hangin’ with a real musician” smile, lol.

      …and totally off-topic, but my local radio station tweeted this aft. asking if anyone in Toronto had spotted any celebs in town for the film festival. So, I replied:

      “Saw Colin Firth last night on the red carpet! Funny, he said his fave song right now is David Archuleta’s Something ‘Bout Love :)”

      Now I actually did happen to see Colin Firth last night (*squee*), but I was kidding about the SBL part in a lame attempt to request the song.

      Not only did the DJ reply to me thinking I was serious, but my original tweet has now been RT’d 21 times…yikes… I sure hope Colin is really a fan. 😯

  59. jackryan4DA says:

    David & Mary’s SU2C appearance in HD format

  60. peppertara says:

    Ah, just love David and and the SU2C vids. How very special for Pastel to be there, wonderful. What a great team of hardworking Angels. Some great pics too.
    TOfan, thought your Colin Firth and SBL message was pretty clever, haha! He just could be a DA fan you know. Probably is, should be, would have to be. 🙂

  61. jackryan4DA says:

    Look what I found in my inbox from Amazon: the TOSOD Deluxe cover

  62. embe says:

    I was watching the SU2C video when my fiance sat next to me and started watching too. He was silent for a while and then said: “He’s got a big smile.” 😀

    He’s learned to respect the fact that David is really, really, really important to me and he has actually defended David to this guy I know, ’cause he was liking David (he should be thanking his lucky stars he’s still able to conceive children *who hopefully won’t be asses like their dad*), and demeaning David and Pete (fiance) said “he can really sing you know”. THAT right there is the reason I love him ❤ (Not that I've completely given up on my intentions to marry David – a girl needs backup.)

    • TOfan says:

      embe, Pete sounds like a keeper! (“a girl needs backup” LOLOL) I feel very blessed that Mr. TO not only appreciates David’s talent but even has a fave song of his own (without my prompting!) — SOT. I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t, tbh.

    • awestruck says:

      good to be back on line – flooring reno’s have kept me away from my computer.

      embe YOU MAKE ME SMILE big time, thanks for that!

      • embe says:

        Pete is a keeper – wouldn’t have bought this house with him if I was unsure. Meaning that not only do we share a debt, but renovating a big old house is a real test for a relationship lol. We get pretty childish at times 😀

        awestruck: YOU are the one turning frowns upside down here ❤

    • awestruck says:

      aw embe, thanks. Maybe we can share that honour, lol. Reno’s can be tough on a relationship, but oh what a feeling of accomplishment when you work things out.

  63. jackryan4DA says:

    “he can really sing you know”. THAT right there is the reason I love him…”

    Errrrm, not because of THIS Embe?

    or this?

    And you DARE call me evil – hihihihihihihi (that’s witch laugh for you

  64. jackryan4DA says:

    Have posted those pix before, I just couldn;t help it Embe.

    But this video, I don;t think I have posted it yet cos I think it was one of the videos I was uploading when my previous YT channel got pulled down.

    The orig was just an audio interview so I set it to some fiiiiiiine pix

  65. TOfan says:


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sounds like Elevator IS the next single, WOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! (thanks, YJfan for the tweet alert! 🙂 )

  66. TOfan says:

    Awww, Mike Krompass just tweeted this:

    @mikekmusic Thanks to the cool flight attendant dude for giving up his closet for my guitar 🙂 and @DavidArchie just gave me his first class seat, so very nice of him 🙂

    • awestruck says:

      nice of David, but how is getting to where he needs to go?!? hmmmm

      • TOfan says:

        Guess they traded seats and he’s sitting in coach. Too too much.

        And I just rewatched the vid above and it’s interesting that he describes SBL as coming out “for the fans” hmmm.

    • awestruck says:

      hey TOfan, maybe he should have said ‘what for Jive’??? I think his fans would have embraced Elevator as the first sngle out with the same enthusiasm.

      • jackryan4DA says:

        Never thought it was ever possible for some archies not only to hate the Elevator but even worse “hate” David’s voice on the song…

        Go figure

        So if i confirmed that it is the 2nd single, some would do a double somersault — in a bad way. Well, live and let live.

        And suck it up to these peeps. He likes it and he will sing it to his heart’s content.

        That’s what I hve to say about that, hmmp.

  67. peppertara says:

    Yes, it does sound like Elevator will be the next single! Hope people (that don’t) learn to love it. I know I do and so do most of D’s fans. Still can’t fathom that SBL isn’t being played. Still don’t get it. Yes, “for the fans”…maybe a fun, upbeat, dancy number for the summer. Should be on radio though! No reason at all why it shouldn’t be.

