ODDrought Survival Guide

Not since the post-A.I.-finale era (aka The Dark Ages) has such a deep pang of separation anxiety been felt throughout the David Archuleta fan base.

David’s left the continent to do good works and when he gets back, he’ll continue to toil away on his next album for months on end and we have no idea when he’ll tour again.

So what’s a loyal fan to do in the tweet-deprived meantime? Try this:

● Rewatch solo tour videos until you know the precise moment of every “Sing it!” and “I love you, David!!!!” (or, um, do you know that already?).

● Replay Season 7 youTubes and get traumatized that he was robbed not crowned winner, all over again.

● Tune into, gasp, the new season of Idol to measure each and every contestant against the monumental amazingness of the Archulator.

Form a band called The Hush Cats*.

Renew your Demi Lovato Fan Club membership for old time’s sake.

● Actually read that copy of Life Story Magazine you have 12 copies of.

● Hire a translator so you can also read THIS … and THIS … and THIS.

Follow Ricky Archuleta on Twitter (@Popculturestud … not. even. kidding.)

● Reacquaint yourself with your loved ones and your vacuum (hint: the vacuum plugs into the wall).

If you’ve tried all these techniques to no avail but have other, more effective, survival-guide tips, please share. No, really … please … for the love of Totoro … share with us!!!

To help you get through this David Drought, this ArchuWilderness, this aching withdrawal from all things glowy and random and bewitchingly adorkable, the SnowAngelz team has searched deep within their video vault.

Refnaf and Conditioner have dusted off these never-before-seen blasts from the past to offer us all a lifeline, a Linus blanket, a Build-A-Bear…. (Anyone need a hug?)

A.I.Tour autograph line, Grand Rapids, MI

Ford Day autograph snippet

CHUM Christmas Wish Breakfast, Toronto
1st acoustic performance of Crush

CHUM interview Part 1

CHUM interview Part 2

* Be sure to wear a snuggie at soundcheck.

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41 Responses to ODDrought Survival Guide

  1. KathyH says:

    Yay — your list includes some things I’m doing but some that I hadn’t thought of — so thanks! Off to watch ‘new to me’ videos.’ *trots off, wondering how long the vacuum cleaner advice and tip can be ignored*

  2. Marlie7 says:

    Sort the 567 videos of David on your hard drive, and of course, watch each one to determine the exact special category, specific concert locations, favorite hairstyle/haircut, and make screen shots of those special stomps, facial expressions and magical archumoments you love the best.

    Hi, my name is Marlie, and I have ODD 🙂

  3. djafan says:


    How do you know so much about me?…lol

    Here I am at work watching these videos, sighing and missing our David.

    Great post!

  4. abanana77 says:

    Ahahaha I love the “actually read the life story magazine that you have 12 copies of” comment 😀 HILARIOUS!

    In this type of situation, I like to reread his old blogs / watch the old vlogs. It reminds me of how long I’ve been a fan and how great he is. (Plus I have rewatched my favourite concert videos billions of times already)

    Also this is a going to be such a long break until a new tour. Or a new anything. But I’m going to not complain because I know David wouldn’t complain because it’s super selfish. Hope he having fun!

  5. pastel says:

    I’m kinda lost without knowledge of the next thing that I can’t go to, so, TOFan, could you go the extra kilometre and write me a DAILY To Do list for my ODD? Here’s what I have so far:

    Research smoothie stores in Toronto so have material for my next @DavidArchie tweet – Check.
    Countdown to the next AI9 audition show so we can hopefully get a snippet of David (NOT Cook haha) – Check.
    Research the web for the best Spanish to English translator – Check
    Check out plaid offerings at Club Monaco – Check.

    That’s all I got. HELP!

  6. awestruck says:

    TOfan – loving these ‘brings back memories’ youtubes… from last thread, yeah I agree – David’s inspiration for ZG may well have come from that amusement park ride.

    KathyH – shall we have a contest to see who can hold out the longest? “*trots off, wondering how long the vacuum cleaner advice and tip can be ignored*”

    Marlie7 – don’t forget to copy to cd/dve in case your computer crashes… I would add organizing the multitude of photos I have…

    djafan / abanana77 – missing David too and maybe a book tour – signing??? Fans of David made a comment about this – wondering if it might be a possibility?

  7. SandyBeaches says:

    munkmusic…I am bringing this over from the last thread…I can’t take the credit for ‘David’s prayer’ but it is done by SF (silverfox) and not me SB…I enjoy it as well though!

    I firmly believe that this vacuum of time without David is an intentional lesson but I don’t know where it is coming from!

