Elevator go up, up, up

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this song. I’ve heard it once. ONCE! It’s love at first sight … um, listen.

It’s quirky, it’s catchy, it bubbles through you like extra oxygen. There’s like a tinge of Caribana. It shows off every shiny corner of his amazing vocal range. It’s so alive, so soulful … so, so… DAVID!!!

I don’t know what it is about David Archuleta and launching skyward (Zero Gravity, Parachutes & Airplanes, Elevators) but it Works For Me!!!

I haven’t even listened to SBL live yet, that’s how much I love this song. My spidey senses are a’tingling. I.Am.In.Love.

So what do you guys think? 😆

Oh & here are the pics the lovely Kizzi posted on the last thread:

SBL Live:


Thanks to ArchuletaAvenue for all vids & ArchieRx for mp3s:

Download Crazy HERE

Download Elevator HERE

Download SBL HERE


Return of The Desert Boots... It's official. He's trying to kill me.*

Elevator lyrics (thanks, Snarky Archies!):

Whoa-Oh Oh Oh
I had a dream last night
I didn’t know which floor to get off on (Eh-yay)
The doors they opened on 4, & 5, & 6,
And you were gone
All gone

I didn’t wanna know
I didn’t understand
At least I took a chance
I had to let it go

Elevator goes up
Elevator come down and
And you just go with the flow
Till your feet are back on the ground
It’s an endless ride
Sometimes it takes a while
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it’s the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You’re gonna get back, then high

And in my dream last night
The doors, they finally shut
And I was there, somewhere
Alone in my reality, inside an empty box
That’s filled with air, but I don’t care, no
Next time I’ll get it right, next time I’ll be okay
I’ll have a different dream tonight, tomorrow’s another day

Elevator goes up
Elevator come down and
And you just go with the flow
Till your feet are back on the ground
It’s an endless ride
Sometimes it takes a while
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it’s the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You’re gonna get back, then high

You’ll never know
What you’re gonna get
What you don’t expect, can come and find you
If you laugh or cry, you run and hide
But it’s alright

Elevator goes up
Elevator comes down and
And you just go with the flow
Till your feet are back on the ground
It’s an endless ride
Sometimes it takes a while
Sometimes it tears you down inside
But it’s the butterflies
That keep you feeling so alive, so alive
You’re gonna get back, then high

So alive, so alive,
You’re gonna get back, then high-Ighh

*Pic from @Kollin, more pics HERE.

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128 Responses to Elevator go up, up, up

  1. beebee says:

    (*^#&^)*#~ #@)(&^$^P# #!#$%*) #@)(&^$)O# #$”_)^%^#$*&&%$ @#@Y%*P( #@)(&^$* &%$ #@)(&^$ #@)(&^$@$ &P(P&U^ #@ #@)(&^ $#^&({



    Archu_Quirky Perfection!

  2. peppertara says:

    I am loving this cute, adorable, funky Elevator! Yes…quirky, fun, soulful, so very David I think.
    I am happy that this song will be on the album (at least I think that is what David said). How creatively David! It makes me smile.:)

    I think beebee said it quite well. Lol.

  3. embe says:

    I don’t know what to think about Elevator. But I LOVED SBL live. And Crazy. David’s upper range has expanded tremendously. It’s like chocolate muffins for my ears ❤

    But. Here's something totally illegal. No one should ever speak/look/act like that, EVER. I'm dying.

  4. ai lyn says:

    love at first listen for me too! agreed with everything said in this post. 😀 I can tell this is gonna be one of my favs!

  5. jackryan4DA says:

    Finally! Internet connection!!!! Ant angel am sure will understand my angst. David’s 1st live performance of tswo new songs…

    … and I lost all internet connection at home, in my celfone and in the office 😦

    While I was figuring out how to finish (1) a presentation for a client to be emailed saturday night and (2) presentation to our Rehab Receiver for Monday submission…

    Wait, it gets worse – my laundry woman bailed out on me this weekend due to an emergency so I had to stay home and wash/iron clothes!

    Ok end of rant cos I heard an acoustic SBL and ELEVATOR and a crazy, CRAZY and all time fave CRUSH.

    Am a happy camper amidst folding & ironing clothes while doing a mental ppt (so that tonight I can get on with it faster nya-ah-ah!!!)

    I need a hug and David’s voice just did the work! Thanks OLEM for the speedy posting of the vids and to all those who uploaded them to YT immediately 🙂

  6. awestruck says:

    Well I am still trying to process. I should know better that to try and judge David’s voice from the cell cast (got the impression that he was really struggling with the high notes) BUT… He was singing 150% last night to my ears once I was able to listen to the YT’s. Poured his entire self into it. Thanks to those that downloaded so quickly.

    Elevator – I am liking it better with each listen, though honestly, I can’t remember the tune once it’s over. What I LOVE about it is the quirky, funness of it. David at his core?

    – this was a comment on MJ’s Blog that caught my attention,

    08/22/2010 at 12:25 am
    The performance that surprised me more than any other, oddly enough, was Crazy. All the rest were fine. But I saw flashes of brilliance in Crazy. I love it when he just lets go and sings.”

    I would say that I have to agree, I thought Crazy was phenomenal.

    embe – I hear that his upper range is much stronger – he just soars up to those notes now, but do you really think that his range is greater?

    That LOW section in S’BL is also to die for. His strength at this end has grown too.

