Every picture tells a story: David Archuleta’s SBL vid

Pause, replay, ponder, repeat. This has been my pattern since the day – no, the moment – David Archuleta’s “Something ‘Bout Love” music video was released. I know it’s just a 3.58-minute clip, but every time I watch it (especially in HD 🙂 ) I find something new and cool that catches my eye … and often my heart.

Here are my faves so far:

Walk this way

I don’t know if it’s because of all those nail-biting weeks on A.I. watching David stroll out for results night, but I find his walk unique and quirkily charming … much like the man himself. Here,  seeing him make his way along the sidewalk past scenes of people connecting with one another, and past a big white arrow pointing the way forward, tells me that maybe if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other and staying on the path we know is right and true, we too will be headed in the right direction.

Watch this

David tweeted that the switch of his watch from left wrist to right then back again was intentional. I admit I noticed the watch right away, probably since he usually doesn’t wear one. I think it fits in perfectly with his yin/yang, down/other side of down way of looking at things. Love can break your heart but can also set you free. And also the theme of time that turns up in other songs … throwing the alarm clock in the fire … “I just want to steal this moment right away from time.” Either that or his wrist got really sweaty….

When the world falls down like rain…

Okay, confession time. The cynic in me actually replayed this the first time to see if the “nice” girl was actually a crafty pickpocket who swiped the old lady’s wallet… she didn’t. But in doing that, I noticed a classic David item rolling out of the lady’s bag … a water bottle! (Look closely at the bottom-left of this screen cap.)

On the fence

I’ll leave this one to the dynamic duo of Kizzi and Beebee:

Kizzi: So it’s allegorical…as in the runner (break neck speed in real life events) jumping over the fence (daily obstacles) with headphones (music) and missing the train (traveling to or with loved ones or perhaps missed opportunities, family time, old friendships) and it keeps happening every day. And why, because his love of family, friends, the familiar is breaking his heart and their love is his base of support and sets him free.

Beebee: My take on the fence jumper and the train is simple and uncomplicated: I see them as simple metaphors for overcoming obstacles and moving on, moving forward. Both (in the context of the vid) say don’t allow yourself to be limited, held down, or trapped (“trapped in the small town” of your misery?), presumably by the “lows” of love, but instead be inspired and motivated to move forward through life by the UP side of love. Leave the past in the past… set yourself free…move on and embrace/discover your future.

Hey, Soul Brothah

Does the shot of the train pulling out of the station represent another way to move forward and not get stuck in the past? Or is it a nod to a group David clearly likes (Hey, Soul Sistah, Calling All Angels) … Train! … Doubtful.

Aha, moment

The close up on the one naked bulb right as he belts out his first “… there’s something ‘bout love” was a literal “light bulb” moment for me. A visual smack-upside-the-head that yes, love can suck, but it can also light up … everything. But it’s up to us to turn the switch and let that light shine on (okay, now I’m sounding like a Cook song.)

Gotta have heart

The painted heart sort of speaks for itself, but I thought it was significant that she’s not tagging the wall, she’s hearting a bunch of old newspapers. And if you look really closely, you’ll see each page features a story about David’s victory on Junior Star Search. Not really.

Artist as observer

I know there’s been a lot of debate about the Sony product placement in the vid (hey, if it means $$ in D.’s pocket, I say go for it), but the shots of David and the camera meant something else to me. I thought it echoed one of the themes of the whole video – the artist as observer.

From the beginning, David walks alone, taking in the highs and lows of others’ experiences, filtering them through his own inner artist’s lens and expressing the universal truth he distills … through song. … Or he just thought it was cool to be behind the camera for once.

Ode to Joy

I’m still not sure why the phone is passed through the party before it gets to David (wouldn’t she be texting him on his phone?) but I loved this little scene just the same. Mostly because of the love connection (friend or otherwise) that makes David smile that smile and gives him a happy ending of his very own. And when I read this comment on YouTube, I thought it was a great way to interpret that scene and sum up the whole dang thing!