    In just a short time, David has been a part of…’5′ tours that were almost back to back…”hey hault” someone said to all of us…well, we have haulted…maybe disciplined! So, we have the time to do all the things that TOfan mentioned that we maybe could/should get back to. Oh, she didn’t say that they would be fun…but maybe chores and other people are necessary…

    So, we have had these days without knowing of any future times with David or times with our David friends…With feet newly planted on the ground, we move ahead, we wait…There that is probably a good thing, right?


  8. Abrra says:

    Lots to keep us busy until the Prince tours again. TOfan I rediscovered your blog. Silly me, I thought it was over at day 365. I am such a Capricorn!
    You do a beautiful job there and here. Lots to keep us busy.


  9. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – you found out my secret, “The Hush Cats” band…for a yowling good time….we are purrr-fection. 😀

  10. silverfox says:

    I think I have watched & listened to almost every video of David on YouTube..and it does not help MY ODD…just makes it worse. 😦

    Do you all really think David won’t tour again until the Fall? He wouldn’t do that to us, would he? I mean, it’s OK with me if he just plays small venues again and sings the same songs with some “new” covers thrown in. He could add some of his songs he left out or did once or twice on his tours, like Let Me Go, Desperate, Falling, Running, Barriers. And how about Crazy & Heaven? And Don’t Stop Believing? Or WYSYLE! David does NOT and should NOT have to wait till he has NEW material…not for me anyway. Think maybe if we bombard him with tweets BEGGING him not to make us wait 6 months or longer before we can see him LIVE again, he would get the message?

  11. janey says:

    Tofan. i think you’re brilliant.

  12. refnaf says:

    janey, you are correct about TOfan!!!

    The only tip I will not be following “Renew your Demi Lovato Fan Club membership for old time’s sake”
    and I will add this > hang out at smowangelz as much as possible…

    The hq AI vids, wow, rewatching those gets me some relief…

    SF, I’m thinking he will do something SOMEWHERE!!! WON’T HE ?? I just listened to the spanish cover of Crush at the Voice, he could add that to his setlist.

    Kizzi The Hush Cats need TOfan as lead singer, I can hum in the background and bang a pot….

    Remember “absence makes the heart grow fonder” bah.

  13. refnaf says:

    More memories that I just uploaded… that’s my gift in his armpit, lol. We were like sardines, and it’s fun to hear the comments.. “I love you sooo much”, “you’re amazing”, You”re an inspiration. David” (that’s me) ” ok, I’m feeling really hot right now” lol, (not me… )

  14. TOfan says:

    Wow, thanks, guys, for all the great ideas! marlie7 & awestruck, never thought about reorganizing & backing up ArchuFiles, great idea!!! pastel, I actually went into Club Monaco with the same thought, bahahaha

    abanana77, yours got me all teary: “I like to reread his old blogs / watch the old vlogs. It reminds me of how long I’ve been a fan and how great he is.” so true, *sniff*

    Abrra, I’ve tried to thank David a couple of times for inspiring my GoodDeedADay blog but can never get the words out … big surprise! lol

    awestruck’s right, the release of his book should def. mean some promo interviews & appearances, maybe even small shows … *wishes*

    refnaf, your vid is great but triggers the post-traumatic stress of going straight home after the A.I. show & missing David … to quote him, it’s crazy to think of how much has happened since then. {{{janey}}}

    kizzi, Hush Cats band FTW! 1st single: “Smell my Fear” 😆

  15. conditioner says:


    Who knew you had these vids hidden away, I have been crying over accidently erasing that interview from my camera for over a year now!!!.

    Thanks, I’m so glad you were able to download finally!!!!Really enjoyed watching, and i see you got a little snippet of my niece in there, Thanks, big kiss and hug.

    I am off to Florida for the week, and feeling pretty guilty about it i might add, I truly wish I was on my way to help in Haiti instead. Some students from Lynn University my earlier career days, in Boca Raton, Fla., are among the lost in Haiti. They were there on a school trip with the AID group- Food for the Poor. and are still missing and believed to be in the rubble at the Hotel Montana in Port Au Prince. It is such an overwhelmingly devastating situation over there, and unfortunately, though I did add my name(with RN credentials) to the enormous list of people willing to volunteer there, …more people there is the last thing they need. Red Cross is just asking for monetary donations, and thanking those who have offered their services. So, let us pray.

    I will check in on posts as much as possible while away!

    big hug to all

  16. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – Actually Hush Cats are covering a Cat Stevens song at the moment from his album “Teaser and the Firecat” called “Morning Has Broken.” (“Peacetrain” is on this album too).

