A Little Too Not Over Tour-re-lu-re-lu

Hat-a-Pan (photo: Gengen)

Have you ever thought you were losing your mind? Is it a bad sign that I’m even asking that question? I’ll tell you why I ask.

I’ve come to realize that as wonderful as David Archuleta concerts are, they always require a certain recovery period to regain your equilibrium — the way scuba divers need to hang out in the decompression chamber before they come up for air.

For other concerts, you can sit back, enjoy the music, then go home and move on to other things. But David’s shows? No way. They are thrilling but exhausting. Like riding a roller coaster standing up. After each one, I feel as though I’ve scaled Everest, run a triathalon, landed on the moon and given birth … all within two hours.

And this can last for days, making it hard to readjust to “normal” life again. Work, home, the grocery store – all seem out of sync for a while, as if my ArchuLife is what’s real and the rest is surreal … like Alice stepping the wrong way through the looking glass.

I do eventually snap out of it and reacquaint myself with old routines, loved ones, local customs.

But this time it’s different. This tour is different. I don’t know if it’s the heightened level of David’s performance skills, the soaring excellence of his vocals or the profound spiritual connection I feel with these Christmas songs, but I can’t seem to snap out of it. I am still processing the shows themselves and the ripple effects of David World.

Certain songs, events, moments from the tour linger in my mind …

● Reading the stories and recaps from SLC and wishing I was there.

● Sitting in Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium and pinching myself that I was there.

● In Cleveland, clutching my husband’s hand during The Riddle to keep from falling off the edge of the earth. And I love you free … I love you freely….

● Reading the stories and recaps from Kansas City and Baltimore and Montclair and wishing I was there … and there … and there.

● Walking through the immense Foxwoods complex and hearing River call my name and running into Ninaf & Mr. Ninaf coming out of the elevator as if it was just a small town of David fans… David friends … Refnaf, SF, knotliser, Dawn65, Abrra, chickee, rocketdog, bubbly … so very cool.

● Feeling like I could spontaneously combust from the fierce power and electricity of David’s Foxwoods set, which could’ve lit up the Eastern Seaboard. I not only wept during FOG, Ave Maria and OHN, but The Riddle. The Riddle??? From the first note he plunked on the piano. … And I noticed a burly guy sitting in front of me with his tattooed arm around his wife, the other wiping tears away during Ave Maria. They weren’t even fans when they came in. It was that good.

● Snapping to attention in the Stroudsburg VIP when a hearing-impaired girl asked David if he had ever considered having someone “sign” his concerts. I’ll never forget the gentle way David crouched down closer to her so she could hear him. He told her that others had offered to sign for him and that he used to wonder why it would be necessary since he figured a person couldn’t enjoy his music if they couldn’t hear it. But then he learned more about how you can experience music through your whole body, through the vibrations and beat, and how the monks used certain tones of sound for healing. So yes, he had considered it.

Helping hands (photo: Gengen)

● Also at Stroudsburg, watching David try to engage a little girl of about four sitting in the front row, on the left side. As he sang to her, she huddled against her dad away from the noise of the speaker. At the end of the song, David quickly ran off to talk to someone off-stage and I assumed there was some technical problem. Turns out, he’d asked for someone to bring earplugs to both the girl and her father, which one of the crew members did quietly via the side door. The kind and generous Trish ended up switching seats with the dad, who held his daughter on his lap as he kept shaking his head in disbelief throughout the show. He explained that he was a local singer himself and was blown away by David’s immense talent.

● Locking eyes with David at the beginning of HYAMLC in Stroudsburg. His gaze so searing I’m amazed I didn’t turn to dust. His focus and improvisational mastery on that song was something to behold. I felt like I’d been transported in a time machine to watch a Future David fulfilling his destiny. Maybe I was.

● Reading the tweets and watching the vids from Boston and Westbury and wishing I was there.

When the first solo tour ended, I remember how sad I felt that it was over. But this time it’s different. This tour was different. There were so many precious gifts that came to us along the way, I feel truly blessed. From the CD release onwards, every day’s felt a little like Christmas.

A music historian on CBC radio this morning explained that, in Medieval times, the first Christmas carols were written and sung by people outside the church. He described the early carols as “proletariat-inspired outbursts of joy.”

So maybe I’m not losing my mind after all … just feeling the after-effects of what this tour’s been for me — one big David-inspired outburst of joy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Peace and love to you and your families.