    • embe says:

      You mean greater as in bigger? Yes, I definitely think so.

      During Idol his voice was going through changes puberty wise, but also regarding his vocal paralysis. His vocal cords couldn’t handle all the high notes, because they weren’t as strong as they could be. Now, I obviously haven’t discussed this with David, but it’s evident when listening to his earlier performances.

      I don’t consider high notes to be part of one’s upper register, if one can only hit the notes perfectly once in a while, like by “accident”. It has to be a permanent part of one’s range, and that only comes through experience and training. David has always had a great range for a guy, but it just wasn’t “secure” enough. There’s a different “fullness” in his voice now.

      I really envy David’s vocal abilities. And the runs and licks – they are self-taught.

  7. silverfox says:

    Today is the day! I get to see & hear David in my city!

    I go from being hyper one minute then I settle down I calm down. WHAT? Me worry????

    “Elevator”…the worry I have is that David struggled with the high notes. He must take care not to over-do. His voice is precious, more precious than the Hope Diamond. Actually, I’m a little surprised he, or whoever, wrote the notes so high knowing he sings so much better in his awesomeage lower range. But what do I know…

    One more thing…Lo-Rida (or whatever his name is) is releasing a single soon called “Elevator”. I saw it on the WDJX website…

    Ok…getting hyper again!!!!!!!!

    • embe says:

      I get that writers and David himself want to experiment and to use everything he has to offer when it comes to vocal range. But usually falsetto is used to highlight something – it’s kind of a “surprise”. So to sing a whole chorus in falsetto is tough, especially when David didn’t even know how to do it before. Falsetto is more difficult to control. But I have faith in David – this was the first time he ever performed the song and as the studio version is more polished, we’ll be able to spot the potential the song has better.

  8. silverfox says:

    OH…And his “Crazy” was C R A Z Y good! No, it was great! Hope he sings it today. Oh MY!!

    And I really, really liked the acoustic SBL more, much more than the studio version…I knew he would kill it in a LIVE performance!! His first live performance of SBL should have been on a much larger stage though…like TODAY! heh!

    See you later!

  9. silverfox says:

    That was Flo-Rida…haha

    See? That’s how much I know!!!

  10. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, yes Crazy is phenomenal, tbh I was so taken with Elevator when I got in after midnight last night, I only listened to Crazy now! Love when he gets to spend enough time with a song that it gets right under his skin and its as if it seeps right out from every pore. Chills.

    I know the vocals were a little rough on Elevator but it grabbed me right away… one of those David songs (MH was one) where I think I’d love it even if someone else was singing it… (as much as I love Crush, not sure I would’ve noticed it if David hadn’t been singing it).

    Re Elevator, I saw this in an old (Aug. 13) IDF post from Archfan13:

    You can read the full press release here:


    Upcoming Arthouse single releases include Carrie Underwood’s “Mama’s Song,” Mike Posner’s “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” and David Archuleta’s “Elevator.”

    The song is set to be delivered on August 30th to my station!

    No idea if this is for reals.

  11. pastel says:

    Agree with you completely Deb. Loved it through the not-so-crappy cellcast yesterday. Went a little gaga as did hundreds of others.

    This song fits David perfectly. He’s already joyous when he sings it. Karin (@Zerogravity1) indicated that she asked him what he was going to sing during the M&G and he said this song was more ‘him’. I could so feel that even thought the pitch problems. Sounds a little Sara B, doesn’t it?

    I also was impressed with SBL – vocally, it was amazing although I’m less impressed with the acoustic version. That is a pop song that needs full treatment, imho. Don’t u love that we can have different opinions and still love David lol!

    Still…lucky the folks who got to see him yesterday. Enjoy your day today SilverFox!!!

    • TOfan says:

      True, pastel, a little Sara B mixed with a little Mraz-a-matazz and a huge walloping dollop of pure Archuleta genius!

      I’d have to agree about this SBL. I think it’s because he sung it full pop style so you really noticed the absence of the percussion & driving backup & key change … I’d love to hear him try a true acoustic version of the vocals (slower, softer, more rhythmic & soulful) at some point, tho’.

      • awestruck says:

        wasn’t there a key change for the LOW part… at 3:58

        yeah, yeah TOfan, he sang the full out pop vocals with a guitar… “a slower, softer, more rythmic and soulful” acoustic version

  12. abanana77 says:

    Ahhhhhhh I don’t know whether I should listen or not! I told myself I would not listen to any song snippetts because I don’t want to spoil myself toooooooo much before the album but this isn’t a snippet… I don’t know. I have yet to watch any of the videos but am running home to get my headphones so I can listen to SBL and crazy at the very least.

  13. justin says:

    this is awesome, i think i prefer parachutes and airplanes but i still love love love this too 😀

    • awestruck says:

      hey Justin, now with parachutes and airplanes I can hear him singing the chorus in my head… really love that one.

    • TOfan says:

      Welcome, Justin! Loved your recent comment at the end of the “To the left, to the left” thread (found HERE)! Lefties FTW!

      I love Parachutes & Airplanes too. I think “I just want to steal this moment right away from time” is my favourite line of any David song so far.

  14. Kizzi says:

    Last minute ArchieRx says they will attempt a cell cast. Go here —–> http://www.blogtv.com/People/ArchieRx at 3pm. They say they don’t know when David will sing as there are several performers.