    A sweet hymn and so peaceful – the lyrics are so soothing for anyone needing solice – I bought this album and still have the vinyl 33. Mr Kizzi and I played it last weekend.

    Morning has broken, like the first morning.
    Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
    Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

    Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven.
    Like the first dewfall, on the first grass.
    Praise for the sweetnes of the wet garden,
    Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

    Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning.
    Born of the one light Eden saw play.
    Praise with elation, praise every morning;
    God’s recreation of the new day.

    Morning has broken, like the first morning.
    Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird.
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning,
    Praise for them springing fresh from the Word.

  17. awestruck says:


    Morning Has Broken is an all time favorite of mine.

  18. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, you posting “Morning has broken” gave me chills … I remember being thrilled to see it listed in my parish’s hymnal because I wanted a friend to sing it at my wedding. Thank you! Hush Cats rehearsal at 6! 😆

    {{{conditioner}}} Here’s a link to the federal government’s How Canadians Can Help page …they’re matching relief-effort donations until Feb. 12.

  19. Marlie7 says:

    Kizzi, that is “my era” hahahah. Love Cat Stevens.

  20. Kizzi says:

    Awestruck, TOfan, and Marlie7 – Cat Stevens FTW! Playing the vinyl LP was very nostalgic – we had a blast getting out the ole’ record player and “remembering” how to play a vinyl record – quite a comedic scene for a few minutes – 😀

  21. TOfan says:

    marlie, kiz & awestruck, Tea for the Tillerman was my fave LP … kizzi, did you still have that felt brush thingie to dust it off as it swirled around? 😆

    Another idea for the list:
    Checking out Crush covers on youTube … REALLY makes you appreciate David, lol … most of the covers seem to be by guys in their 20s/30s … like this group… I like it!

  22. betsy says:

    One day last week I went back and watched every V-log he has done.
    Okay, one more thing I did. I went back & looked through his old youtube channel. He had favorited the song POTC a long time ago. It made me so very happy to know he’s really always loved it. And now gets to sing it. 🙂

    p.s. Cat Stevens :):):)
    Peacetrain – one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

  23. emmegirl says:

    TOfan – great tips, but….not working! And this is only 2 weeks into the year, ahhhh……have really enjoyed the never-before-seen videos though!

    Just remember, we are in this together!

    (who’s gonnna crack first?)

  24. conditioner says:

    oh my Kizzi, Morning Has Broken, Peacetrain, !!! I used to play Cat Stevens album over and over again when I was a teen ager!! Everything on that Teaser and the Firecat was great!! Wow, that brings back such memories!! so, thanks for the memories!!lol.

  25. TOfan says:

    betsy, wait, what?, there’s an old youTube channel???? man, where have I been?

    In every drought, gotta remember water! 😆

  26. awestruck says:

    Betsy – I don’t know if either of these is what you are referring to as they are not youtube sites

    TOfan – you may or may not have these…



  27. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – the brush thingy was intact but the needle thingy was giving us fits – remember those needles! 😀

    conditioner – yes, one of my favorite albums – in fact the album cover is really worn. Mr. Kizzi and I were going through them….

    Doobie Brothers – I have their first album “The Doobie Brothers” but my favorite was “Minute by Minute” album—remember “What a Fool Believes” ??

    Nicolette Larson – “Lotta Love” (a Neil Young cover) on her “Nicolette” album; loved Nicolette

    BeeGees – “Trafalgar” album with the #1 hit “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” and of course, the EPIC “Saturday Night Fever” album – Mr. K and I were disco dancers back then – we had coordinated outfits – hahahahaha – ok, no pixs will be shared on that one – too, too funny and I’d lose any shred of dignity I hopefully still possess here in cyberland.

    The Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds” album – remember “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows.” This is considered one of the best albums EV-AH! And it was recorded…hmmm…checking, let’s see… 44 years ago – WHOA! *ahem* *cough, cough* Maybe I didn’t buy that album myself – LOL

    Ok – my list is getting too long – nice walk down memory lane – think I’ll go play those vinyl records again complete with the scatchy, tinny quality – part of the nostalgia – LOL

    …I may not always love you
    But long as there are stars above you
    You never need to doubt it
    I’ll make you so sure about it
    God only knows what I’d be without you

    If you should ever leave me
    Though life would still go on, believe me
    The world could show nothing to me
    So what good would livin’ do me
    God only knows what I’d be without you

    God only knows what I’d be without you…

  28. TOfan says:

    kizzi, I thought I was the only person alive with a Nicolette Larson LP!!!!! If you tell me you’ve also got Jackson Browne & J.D. Souther I might just have to yell “Shut Up!!!!!” 😆

    A great highlight vid for times like these!