“Love this song, and love all the cool symbolism in this video. One example is when he gets the message from Joy, saying “See you in a bit.” It is like he is telling us that ‘joy’ will come to those who wait, even if love has broken your heart. That is just one of the cool symbols from this video that is fun to look for and is uplifting!!”

Now, what do you guys think? Have I missed any other cool signs or symbols? And don’t you just love the warm colours and lighting Mr. Director used?

P.S. And here’s a lovely collage of screencaps from HanneDenmark!

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65 Responses to Every picture tells a story: David Archuleta’s SBL vid

  1. embe says:

    Wow TOfan. You’re really attentive.

    When watching the video, all that has caught my eye is that black-haired, collagen-lipped, hideously unattractive half-Honduran in the center of every shot.

    Geez, if he’d just MOVE so I could see the grannies picking up their groceries and the guys jumping over fences of love to get to the train of moving forward etc. I’ve totally lost the plot line because of the boy stealing all the scenes 😡

  2. peppertara says:

    TOfan I think you have done a terrific job of capturing all the interesting signs and symbols in your great post…and yes, I adore the warm colours and lighting in the video!

    The first couple of times I watched it I was focused on the star of the video (as Embe described) Lol. I was captivated with David’s expression, his emoting of the lyrics and the music, his passion, all of that. Then I started to notice all the other symbols in the video and how they had managed to incorporate a sensitive, concerned yet uplifting and positive vibe in the production of the whole thing. I am sure (and am glad) that David had quite a bit of say in all of that.

    David as the observer and storyteller…yeah it is really just like David. He is a wise and sensitive storyteller, love that.. and I think someone who learns from observing others, the wisest way to go!
    Actually the video is an interesting study, people can’t seem to stop watching it, thank goodness for that! Of course David is an interesting study on his own. His layers go deep and guess we see a
    a few of those layers in this awesome video.:)
    Well, enough said. Thanks for the great post!

  3. silverfox says:

    Just an FYI…

    I heard there was a MILE LONG line of David’s older fans at the casting call for the character of the “Fit, but OLDER lady” who dropped her groceries! I heard there was pitiful sobbing as each lady was turned down. I heard it took a WEEK to go through all the auditions just for that character! 😀

    ***I thought my audition went great & couldn’t believe they had security take me away! All I did was offer to PAY THEM to hire me, but they wouldn’t listen!***

    Just kidding! But if I coulda, I woulda…

    Still can’t quite believe I will be seeing & hearing David HERE in my city in 10 days! Just a short set scheduled, 30-40 minutes but who cares! It’s DAVID!!!

  4. TOfan says:

    peppertara, “his layers go deep,” love that!!

    SF, LOL, I totally bought your story until your “just kidding” bahahaha, so gullible.

    30-40 minutes of David singing sounds like pure heaven right about now!

    Love this youTube comment from abeleejames:

    “Oh, when you listen to this song, try to drive at night on a highway. Especially after the key change….. you just wanna FLYYYYYY!!!!! But don’t speed up too much. lol”

  5. awestruck says:

    Not sure that everyone, except ODD fans, would get this… Daniel being in the video = importance of family. Daniel was obviously there and got to be involved in/sharing in David’s video production. There I go abain, reaching for the obscure.

    Great job TOfan!

  6. Abanana77 says:

    TOfan, love this! I had not thought about alot of those shots and it’s cool to think about!

    Acouple things I’ve noticed:
    1. I thunk it’s cool how when the girl is painting the heart in the first shot, it’s pretty small, but in the next shot, it’s huge and there’s another guy there helping her paint it. That could be symbolic right? I think it’s cool.

    2. I love how David says “oh, thank you” when the person passes him the phone. It just seems so genuine. And he has good manners. In a music video.

    3. I looooooooooove the confetti <33333. it reminds me of my first concert when I was 13ish. I can't remember it much at all, but I remember one song where tons of blue and white and red confetti flew down and the music welled up inside me and it was so amazing. Comparable to a David concert. In that moment I felt pure joy and the world felt perfect ❤

    • awestruck says:

      Yeah, “oh thank you” there. in. the. video. So real, so down to earth, so natural, so David.