    And I think “Elevators” will surprise everyone….didn’t you like the up and down of David’s voice with the up and down of the song? I did. Lot’s of contrasts and for a first performance with what looks like lots of vocal acrobatics, it will most definitely be a winner live and on the album. And for those who find parts of it somewhat unpolished or perhaps cringe worthy, I remember Ford Day “Crush” and then later performances of “Crush.”

    I like that it was David’s dream, no deep meaning however, he qualified last night. How fun to see into an experience especially dreaming, sleeping and awaking…very cool that!

    • awestruck says:

      Kizzi, it did not matter to me the vocal slips… and YES to the song being fun and quirky with no deep meaning. So happy for David that he is embracing this side of himself and putting it out there.

    • emmegirl says:

      Apologies for the spamming, it’s just that I am sooo happy. Just saw the vids from last night and I am bubbling. That Crazy is KILLER, acoustic SBL – love, and Elevator, what a treat! He is becoming quite the songwriter already!

      Kizzi, what he does with that voice in Elevator is amazing! Even in what some may consider a subpar vocal for David he does things other singers can only dream of doing. And the song is fun and quirky and so him!

      And his confidence on the stage; he is releasing more, less inhibited. He may end up being one of the, if not THE most exciting live artist ever (and I mean among the true artists, not someone on the stage with a dozen other people and a circus act.)


  15. abanana77 says:

    OK so I have not watched elevator (yet) BUUUT SBL was AMAZING. And so was crazy! Ahhhhh.

    • TOfan says:

      abanana, I admire your willpower!!!

      I don’t want to give in to snippets either. But a full song??? I am powerless to resist that, I’m afraid! 😆

      He’s probs going to sing it again today, so watch out!!! 🙂

    • emmegirl says:

      I bet you don’t give in to your chocolate cravings either, lol!

      Me, I eat chocolate while I’m watching David’s vids!

  16. Kizzi says:

    Exuding happiness last night…

  17. peppertara says:

    Justin….just saw your post on the welcome page and you are definitely welcome here! Loved your comment and this:
    “when i think of canadians and i think its freaky how similar my idea of canadians is to archie, maybe you’ll forgive my earlier comments because i said you’re just like archie 🙂 ?”
    I think us canuck fans take that as a great compliment! So thanks for that.:)
    By the way…I have English relatives and when I do see them I have to admit….the sarcasm sometimes goes a little over my head (at first) but love the humour!

    Elevator has definitely captured my attention and I think that David will most likely “refine” the song a little as time goes on. Just don’t want him to strain his voice! Guess David knows what David can do. His first time performing it, with a guitar back up, pretty amazing I thought.
    All of his performances were stellar. Good to see him on the stage again!

  18. TOfan says:

    peppertara’s right, that’s an amazing compliment! And you’re from Ireland? I’m half-Irish/half-Italian, so you most def. fit right in! 🙂

    awestruck & kizzi, I’m with you on the off-notes thing.

    When he sang “If I Could Only Be” and had trouble with pitch/notes, it irked me because the song didn’t wow me as much as this one.

    This time, I could totally “hear” the finished product in my head with him nailing every note. Weird, huh?

    And although it’s a fun song, I think David’s “don’t give up, stay hopeful” themes are still there front and centre:

    …Next time I’ll get it right, next time I’ll be okay
    I’ll have a different dream tonight, tomorrow’s another day

    Elevator goes up
    Elevator come down
    And you just go with the flow
    Till your feet are back on the ground
    It’s an endless ride
    Sometimes it takes a while
    Sometimes it tears you down inside
    But it’s the butterflies
    That keep you feeling so alive, so alive

    Could this be the “Endless Ride” song that a fan overheard him rehearsing back in Rexburg? hmmmm

    • embe says:

      Half-Italian?? Wow, you must be gorgeous! I envy people who have exotic blood running through their veins… like David for example. I’m just a boring Finn from a cold little country that nobody knows 😦

      • TOfan says:

        Yo, embe, we’ve seen your pic, YOU are gorgeous! (I’m not exotic looking in the least, lol.)

      • abanana77 says:

        Hahaha I am not exotic looking in the least either! I look very canadian if that is even possible.

      • embe says:

        Aww TOfan ❤ Thank you, though I really beg to differ lol. I'm kinda like David – can't listen to my own singing and think I look weird 😛

  19. TOfan says:

    It is the same one, just saw this on Twitter:

    @JaesikaN YEAH!!! Elevator is the song i heard David singing like 2 months ago!! That is so cool!!! Well now you’ve all heard it!! 🙂 🙂 … Now I finally know the real name of it! 🙂

  20. awestruck says:

    embe – you are exotic just by being from Finland! Sigh, I always wanted red hair…

    • embe says:

      Yay! My freezing, dull homecountry is considered exotic!

      Psst Awestruck – I’ll let you in on a little secret.

      I’m actually blonde.

      Well DUH – I’m Scandinavian 😛

  21. Kizzi says:

    Elevator – Louisville from emilyluvsarchie:

  22. Kizzi says:

    Something ‘Bout Love – Louisville from the lovely Emilyluvsarchie

  23. emmegirl says:

    emilyluvsarchie should be hired as his official videographer! Thanks Emily!

    How he gets up there and sings these songs acoustic like that is crazy!

    (Was there a ring switch from left hand to right since last night?)

