David Archuleta: Things are gonna be fine

Listening to this song last night felt like getting a big hug from David (and not only because it was 2 a.m. my time and I could barely focus my eyes). “I know things are gonna get better, I know things are gonna be fine.”

David could’ve easily used his performance on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon to promote his single (as other artists did) but, no, that’s not David.

Instead, he sang a brand new song from the album that fit the occasion perfectly. A song of light and hope. He’s also savvy enough to know that his fans would tune in to catch the new song and, being the generous go-getters we are, he also knew we’d help support the cause. (Which you can by clicking the MDA link above or texting “MDA” to 20222 to donate $10.)

I doubt this song will be a single. What I picture instead is it being a crowd favourite at his concerts, with an a cappella chorus where every voice in the crowd joins in, claps hands or waves arms gaining strength from one another and basking in the love from and for Mr. David Archuleta.

I also picture him singing it at the Grammys backed by a full gospel choir, quaking the rafters and raising the roof. Hey, a girl can dream.

I think I need more sleep….

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  1. TOfan says:

    Bringing these over from end of last thread:

    From Zoe:

    WOWZA!!! Dropping by for a quick note to say hi to the SAz gang at this ungodly hour because I just caught David’s debut of “Things Are Gonna Get Better” on the MDA telethon, and he was FANTASTIC!!!

    Didn’t realize how much I’ve missed David performing heartfelt songs, and this new one on first listen ticked all the boxes for me. Great melody, inspirational message, heartfelt delivery and spot on vocals. Perfect occasion, too. Sensational job, DA!!

    Hope lots of peeps who don’t follow David got to see and hear him. Wish he’d been on earlier here on the East coast.

    And yes, JR, David looked handsome as all get out and then some!

    He handled himself beautifully with Nigel during their brief conversation, and the bit about Yoko Ono’s feedback on hearing David sing Imagine was waaaay cool!


    *Waves* to TOfan! Miss you and the gang and hope to stop by again soon. Been a crazy busy summer for me.

    From Kizzi:

    i need a double-double, pronto!

    Late night last night and what a surprise “Things Are Gonna Get Better.’ I mean certainly a new song and all the expectations were high, but this was a r.e.a.l surprise.

    Was reading over at FOD, someone commented who was there that the track was a Demo track and David had to sing twice because 1st time he had hard time matching lyrics to the demo track…

    Commenter on MJs youtube video who attended said David got a standing O.

    This sounded so good that I actually had thoughts that it might be lip synced – I know, sacrilege but the vocals and track were just so high quality

    Did anyone notice the changing of the seasons on the 4 panels behind David? Starts with winter and looks like it goes through the seasons. Pretty cool. And at one point between the panels looks like stars whizzing by.

    All in all, as a David fan, it was a stellar performance.

  2. TOfan says:

    From peppertara:

    TOfan, thanks for posting the videos, just amazing. Could he sound or look any better? Don’t think so.
    Here are the lyrics to that incredibly beautiful song:

    “Things Are Gonna Get Better” by David Archuleta (2010)

    Everybody’s got a time in their life
    When everything hurts and nothing’s right
    But you gotta walk on
    Yeah, you gotta walk on
    Everybody’s got a piece of their heart
    That’s been stepped on and torn apart
    But you gotta move on
    Yeah, you gotta walk on
    ‘Cause I know it’s hard to have the strength and
    Sometimes all you feel is pain but
    Time keeps floating by on that river in the night
    But I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    Everybody’s got that one regret
    No matter how they try, they can’t forget
    But you gotta move on
    Yeah, you gotta move on
    And everybody’s got someone they lost
    And they can’t believe they’re really gone
    But you gotta live on
    Yeah, you gotta live on
    ‘Cause I know it’s hard to have the strength and
    Sometimes all you feel is pain but
    Things floating by on that river in the night
    But I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    And I know there’s hope
    I see it in your eyes
    So take me, touch me
    ‘Cause with a little bit of love, we can win the fight
    With a little bit of love, we can see the light
    With a little bit of love, it’ll be alright
    I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine
    Walk, walk, walkin’ by
    And keep, keep, keep walkin’ on
    Keep, keep, keep walkin’ on

  3. archiesfan4life says:

    I just listened to David’s song from the telethon – tears are still streaming down my face! This song has an unbelievably special meaning for me – how does David always know just what we need to hear when we need to hear it????