    • TOfan says:

      Wow, abanana, didn’t notice the thank you and you’re right about the big heart, nice!!!

      I loved the confetti too… and wondered if David stayed afterwards to help pick it all up! LOL

      I just read on youTube that unlike other vids, where the artist’s lipsynch their songs for the video, David actually sung out, no surprise there.

      • awestruck says:

        No surprise there – singing out loud would be the only way to get that facial expressiveness, imo. And, it is what makes it so real.

      • embe says:

        Can you post the thing where it said David sung for real? I’d love to see 🙂

      • TOfan says:

        Sure embe, it was posted today on the youTube vid:

        abeleejames – Actors in the video said he actually sang during filming. Actors on the Crush video said the same. They all said HE CAN SANG!!! He is one of the best vocalists out there.

  7. grasshopper says:

    Interesting write up, I found this to be interesting;
    “Rose Petals” is the first in a series of devotional books written by Dr. Alice R. Cullinan. Each book provides a month’s daily devotional materials: a passage from the Scirptures, thoughts and stories from lessons learned during many years of walking with Christ, encouragement for your own walk with the Lord, and reflection questions to help you see more clearly what God is saying and how you might respond to God.

    • awestruck says:

      I did notice the rose petals and thank you for that descriptive explanation. Fits doesn’t it?

  8. grasshopper says:

    Rose petals could also be a symbolism of losing someone you loved.

  9. grasshopper says:

    I forgot to mention at the beginning of the video, he is walking on the sidewalk where there are rose petals on the ground, underneath a tree.

  10. TOfan says:

    Short TV Guide Interview on (what else?) Idol Judges HERE.

    “[Elton John] is also English like Simon, so we could expect him to speak his mind.” 😆

  11. grasshopper says:

    I found “Light” to be an interesting symbol as well. This is what I found online;

    Light is a symbolism of the spiritual and the divine.

    Light is the source of goodness and the ultimate reality.

    Light is knowledge, optimism, purity and morality.

  12. grasshopper says:

    At the party scene, you see a picture in the background above the couch. It is an old picture of a donkey? and a child doing doing something? I am assuming this is representation of his family roots being Honduran/Latino.

    Also, the scene where he has his hand on the ledge, and the party is in the background (tunnel effect) and he is singing; the lights could represent there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  13. grasshopper says:

    Confetti could be a yin/yang symbol.

    Confetti is a symbol of rain, celebration and tradition.

    “When the world falls down like the rain”

    The more you watch this video, the more you see other things in it. It’s quite interesting to figure out the symbolism in this video.

    Again, great write up Snow Angelz 🙂

  14. grasshopper says:

    I found this to be interesting as well;
    The donkey could be a yin/yang symbol as well.

    “What exactly is the meaning of Palm Sunday? We know the simple facts: Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and asked his disciples to bring him a foal, the colt of a donkey to ride upon into the gates of Jerusalem.”

    “This symbolized that Jesus came on a mission of peace. The donkey revealed Jesus to be a humble peasant on a peace mission, not a military warrior.”

    “This donkey, this symbol of peace is important on several levels. The donkey is the animal that is often used to mock and ridicule others.”


  15. awestruck says:

    grasshopper – so many possibilities, cool to think about.

  16. TOfan says:

    grasshopper, wow, just wow.

    I was actually trying to take a closer look at that painting but even in the HD version I couldn’t make out what it was, well done!

    Just occurred to me that in 8 short days we’ll probably get to hear David sing SBL LIVE at the Zoo-A-Palooza show (that names makes me giggle, lol). *cartwheels*

  17. peppertara says:

    Lots of interesting interpretations here, fascinating!
    I love how people react to the text message from Joy. It seems to me that a lot of people watching the video wouldn’t know about a connection with David and (the person) Joy, so must come down to the word “Joy” and the message?
    Perhaps it symbolizes passing on joy from one person to another (passing the phone). Well, who knows, pretty remote I know. It’s interesting what comes to you when you watch this video, deeper than meets the eye I think.

