Slow news day: Cleveland vids

"Oh ya, gettin' down with my bad self!"

"My Haaaaands"

My never-before-seen Cleveland vids. Enjoy!

Fields of Gold

The Riddle

ZG partial … extreme close-up bounce warning!!!

Sing it!!!

… along with KT’s amazing POC vid from Baltimore.

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22 Responses to Slow news day: Cleveland vids

  1. conditioner says:

    wow KT That is some quality video, amazing, any way we can get an MP3-4????

  2. TOfan says:

    From Trish0400’s TwitPic!!!

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    • SandyBeaches says:

      Ok, first without my glasses on I actually thought that this was a picture of the back of one of David’s (a little bit wrinkled) awesome shirts. Possibly it was a shirt that has never been before photographed making it a real find! Then with glasses on, hey, a snow angel. We have a few here in NS…our two male biiigggg labs lie first on one side and make a wing and then turn on their other sides and make the other wing…spooky in the moonlight nights, but awesome…in dog world it is also known as a snow bath! I hope that I did not take away from the reverence of the snow angel…


      • TOfan says:

        “Ok, first without my glasses on I actually thought that this was a picture of the back of one of David’s (a little bit wrinkled) awesome shirts. Possibly it was a shirt that has never been before photographed making it a real find!”

        bahahahahahah, ROTFL, thanks for making my day, SB!

        And a “snow bath” doggie snow angel? Must see a picture of that! 🙂

      • SandyBeaches says:

        TOfan, after the next fluffy snowfall on a moonlit night,haha, I will capture the magic of a ‘dog snow angel’ and send it to you…honestly!


  3. Angelica says:

    Hey all! Hope everyone’s holidays went well and many happy memories were made! I want to offer my congratulations to Refnaf on the new grand baby. I have 7 myself which is no mean trick having never been blessed with children myself. Married a man with 2 grown children and the babies started to come almost as soon as we tied the knot. So I skipped all the hard stuff and went straight to pure joy.
    Love the videos. Seeing the stage from Cleveland where I was sitting and Conditioner, unbeknownst to me, was right behind me, brought me back. Good times that will be with me forever. I so enjoyed meeting so many of you. You are all as sweet and genuine in person as you are online. Now KT’s POC and conditioner’s vids are stashed away in my vault for safe-keeping. Nice work from you both!

  4. conditioner says:

    TOfan no need for comment from me, you do it best!! Thanks!!!

    Angelica, It was so nice to meet you too!! so funny that we were sitting so close in the venue, and a great spot it was!!! I will cherish my memories of that show for many many years to come!! and hope to go to many many more!!

    refnaf, looking forward to seeing some pics of that grandbaby on Sunday!!

  5. KT says:

    Hi Conditioner!

    Glad you liked the video…I actually posted 10 Baltimore videos. There are some much closer up than POC though…haha That happens when you are short and the peeps in front of you are tall and the only way to get the video is go close….so I did what any self respecting videographer would do and went close!

    The rest are here if you want to see them:

    Angelica, thanks…glad that you are enjoying it! I know that I replay you vids many times!

    Coniditioner, looking forward to getting home and checking out your vids too!

    Sure MP3/MP4 no problem…how do I do that?

    Hey I’m new to this whole thing…

  6. KT says:

    I just posted but it went poof…can someone retrieve it out of spam purgatory?

  7. TOfan says:

    haha, sorry about that KT, not sure why that happened! As always, your vids are spec-tac-ular!!!

    Thanks for your vids — esp. the new ZG bounce-o-rama! — bring back such great memories!

    What a fun show (and “after show”) that was! It was so great to meet you and see yj, Betsy & Rebecca & everyone … icing on a multi-layer cake, for sure!

  8. TOfan says:

    Not sure who to thank for this:

    Great mp3 of POC from Baltimore (including inspiring intro). Click HERE to download.

    And a Don’t Stop Believing mp3 from jenleighbarry. Click HERE to download.

  9. KT says:

    Thanks TOfan. Baltimore was on 12-15 but I didn’t look at them until January 2nd…things were just so busy. IDK… I take them for the benefit of those who could not attend and so I can watch them later (you seem to miss so much at the concert that you pick up later). I always feel a bit strange though because I want people to know they are there in case they want to watch them but at the same time I feel uncomfortable mentioning my own videos… so if someone brings them up first then I may say something. IDK…I have issues.

  10. refnaf says:

    New vids make slow news good news… (((hugs)))
    BTW I adore snowangelz

  11. refnaf says:

    Atticus!!! Finally a pic!

    • SandyBeaches says:

      Welcome to the Archuworld, oh no, I mean the real world baby! She has very pretty features!


  12. betsy says:

    So now I have the weekend off AND NEW VIDEOS?! Of CLEVELAND?
    I don’t know what to do first!
    And KT:
    Cannot wait to dive in to your Baltimore videos. Thanks for your selflessness in taping them. Loved meeting you. And everyone here.

    Refnaf that baby is so adorable! Nice avi 🙂

  13. archiesfan4life says:

    refnaf – awwwww – he is beautiful!!!!

  14. Angelica says:

    refnaf – beautiful…really, just beautiful. Enjoy that precious gift.

  15. awestruck says:

    KT It is so true that ” (you seem to miss so much at the concert that you pick up later)” when you are there live. Always an incredible experience, but wow to being able to watch back and see!

    Conditioner – to you and KT both thanks for the memory recall.


  16. Abrra says:

    Oh what a beautiful BABY!

    You had those lovely vids and hid them from me??? 🙂 Great job!

    I have been busy and have some files I’d like to share.
    I made some mp3’s of all the AI songs David sang. I numbered them nicely, BUT Mediafire read them out of order. You will have to select them carefully beginning with 1AIWaitingonTheWorldToChange and so forth. Sorry! I tried to make it easy. Mediafire FAIL!


  17. yjfanofdavid says:

    Conditioner: {{hugs}} I will treasure my memory of the Cleveland concert forever. Thank you for giving it a place in the cyberspace where I can come to relive it anytime. The concert is so special to me because many online friends appeared in life size in my backyard and we listened to David together. What a feeling! We are truly blessed for finding David and finding each other!

    Refnaf: Grandbaby looks adorable!

  18. TOfan says:

    omigosh, between Refnaf’s avi, Betsy’s & YJ’s 😆 … cuteness overload!!!

    Abrra, wow, you are amAzing, truly an angel … a SnowAngel even!!! <333333333

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