SBL video buzz, TCA rapping, and more!

Great fans do think alike! I’d been compiling my favourite (possibly non-fan) comments from David Archuleta’s new “Something ‘Bout Love” video and WHAMO! Abanana77 and Kizzi were doing the same!

Here’s what we found:

"Loopz™ plays changing patterns of light and music, all you have to do is repeat them by waving your hands through the matching loops ... you can even create your own music!" 🙂 (Pic:

From abanana77:

Awesome how many views his SBL video is getting. It’s definitely helping promote the song! I was bored and started reading the comments (don’t judge, lol) and I found some interesting ones (from mostly non-fans I think). From VEVO:

I was watching Adam Lambert vids when this advertisement under the screen went “Something ‘Bout Love by David Archuleta Premiere”. Before Glam, I used to listen to Archie. And because of Archie I met Adam. I’m gonna support Archie’s next album.

Great song. havnt heard about david for a long time.. maybe hes gonna rise again!

i have the jeans he is wearing at 57 seconds. i got the from the buckle! [LOL]

his eyes look like keanu reeves. [LOLOLOLOLOL]

great song, i’m not a huge fan but he has a great voice, i love justin bieber and i don’t know why david isn’t as popular as justin

a lot of people say he’s boring yada yada but i don’t think he is. He’s someone that I wouldn’t be embarrased to say “I’ve gone to his concert” or “I like his music”. Just because he’s not stripping and kissing girls left and right doesn’t mean he’s not a good entertainer.

Am I the only one who thinks David Archuleta looks like Mike Myers? Lol anyway, amazing song, but I feel the Video On Trial will enjoy bashing David and his videoclip. [LOLOLOLOLOLOL]

I love this!! Why haven’t I heard it before??  When did it come out??

first time i have heard this song but i love it already……………..for some reason i used to hate this guy but i got his music stuck in my head and i love it i listen to it everyday that i live……………:)

omg if the beat and melody of the songs first 5-10 secs dont hook me i dont like the song, but this song did it, wow

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

OK I am done now but that kept me entertained for a while. Lalalal

From Kizzi:

I am getting big chuckles out of the YouTube comments. This from what appears to be a young music fan (I’m guessing over 18 and under 25) from San Diego whose cyber name is 11prepprincess11:

Hello David. Will you be my husband for life and beyond? Yes? That is just fantastic. Because you are gorgeous, and you are amazing at singing and living. Therefore, us getting married will just make life a lot sweeter! Pretty sure God spent a LITTLE extra time on you…

Love you! And this song/video!

Now that’s a marriage proposal….

… and here are some comments I came across:

Stick with the Loopz game, D. Step away from the hat. (Pic:

From mjsbigblog:

Kitwana: Watched the video again. I agree with the Bill Lamb Top 40/Pop Blog comment that spirit of the video matches the song perfectly. It captures both the joy and sadness that comes with love. I think the video is also a great vehicle for introducing an older, more mature David to the public. The first 30 seconds of the video showing a serious and sombre David is a side of him that I have NEVER seen. Full credit to the director for getting this out of him and full credit to David for producing. I really like this video.

tinawina: I think the video takes him out of “cute awkward kid” territory and closer to “nice looking young man” territory. To me, he looked a lot less self conscious, more at ease than on the past. It is shot beautifully IMO. He’s seen at a more mature setting towards the end.. I definitely got college-age vibes from the party.

I do think the video could have been faster-paced. Maybe in the editing? The song is bouncy and hopeful, and the video seemed to drag it down a bit. All it really needed was more energy to me. The product placement is so common these days it almost didn’t even register to me until it went on a little long.

Still, in the end I think it does its job. He looks older, attractive to his age group, and it doesn’t make me dislike the song. I don’t think videos really matter unless they are absolutely fantastic or really distractingly bad. This one is neither, so it’s fine.


chance:  Love the beat. Love the heck of vocal range, especially after key change. I listened to the song the other day while driving at night. You just get soaked in it. There’s something about his voice. The song has fun beat, but still it comes to your touchy emotions. I think it’s because of the quality of his voice; airy, husky, emo, and pure…

And finally, I think this ‘bout sums it up from YouTube:

FoundYourCar: *Love Stare*

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41 Responses to SBL video buzz, TCA rapping, and more!

  1. emmegirl says:

    kizzi, “Geek! Rapped! Dr. Seuss, The Alchemist and Wikipedia!!! LOLOLOLOL Pure David coated extra liberally in David Charm.”

    He’s really got it, doesn’t he? And he’s busting at the seams with confidence.

    Thanks for bringing all the video comments. Loved the one about hearing it at night and getting soaked in it. People are starting to really listen to him and that voice. Maybe with him getting a little older people are allowing themselves to appreciate him.