    Have to say, one of my favorite scenes in the video is where David is singing “Hang in for the ride of your life”. With clenched fists and the power of conviction he tells us all not to give up and to hang in there, keep the faith, no matter what. Love will heal. Bodes well for his fans too…we’re on the ride of our lives with David!

  18. emmegirl says:

    That Arsenio twitvid, what do ya say? He has just blown people away, I think, pretty much since the day he was born. Love the comments from the judges,

    “you just inhabited that song”

    “you have an amazing complexity, it was wonderful”

    Both of those comments described him so fully and so succinctly.

  19. emmegirl says:

    Pardon my manners TOfan, great article.

  20. happpydance says:

    Very interesting article. Thanks TOfan.

    I too am trying to figure out the picture. I read in wikipedia that Jesus was often described as riding on a donkey. Notice how the picture sits beside him on the sofa, instead of hanging on the wall. Could the message be “The Lord is on thy side” (as in the hymn). Or if this picture represents family, then it could be that “My family is always beside me”.

    And yes the heart was small and empty, and then fills and grows and becomes big and strong.

    And Joy is passed from person to person… Now Joy is coming to David.

    I think the camera is about telling us to smile. “don’t hide those stars in your eyes”. Let your stars shine… Smile! (into the camera). Then you see the sparklers…the stars in your eyes.

    Did anyone notice the dirty shoes? I know when David walks under the arrow pointing to the right, he’s moving forward in the RIGHT direction, but what about those shoes? I’ve never seen David wear such worn, dirty shoes. Does it mean that no matter what hardships you come from keep moving forward… don’t give up!

    There are so many messages in this vid. Even if we are finding more things than were intended, I bet David would be happy that we are getting so many possitive messages from his vid. I just love the vid and really love the song!

  21. awestruck says:

    happpydance (with 3 p’s, LOL) grasshopper also felt there was a strong meaning to the picture with the donkey – a symbol of peace. The symbolism of Jesus riding on a donkey – God by My Side – picture on the sofa, not on the wall – yes it definitely fits.

    On a tangent: It would be interesting to know if the ‘alternate’ meaning for a donkey “is the animal that is often used to mock and ridicule others.” (grasshopper’s quote) came from those who mocked religion and used this as a way to poke fun at Jesus/religion.

    Now the shoes – I will think on that!

    Such thoughtfully articulated comments, thank you both.

  22. happpydance says:

    Hi awestruck. There’s something ’bout this video… its like looking for puzzle pieces. FUN!

    Yeah, give those shoes some thought. They do a close up of them twice, and it really looks like they’re new shoes that were purposely scuffed up. idk… it’s fun finding positive messages though. 🙂

    And why the change of hands for the watch??

  23. awestruck says:

    happpydance – the shoes… well worn, comfortable… no need for new all the time?

    Change of hands for the watch… I would really liike to hear David’s explanation for that one.

    What is interesting about this discussion for me is that til now I only ever watched the videos, enjoyed them on a superficial level and not really paid a whole lot of attention to any of the details. With the SBL video – and this article by TOfan – I have been made to THINK. Many of David’s songs do this to me almost every time I hear them. I actually have to stop what I am doing to listen to the words… Thinking expands the brain waves heh, so way to go David, lol – I continue to learn a lot from you.

  24. awestruck says:

    Morning all SA’s

    So (according to one of his latest tweets) David was working on the final song for the album – with Mike K, Lara Johnston, and David Felice. It shouldn’t surprise me, but it does, that it is so close to the CD release date for this to be happening. Oh, the digital age heh!