  24. TOfan says:

    snowangelzluvsemilyluvsarchie!!! 🙂 You’re so right, emmegirl! And I love reading her “More info” ramblings almost as much as watching her vids! … almost 🙂

    Was David moonlighting as a catalogue model during breaks? 😆 (Pic from @woah_its_cara)
    smaller catalogue

    I’m stuck in a major Elevator vortex … and I know the words are “just go with the flow” but I prefer what I first thought they were: “Disco with the flow” bahahahaha

    Saw this on Twitter and thought it was interesting to share with you guys:

    @CrazedHits Artists with longevity create their own space on radio. They don’t follow trends and try to sound like anyone else.
    … Conclusion: If you want longevity, you should NOT follow trends and sound like everything that is on Radio. Don’t listen to A&R bozos.
    … Something to think about: “I Kissed A Girl” received a total of 227k US radio spins to date compared to 380k for Train’s “Hey Soul Sister”
    … “Hey Soul Sister” was released to radio 20 months AFTER “I Kissed A Girl”…
    … Btw, Lady Antebellum received even more spins -> 451k in total for NEED YOU NOW. Wow. Selling music without sex & scandals. What a concept!

    • awestruck says:

      Very very interesting TOfan. David just has to trust his instincts and be able to act on his instincts (I don’t think he wanted SBL to be the first single…)

      • TOfan says:

        You might be right, awestruck. I mean, he wrote it and all, but it always seemed odd that he’d always describe it in interviews as “radio friendly,” which is probably what he kept hearing from the label.

        As opposed to “one of my favourite songs on the album” … and I’ve also found it odd that he’s always so quick to clarify that SBL doesn’t sound like anything else on the album.

        That said, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much positive feedback I’ve been seeing online from NON-fans … both tweeters and bloggers including SBL on their posted playlists alongside Katy Perry, Usher, etc. So if it just gets a little more radio play from this mini promo tour, I think it’ll take off.

  25. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, lol. Kinda thought the same thing when I first saw that pic!

    Thanks for that twitter comment. Really interesting and sounds like great advice.

    You can tell David has had a blast with this album and he will continue to develop what is already such a unique talent. Think TPTB are still wanting him in the pop genre, but in a couple of albums think he will be much closer to indie than pop. His comment on Something Pitchy about producing a deep dark indie album and everyone wondering where that came from could lead you to believe he would be doing something closer to indie now but they think he is too young. And I think when he gets there it will be soulful and jazzy yet laidback and uniquely David.

    Just loving the endless ride!

  26. awestruck says:

    Yes, emmiegirl I have thought the same about his indie comment… and I can see him moving towards it already. The fact of the matter is that he CAN do just about anything – I simply cannot picture him doing country, lol – and yes I am too loving the endless ride.

    TOfan, I think that SBL will be a hit, and his label probably had that pegged properly… David, it seems to me though, is REALLY excited about getting those songs that he feels represent him to his fans. I will be very interesting to see how a second single does off TOSOD, especially if it is Elevator or one like it. pssss – liked it a little more this listen round from Louisville… and I thought that for only the second time performing it live David seemed more comfortable with it and the low/high notes seemed more connected and flowed better. Sheesh, how does he do it so quickly?

  27. awestruck says:

    OK, so he DID do God Bless the Broken Road, but to me it seemed more David style than country :lol

    • awestruck says:

      kay, so HOW do you do the moving, smiling yellow-headed mouth???

      • TOfan says:

        : lol : (but with no spaces)


        For sure, emme & awestruck, he’s gonna come up with a brand new genre of soulful, quirky, indie ArchuPop all his own!

        Endless ride FTW!!!

  28. awestruck says:


  29. TOfan says:

    Yay!!! 😆

    Give this a try, guys (as per Snarky Janey): Read Elevator lyrics out loud (I’ve added them to the end of the post above) … freaky. This ain’t no bit o’ fluff, man!

    Or, to quote alecalecbobalec from YouTube: “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I can’t even. I am actually dying from the awesomeness of this song.”

  30. emmegirl says:

    David introduces it as just a song about some random dream and oh, it’s just a fun, nonsensical song… but it is much more. And that reading it out loud thing is amazing!

    I didn’t know which floor to get off on
    The doors they opened on 4, & 5, & 6,
    And you were gone
    All gone

    I didn’t wanna know
    I didn’t understand
    At least I took a chance
    I had to let it go…

    …And you just go with the flow
    Till your feet are back on the ground…

    …The doors
    They finally shut
    And I was there,
    somewhere alone in my reality,
    inside an empty box that’s filled with air,
    but I don’t care

    Next time I’ll get it right
    Next time I’ll be okay
    I’ll have a different dream tonight
    Tomorrow’s another day

    …Sometimes it takes a while
    Sometimes it tears you down inside
    But it’s the butterflies that keep you feeling so alive, so alive
    You’re gonna get back, then high

  31. TOfan says:

    emme, I know, it kinda blew my mind, actually.

    As did this … acoustic TMH … oh my heck, THIS is a revelation … did not like TMH at first AT ALL, too simplistic, but the live version of this song grew on me over time and now this acoustic version I LOVE. It adds another layer of longing or something… positively haunting. If David ever gives an acoustic SBL this treatment, whoah.

  32. TOfan says:


    In four minutes! You can
    isten to David being interviewed live in studio Lexington 106.3! HERE=> http://sp.crystalmedianetworks.com/player/?q=show/wcda. 9:30 am EST.

