Embracing Life’s “Currents of Joy”

I just returned from a holiday in Italy, touring for 14 days with my baby sister.  We have made a pact in the past to be “happiness housekeepers” supporting each other by identifying and enhancing the currents of joy that can and/or do run deep in our respective lives if we but let them.

And, David Archuleta’s music is definitely a current of joy.

So, part of our trip itinerary was to listen to specific songs from Christmas from the Heart at certain sites throughout Italy in pursuit of one of those current’s of joy.

Picture in your mind, two women, one iPod with one earbud each, listening to David’s Christmas songs while completely enveloped in the art, atmosphere and history at these settings:

“O Holy Night” in the Sistine Chapel, while viewing the nine scenes from the Book of Genesis of which the Creation of Adam is the best known.


“The First Noël” next to the Nativity Scene at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

Vatican Nativity 2009


“Ave Maria” at Michelangelo’s last Pietà in the Florence Duomo  Museum …..

Pietà Duomo

Pietà Vatican

and also at Michelangelo’s 1st Pietà in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.


“Silent Night” and “What Child Is This” while waiting for Christmas Mass at the Duomo in Florence next to the nativity scene (the primary Christmas decoration throughout Italy).

Duomo Nativity

….and the Duomo

Duomo Florence


“Angels We Have Heard on High” in San Gimignano

San Gimignano and Tuscan Countryside


“Joy to the World” on New Year’s Eve outside of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice….we toasted all the SnowAngelz here New Year’s Eve.

St Marks Basilica - Where relics of Mark The Evangelist rest


Ah, such joy, happiness, deeply felt sacredness, and beauty in abundance … we actually wrote a journal detailing our thoughts and feelings and named it “Currents of Joy Tour #1.”

I can highly recommend this “Current of Joy Tour #1.”  It weaves a deeply poignant and sacrosanct thread into the profound “current of joy” one already experiences when listening to David’s holiday music … music infused with David’s reverence for the season.

And, laughingly albeit seriously (harking back to our halcyon childhood days) we agreed via pinky swearing to make ‘happiness housekeeping’ a daily discipline… and… to keep experiencing the many currents of joy out there, a top priority in our lives.

Ah, sisterhood is truly a divine gift!  And, coincidentally…or maybe not…I feel the same sisterhood connection with all of you here at SnowAngelz!  Pinky Swear!

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51 Responses to Embracing Life’s “Currents of Joy”

  1. TOfan says:

    wow, what can I say? What a beautiful way to listen to CFTH. Your pictures and your words took me right along with you to Rome and Florence and Venice (some of my very favourite cities in the world).

    The thought of listening to David’s O Holy NIght while gazing up at the Sistine Chapel ceiling or to Ave Maria while standing before Michelangelo’s Pieta brings tears to my eyes.

    And “embracing currents of joy” is a perfect way to describe being a David fan!


  2. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – the reverence of David’s Christmas songs together with the old world feel of majestic history – together. I’m with TOfan, the tears would flow. How wonderful for you and your sister to have experienced it and recorded it. For you to feel the same sisterhood connection with your e-family here… well (((hugs))) to you and thank you.

    As for a current of joy – that is what I feel everytime I listen to David sing.

  3. I am speechless — trying to fathom that experience and to be able to share it with someone you love – currents of joy indeed.

  4. Fanis Archangelicus says:

    I’ve been lurking on this site since its inception and just wanted to drop in for a minute to tell you that I think it, and all of you, are quite wonderful. I have also lurked at most other David fan sites and feel that I know you all even though you don’t know me. I have also been a fan of your writing for some time and so I’m glad to see your joyful voices raised here.

    Kizzi, this article is just beautiful! I love the expression “currents of joy” and all it means and wish you would submit it as a name for the new chat room at The Voice, another fantastic site as you all know.

    Congratulations to all for the fun, loving and respectful environment you’ve created here. I stop by to read several times a day.

  5. TOfan says:

    Hey, ArchieFanDoc!
    Don’t know if you remember meeting Refnaf & I in SLC last winter (gee, seems like only yesterday!) … what an amazing night that was! (Great job on AFS, btw!)