  2. janey says:

    I confess, I’ve been reading through them too, lol.

    fav so far…

    1 day ago 7

    I’ve actually met him he’s really nice, We were flewn by delta with Children’s Miracle Network.I was the representative of Iowa and I got to do a radio interview with him and some other stuff. The foundation uses money from donations to help cancer patients and intensive care patients  with transportation and hotels. So we were at a ball game with all the representatives and he wanted to go and he said he wanted to walk. He said I will never complain again after this experience. Very Generous.

  3. refnaf says:

    OMG, love the interview, David the dork!!!
    So good to be home and play catch up!!!

    The comment from chance so sums it up “There’s something about his voice. I think it’s because of the quality of his voice; airy, husky, emo, and pure…” yeah, that’s it.

  4. beebee says:

    i’m so archu_happy I’m permanently debilitated.


  5. peppertara says:

    First of all I have to say…absolutely love the “David loves Wikipedia” press interview! Confident, real, incredibly sweet, funny and coming from the most wonderful dork on the planet! Ha.
    His little rap introduction was another example of incredibly sweet, funny real David. Well if David is the definition of a dork then heck….let them rule the planet!
    I love reading comments about the SBL vid too, those posted here are great to read! It does my heart good to hear positive feedback from non-fans too.
    Here is another one I saw from the Youtube comments:

    “This is the first video/song i have ever heard from him and he gives the impression of being a simple guy just wanting to do something good with his talented music. Has he gained a fan? YES. Subscription? YES YES is he better than Justin Brieber? YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!”

  6. djafan says:

    TOfan…I confess I’ve been reading all the comments…the one’s you’ve posted here are great. Here’s one to add.

    okaaay david. i love this video and all but. youre voice is hotter than you are. im not saying that youre not hot but youre voice is even hotter . thats all.

    beebee…i’m so archu_happy I’m permanently debilitated.


    Love your comments…lol

  7. TOfan says:

    Dang work, all I really want to do is catch up in ArchuWorld! Sneaking in to post this vid of David’s Ntl Anthem from the Pro-Bowl:

    and this great post from NeonLimelight:

  8. TOfan says:

    Love this tweet from @MenoxMusic (Billboard reviewer):

    @DavidArchie (David Archuleta) should have been booked to sing his new song. #TeenChoice #Fail


  9. emmegirl says:

    If I was a tweeter I would tweet @MenoxMusic a high-five!

  10. TOfan says:

    LOL, emme!

    And fyi all, thanks to the lovely Jenleighbarry, you can download David presenting at the TCAs:

    mp4 HERE:

    m43 HERE:

    And Newsflash! SBL is now avail. for sale on U.S. iTunes HERE: #iTunes

    Off to check Canadian iTunes!!! 🙂

    Yes, it is on Cdn iTunes, just bought it (& gifted!) but I’m lame and can’t figure out the link. grrrr

  11. peppertara says:

    Thanks TOfan, just bought a couple of copies from Itunes, yay!
    Many kudos to Jenleighbarry too! She’s wonderful.

    yeah…I so agree with that tweet. David should have been booked to sing his new single for sure on TCA. I saw some of the other young artists singing their new songs on the show and all I could think was…It should be David, it should be David! He was awfully cute though, presenting. Love seeing him on my TV screen.

  12. jackryan4DA says:

    SBL Video update — iTunes: #22 overall; #12 Pop
    Hope this bodes well for the single.

    Meanwhile, I have 2 more interviews of David on TCA’s Blue Carpet, before I start with the TCA Awards itself 🙂 although I know you guys must have seen the show or have the vids already 🙂

    Anw, this 1st vid DA is at the TCA Blue Carpet, chatting with Access Hollywood on the new album and the Idol shakeup

    • awestruck says:

      OK David said (0:42) “I ‘ve co-written a lot of the songs on this album” YESSSS!!!

      Now off to Canadian iTunes…

  13. jackryan4DA says:

    Another Pre-Show Interview by RedCarpetRewind/Fox News

    Watch David at mark :50

  14. embe says:

    Hahahaa, look what Carly retweeted 😀 😀

    RT @ianlove25: Is it true that @DavidArchie’s girlfriend is @CarlySmithson? – I heard she’s married

    Oh my.

  15. archiesfan4life says:

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone – I am trying to keep up, but this real life stuff has been getting in the way big time lately:(.

    Thanks for keeping me up-to-date.

    Love }}}},


  16. Kizzi says:

    Just have to share this…it’s a winner…hahahahahaha….out of the mouth of babes….

    Oldest g-daughter watching video…she stops the video at the scene where the young lady helping that gorgeous, quite fit mature lady pick up what spilled on to the payment and says…”that part is for you Grandma. Love for older people like you is important too.”

    bwahahahahaha….yep, Older.People.Like.Me…. *ahem* ….Are.In.The.Video….bwahahahahahaha

    Next she will be helping me across the street. LOLOLOLOL


    • awestruck says:

      Kizzi, you have a VERY thoughtful g-daughter!!! I would be honored to let her help me across the street, lol!