  33. TOfan says:

    Hope the radio station will post the interview & performance on their station … the acoustic SBL I just heard was, to quote Beebee:

    (*^#&^)*#~ #@)(&^$^P# #!#$%*) #@)(&^$)O# #$”_)^%^#$*&&%$ @#@Y%*P( #@)(&^$* &%$ #@)(&^$ #@)(&^$@$ &P(P&U^ #@ #@)(&^ $#^&({

    At the end, the DJ was speechless… there was this pause, then he said, “Wow.”

    Sample question:
    “How do you like Louisville?”
    David: “I like it, it’s old school … not old school like ‘Yo’ but real old school, like antiquey.”


    Twitpic from @brooketalley (click 2 enlarge):
    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

  34. awestruck says:

    If anyone is interested… SBL is climbing slowly and steadily, gaining spins…

    Mon. Aug.23, 2010
    60 53 DAVID ARCHULETA Something ‘Bout Love 296 262 34 0.855

    Dang, I missed that interview by 5 minutues, waiting for YT

  35. TOfan says:

    Acoustic guitar Crush off.the.charts.amazing… *tears of joy*

    Only 2 songs on the album he didn’t write!!!!

    Worked on 50 songs in total … gahhhh, NEED to hear them.

    DJ: “You’re a nice person and a genuine person and an incredible singer.”


  36. TOfan says:

    Too adorbs… this is the radio station’s window washer:

    @John_AF’s Twitpic (click 2 enlarge & see more):

    Even the window washer is a fan on Twitpic

  37. awestruck says:

    only 2 songs he DIDN’T write! wow

    man – o – man he needs to stop telling us how many songs he worked on… SIGH, we only get to hear a handful of them. I NEED A YT *please*

    and the DJ’s comment, absoulutely GREAT – now you know what we know, 😆

  38. emmegirl says:

    Not anymore, they can’t deny his talent or his charm. The DJ’s are becoming as hooked as the fans.

    Woooh, SBL starting it’s climb! Thanks for that info!

    Can’t wait for the audio. I loved his morning voice when he sang “I’m Amazed” and “Works For Me” on the Fox morning show. It has even another texture.

    **and John’s twitpic of the window washer is priceless.

    15 SONGS! And then will there also be a Deluxe CD with even more bonus songs? (okay that sounded really greedy!)

    • TOfan says:

      sorry, emme, you might be disappointed, LOL, I didn’t hear any morning voice on either song … have never heard him sound better, just incredible. Even with my crappy office earphones (& being distracted trying so hard not to smile like a fool… or cry!) Well-rested David FTW!!!

      Hope SF was there! *waves*

  39. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, just listened. HOLY C***! I mean, come on, he really doesn’t play fair!

    Can you imagine driving along in your car listening to morning *blah, blah* radio and then hearing THAT live performance envelope your car!

    He just opens his mouth and starts singing… and the seas part. After 2 years he still amazes!

    “& being distracted trying so hard not to smile like a fool… or cry!)”…. right there with ya!

  40. embe says:

    What the heck just happened????


    I… it’s… what????

    • emmegirl says:

      *snap* out of it embe! lol!

      “my brain in not that complex” … I beg to differ David.

      • embe says:

        I’m snapping all I can emme!! But David’s like a loud noise – pierces my brain no matter how I try to escape it.

        Btw, what does the “emme” stand for? Just asking since my name is Emmi 🙂 lol

  41. emmegirl says:

    embe – awww, it’s my 2 yr old german shepherds name, and she is such an Emmie – perfect name for her. I think all Emmie’s must be sweeties!

  42. TOfan says:

    aww, loving the embe/emme powwow, so cool! 🙂

    And just to make it a little harder for y’all to snap out of it, I’ve embedded Larissa’s two-part audio of this morning’s EPIC interview in the “Must See” sidebar on the right! (and to download mp3s of the songs, scroll up in the comments).

    I’m still a little too not over it all. That acoustic Crush was about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I bet he could have a hit with that all over again.

  43. awestruck says:

    oh. my. stars. I’m stunned. The interview was great and SBL and Crush, well…

    emmiegirl – I missed hearing David say there were 15 songs. Did he really say that?

  44. abanana77 says:

    Oh my goodness I am having trouble keeping up again! Buut soon I will be back in Ontario where I have my own computer with wireless internet. And then I shall watch everything I have missed from this summer!

    But super excited to hear only 2 of the songs on the album are not c0-written by him. Ah! Super excited!

    Oh, and I have decided not to listen to elevator. From now on until Oct. 5 I am spoiler free! (well, I like to read peoples opinion of the snippets/songs and reading the lyrics but I’m not listening)

  45. peppertara says:

    Well today is another epic day it seems. That interview was pure joy all the way, I could not stop smiling and his songs….absolutely incredibly wonderful and perfect. Acoustic Crush..YES! SBL was fantastic! He couldn’t have done better, honestly. Morning voice? What morning voice! I was thinking the same thing that emmegirl was thinking….all those people out there who happen to be listening to that station and were blessed with David and his voice! Whoa.
    I am so excited and thrilled for David. almost the entire album, filled with David’s songs! I want to hear the other 35 or so songs too, gosh.

    emmegirl, love the meaning behind your screen name. I can relate. My name is actually the names of two of my beloved cats who are no longer here (Pepper and Tara). I was going to change my screen name but decided to leave it as is (in their honour). They were very special pets.