    Fanis Archangelicus,
    Can I just say I LOVE your screen name!!! (Would love to hear David sing Panis angelicus someday, wow.) So happy you popped out of lurkdom with your lovely comments about the site, made my day, thank youuuu! Between your “joyful voices” and Kizzi’s “currents of joy” I’m all smiles! 🙂

    This, too, made me smile (except for the “Archuletta” grrr):
    From a NewYorkDailyNews.com article on the “10 Best Idol Covers” (interesting that none of Cook’s made the list! And that they chose to include DLTSGDOM over “Imagine”)

    9) David Archuletta “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”:
    People seldom admit it, but the real reason Archuletta lost to his rival David (Cook), had to with the undeniable well of pain in his voice. “Idol” followers don’t want emotions to cut that close. With Archuletta, there’s no getting around the sense of loss in his huskier tones, which he brought fully to bear in this heartbreak of a song. Elton should be proud.

    I admit, it’s never occurred to me that this might have been a factor in the voting. Hmmmm.

    • ArchieFanDoc says:

      Hi TOFan – of course I remember you and refnaf! I remember that saturday night Ref and I were sitting next to each other for quite sometime before realizing – hey that is you! LOL
      and Thanks for your comment! It’s been busy but so much fun and worth it – can’t fill Todd’s shoes – they are big! but trying to carry on the torch for him.

  6. Angelica says:


    What a lovely, unforgettable experience you and your sister had in Italy with David. Ahh…I can only imagine what it must have been like to listen to his voice singing those sacred songs in such hallowed places of beauty.

  7. Fanis Archangelicus says:


    I’m glad you “got” my screen name and that you like it. I would dearly love to hear David sing Panis Angelicus, especially since he did such an incredible job with Ave Maria. I’m sure it would be exquisite and perhaps he could include it on his next Christmas CD!

    The New York Daily News article is indeed interesting. To this day I have difficulty watching David’s AI performances as I can see increasing stress and pain in his sweet face and I hurt for him. The difference in his countenance from Shop Around to the finals is remarkable. On the other hand, I also love to watch those performances because they show how incredibly talented our man is! However, I wonder if the pain we see is not so much from a sense of loss (he is too grounded for that) but instead is from the harsh criticism and overwhelming stress he had experienced for weeks. I believe I remember reading that one of the AI contestants from a previous year said that they all come out of the experience with something like posttraumatic stress syndrome. I wouldn’t doubt it. Sometimes I cringe at what the contestants go through in the name of entertainment. Bless their hearts!

  8. awestruck says:

    Fanis Hello! I think the key is in the statement “what the contestants go through in the name of entertainment”, in trying not to let it get me upset when I look back on it. Shop Around David was carefree, having fun singing David and you could see him tighten up week after week. One of the things that made a huge impression on me was witnessing him feel the enormous pressure more each passing week, but seeing how he managed to cope with it all. A lesson that has helped me tremendously.

  9. TOfan says:

    Fanis & awestruck,
    When I go back and watch David’s A.I. youTubes now, I’m careful to either choose the shorter ones (that don’t include the judges’ comments) or stop the vid at the end of each song.

    Not because the 3 of them were harsh (overall they acknowledged his talent) … but because of the raw vulnerability on David’s face as he laid himself bare for them to take aim and fire. He was strong enough to take it, but I’m still not. lol

  10. refnaf says:

    Kizzi, this is on my bucket list now, to not only see these places (been planning) but to experience them with David’s voice. Current of Joy, love that…. being plugged into it, bliss. You amaze me…. coming up with that> describes what David give perfectly! ((hug))

    Welcome Fanis, thanks for de-lurking….
    Archiefandoc **waves** nice to see you!

  11. Fanis Archangelicus says:

    Thanks for the welcome refnaf! You and I talked a little on TDC chat (I was ODDity there). Grats on your little grandperson! Nothing like short people following you around to complete your life.

    Awestruck, TOFan..vulnerability and strength. Yep – our David grew and grew and is still not afraid of showing his vulnerability. He is an example to the world of what true courage and grace under fire are all about. Bless him.

  12. KT says:

    Kizzi, will your family adopt me as an official sister? Also, you are taking about some housekeeping that I can definitely embrace! lol.

    Love the article, love the pictures, love the sister connection, love the David connection!

    Thanks for taking us along!

  13. TOfan says:

    So David’s just finished a concert & speech to young entrepreneurs in Montúfar, Guatemala.

    A journalist named David Morales has been tweeting up a storm and you can find his updates in chronological order on a separate page (see “Guatemala” tab at top).

    Lupe singing & dancing? David cracking jokes in Spanish? Oh please let there be YouTubes!