    Lara Johnston is the daughter of Tom Johnston – guitar/piano/harp/vocals, you might remember his band, the Doobie Brothers. Check out her website at:


  25. peppertara says:

    Good Day all,
    Awestruck….thanks for the link to Lara Johnston. Appears to be a talented young singer/songwriter.
    Definitely remember the Doobie Bros. Used to listen to their music!
    Yes…the digital age makes it entirely possible for David to be finishing up the last song for the album. Lots of anticipation to hear the finished product, especially with David’s hand in many of the songs!
    I was checking out Amazon and noticed they have two album versions available for pre-order. One is a 1 disc album and the other a 2 disc album. I’m hoping that the special fan pk has all those extra songs on it (hopefully)? A 2 disc album sounds pretty wonderful!
    Now if SBL would only start getting some radio play here, that would make me happy. That could bring the song back on the charts here as it’s all but faded away as far as the charts go here. It’s too slow for me I guess…what are they waiting for? Guess I need patience, hmm. C’mon Jive.
    The song is number 1 right now in countries like the Philippines, which is fabulous!

  26. awestruck says:

    Hmm, I wonder if you will be able to get both 1 disc and two disc albums in stores or just on line? Though I would love for the second disc to have more music, could it be just David’s out-takes from the SBL video shoot?

    Patience, peppertara, patience, lol. I really hope Jive pushes/promotes in Canada this time around.

  27. awestruck says:

    David taping a PBS Christmas Special on Sept.2…

    Christmas comes early with PBS!

    Méav is delighted to announce that she will be performing in a new Christmas TV special for PBS. The concert reunites Méav with her former Celtic Woman colleague Orla Fallon, who is presenting this collection of Christmas classics. Orla’s other guest for the evening is the gifted young singer
    David Archuleta of American Idol fame. The TV special will be filmed in the Polk Theater, Nashville, Tennessee on September 2nd at 7pm. If you would like to be part of the invited audience for this private performance, there are limited free tickets available.

    Please email

    bbarr@elevationgrp.com to send an email request with your name, mailing address and phone number before August 25th. Please state on the request that you are coming as a guest of Méav. We will fulfill as many requests as possible while supplies last. As it is a Christmas show, please dress for winter weather and look festive! The show will be airing in December 2010.

    “there are limited free tickets available.” !!!

  28. peppertara says:

    Awestruck, you are probably right about the 2 disc set being something other than extra songs, they don’t give much info at this point.
    I can’t tell you how excited I am about the PBS special! I have always hoped that David could do a PBS special, sounds like he will be a guest performer on this one which is just incredibly wonderful. Can you imagine millions watching and hearing David’s glorious voice in Christmas songs? Love Celtic Woman too by the way, big fan here.
    I will be soooo…looking forward to this special!
    Thanks for posting Awestruck.

  29. TOfan says:

    Hi guys, just got back from a weekend visiting friends near North Bay … still in search of the Northern Lights but no luck! Stars aplenty, though!

    David’s name just “happened” to come up when we were all talking about music. 🙂 And imagine my surprise when one of the guys there piped up with “He has an amazing voice … and didn’t he do a beautiful duet with Miley Cyrus?” 😆

    Could’ve knocked me over with a feather. The whole crowd there goes crazy for Christmas traditions & music so I said I’d send them his Christmas CD … now I can tell them about this Christmas special too, thanks Awestruck!!!

    And peppertara, I think that 2nd disc might be a DVD of photos, would be so great if it was more music though!

  30. awestruck says:

    TOfan – interesting that he heard the Miley/David duet… has he heard any of just David’s music. How old was he?

    I’m excited about this PBS Christmas Special, sounds like only two special guests… an hour long special? We should get two, maybe three songs with David in them. Hopefully he will get to sing one solo, then maybe some duets…

  31. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, lol, of all things it was the Miley duet he knew about! And all you needed was an opening, nice work!

  32. peppertara says:

    TOfan, how nice that you got an opportunity to talk David! I love those kinds of opportunities (when they happen).
    Yeah you are probably right about the 2nd disc being a DVD, had completely forgotten about that. Well, it’s all good. More of anything about David is good!

  33. TOfan says:

    emme, awestruck & peppertara, the friends I was visiting are all local singers/musicians up there and even though they mostly listen to country, folk, bluegrass music, they do follow Idol, and knew David from that (and all agreed he should’ve won! 🙂 )

    So that might be why they’d heard the Miley Cyrus duet … go figure.