    Not only did he sound spectacular, he looked absolutely gorgeous!

    I can’t add anymore to what my buddy zoe said – except get ready my ODD friend, the tour for this album will require multiple road trips for sure!

  4. Kizzi says:

    From MySpaceMDA Channel:

  5. Joner says:

    Wow! What a performance from our guy last night! Seriously worth losing some beauty (ahem) sleep over! I have to admit I didn’t thoroughly appreciate the song on the first go-round because I was nervous (I’m so lame) but after watching it a few 😉 times, I absolutely adore this song! His voice and control have never sounded better and I love how he powered to the ending! I loved his body language too! And he looked awesome with the hair and the basic black and white outfit, classy and understated. Perfection. My mouse keeps hovering over the poll because I love each of the songs for different reasons. They are all so different. This album def will have something for everybody and a song for every mood which is why I’m struggling to choose, my fav depends on what mood I’m in so I guess you can put me in the “all of the above” category! Not a bad place to be. 😀

  6. awestruck says:

    Agreed on this:

    “Listening to this song last night felt like getting a big hug from David”

    Thanks TOfan for giving the option ‘all of the above’ on the poll. I like each song for different reasons and can’t pick a favorite.
    HD version

    Beautiful – with this song my hopes that TOSOD would have different musical flavors on ii is one step closer to having that thougth confirmed.
    Did David know he would be on the telethon when he wrote Things Are Gonna Get Better? Likely not, lol, but you could have fooled me!

  7. awestruck says:

    Joner – we speak the same language this am, lol. I too was nervous first time around…

  8. embe says:

    When I first listened to “Things Are Gonna Get Better” this morning, I felt like there was no computer screen, no cameras or oceans between me and David. Just my soul and him.

    As he sang “And everybody’s got someone they’ve lost, and they can’t believe they’re really gone” I felt sudden, spontaneous tears sting my eyes. It’s like David knows. Because I didn’t. I didn’t know the back of my mind is still torn apart from the grief and torture me and my family went through. I didn’t remember. I have to remember, to be able to “live on, live on”.

    “They can’t believe they’re really gone”…. Such a simple line. Such a powerful truth. It hurts me but it heals me. That’s the sign of music that’s doing it’s job. That’s the sign of David’s voice.

    • TOfan says:


    • emmegirl says:

      TOfan, great article. Love your vision of him singing this in concert. Think this one for him is a very special, heartfelt gift to fans.

      He was amazing, in every way.

      {embe} “it hurts me but it heals me”

  9. TOfan says:

    Joner & awestruck, I was nervous too! lol

    Not gonna lie, I’m still trapped in the Elevator vortex but there’s just something about the way this song makes me feel that goes pretty deep … has a timeless quality about it. I dunno.

    And my hubby commented on how poised and self-possessed David was when chatting with Nigel … I bet dollars to Timbits, Nigel wanted him to sing Imagine again & David came up with this idea instead. Just a guess, but….

  10. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the link to the MDA telethon website, TOfan. Made contributing to this important cause so easy, and reminds us why we were lucky enough to witness David’s debut of TAGGB last night.

    I’d like to think that loads of donations poured in after that performance!

    This song is an earworm for me. Can’t get it outa my head. It is SO inspirational and life affirming. As you said “like getting a big hug from David”.

    It’s a tough choice but gotta put it at the top of my favorite new songs thus far.

    Getting SUPER PSYCHED for October 5th!! 🙂

  11. abanana77 says:

    Zoe – I am also super psyched for October 5th!

    And I resisted, and have not listened to it! Which was really hard last night when I was actually awake and online at 2:00 in the morning (TOfan – I was serious about staying up until my brother got home from a party to show him my new shoes! hahahaha)

    But his one is really hard to resist because this sounds like exactly the type of song I was hoping would make the album. Kinda like this album’s angels? Well either way, Oct 5th is less than a month away 😀

    • Zoe says:

      Good Golly, Abanana! Have you really been able to resist a listen??? You must have resolve as fierce as David has talent.

      Good luck with your decision, but methinks you may cave in before the official release! 😉

    • TOfan says:

      So did your bro like your shoes? 😆

      Good for you, girl!!!

  12. abanana77 says:

    Also I am LOL-ing at the “none of the above” options for the poll. Hahaha.

  13. YJfanofdavid says:

    I cheated on the poll. lol. In my heart I love this song the most, but David has said all the songs from the album are his babies, so how can I not vote for all of our baby’s babies?