    David Morales will be posting more info and at least one picture at http://www.epicdemia.com in the a.m.

    (I was in Guatemala a few years back, at the Mayan archeological site at Tikal … now that would be a cool place for a David concert!)

  14. Lisa says:

    Awestruck…YES that was me!!! I knew this was you b/c you told me your “david”name and i always remembered awestruck…and you were…it was your 1st time to see david and my 5th, you were so thrilled and I couldn’t believe you came form Canada!!!
    ( i drove 20 min) lol. So glad i found you…I could tell you were a great person …and a wonderful david fan. ive bookmarked this sight, so i’ll be around. SWEET

  15. Lisa says:

    Awestruck…just bringing this over form the last thread, didn’t want you to miss it… and TOfan thanks for the link…my name is glorious angel stocking stuffer…hahaha

    Also Kizzi great write up and pics, i’ve been to most of these cities, good memories. And what could be better than listening to CFTH @ those sights!!

  16. awestruck says:

    Lisa – awesome!… we’ll be ‘talking’. Small world eh! I remember thinking that you were sooo lucky living there, but you seemed so nice I was only envious not jealous lol.

    TOfan cool info about David in Guatemala… I will have to take time tomorrow to read the tweets.

  17. Kizzi says:

    Buon Giorno I Miei Amici & Il Mio Sorelle

    Hi Everyone {{{{waves}}}}

    Thanks for the kind words. Nice to meet you Fanis.

    KT, you are most certainly one of my family!

    My sister and I haven’t had a trip alone together in over 30 years. So it was EPIC and we had simply an amazing time.

    We pursued other currents of joy too – lots of them. David’s music was just one of the currents we followed.

    We took some cooking classes in Tuscany.

    Stayed at a B&B in the countryside.

    Did a lot of Olive Oil comparisons – what a variety of olive oils there are and why you use what olive oil is just fantastic–adds so much to the dish. There are some incredibly light olive oils on the market–I didn’t realize the selection and uses til this trip.

    The countryside is incredible, we walked and walked and walked…Did I say we walked?….We walked through Olive Orchards and Vineyards…so idyllic and dreamy.

    Oh, the pottery is fantastic! And the leather goods are out of the world—shoes were amazing!

    Got some great Soups and Risotto recipes and the cooking technique is so different – adds such flavor. My family has been gobbling up my Tuscan cooking efforts so I think its good. 😀

    Met such incredible people – so friendly and wanted to talk about Obama and healthcare.

    So much art and history and…ooohhhh…. just good stuff!

    Most of all it was relaxing, refreshing and soul enriching to spend 14 days with someone who aligns so much with my personal biorhythms (sleeping and awaking times), personal preferences, and so many likes & dislikes were identical. We did so much and it was as effortless as breathing.

    Busy week for me this week. Will check in later tonight.

    Ciao bella!

  18. TOfan says:

    Welcome, Angel Stocking Stuffer Lisa! 😆

    wowza, che meraviglia!
    I want you as my tour guide next time I go to Europe!!! 🙂

    [FYI, Guatemala pic from @cheechuke’s twitter added to updates page (see Tab up top).]

  19. emi says:

    What a great story. Thank you for sharing it. I went on an 8 day art and food tour of Italy with my best friend (since childhood) and 7 women in her family. It was so beautiful. I can hardly imagine how heavenly it was for you to tour it with the melodies of Christmas running thru your hearts, minds and ipods thru your trip!

    I love your notions of ” currents of joy.” I kept a yellow dot sticker above my doorway in my office at work to remind me to let NOWBODY steal my joy. It was great because it was something I could see from my desk that nobody else really could see, and it helped me hold on to my joy on the dreariest of days and in the most challenging situations. Overtime I added a blue dot for patience and a green one for positive hope. All of the dots helped me stay on track.

    This was my first trip to SNOWANGELZ and I am delighted to see it all. Congratulations on creating a beauiful site and warm community!
    Emi (Nashville, TN)

  20. awestruck says:

    emi HI – I may just borrow your idea of visual reminders to help to keep thinking positive thoughts – espscially in places of potentiallly high stress. Come back often!

  21. Lisa says:

    Awestruck…thanks. great sight here and i’m glad you accept non Canadians, lol. And yes lucky to be close to slc. i’m really hopeful david will do the huge stadium of fire (july 4th) concert/event here. I voted like a madwoman to get him there (didn’t AI teach us well)…hope it works out he was up against taylor swift.

