Will David Archuleta go all Beach Blanket Bingo?

Once-upon-a-time Teen Idol Frankie Avalon recently told a Laughlin Entertainer reporter that he sees David Archuleta approaching his former Teen Dream status:

Q. Is there anyone out there these days who comes close to the teen idol status you achieved?

A. There are a few. Justin Timberland. He’s extremely talented and I keep hoping he has a career that will last. I also like David Archuleta, I just saw him on a video the other day. He’s doing a lot of good stuff.

Does David have a Beach Blanket Bingo in his future? You decide.

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19 Responses to Will David Archuleta go all Beach Blanket Bingo?

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread:

    From marlie7:
    Tofan: Haha – my husband calls David “your boyfriend,” too. He recently told my sons, “I have to go to bed early to keep with David, you know.”

    But I have to say my family is supportive of all this stuff. Got a flip video from one son “So you can bootleg those videos of David you guys get.”

    And a necklace with a guitar pick (supposedly from Mike) with a DA logo and etching of David’s signature “to wear to your David concerts” from the youngest son.

    And all of our Christmas videos have David singing in the background (don’t change that CD, do you hear me?)

    Refnaf: Congratulations! I’m a day late on this, but so glad you now have the new grandbaby! Have fun cuddling!

    From refnaf:
    Happy Birthday KT!!!, (little miss spammer) you share a birthday with the best!

    Thanks for all the congrats, peeps! (djx, baby plaid??, lol)

    (((vermeer))) ,lovely to *see* you and Kizzi welcome back from your holiday!!

    I just put my order in for Chords of Strength… it will be interesting to read… wonder how much of David’s own writing style will shine through??/

  2. awestruck says:

    From last thread:

    Oh Vermeer ““Are you seriously asking me IF I know about the free download of DA’s music??!!” Seriously IF!!! LOL

    KT – drat I missed seeing your AVI dude, but could relate to your spamming…

    Marlie7 – what a great family you have lol

  3. awestruck says:

    TOfan – what fun I had watching that trailer. So, you think David may end up being a movie star too?

  4. janey says:

    well. talk about support from the fam. for Christmas…

    i got.

    an iPhone. so i can blog from the road (of which i did NOT ask for one, it was a complete and TOTAL surprise!)

    airline miles!!!!!!

    travel pillow.

    travel case.

    lol, i guess they all see a trip or two in my future.

    man i love ’em.

  5. TOfan says:

    I’d prefer he stuck to music but as David’s charisma can barely be contained on the small screen, he seems destined for the big screen … what I’d love to see him do is a live 3-D concert film … on IMAX!

    Marlie, a guitar-pick necklace & vid player? And Janey, an iPhone? Air miles? Travel pillow??? Nice!!!

    I gave Mr. TOfan a “Cleveland” mug, a UofM (Ann Arbor 🙂 ) T-shirt, and a Sherman Theatre golf shirt … thank goodness he has a sense of humour! 😆

  6. KT says:

    This post is great…funny! What I especially love are the tag lines and posting location..very funny. Also of humouuur (will all those “U”s do a Canadian proud?) is the fact that the first related post is none other than the refined Ms. Masterclass Lady…how grand!

    Refnaf: Thanks for the wishes!

    awestruck: consider yourself lucky that you weren’t the full recipient of my late night high jinks.

  7. awestruck says:

    janey – now I have a whole list of suggestions for what I can ask for next year. Surprisingly my family needs some encouragement!

    TOfan – Hopefully David will be very choosey (is this a word?) about what he would do on the big screen, yeah like I-Max 3D!

  8. kizzi says:

    LOL – TOfan

    How a propos that Frankie was also the “Teen Angel” in the 1978 movie “Grease.” 🙂

    Frankie starts singing around 0.29 – 🙂

  9. rose says:

    Frankie Avalon likes David?????? I thought it was Paul Anka that wanted David for his life story???? Does anybody know which is right??? Or are they fighting over him??????? Wouldn’t that be great!!!

  10. TOfan says:

    LOL, I forgot about Paul Anka! They’ll have to do rock, paper, scissors for him! 😆

    Kizzi (love your new avi, btw!), what a fun vid … isn’t Brooke White a real-life beauty-school dropout? 🙂

    I think this vid (from the amazing Gengen) captures a true Hollywood movie moment for me at 1:50 … when David makes a beeline for the pretty girl in the audience … “Only me, only you, and the baaaaaand!”

    …or as someone posted on Twitter:
    @ 1:02: oh no wait, stairs? … @ 1:04: yay stairs!!! … @ 1:38 yay cute chick! … @ 1:46 that’s it, I’m going for it!!!!

  11. kizzi says:

    Rose & TOfan: Didn’t Pete Wentz say the same about David playing him in his life story…popular young man is Mr. Archuleta for life stories…an everyman kinda guy.

    Love that video TOfan….as David runs, not walks, to that gaggle of gorgeous girls.

  12. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, forgot about Pete! And Rick Springfield’s probably thinking the same thing! lol

    KT, uuuuu are funny! 😆

    Can’t figure out why this amazing vid of Stroudsburg FOG only has 72 views … sound quality is stunning!!!

  13. Abrra says:


    Best wishes on your newest family member. You will be the coolest Grammy!


  14. refnaf says:

    Nooooo, no beach blanket bingo for David!
    For me, a serious “just music” career would make this grandma (ha) happy.
    Interesting that the former teen idols see themselves in David, mmmm, everything that they wanted to be??

    janey, your gifts are to die for!!! your family knows you!! Next tour FTW!!

    ((marlie)) ((abrra)) and everyone, thanks for the baby wishes, the little family is home now and doing well!! Nana is still dazed, lol.

  15. TOfan says:

    {{{dazed Ref}}} 🙂

    Have we seen this DSB? (Great sound … and I love the More Info:
    “i had never heard of him until the game but he pulled off this cover pretty well actually

    Then for ZG, he says:
    hes pretty good i guess

  16. janey says:

    ref, yes they do. but. i have to say, i sooooo own what i do, i don’t hide it; a long loooooooong time ago, i wouldn’t go on the computer until my husband went to bed. and i would lie about things like when i got up at 4:30am to hear Crush on the radio (with David) for the every first time….i wouldn’t dream of that now.

    and i remember the first time i told my husband i was traveling for David (FORD DAY!!!). i haven’t seen that reaction since…lol, he’s easy to train 🙂

  17. archiesfan4life says:

    refnaf – Congrats on your grandbaby! Enjoy every minute with him!

  18. refnaf says:

    Thanks AF4life!!!

    janey, haha ford day really was the start of things for me… my first out of country archutrip. That I even made that trip with TOfan, who I hardly knew, was way out for me….but I have never looked back!

    TOfan, keep those links coming… lol, I have no time to seek them out, ( loving the grandbaby)

  19. brendita says:

    te ammmmmmmmooooooooooooooo david archuleta me encantan tus ojitos hermosos igual m encanta como sos TE AMO MI BBCITO

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