    I blasted the song in my car while driving around this morning. How can a song make you want to dance and bring on uncontrollable sob at the same time? The song acknowledges the trials and tribulations of life but celebrates the human spirit and perseverance. It is comforting as well as exhilarating. It juxtaposes happiness and sorrow. In a way only David knows how to. Let it be the new anthem of our Archuleta nation!

    • Zoe says:

      “The song acknowledges the trials and tribulations of life but celebrates the human spirit and perseverance. It is comforting as well as exhilarating. It juxtaposes happiness and sorrow.”

      So well said, YJ! And I’ll second the motion to have it as the new anthem of our Archuleta nation!

    • TOfan says:

      YJ, “It juxtaposes happiness and sorrow. In a way only David knows how to. Let it be the new anthem of our Archuleta nation!” Yes, yes, and yes!!!!

      I think abanana’s right too (even though she hasn’t heard it yet! lol), this CD’s Angels … I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about the magic he’s gonna make with this one in concert. So much room for him to flex those soulful muscles of his and just PLAY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Cindy says:

    What a beautiful and inspirational song. This summer, David has really hit some emotional chords with me. First, with SBL and now with TAGGB. Just when I feel like giving up on a lot of things, here’s David telling me not to. It’s almost as if he could read my soul and was speaking to me personally through his singing. How does he do that?!?! It just goes to show how in tune David is with the human condition.

    Wow, now I have tears running down my cheeks from just talking about it. David! See what you made me do??? : )

    • awestruck says:

      Cindy, he seems to touch each one of us where we need it most. He never fails to reach me on some level with each song he sings. It seems more obvious to me that his ‘babies’ evoke some extra emotion in him and his ability to get the message of the song across to anyone who listens.

  15. peppertara says:

    TOfan, love this: “I also picture him singing it at the Grammys backed by a full gospel choir, quaking the rafters and raising the roof. Hey, a girl can dream.”
    I had the same thoughts last night! Of course It was the wee hrs of the morning and after listening to the song numerous times and ending up being a wet eyed lump who needed sleep, I decided to go to bed.
    Yes, a definite fan fave for tour, love your description on that! Who can’t relate to this song and can bring it into their own lives. I know I could. A big hug from David? Most definitely felt that way. He can run the gamut of emotions with his music for sure and there is no doubt that he makes you feel alive and wanting more.
    Do like the “all of the above button in the poll” had to choose that.
    Hugs to all (just because) 🙂

  16. refnaf says:

    Hello everyone!! Coming back from vacation does has it benefits @#$@$@& new songs!!! just heard the studio Elevator and this!!! OMGosh, kinda overwhelmed. I really am hanging on and having the ride of my life 🙂

    I have lots to catch up on, but need to say right off, Justin> awesome job on sharing your story with us and thank you!!!

  17. TOfan says:

    So just found out David wrote TAGGB with Nick Lashley (he’s the guy he wrote IICOB with & played guitar for him when he performed at that Idol finale Elevate party).

    Nick’s twitter name is @mygirlgeorgy and today he tweeted:

    @davidarchie sang a song we wrote together #thingsaregonnagetbetter on the telethon last night!! he was amazing!!!

    And who’s Georgy? His dog! 😆 Remember this TwitPic from David? (click to enlarge)

    @DavidArchie Georgy on break between recording vocals

    Georgy on break between recording vocals on Twitpic

  18. lisa says:

    Hey all you cool snow angelzzz….i did not watch this, but i’m love love lovin this song, david was amazing again. so do you think HE chose to sing this over SBL or i wonder if the producers asked him to sing a inspirational song???? just wondering b/c it would have been great promo for the single, i’m sure his itunes sales would have jumped as it was a huge audience. Anyway he killed it…and i can’t wait for the new cd. 🙂

  19. TOfan says:

    Hey, lisa!
    I was just guessing that David chose to sing TAGGB over SBL for the Telethon because of its message, but he actually talks about that in this video (around 1:30).

    It’s hard to hear but at the beginning of the video, he’s talking about what “My Kind of Perfect” (which was #12 on the leaked track list) is about … sounds like another winner! *ordering extra defibrillators for Oct. 5*

  20. River says:

    I’m excited to kinow who and where the song was written. It has such a country anthem sound to it that I was thinking Nashville. So far I’ve thought of about 100 events that could be kicked off with a rousing version of TAGGB and so many ways to stage it. This one is going to be a BIG arena song. What a wondrous artist he is.