P.S. Message from Rising Star Outreach

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49 Responses to A Little Too Not Over Tour-re-lu-re-lu

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread:

    From KT:


    8:00 Last Night: An Amazing Finale to the David Archuleta Concert from the Heart Tour!!!

    10:10 Last Night: Leave The Amazing Finale 😦 and start the 4 hour drive home.

    2:30 ish THIS MORNING! Arrive home to Snow that would even make the Snow Angelz shocked.

    2:31 THIS MORNING! 3 Concert buddies and me start shoveling

    3:45 THIS MORNING! 3 Concert buddies and me finish shoveling

    3:46 THIS MORNING! My car gets stuck in street right by newly shoveled driveway thereby blocking neighbor access

    4:00 THIS MORNING! Concert buddies and me give up hope of moving the car. They leave to go home and I put note of apology on my car directed to my neighbors.

    4:05 THIS MORNING! I call AAA and they say they will be on their way

    5:10 THIS MORNING! AAA arrives and does their thing

    6:05 THIS MORNING! Car is in driveway and AAA departs.

    6:05.01 THIS MORNING! I finally go to bed!

    Noon today…I wake up.

    3:15 today I just finished watching the videos from last night and all is right with the world!

    I will try to get them posted asap…but they are big!

    And in closing, can I just say that the Snow Angelz are A LOT of fun to hang out with!!!!

  2. TOfan says:

    From djxox:

    hey all!

    Just got home from the CFTH finale..lots of homework *cough VIDScough* to do 😉

    KT~ you were there???? How come I missed my chance at meeting you?? Did I meet you?? LOL

    lots of familiar names there… fun tmes!

    this was EPIC and beyond priceless…

    HYAMLC duet with Ray !!

    David and Johhny attempting a bit of banjo jig…?????

  3. TOfan says:

    More from the amazing dj!!!

    Silent Night~ *sigh*

    The First Noel~

  4. Abrra says:


    Loved this write up, especially since we spent so much quality time together with refnaf and Dawn. What a great time we had in the concerts and the road trip! How nice about that little girl and her dad. It was so loud in Stroudsbug I had earplugs for all the non David songs. Dawn and I had a “new fan ” experience as well with one of the lady ushers.

    I know what you mean about not getting back into a normal routine. We will still expect to wake up and read about the latest show, even though that may be a long way in the future.

    Let me take a minute at the end here and remind anyone who has not requested a Christmas Tour Live Cd to email me at alphawav@comcast.net for details on how to get one. I am mailing out Cd’s this week.



    Chat room has a new look. Bookmark the link to find it.

  5. archiesfan4life says:

    TOfan – thank you for this post and for helping me understand why I have been wandering around the house today looking at all I should do and wondering why I felt so disconnected to the rest of the world with zero interest in doing anything except watching videos over and over to relive this indescribable experience.

    I just want to stay in this zone for as long as I am able – this tour exemplified what is important every day of the year – love, peace, family and friends.

    I still have not finished all I have to do, but at least now I know why:). Thanks!

  6. awestruck says:

    archiesfan4life – I saw David early on in the tour and STILL have a hard time focusing at times… sheesh (in a very good way)…

    Which brings me to:

    TOFAN what is ‘normal’ these days. This state of mind has certainly evolved for me over this last year and a half. This tour was special for me too -lifted my soul up to where it has never been. A profoundly moving experience.

    Sharing the experience of the two shows I saw with David friends making it so much more – … everything!.

    I seem to be back to a phase of bursting into tears at the slightest provocation (I’ve been through this before, just after AI7 finished) and did so after reading your story about the nearly deaf girl in Stroudsburg.

    “So maybe I’m not losing my mind after all … just feeling the after-effects of what this tour’s been for me — one big David-inspired outburst of joy.”

    Oh yes, one big David-inspired outburst of joy that make me want to reach out to as many people as I can to share the joy.

    So, so much to reflect on in this post TOfan… thank you.

  7. djxox says:

    Pat A Pan~

  8. djxox says:

    a lil post Pat A Pan antics~ OMG… LOL..

  9. conditioner says:


    Amazing post!! love love love it!!