    Have to say, just love that photo of the radio station window washer with David. Seems everyone is so touched by that picture, very sweet. Think it is because David is everyone’s friend, no matter who you are, where you are..not to mention that everyone finds him so loveable.
    So much ado, so much ado (as David would say). Lots of great stuff happening these days and very glad that there is. Thanks for all the updates!

    • awestruck says:

      I wondered about your screen name, sweet to remember your pets by.

    • emmegirl says:

      peppertara – and it’s funny how every time you use it, you think of them for just a split second, and it makes you smile. (Gosh, another way David has given us a small blessing. If it wasn’t for him, I would never have had a reason to create a username on the internet)

      *my nephew had a beloved cat named Pepper who lived for a very long time.

  46. TOfan says:

    Ninja vid FTW!!! 🙂

  47. refnaf says:

    (*^#&^)*#~ #@)(&^$^P# #!#$%*) #@)(&^$)O# #$”_)^%^#$*&&%$ @#@Y%*P( #@)(&^$* &%$ #@)(&^$ #@)(&^$@$ &P(P&U^ #@ #@)(&^ $#^&({

    Agreeing wtih beebee, now I am daid…..———————————————

  48. emilyluvsarchie says:

    Guys, I’m finally home from school and uploading the rest of my Louisville vids. Thanks for the kind words up-thread. 🙂 Touch My Hand will be ready in about ten minutes. Then I’ll try to get Crush and the We The Kings song. Oh and my dad took hundreds of great pics. I’ll let you know when I get them up.

    • TOfan says:

      awesome!!!!! thanks, Emily!!! <33333

      Was it as amazing as it looked/sounded to be there?

      • emilyluvsarchie says:

        TOfan, yes it was amazing! David was so relaxed and happy. He absolutely loves Elevator, it really shows live and the high notes seem to come more easily for him than it sounded to me on youtube the day before. I was able to speak to David for just a second, and get a quick pic, and I told him I loved “Elevator”. He just said, “awww thanks”. The crowd was great and loved him, many were there for We The Kings and other acts, but they loved David.

      • TOfan says:

        I’m so glad you got to tell him you love Elevator! I do too (as you might have noticed from my post! hahahaha)

        I bet he won over some new fans that might have been there to see the others! 🙂

    • awestruck says:


    • refnaf says:

      Thank you Emily!!!! woot!!!

  49. silverfox says:

    Well David did it again! He sucked me in again yesterday at the WDJX Bash. Will I ever learn? I thought I could see & hear David & come away thinking how wonderful he was & how great he sounded & looked & not feel like I can’t wait for the next time! I thought since it’s been 8 long months since I last saw David in person, that I was immune to his Glow, his awesomeness, his charms, his smile, everything he is. What was I thinking?

    So here I am….going through what I always go through..the after-effects of being in his presence. AND I didn’t even meet him this time! I thought I was “safe”. I thought there was no way I would feel what I’m feeling. And to make matters worse, I had a GOLDEN opportunity to see David this morning up close & personal in Lexington, less than an hour away! Why didn’t I take the morning off? Why did I let this happen? I had the chance to see David TWICE in less than 24 hours! And I didn’t even have to FLY to another state/city to do it! But I didn’t because I didn’t THINK! If it had just been ME in Lexington it would have creeped him out, but there was a whole entourage of fans from out of town, OUT OF TOWN mind you, who followed David to Lexington. I LIVE HERE a mere one hour or less, away but I decided I should go to work like a good employee and missed what very well could be a once in a lifetime experience FOR ME! I’ve met David more times than I deserve, through VIP’s or by chance & unbelievable luck. But today I let what would have been one of the sweetest, most awesomeage experiences just slip through my fingers.

    Woe is me. 😦

    BUT I will be seeing David in Nashville on 9/2! Doesn’t matter if he’s singing 1, 2 or 10 songs! To be in his presence, to hear that glorious voice sing…well it’s worth everything to me. I wonder though…Does David “know” he’s a guest on this Special? 😉

    I do go on & on, don’t I? Geesh!

    Good nite & sweet dreams to all!

  50. refnaf says:

    Been wandering the streets of Old Montreal…. on vacation with Mr. refnaf…in the back of my brain the knowledge that David has been performing and I (poor soul) have been missing out on cellcsts, twittering, vids and squeeing. So, the complete pleasure of settling down to the comfort of laptop and ear buds, a glass of wine and the Voice > is unbelieveable bliss. What takes me by surprise is this rendition of TMH, never a fave except as a live concert opener…. but this rendition is @#$%#@@# as TOfan says “haunting.” I am in shock and awe, of everthing he does and says and sings. The total David package has me signing up FOR LIFE and that my fellow snowangelz is all I have to say about that 🙂

  51. TOfan says:


    Ask & ye shall receive, emilyluvsarchie’s amazing TMH vid!!!