    I remember someone here suggesting David release one of his songs from the first album as a possible country single (You Can, maybe?) … I don’t think he’d ever go that route, but he certainly could if he wanted to … ooo, come to think of it, I think I’ll send my friends God Bless the Broken Road … 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. refnaf says:

    Hey peeps!!! Lots of amazing interpretations on the vid, things you guys notice, wow, I am impressed!
    Repeated viewings are essential to get it all…. Thanks for this write up TOfan.

    I have been laying low, escaping the heat at our “cabin”. Very relaxng, but detrimental to all things David:(

    Glad you got to “share”David a bit with your friends TOfan!!! Musicians just have to appreciate the voice! So funny that it was the Miley song they heard, they def need some links to other stuff….

    Great news about David on a PBS Christmas special!! Yay!!!

  35. peppertara says:

    TOfan….”You Can”, maybe “Your Eyes Don’t Lie” and definitely David’s version of Smoky Mountain Memories would have been a beauty for a Country single!

    Hmmm……Jive’s recent tweet:

    1. Jive Music JiveMusic
    David Archuleta fans! I’ve got some @DavidArchie #TheOtherSideOfDown news but can’t tell ya’ just yet…stay tuned 😉 about 1 hour ago via web

  36. TOfan says:

    I saw that tweet, peppertara, Jive better have some news about some TV appearances for David.

    When Crush came out, I seem to remember David singing it live on a bunch of different talk shows. And, as we know, no one sells a song live like Mr. David Archuleta.

    I was checking out some of the stats on the SBL YouTube page and came across this map that shows in which countries the vid is most popular (dark green to light green) … love the dark green of Canada! And Russia? And Africa? And we see you over there in Finland, Embe!!! How cool is that?


    • embe says:

      I’m here! I’m here!

      Can´t you see me running in the streets with nothing but my “I ❤ David Archuleta" t-shirt on, yelling "there really IS something about love, guys!"??

      Oh great. Now the police are catching up.

  37. awestruck says:

    Ok, so this is a hoot! Apparently AI Season 7 is just now being televised in New Zealand, LOL.

    AFS posted this, a blog from a New Zealander…


    TOfan neat map, just goes to show the influence David is having worldwide.

  38. peppertara says:

    TOfan….hoping the Jive tweet does mean more promo and/or…..”The Other Side Of Down” upcoming fall/winter tour! Well, one can hope, ha.

    Great map…yes good to see Canada shaded in like that and worldwide fans for sure, we are everywhere!

    Awestruck…just read that story about New Zealand, boy takes you back to the best A.I. season. They will have a lot to catch up on, lol. Great to see the response there.

  39. Kizzi says:

    Mornin’ SAz.

    Heat index here in south Florida is 110 de-grees…whew!

    Just popping in to say hi! I guess we have a concert coming up in a couple of days…whoa, it’s Saturday. Anyone going?

  40. SandyBeaches says:

    awestruck…Well OK all I can say is…New Zealand and the slow news reaching them, ahha…It seems that we are light years away…With the www available, how does that happen… :)?


    • awestruck says:

      SB, I am sure some know the results already??? (if I am looking at the map correctly Australia and New Zealand are white – lower right corner?), but it was really, really bizare to me that some obviously didn’t.

  41. refnaf says:

    Interesting tweet from Jive.. why do they make us wait???? I hope it is tv appearances too.

    Cool map TOfan!!! Odd that Brazil and Mexico do not show up!!!??? And Australia definately needs to get on board> good that they are showing AI7!!Great to see Embe though:)

    Speaking of AI7, i feel the need to watch it again. I have a cd with all David’s studio performances and it is amazing. Going back and hearing those performances again is a treat!!! HIS VOICE IS KILLER!!