    Heck, I think TOSOD would be great for radio (just from hearing 30 sec of it). So very “David Cool”.
    Anyway…..ah, sweet for David to give up his seat on the plane to Mike. Just like him.
    Memphis concert today, good one…45 min or so on stage? Fingers crossed for vids from those lovely fans.

  68. peppertara says:

    Oh, and speaking of TOSOD. Here is a good description of the song snippet (from Youtube comments):

    “Sweet mother of all that is fine and delicious- THIS!”

    It truly does sound fine and delicious to me too. Loved that comment! Those few lines of that song keep playing in my head. Once you hear a new song from him, it just ain’t goin away for a long while.. but that’s fine with me. 🙂

    • awestruck says:

      Oh what a fine, fine comment ““Sweet mother of all that is fine and delicious- THIS!” love it!

  69. TOfan says:

    “Sweet mother of all that is fine and delicious” hahaha, I haven’t even listened to the snippet yet & I know just what they mean! 😆

    Love how stoked David is about Elevator in this interview, but now have so many questions. With SBL they told us ahead of time what the radio adds date would be, when we could preorder it on the site & on iTunes, and this time… nothing, nada, niente, rien (embe can fill in the Finnish)… WHAT IS GOING ON, JIVESTERS??????

    (I am squeeeeeing though at even the slight prospect of hearing my beloved Elevator on radioooooo 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

    • abanana77 says:

      Yeah these things are confusing the heck out of me too. You’d think you’d at least be able to BUY the song on itunes, right? Because I can not possibly understand any “strategy” behind not being able to buy a song.

      I wish I understood these things better. I always get so confused about whether these types of things are being done on purpose, with some kind of hidden strategy or something or if they are just not planned out properly. I guess we will just wait and see…

      • jackryan4DA says:

        Worse the iTunes album – whether regular or deluxe – doesn’t have a gifting option?! I just fund out about it last week when the very generous archie who has been gifting Pinoy Archies are going bonkers on how she would make do with her commitment.

        Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy do they make it difficult for us?

        Also I got word from Sony BMG that they just got the video just last wednesday. Hence, they were only able to give copies of the official MV to MYX & Channel V last wednesday. Heck I could have given them the director’s uber prof hd version a month ago!


        OK you have to excuse me. Caffeine and analgesic, not a good combo, eh? LOL

        pretty pppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssse?

    • awestruck says:

      (((JR))) – if I could give it to you NOWWWWW I would – I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could, I wish I could,…

      • jackryan4DA says:

        You having too much java, too awestruck? Esp with the DeltaFair vids, GAH!

        And I know you would if only you could. {hugs}

        DeltaFests SOT

  70. betsy says:

    “Heck I could have given them the director’s uber prof hd version a month ago!”

    The true stuff is always funniest. 🙂

    • jackryan4DA says:

      BETSY – not actually funny cos we kept on requesting and kept on waiting until we got the reply that they still don’t have the vid. So a call had to be made to a certain label so our requests don’t go to waste.

      In this hi-tech environ, you’d think the MV wold have reached local labels the minute it hit the net, right? So I offered that next time around, I would send them the vids as soon as I secure them. Sheesh!

  71. peppertara says:

    A beautiful A Capella rendition of GBA from the Delta Fair. (thanks to YouCanCallMeTina). Oh so lovely.

  72. peppertara says:

    and Elevator!

  73. jackryan4DA says:

    Hmmm… the TOSOD description

    “Sweet mother of all that is fine and delicious”

    can also be applied to this GBA performance, in varying levels.

    just sayin…

  74. jackryan4DA says:

    SOT – it is like being enveloped in the poignancy, plaintiveness yet delicious offering of life itself.

    That Mr. Archuleta is what your voice brings out in a simple melody. BRAVO!

    OK, I will stop spamming, now (goes back to work)

    • awestruck says:

      I listened to the album version of SOT not so long ago and then hearing this version – WOW what a lovely rich voice David is settling into.

  75. TOfan says:

    Thanks peppertara & JR for the vids … “enveloped in the poignancy, plaintiveness yet delicious offering of life itself” gahhhh, LOVE that, JR!

    The only vid from last night I’ve seen so far is the acoustic My Hands, and I’m a mess. I don’t know what it is about that song, but it just grabs me and this acoustic version left me in tears. Weird I know. The simplicity of this one made it so powerful for me … bracing myself for SOT now *gulp*

  76. jackryan4DA says:

    MY HANDS – @ 2:55 & 3:50 – *&^%$#@#!)(*&*! Goodness… Killing us softly, seriously!

    • TOfan says:

      I don’t know how “softly” it is, JR… these acoustic versions are hitting me like a sledgehammer, lol.