    I can so relate to that feeling of your heart being so full it could burst, the joy and the peace and the love you feel all at once is just too much!!
    It really is a different state of mind we are in after attending a live David performance! You ARE NOT losing your mind, but simply HIGH on Archuspirit!! I hear it takes 3 days per show to come down after this potent drug! hmmmm 4 shows =12 days, so it could be a while! haha. Enjoy! for it is the true spirit of Christmas you are experiencing. Merry Christmas to all!!!!

  10. ninaf says:

    Oh Tofan – what a lovely post…As you know, I too have not been able to come down from the Archustupor that started in Montclair and continued to Foxwoods. Now, I am relishing in the Stroudsberg, Boston and Westbury vids…..Boy, what a mistake not going to Westbury, but who knows, with all the snow I might have not have been able to make it.

    I am now starting on my typical sad David withdrawal stage. Hopefully, having my kids coming home from college for their break will speed up my recovery….LOL

  11. emmiegirl says:

    TOfan, you have outdone yourself – saving this in my personal David archives! And thank you for the inside stories that we were not privy to. (I love watching these videos with the snow falling past David as he sings!)

    DJ, thanks one more time for the awesome videos! In a previous video I had seen David circle his head and wasn’t sure what he was doing. Your video clearly shows him looking back at Kendra with her headband and then circling his head. I think he liked it.

    The caring that he and his bandmates and crew have for each other is very obvious in these videos!

  12. happy says:

    TOfan- you know what I love?…. you. 🙂

  13. TOfan says:

    awestruck, ninaf, archiesfan4life, emmiegirl, conditioner, aww, look what you guys made me do? … so nice to know I’m not alone, lol. Does it get any easier???

    yikes, so glad you survived your snow saga and got home safe & sound … can’t wait to hear more about Westbury!

    dj, once again your vids are amazing! were you in the front row AGAIN?!?! I’ve set up a Westbury page (see tab up top) … more to come!


  14. Angelica says:


    Once again you nailed it. This is what reality is for a David fan. Maybe we’re crazy. Pro-ba-bly. But I’ve learned to live with this disorder and life is good!

    I said about an article you wrote for TDC a while back, that it was one of the finest pieces of writing I had ever read. With this witty, poignant, simple, complex article you elegantly pare away everything and leave nothing out. You are truly one of the finest writers in all Archuland.

  15. emmiegirl says:

    Cake is baking, and I am tubing. Another FN that has caught the eye. That smooth latin move at around .43, the swivel and silky slinkiness, or whatever you want to call it….can he just sing this song foreverrrrr!

  16. djxox says:

    Aww Tofan, you are gonna make me cry… *sniff*

    Back to normal life?? This is my new “normal”, and I like my new normal. 🙂

    So many memories in this last year to keep us properly Archu~nourished for a long time. And the lil reunions every few months, or days in some cases..lol… will be treasured forever. Not that the next tour can’t come soon enough. 😉

    One of the reasons I vid the shows is to bring home and relive the magic.

    Here for you with a big red bow on top~

    My Hands~

  17. TOfan says:

    aw, thanks, Angelica, you are too, too kind, that is high praise coming from a talented scribe like yourself! … but you are so right, this crazy life IS good! lol

    emmiegirl, FN FTW!!! … If the cake is chocolate, please share … it’d go nicely with Happy’s brownies… 😉

    I’ve just uploaded dj’s vids for The Riddle and My Hands onto the Westbury page … keep the faith, peeps, I’m goin’ in!!!! 😆

  18. TOfan says:

    snap, dj!!!! bahahaha


    This HYAMLC duet with Ray vid is on dj’s Westbury page but I’m posting here too because it is sooo hiLARious! (David to Ray, “You’d know all about olden days,” heheh 😆 )

  19. yjfanofdavid says:

    TOfan, Love your piece to pieces!

    Why can’t we just go to his concert, “sit back, enjoy the music, then go home and move on to other things?”

    Because his concert makes us feel alive, for the first time perhaps?

    It is becoming harder and harder to know when ArchuLife ends and RealLife begins anymore. isn’t it? It does not help that Internet allows us to relive these concerts in perpetuity.

    I am going to try to “reacquaint myself with old routines, loved ones, local customs.” David shows us what life is and now we must live it!

  20. TOfan says:

    You are so right, yj, “David shows us what life is and now we must live it!”

    … right after I watch dj’s Westbury MH vid … AGAIN! 😆

    Seriously though, I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I think you’re onto something when you say the concerts make us “feel alive” … that feeling of connectedness — to the music, to fellow fans, to a spirit beyond our own — is a big part of what’s made this such a transforming experience … for me, anyways.