    Kizzi are you going on Sat!!!!!???? Wish I could, I will be going in Sept. Woot

  42. TOfan says:

    Hey peppertara, and anyone else in B.C. Just saw this tweet from Kelowna radio station 99.9 SUN FM (from last night):

    @999SUNFM PUMP it? or DUMP it? Tonight’s BC@NIGHT Premier Track: David Archuleta- “Something ‘Bout Love” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhRvd0bzIoE

    (website http://www.thesun.net)

    And I found out that Toronto’s CHUMfm is a Hot Adult Contemporary (HAC) format, and apparently Jive hasn’t specified any HAC radio add dates for SBL, so it’s no wonder they’re not playing it. SBL’s add date was for Top 40 (CHR) format only. You can find the Cdn Top 40 station in your area (& request online), here:


    Go Team Go!!! ♥♥♥

  43. awestruck says:

    Thanks TOfan, I’ve been a station here in Calgary a ‘please add SBL by David Archuleta’ on there web page ‘request line’ for weeks now.

  44. just marly says:

    Hey all you snowangelzz!!!

    Haven’t commented since forever but do check in once in awhile…real life seems to be getting in the way of my David obsession:(:(:(

    TOfan…the post above about top40 adds?
    Edmonton, Alberta isn’t even listed on that site?
    Does that mean we don’t have a top40 station?

    I spent HEAPS of time requesting Crush at our
    station but maybe it was not a HAC station and that is why it was never played?

    SO confusing!!! I so much want everyone to have the same experience with David’s music that I have…however…if no one gets to hear it that just isn’t going to happen. Trying not to get
    dissapointed here…but sometimes Jive ticks me off!

    Okay…sorry…morning rant over…
    keep up the GREAT work you guys…one day I hope to join you all at a David concert and meet other Canadian fans…TOO COOL!!!

    • TOfan says:

      Hey Just Marly! Great to “see” you!

      I’m not sure why no Edmonton stations are on that list, I see on this list for all Alberta stations that Bounce.fm is a Top 40 Edmonton station, so give them a try:


      I get impatient too about radio play (as you can probs tell, lol) … I know songs sometimes take a while to gain steam but it’s hard for me to wait it out.

      So the album cover’s now official (with a slight change in typography) … I’ve posted in the “Pre-order” widget in the sidebar!

  45. TOfan says:


    Kelowna, B.C. station 99.9 SunFM is having another “TraxBattle” with SBL, here’s their tweet:

    @999SUNFM SubwayFreshTraxBattle | The White Tie Affair “You Look Better When I’m Drunk” vs David Archuleta “Something ‘bout Love” | Txt votes to 78636

    So B.C. Archies can text “Something ‘Bout Love” to 78636 (confession: I did it, too).

    LOLing at the song title he’s up against. 😆

  46. peppertara says:

    Thanks TOfan….yep, been on it. Pumped the song last night and doing what I can today. It made me happy to finally see some trace of the song being played in BC!
    Like Refnaf, I have politely been requesting for an add to my local stations here for a while, seems no luck yet. Hope this means more stations will be introducing it in Canada?
    Can’t understand why Jive wouldn’t specify any HAC adds….the more play the better right? One would think so.
    I get impatient too….we all want the best for David!

    • TOfan says:

      ya, I don’t get that either. I’ve read that Top 40 translates into more money somehow, but Crush did really well on HAC (apparently Canada is more HAC-oriented overall, which makes sense since Top 40 seems more of an urban format) … and I think SBL would fit in really well on HAC stations like CHUMfm.

      To be honest, all these stats & formats make me crazy. I like all genres of music and would love a station that played R&B/pop/rock/soul, you name it, so long as they played real music (aka David 🙂 ) by unique voices (aka David :)) who had something personal to say (again, you know who 🙂 ).

      Sorry, rant over! lol

  47. peppertara says:

    Yeah…and the song SBL is up against on that station, made me laugh too! Not a song title you would ever hear from David, lol.

  48. refnaf says:

    Gotta love
    the rants!!!, but love this even more….

  49. refnaf says:

    omg it is another vlog of awesomeness…..David you are the MAN!!!!

  50. TOfan says:

    New post just for this epic VLOG!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  51. irishjustin says:

    wow!!! you guys got a whole lot more from this that i did!!! i just thought it was ana awesome vid to go with an awesome song, I knew there would be some hidden things since its david but not this much 😮

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