      Can you imagine a whole “unplugged sessions” album someday? *dizzy spell*

      • awestruck says:

        Figured you guys would catch those archugrowls…

        Unplugged sessions – LIVE – available for purchase in CD and DVD format…

        Oh. My. Heck. What a lovely bunch of videos! Thank you YouCanCallMeTina 😆

      • TOfan says:

        archugrowls FTW, awestruck!!! I’m blown away not only by these songs (that TMH hunkerdownapalooza & that gorgeous ending to ALTNOY???) but how relaxed and laid-back David is between songs, just choosing his set list on the fly. Yes, thank you, YOuCanCallMeTina!!!

      • jackryan4DA says:

        TOfan – well, David has proven his knack for delivering soft statement of directness. So even if has “murder” on his path, unknowingly at that, it will still be softly. We’re not even collateral damage. We;re willing victims, tee-hee!

        And YES to an acoustic live album. That has always been in my wish list.

        I duuno if 8throwcenter & YouCanCallMeTina can see this (though I left messages in their YT channels) but their effort in delivering speedy and high quality videos are truly appreciated.

        How they manage to stay the cam steady is THE mystery to me 🙂

  77. TOfan says:

    The uber-amazing @Larissa_SG will be uploading this morning’s entire Q107.5 radio interview to her Vimeo page soon (HERE), but in the meantime, here’s a clip of David doing a Cher impression… yes, I did say Cher impression 😯 :

  78. refnaf says:

    Oh my…. it does not get much better than this IMO.. How can it??? I am gobsmacked. His voice is perfect.
    Hugs to the videographers from me as well.
    My hands vortex here we come, with a SOT chaser!

    • awestruck says:

      love this refnar – “My hands vortex here we come, with a SOT chaser!”

      • refnaf says:

        the archugrowls %$%#$% and uh huh uh .,,,, gasp. A LIVE ACOUSTIC ALBUM! FTW!

        I have not heard the interview yet. Idiotic dj’s make me boil….do I dare???

  79. refnaf says:

    David as Cher!!!! Hilarious **snort**

  80. awestruck says:

    Yes David does a credible CHER, lol

    Just wish the DJ’s didn’t love the sound of their own voices so much and give the guy a break and let him answer already…

  81. abanana77 says:

    OMH Somebody Out There was AMAZING. Ahhhhhhh *spazzzzzzz*

  82. TOfan says:

    Check out the size of the crowd last night! … makes it even more impressive that David was soooo relaxed and casual!

    Delta Fair

    More Delta Fair pics HERE.

  83. abanana77 says:

    Soooo… totally stating the obvious here but elevator is the new barriers (with the arm movements). LOL. So good though.

  84. TOfan says:

    Too funny, Mike just tweeted this:

    @mikekmusic Riding the ferris wheel with @DavidArchie his friends and the label 🙂

  85. embe says:

    What the heck is happening here?!?!

    I really just, like, you know.. I don’t know. The acoustic everything and the rambling and LMAO-worthy moments during the concert and the feisty, adorable, mature, super-likable interviewee David (he just makes everyone love him) and… I’m so tired and can’t really be coherent right now but I’m so happy that David IS and breathes and I love him so.

  86. abanana77 says:

    As if we weren’t confused enough already :

    @idolsnow Jive Records sent DAVID ARCHULETA’s “Elevator” to radio at 6 PM EDT today, calling it “1st single” from new album “The Other Side Of Down.”

    (I can’t remember how to do a confused emoticon, but if I did, I would put it here)

  87. peppertara says:

    abanana77….It’s confusing to me too, Elevator the 1st single? Is that just their mistake or are their things going on we don’t know about. What happened to SBL, one wonders. Oh, it is confusing!

    All these videos are so so gorgeous to watch and hear. SOT, MH, GBA, all of them, mighty fine. He always adds his magical touch to change things up a little in these performances, adore that. I’m always filled with gratitude to those lovely fans too who bring these videos to us, aren’t David’s fans just the best?
    I am so impressed with David. Just love his acoustic sets and yes, so relaxed and making everyone feel right at home it seems. An album with an acoustic set would be superb!
    Then there is David’s Cher impression, lol. Must say he is by far my favorite interviewee.
    Awestruck…I agree, just wish those radio folk could put a muzzle on while David is trying to speak, ha. Good interview though.

  88. awestruck says:

    abanana – I’ve stopped trying to figure out the radio thing, exhausting and I just don’t know enough about it all so – just keep giving me music David!

    peppertara – it was a good interview heh! He is more relaxed doing interviews too I think as well as blowing me away with how he just “went with the flow” re his set list for Delta Fair. Just made it up as he went along, loved it – especially when you could see how many people were there! (see TOfan’s pic above)

  89. TOfan says:

    New post/ thread!


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