  21. TOfan says:

    River, I’ve seen a couple of comments about the song having a country feel, but I don’t hear that at all (which is odd because I was into country music for a while there). I hear the gospel/R&B vibe, but hey, if it brings David a new audience, bring on the fiddles! lol

    Here’s a story from a fan who saw the performance live at the Telethon:


  22. River says:

    TOFan think “crossover country”.. like Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. A huge radio top 40 hit. This song can do that in both markets.

    • TOfan says:

      Great song & harmonies (NYN). And if that backing track was only the demo (not the actual track), can’t wait to hear the album version!

  23. SandyBeaches says:

    Something for you… 🙂


    • awestruck says:

      SB – David smile lights me up inside, thanks to you and Abbra!

    • TOfan says:

      SB & Abrra, oh my heck, my first day back at work after vacation & I immediately clicked on your link but forgot that my earplugs were NOT plugged into my computer. 😯

      So yes, now the whole office has been serenaded by David’s amazing voice singing Things Are Gonna Get Better …. I sure hope they do. 😆

  24. jackryan4DA says:

    Have you seen the final official track list?

    18 items all in all
    – 12 songs
    – 4 videos
    PLUS on Pre-Order Basis Only
    – 1 digital booklet &
    – 1 bonus track – “The Day After Tomorrow” –> wasn’t there a movie with the same title sometime ago?

    28 days to gooooooooooo, YAY!

  25. jackryan4DA says:

    TOFan, Peppertara – TAGGB is such an ear worm.

    “But I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine

    And I know there’s hope
    I see it in your eyes
    So take me, touch me
    ‘Cause with a little bit of love, we can win the fight
    With a little bit of love, we can see the light
    With a little bit of love, it’ll be alright

    I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine


    I know things are gonna get better
    And I know, things are gonna be fine
    And I know, things are gonna get better
    Life is gonna get better
    Yeah, we’re gonna be fine

    Walk, walk, walkin’ by
    And keep, keep, keep walkin’ on
    Keep, keep, keep walkin’ on”

    Re: italicized portion — well, that’s at least how I imagine it on tour LOL Am sure you guys are effin’ jumping for a tour!

    You know, I can hear this as a theme song for a movie or a TV show… Great work David. It really pays off when you do music from the heart 🙂

    EMBE – big hugs to you!!!!!!

  26. jackryan4DA says:

    You’ve seen the performance. Spazzed over it but care to see it one more time?

    This is the vid that I tried uploading yesterday but work got in the way – dang corporate stuff, hmmmp!

    Anw, this HD vid includes the Opening, Intro, Performance, Interview & Telethon Result — just to give some context to the whole telethon experience 🙂

    ps: Calling, calling FG – am sure you will appreciate the image placeholder for the vid 😉

  27. jackryan4DA says:

    Is David a performer for SU2C? If he is, this is a perfect song also for the event

    • TOfan says:

      JR, stop reading my mind! lol That’s exactly how I imagine the song on tour, with the a cappella/hand clapping and David’s soulful improvs soaring to the heavens. sigh. & I also was thinking TAGGB would be PERFECT for SU2C. Soooo hope he gets to perform.

      Like abanana, I’m kinda sad Northern Lights isn’t on the track list, hope we get to hear it someday. And only one bonus track, huh? Guess we were pretty spoiled last time.

      Who knows, many artists release 2-3 track EPs in between albums. *hopes*

      SB, have you recovered yet from Nashville? 🙂

      • SandyBeaches says:

        The storm passed by our door with branches down and our main crop apples getting damaged but in the province over 200,000 without power and Halifax had more damage.One poor fellow lost his life trying to tie down his boat.

        Recovered from Nashville? No…maybe on another day! This was a totally different experience being part of the taping and watching him place the audience in a “who is this stunning young man as they stood in awe?” trance. 😉 …and it was so classical.


  28. SandyBeaches says:

    Thanks for bringing all of these vids. etc JR to all the sites on such a busy labor day weekend. This in one weekend that we share the same holiday and the last of the summer big gatherings wirth the US.


  29. jackryan4DA says:

    Always my pleasure SB. I find the saying “Joy shared is multiplied, shared grief is divided is more pronounced in the ArchUniverse 🙂

    BTW, I also have the version of the TAGGB in HDTV w/ the intro (but minus the opening & results segment of the previously posted vid) AND w/o the merchant markings onscreen. The better to see Archuleta!