  22. TOfan says:

    Welcome, emi! (At first I thought you were “emmiegirl” LOL)

    Like awestruck, I think I’ll try your “dot” system … LOVE that!!!

    Lisa, all nations (and time zones!) welcome here! 😆

    Must read:
    Have added David Morales’ story about David’s event last night to the Guatemala Update page (see Tab up top). Here’s my fave bit:

    “Great success and fame have affected many artists, but what David Archuleta is as a human being is something different — he has a genuine kindness, that someone not seeing him in person maybe could not understand. I am more inspired at the end of this event than anything else. That’s something I can’t say about another artist.”

    Contigo en la Distancia at press conference (N.B. NOT allowed to go up on YouTube as per David’s contract):

  23. awestruck says:

    The impression David has left on this journalist in Guatemala is revealing. Despite acknowledging DA’s singing voice, he is struck by this:

    “When I knew I was going to cover a story of David Archuleta, I thought I would be talking about his musical performances and powerful voice. I read what I’ve written and I realize that that was not the most impressive thing about it, but rather it was more about the impression he left as a human being.”

    IMO: David’s power to reach people will result from his singing, but the strength of his persuasion – that this exemplifies – will lie in his complete lack of guile and unfailing belief of what is important in this life.

    Kizzi – I don’t believe that I have mentioned how much I am entranced by the picture at the top of your article.

  24. awestruck says:

    * of what HE FEELS is important in this life.

  25. betsy says:

    Kizz – Can’t get the image out of my head of sisters, sharing earbuds, absorbing the amazing artwork, etc. It’s lovely.
    Reminds me of my trip I took with all of my 6 sisters, walking a crude Mayan road, climbing a Mayan pyramid, strolling the ball court.

    “Ah, sisterhood is truly a divine gift! And, coincidentally…or maybe not…I feel the same sisterhood connection with all of you here at SnowAngelz! Pinky Swear!”

  26. emmegirl says:

    kizzi, just an incredible post for so many reasons…from David’s music enriching such a profound experience to your time spent connecting with your sister. I too have a similar connection with a sister, my “soul” sister. Your vacation sounds to be memorable and reaffirming. How wonderful for you both!

    and Betsy, prayers to you and yours.

  27. TOfan says:

    Just read David’s blog and was struck by some of the similar themes in your post, Kizzi, and this thread… going on a journey with loved ones … reconnecting with family in a faraway place … experiencing other cultures and renewing an appreciation for your blessings … but most of all embracing life’s “currents of joy” … gahhh, getting all misty here just thinking about it!

    The only “journey” my sister and I ever went on together as adults was to Las Vegas, of all places, with the whole family … it was weird and wonderful and we’ll never forget it. Pinky Swears FTW!!! 😆

  28. Kizzi says:

    Hi All –

    Betsy & Emmegirl it is so good to hear from you – like old times almost. Family is wonderful, isn’t it. And equally amazing, it is wonderful to have David fan friends on line who feel like family. 😀

    Just read David’s blog and listening to Estefan’s Mi Tierra which has me dancing in my chair. WonderMan is just taking in the world…it is heart warming to see what he notices and his reactions. And, he does this seemingly effortlessly…and that’s a fascinating combination.

    Off to another city – mega busy week and didn’t get to check in last night – just fell into bed. TTYAS

    Hugs & Love to All

    P.S. Snowangelz – I am close to Canada today and freeeeezzzzzinnnngg! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙂

  29. refnaf says:

    Fanis!!! I remember chattin with you!! cool!

    Welcome Lisa, glad you found your way here. the only stipulation for non Canadians is that you like maple syrup, lol. David in SLC in July? that could WFM….hmmmm.
    Emi that yellow dot sticker, what a great idea, I used to keep a bead on my window sill in the kitchen but it has gone missing a long while ago, need to get it back, because little things like that can make us much more intentional in how we live each day, with “currents of joy”

    The write up of David in Guatamala, confirmation that what we see in him is really there!! Not that I need that, but it is cool to see his effect on peeps.

    **waves** ((emi))

    “Ah, sisterhood is truly a divine gift! And, coincidentally…or maybe not…I feel the same sisterhood connection with all of you here at SnowAngelz! Pinky Swear!”
    Ditto!” hugs (((betsy)))

    haha Kizzi, stay warm, at least it’s sunny (where I am anyway)

  30. refnaf says:

    (((TOfan))) the snow angel of the day pic!!! just noticed it in the sidebar> aaawwww.