  17. comolaflor says:

    Kizzi-Man o man, she done said it. I am LMBO!!! Trying not to see myself in the video next time I watch it. I am struck throught the heart 🙂

  18. abanana77 says:

    “great fans think alike”! Love it! Bahaha

    I have to admit I am seriously LOVING how many views the youtube SBL video has. That’s alot of non-fans watching it when you think about it. Like when a new video from a new concert comes out, it’ll maybe get like 20 000 views tops. And that’s obviously just fans watching. So to get almost 2 million? That’s gotta be a ton of nonfans. 😀

  19. refnaf says:

    AAAhhh Kizzi, sweet story, yikes I think I am in the same grandma boat!!!

    Incredible the views that SBL is getting. When will it get radio play???????

    And a wonderful David tweet to @ILoveArchie123 Woo hoo!!! I ran into someone from Canada today who said I need to come do a show in Toronto soon haha. I really want to!

    He wants to!!!! Please David>just do it!!

  20. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, bahahaha, too funny!

    Ref, saw that tweet, it deserves a screencap, woooot!!!!


    And the WWE vid of David and that tall guy on the Blue Carpet. 😆 (Am I the only one who sees the buddy-cop movie potential??? 🙂 )

  21. peppertara says:

    Kizzi…your oldest grand daughter sounds like a sweetheart, how cute! Haha. Well, guess that could be me too! Drat!
    SBL…#5 U.S. and #8 Canada, great stats!! I still would love it to get to top place though, still could happen! Had he sung the song at the TCAs, bet sales would be even higher.
    That was a great Tweet from David about wanting to come to Toronto, yes he really does want to come to Canada. (Why don’t they let him)? Age old question. They have to know he has lots of fans here. Well, it just may happen next tour, who knows! That would be a great thing….just as long as he keeps western Canada in his thoughts too. 🙂

    TOfan….”buddy cop movie potential”. Lol.

  22. TOfan says:

    peppertara, you’re so right about TCAs, that would’ve sealed the deal!

    Check out this HD Director’s cut of the SBL vid from Declan Whitebloom’s site in full screen … if you dare!

  23. jackryan4DA says:

    if anyone is interested, I clipped all of David’s scenes from TCA 2010 (HDTV format) from opening, intro & actual presentation PLUS extra takes showing him singing “Am So Excited”. He really cannot help himself! Enjoy 🙂


  24. jackryan4DA says:

    For those out who have been out the Archuloop since this weekend, here is a TCA 2010 playlist – eight vids from Pre-Show to Backstage Pressroom

  25. awestruck says:

    always interested JR and thank you!

  26. Kizzi says:

    Sweetness’n’Soul to the extreme —–>

    Arsenio tweeted this video. Haven’t seen it before! 😀

  27. awestruck says:

    What a find Kizzi… love it.

  28. peppertara says:

    Very sweet video of young David! Interesting that Arsenio put that up now. A nice thing though!

    Gee I’m kind of disappointed that David’s video has dropped down to the number 12 spot on Itunes Canada, boo. Hope this is only temporary and sales will pick up again. They need to add the song to more radio stations too, still waiting for it in my area.

  29. TOfan says:

    Me too, peppertara. Although I’m amazed it did so well considering the song isn’t getting much airplay up here at all (that I know of).

    Just saw on Twitter & Snarkies that apparently 2 songs that David wrote with Mike Krompass (called “Elevator” and “Good Place” and are to appear in a Disney movie called “Den Brother.” What the random???

    Turns out the whole movie’s on YouTube in about 9 parts, here’s part 1, LOL:

  30. peppertara says:

    Just heard about the song “Elevator” but wasn’t aware of the other one. In a Disney movie, interesting. What the random is right! Just love David’s latest expression, ha.
    Wonder if this Youtube movie contains the songs, or are they to come later, hmm.

  31. awestruck says:

    A Disney movie on YouTube… never heard of that before. Must be a new movie to have two of David and Mike’s on it? Or was it for the first CD when they collaborated?

  32. TOfan says:

    Snarkies peeps watched the Den Brother youTubes but so sign of either song. I saw some tweets to Mike K. asking for deets, no word yet tho’!

    In the meantime, LOLing at the Justin Bieber fans duking it out with Archies in the SBL YouTube comments (and we thought WE were fanatical, lol), and came across this great comment from a guy fan:

    TheTimVids: I’m not 100% sure that David’s going to be the most successful singer of this time, but I think he’ll definitely get up there. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, maybe not next month, maybe not a year. But as long as he makes something like this, I think he’ll definitely get up the charts. I’m a guy, but I have to admit. He’s handsome, he’s a great singer, he’s got a great personality, which will get many fans from all ages and genders, unlike JB. No offense to JB.

    Don’t give up, archie.

  33. Abanana77 says:

    TOfan, looooooooooove that comment <33333

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