  29. Marlie7 says:

    Kizzi… Oh, my, although I remember those songs fondly, the records I still have are Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Ten Years After (what the heck did they sing?) and I just found an original copy of “Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5” Hmmm, I wonder if that is worth any money? And also “Introducing The Beatles”, as well as Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper.

    See you made me go into the attic and look for this stuff. Now if I only had a record player!

  30. TOfan says:

    I find it so funny that the only music we seem to agree on is The Beatles & David … not bad company! LOL (scratch that, LOVE Led Zeppelin too!)

    Pastel just alerted me to the fact that, for some bizarre reason, Walmart Canada has a sign up in-store that says “new release by David Archuleta on Feb. 2.” ?!?!?!

    We’ve been speculating that maybe since so many Cdns have been spamming David about touring here, maybe he’s planning an exclusive “only in Canada, eh” CD release (as if)….

    Here are the possible titles we’ve been throwing around:
    From pastel: “Crushin Ice”, “Desperate for Warm Weather”, “Don’t Let Go of my Parka”, and “My Hands R Freezin” … and my favourite “Touch My Hand to make sure I’m Not Frozen”.

    And from me:
    “A Little Too Not Over Flu” and “Let Me Go… to Canadian Tire”

    .. feel free to add your own! 😆

  31. Abrra says:

    I really liked the reworked song titles. Very clever!

    I offer some relief by way of “hands-free” David video watching. TheVoice has launched a new 24/7 video/chat channel on Livetream. Make sure your flashplayer is current, then stop by:



  32. Marlie7 says:

    Falling (and I can’t get up)…hey, you know what it’s like to try to get up in three feet of snow once you are down?

  33. Kizzi says:

    Can’t see where this was posted. If old news, please forgive me. I got such a kick out of David’s reaction to being interpreted and his facial expressions throughout the whole thing – so charming and authentic – his answers are so heartfelt – just DeLiGhTfUl!

    PS – Screen caps of this will be priceless 🙂
    PSS – Does he seemed relaxed and happy, or what?!!!

  34. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – David did seem relaxed and happy! Watching him ‘adjust’ his speaking to be so considerate of the translator… heh.

    How ’bout – Barriers of the Frozen North, Please Let There be SOT (when my car breaks down)

    Abrra – will check out you Voice Unplugged! channel

  35. janey says:

    i too have a nicholette larson album. lol.

  36. TOfan says:

    janey, Shut Up!!!!! LOL

    Thanks, Kizzi!
    Had not seen that vid! David was so sweetly considerate of the translator (but I think he also felt awkward because he seemed to understand the questions before they were translated, lol).

    To download mp4 of Honduras Press Conference Interview (thx. to jenleighbarry) click HERE

    Abrra, I checked out the channel but couldn’t figure out where to sign in … will try again 2morrow!

  37. Kizzi says:

    Awestruck & TOfan – I went back and watched the video for those “awkward” moments – I think the awkward is more about the translator and less about David – he handled it beautifully

    janey- Nicolette Larson blasted through my apartment for a whole year almost every weekend. She went country after that album.

  38. TOfan says:

    kizzi, sorry to make you rewatch the vid ( 😉 ) … didn’t mean to say David was awkward — he was as gracious as ever — just that he seemed to understand some of the questions in Spanish before they’d been translated.

    And just an fyi that there are some youTube vids of David’s Honduras fireside songs floating around, but I’m not posting them here out of respect for David’s request for no recording at the worship portion of his event.

  39. refnaf says:

    AAww nice album memories…. Hubby and I, way back when we were 1st married, would lie on the floor in the dark listening to “Humans” by Bruce Cockurn, any Bruce fans????
    Nicolette Larson was not on my playlist, ha, maybe I need to check her out!

    That David’s best singing moment” vid was a perfect start to my Monday And the interview was icing.

    Have an ejoyable day everyone, I am hoping for a productive one…. *tears self from computer*

  40. Angelica says:


    Love this survival guide. Surely not the vacuum!! Has it come to that? I think at this point I would run from it like the cats. lol.

    Speaking of cats, I LMBO at this TOfan…

    “kizzi, Hush Cats band FTW! 1st single: “Smell my Fear” ”

    Smell my fear. I am there.

  41. TOfan says:

    LOL, Angelica, you’re in the band!!

    Press conference twitpic from @luckygirl20:

    @DavidArchie nd his mamá *.* on Twitpic

    Remember this moment? (from @ArchieFan15) *sniff*:
    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

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