    David just tweeted about helping out Haiti….

    @DavidArchie Wow, watching the news this morning about the Haiti earthquake. Don’t be afraid to help out in any way you can! Help make a difference!

    Love the way he uses his words “don’t be afraid to help out” Too funny cause I was afraid to donate by text, just worried the money doesn’t get where it is supposed to go, but David said what I needed to hear, lol, what else is new?

  31. TOfan says:

    Refnaf, were we sep. at birth? LOL I noticed that “don’t be afraid” phrasing too … he is just too much, isn’t he? … brings to mind something else I’d love to hear him sing someday … “Be Not Afraid” … on second-thought, no, I’d probably spontaneously combust! 😆

    FYI: For a list of recognized organizations accepting Canadian donations to help out the victims of the Haitian earthquake, click HERE.

    {{{Betsy & emmegirl}}}

    …pic from San Pedro Sulas, Honduras … should we stay tuned for more food tweets? 🙂

  32. munkmusic says:

    Here is a great idea! Jive should release SAVE THE DAY and have the proceeds go to the Haiti relief effort!

  33. Lisa says:

    thanks munkmusic… i was just coming over to say that, the words in SAVE THE DAY are perfect,, and a good way for david and his fans to help out Haiti…. tweet Jive… lets do it.

    and btw refnaf thanks for the welcome and i love maple syrup, haha,

  34. TOfan says:

    munkmusic, Brilliant idea about Save the Day!!!

    More great pics of David & family in Honduras at:



  35. archiesfan4life says:

    munkmusic – I agree with TOFan – this is a brilliant idea!

  36. KT says:

    Archiesfan4life!!! I have been hoping to be on line at the same time as you…please say you are still here. It was a pleasure meeting you in Stroudsburg! You are emblematic of everything it is to be a fan of David. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I look forward to seeing you at future concerts whenever they may be.

  37. TOfan says:

    Tissues, people, tissues … vid from Nuestro Diario Digital in Guatemala:


  38. archiesfan4life says:

    KT!!!!!! Hi – I am sorry if I missed you:(. It was wonderful meeting you in Stroudsburg – I am definitely looking forward to seeing you again this year!

  39. archiesfan4life says:

    TOfan – I haven’t forgotten about your request – I promise to work on it ASAP.

  40. TOfan says:

    archiesfan4life, LOL, no worries … and I agree with KT, ditto on all counts!!

    After all the nasty things EW said about David during A.I., now they’re nominating him as a future superhero? … Do they finally get him?? 😆

    Maybe they saw this 😆 :

  41. munkmusic says:

    Just have to say to all of you….this site makes me smile! You guys are awesome! And that pic of David flying.. can’t get the smile off of my face! So many great things happening in the David world and so proud to be a little part of it! thanks to all of you for your wonderful articles and posts….I am usually a lurker. But just had to say this!

  42. munkmusic says:

    OH, and by the way, I am from Wisconsin, not Cananda, BUT I love maple syrup! LOL!

  43. TOfan says:

    Lisa & munkmusic, you’re in! Maple syrup, FTW!!!


    munkmusic, that pic makes me smile too … is it just me or does the helmet look like a recycled bowling ball? bahahahahaha

  44. awestruck says:

    TOfan TOfunny LOL a recycled bowling ball? Yup

    Hey munkmusic from Wisconsin who likes Maple Syrup – please post more often!

  45. SandyBeaches says:

    Kizzi…your article on your most recent trip is fascinating and now we all have experienced a part of it with you…and perhaps you missed the body scan! You are a geat traveller…keeps us updated.

    TOfan…I am seeing that picture of David in the flightsuit for the first time…please tell us about it…



  46. munkmusic says:

    TOfan and awestruck! Hey! Thanks for the great welcome! I will try to share more often. I don’t feel that I am as eloquent a writer as most of you. But I will try to share my love and respect for David and his musicianship! He is a gifted musician and has a heart of gold!

  47. munkmusic says:

    SandyBeaches, By the way, I read your prayers for David every night! I so appreciate your willingness to share! Thanks so much for posting them!

  48. TOfan says:

    He wore the flightsuit for an anti-gravity amusement park ride (didn’t he blog about it way back when?) … I still think it’s what helped inspire the song!


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