    along with her More info & tags (about as awesome as David’s! 😆 )

    aw ur welcome very much david!! aw ur shoes untied?! well its just common sense not to tie it back..you know so u can trip and fall on stage! good thinkin D!! always ahead of the game!! haha jkjk ..”But anyways… on guitar, mike!” whoa no way! so thats his name! mike?! awesome we totally all havent talked to him forever! 😉 david ur a doll! “a song of the first album” eeek! TMH!!! acoustic!! screamssssssssssssssss!!!! “reach out as far as you can” oh i believe they are david! ooo “the one right where u are” aww look at those eyes!! aww the head whip!! i’ve missed this oh so much!! ahh he’s soosmiley!! ahhh he’s changing it up!! ohh here it comes!! “FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” eeeek!! whoa whoa whoa david! no sir! you are not allowed to change the endings of songs soo much!! u are going to cause bodily harm to someone..multiple someones for sure! people say there’s never too much of a good thing..well mr.a, they werent talking to you!! WOW!!!!

    david archuleta touch my hand louisville ky holy guacomole amazingness acoustic music

  52. emmegirl says:


    “The total David package has me signing up FOR LIFE and that my fellow snowangelz is all I have to say about that

    … this should be our motto or mantra or something!

    (Your avi always makes me smile – that is one adorable face!)

  53. betsy says:

    I almost cannot stand it. This weekend and this morning. I was home the entire time and did nothing but watch and listen to David videos.
    Crazy made my stomach hurt it was so beautiful. Everything the next day was amazing.
    But this morning. I CANNOT believe what he did this morning.
    SBL Acoustic. Crush Acoustic.
    It all sounded so amazingly new and so beautiful and perfect and every other word I just can’t believe it.

    • awestruck says:

      betsy – I am with you all the way. Crazy carried me through a LOT (mp3 of the FOX version during his trip home Top 3 AI) and to hear it again in all it’s newness, well…

      Acoustic SBL and Crush, yikes too.

      “It all sounded so amazingly new and so beautiful and perfect and every other word I just can’t believe it.” You said it!

  54. betsy says:

    I just can’t believe it. lol I am going crazy at 12:30 a.m.

  55. peppertara says:

    emmegirl….”and it’s funny how every time you use it, you think of them for just a split second, and it makes you smile. (Gosh, another way David has given us a small blessing. If it wasn’t for him, I would never have had a reason to create a username on the internet)”
    So true, just one of the many blessings from David. He has me doing things on-line that I never thought I would be doing. All good of course and all in the name of David. I owe David some thanks for the education (not to mention everything else) he’s given this old fan, lol.

    So happy for those who got to experience David up close and personal lately. Another blessing!
    Gosh, such amazing videos, been watching and listening over and over to his magic.

    Made me think of this comment I saw on youtube:
    “I’ve decided that David Archuleta must be some huge worldwide mass hallucination because it’s not possible for a human being to sound so good!”

  56. jackryan4DA says:

    BETSY – me too. I was crazy @ CRAZY the other day but CRUSH & SBL unplugged just kills me. Who sings that well IN THE MORNING?!

    Here is one continuous file of Acoustic SBL & Acoustic CRUSH. I clipped out the interview portion BUT retained the reaction of the DJ (WOW!), couldn’t resist it. I also included the intro & extro humming – GAH!


  57. awestruck says:

    Just listened to the Lexington radio station interview again and I wonder if David fed off of the energy of the fans that were there. He was so relaxed, funny and into it. The DJ did a great job to though.

  58. TOfan says:

    JR4DA, that intro & exit humming is TO DIE FOR!! I only fully appreciated it when I replayed the whole interview. Like Betsy, when I listened to the radio broadcast here at work live, I almost passed out, those songs were so deliriously gorgeous.

    peppertara, ““I’ve decided that David Archuleta must be some huge worldwide mass hallucination because it’s not possible for a human being to sound so good!” YES!!!! Love that!

    Not to go on & on about Elevator (& I know he’ll eventually nail the live vocals) but I wake up singing the melody and can’t stop singing it out loud… incredibly vortex-y as beebee would say! lol I’m trying to figure out why they rehearsed it in Rexburg? Was David thinking of performing it that night then changed his mind? Was it in the running to be the single back then? hmmm

    Newsflash! Morning voice alert!
    David to appear on Good Day New York (Fox-TV, 7-10 a.m. ET?) Thursday a.m.

  59. jackryan4DA says:

    Awestruck – exactly the reason why I clipped the audio that way. Most of the uploads did not include the instrumental intro (Mike can really rock a mean guitar!) and David’s humming. Yes to die for!

    Am again reminded of the WFM Reno!

    Good Day NY – hah I will be ready to capture that and upload to YT.

    SF – am so sorry to learn that you were not able to go 😦 But you will have tons of opportunity still. I mean you have better chances of seeing him than say… me? Tee-hee TC always.

    ps: When I heard of Elevator – I thought of you!

  60. TOfan says:

    haha, JR, I thought of SF too!

    Just saw this on Twitter:

    @JennyFOD: Another little tidbit: prob no official album tour ’til after the New Year, but there will be Xmas shows. This isn’t set in stone, though.

    So Jingle Balls, perhaps!?! Fingers crossed for solo shows!

    I wonder what happened to the shout out for fall college dates? 😦

    • embe says:

      I’m so so so so very disappointed 😦 😦

      I was really counting on a fall tour so I could finally make my trip down to the US. I’ve dreamed about this for so long and as happy as I am for David to be able to take his time with this album and tour, I can’t help but feel sad. I’m so selfish.

  61. TOfan says:

    Me too, Embe, but let’s hope for a few Christmas shows!

    Great highlight reel video from the Louisville Bash … and I know I may be a teeny tiny bit biased 🙂 but David seems to dominate it! Woooot!