    Ain’t it grand?

  21. yjfanofdavid says:

    TOfan, And I just watched the David/Ray duet yet again! Something in that video turns my heart into a big pile of mush.

    I am packing for a trip to Asia tomorrow. And this is how I am packing:

    laptop. Check
    power cord. Check
    extra battery. Check
    earplugs. Check (Tofan, this one is for you!)
    Ipod. Check
    Ipod charger. Check

    Must do before leaving:
    google airports WiFI situtations and electric voltage differences in Asia


  22. Angelica says:

    YJ, I see you have all the essentials covered. You might want to throw in a few other items just for laughs, like idk, clothes? lol. Have a great time in Asia and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone here at SnowAngelz!

    emmiegirl, What video are you referring to of FN at .43? Can you post it?

    *visions of MGRs dancing in my head*

  23. emmiegirl says:

    duh, sorry Angelica! Sometimes he gets you coming and going!

    Here is that FN. His movement is as fluid as his singing, and with that swivel he even has the look!

  24. TOfan says:

    yj, love your packing list … don’t forget to bring the actual CD(s) … you know, just in case! lol Have a safe WiFi-enabled journey! 😆

    Angelica, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, too! Happy MGRing! 🙂

    emmie, I think you can see my hands clapping in that vid! It’s too bad there were no stairs, tho’, drats!

  25. kait1159 says:

    OHMYHECK this is a beautiful post. I was with you through every word, TOfan. And crying as you told the story of the hearing impaired girl. Thank you so much for using your talent to support David.

  26. KT says:

    Just running by to say that the videos I took in Westbury are up…there are 9 of them. I don’t know how to embed so I will just post the YouTube link!


  27. TOfan says:

    Thank you so much, kait1159, it was pretty teary for me, too!

    Hope you’ll come back often!

    You rock!!!! I’ve posted all your vids on a separate Westbury page (see Tab up top) … another excuse to watch the Ray-vid HYAMLC duet again! 😆

  28. emmiegirl says:

    A beautiful shot taken in Baltimore by angelbymyside:

  29. refnaf says:

    ((((TOfan))))), loved everything you have to say in this article…Even the title is perfect. You are an amazing writer and I fell blessed to know you!
    David concerts “are thrilling but exhausting. Like riding a roller coaster standing up. After each one, I feel as though I’ve scaled Everest, run a triathalon, landed on the moon and given birth … all within two hours.” this says it all!! I feel almost relieved in some ways that this tour is over… I need to get my “real” life in order, gah, but the memories will stay with me. Stroudsburg was the concert that really blew me away. Every song hit me hard, and the icing on the cake was watching David’s tour bus drive down the main street of Stoudsburg amongst the sparkling Christmas lights on the way out of town…

    YJF, have a great time in Asia… you do know how to pack!

    Grandbaby is due tomorrow and I still need to get so much done. Not sure I will have much “online” time so I am wishing you all a wonder filled Christmas time… much love and peace to all of you and your families, And to David and his as well!

  30. TOfan says:

    emmie, pic is “forbidden” … is it up on FOD?

    <333 Ref, Joyëux Noël, Merry Christmas & Gelukkig kerstfeest (?)! 🙂

    Just watched the Regis & Kelly Christmas special … love the way she introduces him at the beg. of the show as "American Idol David Archuleta" 😆 .

  31. emmiegirl says:

    TOfan, dang. Yeah, the pic is on the second page of angelbymyside’s pics. They are all great, but #4, absolutely gorgeous!

    I noticed that intro too! Also noticed how when she and Mark were announcing the guests, he clapped when they announced David, and only David. (Funny how we notice those things!)

  32. awestruck says:

    Fox and Friends video:

    My computer and I will be parting company shortly – much needed up grades to come…

    Thanks to all for the love and friendship shared here and thank you David for bringing us together. I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. Stay safe and warm. Brenda

  33. TOfan says:

    Battling bronchitis here, but just glad it didn’t hit me last weekend!!

    Wanted to wish big Merry Christmas, Joyeüx Noél, Buon Natale and Feliz Navidad to everyone who drops by here from time to time, even if only to “hover,” lol. Can feel your good vibes and love for David and his music, so thanks to one and all!

    Happy Holidays! Have a Cool Yule!!!