  30. refnaf says:

    THIS SONG!!!!! wow, like (((embe))) says”

    “They can’t believe they’re really gone”…. Such a simple line. Such a powerful truth. It hurts me but it heals me. That’s the sign of music that’s doing it’s job. That’s the sign of David’s voice.”

    I can not believe my brother is gone……but life does go on. I have to just say I love David…. his gift to me, I kinda feel like I can not talk about it anymore., there are not words big enough. I am sooo extremely thankful for all of you ((((group hug)))) cause you all know exactlly what I mean and where I am coming from… coming from a total David ODD place… gah. I am done.

  31. TOfan says:

    Major Spazz Alert!!!!!!

    Could the next single be my beloved Elevator????

    Mike Krompass just tweeted:

    @mikekmusic: Finishing touches on the next @DavidArchie single today, off to Vancouver Tonight

    @Shell_eeeyyy then asked if it was going to be TAGGB and Mike replied:

    “nope :), it’s one you already know ;)”

    🙂 ♥ 🙂 ♥ 🙂

  32. Angelica says:


    You don’t need no stinkin’ sleep. Who needs sleep? Your thinking just fine!

    Grammy bound…see ya on The Other Side of Down!

    Srly, I love this song and his performance of it was…what is word? Running out of superlatives to describe him anymore. Oh, he was superlative! 😆

  33. Abrra says:

    TOfan my sistah to the North!
    I have been spazzing for the last 2 days/nights over this song. I pretty much feel like you do about it being a great concert song! If you will allow me to paste my comment from The Voice, it is how I see the future of this song.

    “It occurred to me that this song is David’s


    Yes. It’s so EPIC. It’s so him that I am going to go out in a limb here and say this is his signature song for the next tour. The one we will wait for. The one the stadiums will shake to the foundation when we all join him to sing it. ”

    I see SB has alerted you to the MGR I made last night. A bunch of us were in our “Unplugged” chat /video room and all the comments about his walk gave me the idea to do it in slow motion.

    GAH! I am still spazzing! haha


    • TOfan says:

      lol, Abs, slo-mo FTW!!! It does have that epic, anthem feel for sure. Can’t you just see him running out into the crowd and pointing the mic at unsuspecting fans to sing into??? 🙂

  34. TOfan says:

    Canadian fans can now pre-order The Other Side of Down from iTunes Canada here:


    It’s moving up the Cdn. Pop charts, currently at #30!

  35. jackryan4DA says:

    TOfan – well you know what hey say about minds thinking alike 🙂

  36. jackryan4DA says:

    minds thinking alike…

    minds going loco at the same time, tee-hee

  37. jackryan4DA says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps! Got confirmation from Sony Phils today.

    Just like Singapore and Malaysia, Manila will get TOSOD on October 4. And this is not to rub it in but since we are almost a day ahead of the western hemisphere, that’s practically 2 days of early spazzing.

    The defibrillator – stat international fans!

  38. jackryan4DA says:

    TOSOD – iTunes ranking

    #9 Pop; #43 Overall – yay!

  39. embe says:

    Oh gosh… David with his hair and his tan and the white shirt and the jeans and oh gosh… Whew. Where’s winter and icy lakes when you need a dip?!?!

    I’m just gonna go and… watch Barriers on mute.

  40. abanana77 says:

    I am still confused about this second single business. I totally love elevator and everything but I wish things were more clear. Do we think this means elevator will be released before Oct 5th?

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, who knows? Maybe they’ll release it soon hoping to drum up buzz for the album as well as exposure for SBL too. Here’s Mike’s last tweet: “@MikeKMusic All finished with Elevator mixes!!!!!! 🙂 sounds great.”

      Seems weird that Jive went to all the trouble of having SBL out as the first single, filmed a music video, but didn’t bother to promote it much or even fuzz out the logos on the vid so it could be shown on MTV etc.

      I must say, I love Elevator so much I don’t have the same worry about how it’ll fare on the charts, if that makes sense. I’m feeling all zen & calm about it, which is very weird for me. lol

      • emmegirl says:

        Excited to see TOSOD doing as well as it is in US and Canada!!