  62. embe says:


    I don’t know if it is worth while for me to make a huge trip to the US for a few random Christmas shows. They would have to be somewhere in the same area, so I could go to more than one of them and they’d have to last as long as a regular gig. Otherwise I’m going to have to wait ’till he starts the official tour – I just don’t have the funds so it’s a once in a lifetime chance (well, maybe I could do it again in a few years, but right now I’m poor).

    Sorry for venting and being pathetic. I’ll stop now.

    P.S. I accidentally stuck my finger into my dog’s nose. He looked at me like O_o. He’s the one in my avatar – see the size of that smelling device??

    • TOfan says:

      yikes! I feel your pain, Embe. But when I think back to the 1st album (or the “old” album, as David said in one of the Louisville vids), that CD came out in the fall and David did some random Jingle Ball thingie’s, but didn’t tour officially until Jan/Feb.

      Although, you’d think he’d want to avoid all those snowstorms! 😯

    • refnaf says:

      Good things come to those who wait embe…. I know you will get your chance to come and see him when the time is right (((hugs)))

  63. TOfan says:


    Official photo #3 now up on DA.com!

    Hey, how YOU doin’?
    official photo #3

  64. silverfox says:

    OMG! I am so glad WDJX posted the snippet of Kris playing guitar to David’s awesome “Crazy” back stage! The dj’s were talking about it yesterday on the “Morning Show”. Kelly Kay said she was was not aware of how good David was/is. They were told by Kris’ manager NOT to post it due to the 19E contract. I guess that’s why only a snippet was shown. Kelly said she filmed them doing the WHOLE song and wanted to sneak it on their website. I hope it shows up..I’m gonna keep checking! 😉

    David & Kris complimented each other very well. I wouldn’t mind if they tour together someday. 🙂

    JR..I’m sorry if I made it seem as if I didn’t go to the BASH. I did! Wild horses couldn’t keep me away! I was feeling sorry for myself cause I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to see David again, up close & a little more personal, in Lexington. And as always after seeing David, I was a little sad..I’m OK now. 🙂

    Hope all these radio stations David is visiting start playing SBL. 😀

  65. emmegirl says:

    Oh, SF, could you give us an alert if the entire “Crazy” thing shows up. Would love to see that! He probably threw a new wrinkle in there somewhere!

    DJ Kelly Kay saying she wasn’t aware of how good he was – funny how there are those in the music biz who still have no clue as to the breadth and depth of his talent. How was it not obvious to them from day one as it was to all of us?

    Official photo #3 – he is beautiful
    Love the organic quality of these photos, the simplicity. You know they took dozens and dozens… keep ’em comin’.

  66. refnaf says:

    Vacation in Montreal is wonderful…. except for dang computer that will not load any vids…grrrrrrr. I am deprived, for now, of seeing amything. Good to know that there is lots of stuff out there, no more D drought!!! 🙂

    SF, love hearing about dj’s who come to the realization of what a power voice David is….they can not deny it once they hear him live.

  67. refnaf says:

    Another great pic!!! These photos are beautiful!!

  68. awestruck says:

    SF – emmiegirl thanks for those bits of info from the DJ, I love to hear that kind of stuff. Crossing my fingers for the entire song.

    Another one bites the dust, lol

    (((ref))) enjoy your holiday, Montreal is a beautiful city. All those vid’s etc. will still be there when you get back home 🙂

  69. silverfox says:

    Refnaf, emmiegirl…can you imagine David & Kris just started jamming & when David started singing “Crazy” Kelly Kay stopped filming everyone else & kept the camera on them. She is a tough cookie, not easily impressed & can be caustic on the radio. So for her to say something about David & Kris’ impromptu session backstage, she had to be impressed. So happy it’s on the video because the fans of WDJX or the other performers of the Bash who would not normally view videos of David, will also see how very talented David is & that he can SING like nobody’s business!


    David looks so handsome in all the released photos from his album. He is a beautiful & very photogenic YOUNG man. 😉

    But, IMO, he looks like a gorgeous 16-17 year old, not an almost 20 year old in the photos. Not being critical, Heavens NO..He is a honey! But a very young looking sweet honey! 😀


    • emmegirl says:

      Interesting about the DJ. It’s easy to forget how hard he has to work to prove himself over and over again every step of the way. Am pretty sure the huge majority (guessing 99.9%) walk away with a new found respect for him.

  70. silverfox says:

    Uh..except for the hands..them are Man’s Hands!


  71. peppertara says:

    SF, yes David does have “man hands”. I can remember a DJ once commenting on Daivd’s “man hands”, ha.. and that was when he was younger. Well, they’ve given us another gorgeous photo of David, he is one handsome boy (er..young man).
    I love that David is getting a lot of promo right now, hope it continues and continues. I want every person in the world (well at least the great majority) to realize his amazing presence, his incomparable talent and the magic he creates.:)

    Embe…I really feel for you but one day you will see David. I have always felt a great admiration for David’s international fans. People from countries all over the world are loving and supporting David all the way. Many have never had the chance to see him live but are hoping for that day. Heck, I have only seen him live once and I live in a neighboring country.
    I remember David wrote a piece in a blog once about all his international fans around the world and how much he appreciates them and how he would love to go to those countries. I know he would if it were up to him!
    Hang in there, I know your day will come!

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