New site launched

So, what do you guys think of the new site? (Personally, I was crushed there were no entries under “Events” 😦 )

Version 2.0:

As a reminder, here’s what Version 1.0 looked like:

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7 Responses to New site launched

  1. TOfan says:

    Soooo, I guess a lot of people still can’t access the new site, some gremlins to be ironed out. I’m just glad to see the end of white type on a black background. I like the white space and fresh, open feel of the new site. Kinda wondering where the book cover and the Somos El Mundo vid/links are tho’. Haven’t tried to navigate around it yet (and can’t access it on my Mac at home, which is weird).

    Glad the mystery of “She’s Not You” was finally revealed in David’s tweets this evening:

    So I’m seeing many people asking and listening to She’s Not You now lol. It’s actually an older song from a while back, that Eman did! haha

    @kaceyy_3 Haha that’s so strange how it randomly just got leaked! Idk how because that was some time ago..

    @Shell_eeeyyy There were more.. but I don’t really want them to be leaked lol.

  2. TOfan says:

    Just ’cause:

    Some youTube comments (I don’t speak Spanish but I know ArchuSpazzing when I see it! :lol) :

    Una pregunta… que hace David Archuleta en la cancion/video???
    Es latino???

    si es de decendencia hondurena/mexicana su mama es hondurena y su papa viene de decendencia mexicana y david habla perfecto espanol

    whoah! david archuleta is good! hehe

    Es david archuleta , el fue segundo lugar en el American Idol de USA.

    muy buena cancion!!…AMOO a David Archuleta se ve supr lindoo!!…, y muy buenos artistas juntos, buen cover y traduccion, q buen video!! =D yaaay todos juntos vamos a poder con TODO! jeje 🙂

    Me Gustta La Partte De David Archuletta ❤
    Su Vozz Es GeniaaL (Y)

    Lo mejor de este vido es David Archuleta y Luis Fonsi

  3. SandyBeaches says:

    We might no realize it, but we are presently learning Spanish word by word as the days go on. But, a really nice way to be learning it! I love the sounds and the rolling R’s…


  4. SandyBeaches says:

    I should try for English first…We might not! There…


  5. kizzi says:

    I like it. Simple, fresh, intuitive. Organized with everything you want available at first glance.

    The colors are calming. Its elegant in an understated way.

    Will I use it? Idk. I get more bang for the click of a finger at fan sites. Now if david uses that site to communicate with fans I’d be more prone to frequent it.

    Last thought–one thing I’d like to see, a little artwork, maybe something organic. Maybe something a little quirky.

  6. Kizzi says:

    oh, and i like the bottom banner of the page

  7. refnaf says:

    hmmm, I do prefer the black type. Pretty sure that I won’t be using the site much, Maybe for news on tour etc. it they keep it up to date. I am really bleh about it.
    His tweets are not current on the site!!??? Why’s that???

    LOL TOfan, saw your inner editor coming out, nice catch on the typo in the Welcome!!

    Kizzi, I don’t like his pic on the bottom banner… the colour… so cold!

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