  34. refnaf says:

    Get better TOfan!!! not nice to feel sick for Christmas 😦 and you forgot “Gelukkig kerstfeest”!!!!

    Awestruck, No computer??? yikes, hope you have lots of festivities going on so you won’t miss us (and David) tooo much!

    I will be here to announce grandbaby’s arrival, hopefully soon….

    ((((hugs)))) everyone!!

  35. TOfan says:

    hey, for “Gelukkig kerstfeest” scroll up a bit!!! Tell that grandbaby to wait till after Larry King! 😆

    Have rested up all day so I can be up to watch it! Thrilled he’ll be doing Pat-a-Pan … doing diff. songs for diff. shows was a stroke of genius, gives people a sampling from the CD … I’ll give David full credit for that, of course. lol

    Gengen, did you see this?
    “Your Best & Fav Pics of David Archuleta 4 David’s book Chords of Strength http://tinyurl.com/y8wjkqx -May be selected 4 use!”

  36. TOfan says:

    Killer ending on the Larry King Pat-a-Pan … cannot wait for that mp3!

    “Sting, Andrea Bocelli and David Archuleta talk about their holiday memories on Larry King.” http://bit.ly/6b2KXw

  37. KT says:

    Hello Snow Angelz! Well I think I can finally relax with most of the things done that I need to do in preparation for Christmas.

    I was driving in the car today and Josh Groban came on the radio singing O Holy Night. No doubt that man has a great voice. BUT…the first word that jumped to mind was clinical. I felt it was a clinical performance. Technical….good. It was not felt. Therein lays the difference. No other artist makes you feel music like David does.

    TOfan, I love your post and it is right on the mark.

    I would like to add my own memory to your list of “Certain songs, events, moments from the tour linger in my mind …”

    At Stroudsburg, I remember glancing to my right during Ave Maria wanting to look at my friend, TOfan. On more than one occasion, TOfan has commented on how she is touched when David sings Ave Maria…well let me just say that I witnessed in that one glance the “profound spiritual connection” that TOfan describes above. In a sense, I felt I was looking in a mirror…

    I wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas and Holiday!

  38. emmiegirl says:

    TOfan, so sorry to hear your sick! Hope you are getting better!

    refnaf, a Christmas grandbaby, what a grand gift!

    TOfan, LKL was an awesome performance. He represented himself very very well in a start-studded line-up. He was rockin’ it! He belongs out there performing among the best of the best!

    Knowing that David’s performances are always live, when I watch others now I often wonder how many of them are not!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  39. TOfan says:

    {{{KT}}} big hugs to you, my friend!

    thanks for your good wishes, emmie,
    I’m well dosed with antibiotics! I even managed to make it to a quiet church service with my husband this morning. When I looked at the homemade banner hanging from the advent wreath that read “Hope / Peace / Joy / Love” three guesses whose music came to mind (1st two don’t count 🙂 ).

    Randomactsofkindness made this great highlight video of that amazing Stroudsburg show (I think I even spotted my red sweater bouncing like a fool to ZG … good times!!!)

  40. bebereader says:


    I loved your article! I’m still in an ArchuStupor from Montclair; I can only imagine what many of you who’ve done multiple shows must be feeling. I’m kinda getting used to this ArchuStupor and have come to accept it as a way of life. NoSiree, no intervention for me.

    Don’t you just love how David’s radiant smile was brought into full bloom in HYAMLC when Ray surprised him? Gah, I love to see him so happy, as happy as he makes us. With all due respect to Ray…when David stepped in front of him, who first stepped in front of David, was anyone else but me cheering David, “‘OWN THAT POWER, BABY, IT’S YOUR SHOW!”?? Okay maybe it was just me! LOL

    Djxoxox and KT, your videos rock!

    To the snowangelz, thank you for your devotion to David on this truly beautiful fansite. And to all of David’s fans: May your home be filled with warmth and love this Christmas!

  41. djafan says:

    TOfan… I loved every single thing in your article and I’m sitting here thinking “How do she know everything I’m feeling?” Why he has this effect on us is beyond my comprehension. I just know that it is what it is and crave for more.

    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful Snowangelz!

  42. silverfox says:

    Been a little under the weather lately..
    ahhhh-chooo! Excuse me..where’s the dang tissue!

    Wishing the Snow Angelz a very safe, healthy, happy & blessed holiday!!

    May the new year be all you hope for & more!

    I luvs you lots!!