        I don’t understand all the releases anymore either, but it seems more and more artists are doing that, they have 3,4,5 singles out at the same time.
        Could it be that more people are buying singles now and not albums? idk.
        Seems that it could make competition for airplay that much tougher.

        Not that many albums anymore that seem to just be killing it sales-wise – seems there are many more that are a disappointment sales-wise than not. Changing times. So glad David seems to be able to hang in there and is doing very well (especially considering the promo he’s afforded.)
        And he is very much in demand for live appearances, which is a huge plus.

        I think Elevator will sound amazing on the radio and hope to hear it, alot!

        embe, yeah, the whole telethon look, killer!

      • emmegirl says:

        guess what I’m listening to! “it’s the butterfliiiiies”….

      • TOfan says:

        “keep you feelin’ so alive, so alive….” 🙂

        you’re right, emme, it’s a whole new single-based/playlist world out there, so who knows what the “master plan” is… just hope Jive has one!

  41. lisa says:

    Hey tofan, thanks for the response and the video, i had not seen that. and also whoever made the vid of the swagger in slo mo……LOL, definitely made me smile! 🙂 snow angelz ROCK

  42. TOfan says:

    So the official track list has just been posted on http://www.davidarchuleta.com and we are invited to post our “dream” set list (mine would go on for days, but I doubt that’s an option).

    Here’s one of the suggestions, which made me ROTFL so I thought I’d share:

    BY smileylanie
    SEP 07 2010
    Overly excited right now! Alright just so we’re clear it can be like songs from all the albums and like even ones he has covered right???

    2. Falling Stars
    3.My Hands
    5.Stand By me
    6.In this moment
    8.Who I Am
    9—–Duet with opening act if there is one——–
    10—– SOMETHING AMAZING RIGHT HERE like david flies over the crowd —–
    11.Zero Gravity
    12.Works For Me
    13. My kind of Perfect
    14. Things are gonna get better (He should totally invite some random fan on stage right here)
    15.She’s Not you(who cares if it was never officially released! Trust me hun people are gonna be happy!)
    16. David should sings something in spanish
    17. Apologize
    18. Melodies of christmas!
    19.Parachutes and Airplanes
    20.Touch my hand
    21. The other side of down
    23. Desperate
    24. WAITING FOR YESTERDAY(personally my favorite david song ever!)Ps. GIANT FINALE THAT BECOMES THE 9th WORLD WONDER xD

    There it is pure awesome! hahahha

    😆 😆 😆

  43. TOfan says:

    And here’s my post:

    “Playing a show in the near future”???? Well, if this is my DREAM setlist, then the show must be here in Canada! LOL So here’s my dream setlist:

    1. Elevator (Best. Song. Ever.)
    2. My Hands (2nd Best. Song. Ever.)
    3. Joni Mitchell’s Case of You 🙂
    4. Stomping the Roses (gotta hear that one!!!)
    5. Parachutes & Airplanes (love it!)
    6. Elevator again (just ‘cuz)
    7. Other Side of Down (I like it already)
    8. My Kind of Perfect (ditto)
    9. Somebody Out There (my beau’s fave)
    10. Northern Lights (I know it’s not on the CD but I REALLY wanted to hear that one).
    11. Who I Am
    12. Look Around
    13. Good Place
    14. Falling Stars.
    15. Complain
    16. Things Are Gonna Get Better with a full gospel choir and a cappella chorus!!!
    That’s when the FIRE department comes ‘cuz you’ve BURNED DOWN THE HOUSE!!!
    Encore #1
    Zero Gravity, WFM, Crush
    Encore #2
    SBL, Angels, Dark End of the Street (Eva Cassidy version)
    Encore #3
    Misty 🙂

    How about you guys???

  44. betsy says:

    TOFan that list is the bomb. And that isn’t a word I normally use. 🙂

    I really need to see/hear him play Crazy again.
    (as I am still horribly not over it, never will be, never want to be, still listen to it every single day, etc.)
    Can that be encore #4?

  45. jackryan4DA says:

    Telethon, SU2C aaaaaaaaaaaaand (I just realized)

    Idol Gives Back!

    TAGGB is the perfect song for that event w/ a full back-up gospel choir, please?

    Of course after he sings SBL 😉

  46. emmegirl says:

    Winding down before bed so decided to listen to TAGGB. Gosh, like it more and more every time I listen.