  43. trish0400 says:

    I wanted to stop in and say MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!! I love you guys <3<3<3

    Cleveland was awesome !!!

    Stroudsburg was magical !!!! the small intimate venue … being so close to the stage .. the wonderful 72 year old usher lady fangirling about meeting David and shaking his hand !!!! … to the big burly security guard that stuck up for KT when another security guard came and told her to stop videoing !! … to the family with the little girl and the father holding his little girl close and shaking his head in awe of David talent … he was in heaven !! … David was ON that night … just PERFECTION !!! to watching the tour bus pull out and follow it a block down the road with Christmas lights !!! all just WOW !!!! and one of the BESTS part hanging with the SNOWANGELZZZZZ !!!! You guys are awesome !!! Thanks so much for the good times !!

    To Westbury !!! the Christmas From the Heart tour finale !!! Oh my … the antics on stage … the Ray and David show !!! just the BESTEST !!! David seemed very relaxed and happy … threw a zinger out there to Ray !!! everyone laughed .. if was so wonderful … singing happy birthday to David at VIP we all had birthday hats that we put on and blowers !!! It was a fun surprise !!! to a Nor'easter in NYC wooohooo !!! I'm sure there is more but I must run !!!

    KT – WOW !!! hahaha I loved your timeline !!! What a bummer about shoving for 3 hrs and everything !!! I love you !!! Had the BEST TIME with you and DebFOD and Lorna !!! Thanks for putting up with me <3<3<3

    Now you know why I don't post often hahaha I talk to much !!!! Hope everyones Christmas/Holiday is wonderful.


  44. TOfan says:

    dja, SF & bebe, Happiest of holidays to y’all, too! (Hope you feel better, SF, the doc says I’m battling bronchitis but I suspect post-touritis may be more like it! :lol:)

    {{{Trish}}} you don’t talk too much at all! Loved every word! Thanks for recapping those amazing highlights, what a truly wonderful time we had with you guys, only wish we could have continued on to NYC & Westbury … will know better next time, lol!

    In the meantime, got a lovely message in my email from Rising Star Outreach (I’m sure many of you got the same one) … thought this was the perfect day to post it (at the end of the post above). Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everybody!

  45. happy says:

    Merry Christmas to all, hoping your day was full of peace and the joy that is Christmas. Much love to you …. 🙂

  46. Kizzi says:

    Buon Natale, SnowAngelz…from Venice, Italy! Wishing you love, peace and joy!

  47. TOfan says:

    {{{happy & kizzi <3333}}}

    Here's a Boxing Day special, courtesy of snarkies!:
    To download an mp3 of the Larry King Live Pat-a-Pan click HERE.
    For the mp4, click HERE.
    (thanks, fa3ryg1rl!)

    And I just remembered another funny moment from the Stroudsburg VIP … I'll blame it on my meds.

    When it came time to choose two songs, David asked Kendra which song he should sing. She asked all of us if we wanted to hear something with the band or no band. Immediately, as if it were planned, almost everyone called out in unison "NO BAND!!!"

    Everyone laughed (incl. David) as Steve and Dave pretended to be hurt and throw off their guitars and Kendra said, "You almost had a completely acoustic show there, folks!" (ah, a girl can dream….)


  48. emmiegirl says:

    Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

    I must have missed this somewhere along the line, but it is one of the songs David wrote with Matt Wertz. He has said more than once he liked songs with that laid back, feel good vibe and this one fits the bill. I think it could do really well!


  49. peppertara says:

    Wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday, may your New Year be the beginning of all you hope for in your lives.
    Tofan I enjoyed your article. I can imagine how difficult it is to actually ‘get over’ the whole tour experience. I wasn’t even able to see David on his Christmas tour and I am still not over it. Just watching videos and taking in all the heavenly sounds and sights that are David is difficult enough to get over. In fact I just keep watching them and listening to that voice and there really is no need to get over anything, so I just keep enjoying it! I only hope one day (maybe next year) I will actually be able to experience David live, singing some of those wonderful Christmas songs.
    Even though, being the older ‘middle aged fan’ that I am, I cannot wait to see David live in concert again (have only seen him once). So I am hoping that all who anticipate that experience in the next year will have their wish fulfilled.
    A very peaceful and Happy Holiday to everyone.

    emmiegirl….I listened to that song by David and Matt Wertz and I can imagine David singing that quite brilliantly. Kind of hope it is on the next album.

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