    Don’t know how relaxed it’s making me tho 😉

  47. peppertara says:

    Love the idea of Elevator being the new single, such a great, quirky, fun song. Just pre ordered from Itunes (had to do that for sure). Haha, the set list from the fan on the OS made me laugh “David flies over the crowd”. Well, if he released those wings he has hidden he could do it I’m sure. 🙂
    Love your set list TOfan, perfect concert for a Canadian show. The show could go on for hours and hours!
    I wonder which concert they are referring to, or is this maybe one we don’t know about yet?
    I’m still pushing for SBL to be played here, I’m thinking eventually I will hear it on the radio (and then we will hear Elevator on the radio) sounds pretty wonderful.

  48. TOfan says:

    I love you guys <3333

    just wanted to let you know.


    • embe says:

      I totally love you too and I don’t know anything about you lol. It’s odd, but I don’t care. I just want to hug you ❤

      P.S. Is it wrong to have filthy thoughts about an angel?

  49. abanana77 says:


    We all love you too <3333333333

  50. Abanana77 says:

    Did you guys see the Joannie Rochette thing??? I just read it on Snarkies (staying up late does have it’s payoffs). AMAZING. She was so inspiring to me at the Olympics, the way she handled everything.

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, I saw this part and almost fainted, “Rochette will perform throughout the show, including a solo number with Archuleta singing.” Rest is HERE. I think I wept through her whole routine at the Olympics, not sure if I can handle David singing too … esp. if it’s TAGGB. Wonder if she’s a fan? eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • abanana77 says:

        I took a serious double take when I read it the first time. That performance is going to be incredibly moving by both performers. Ahhhhhhh. I wonder whether David watched her skate at the Olympics??

  51. refnaf says:

    David singing, Joannie skating, and me in the audience> I predict tears, lol.

  52. TOfan says:

    Making a muscle for MDA 🙂 :

    muscle mda

  53. awestruck says:

    A bit off topic –

    JR this is a link to Kizzi’s great article on AFS (in case you don’t make it over there). Her take on the negative comments people make… thought you might find it helpful


    • jackryan4DA says:

      TOFan – thanks for keeping in mind my iffiness about the negative comments. It just comes and goes. Right now here is what I have to say about that:

      Not for the money
      Not for fame
      Not for the screams
      Though they will come, just the same

      He will do his thing
      As he only knows how
      Cos music is his life
      We should know that by now!

      He can be spacey & random
      And at times, such a tease
      But trust in TheArchuletor
      Cos he only aims to please 🙂

      Not everyone for sure
      Cos to target that is insane
      He has his priorities aligned
      And for that he’s got game!


      ps: TOSOD deluxe pre-order is now # 7 in top POP albums & # 27 overall on iTunes – regular version #50 in POP

  54. MunkFOD says:

    TOFan, Your set list is cracking me up! I love it! Would love to hear David sing and see him perform for a couple of hours! Might want to throw in there “I’ll Be” for the heck of it! LOL!

  55. MunkFOD says:

    OH! and maybe “Crazy”…LOL!

  56. peppertara says:

    I am so excited about the Skate For The Heart special!! David and Joannie together, can only imagine the beauty of it! Whatever he sings while she skates, I know we are in for something very special, wow. I remember weeping through her performance too at the Olympics, thought my heart would burst.
    Refnaf…how wonderful for you, to be in the audience. What a memorable and moving experience that will be!
    I’m happy that it will be aired three times, yes!

    Love the making a muscle photos, our little muscle man looks awfully sweet.

    Loved the article by Kizzi. Spoke for a lot of us I think. TAGGB has left an imprint on my heart and it resonates each day now. Just love it and then some and oh my….that voice.

  57. embe says:

    Oh gahhhh…….. At 0:10, when David raises his arms to scratch his neck, look at the outline of his back under his right arm. WTH?!?! Illegal!! Sadistic!!! Oww.

    • embe says:

      Oh how APPROPRIATE that the screen is paused EXACTLY there…. I hate you David!!

    • jackryan4DA says:

      I have been waiting for someone to comment on that! Bahahahaha why am I not surprised it was you EMBE! LOL

      • embe says:

        Well, being the openly perverted, hormonal mess that I am, it is my RIGHT to point out such assets. As long as I keep it PG. Which is sometimes hard, especially when TOfan suggested I wrote a fanfic about David because I “sure know how to paint a picture”. I’d gladly write it, but I don’t know where it could ever be posted.

        Hey, I’m only human with five senses all of which David overloads every friggin’ day.

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