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Writing recaps is something I have resisted doing…. Words seriously fail me when I make an attempt to describe the David concert experience …  many fans do such an excellent job of describing each song, analyzing the nuances in his voice, examining the ability David has to bring any song to emotional life. My last concert experience in Cleveland on Saturday night affected me, again, on a very spiritual level and I want to at least try to put that experience into words.

Walking in to the beautiful Palace Theatre in Cleveland was in itself inspirational. Marble, gilt, red damask, sparkling chandeliers — a wonderful historic venue for David’s Christmas tour. I kept thinking back a year to the 2009 winter solo tour. The contrast is quite remarkable. From the somewhat seedy, grungy venues with the mosh pits, heavy metal stage barriers and ‘interesting” security guards to this!!  It is a blessing to me to have seen the different venues, a journey for us as well as for David.

The anticipation, the happiness of knowing that within a few hours I will soak up the Voice (with some amazing and wonderful friends) is one of the best places to be. The desire to hold on to the moments is overwhelming. The anticipation is so sweet.  This is not entertainment, this is a life experience. For me, seeing David perform live is an addictive experience, one that gives me so much that it defies logic and explanation. A cleansing, emotional, spiritual high.

It became more obvious to me on Saturday that David understands what his musical gift can do. He knows. He gets why we get him. He understands the hope and love and beauty that his singing can give. He understands that music can heal and refresh and uplift. Not in a egotistical way, but because music has done the same for him. Open, honest sharing is what David does best. Each song a gift. Each note a blessing. Each person in the audience touched.

Arriving home from a concert, compelled to act … this is one of the most stunning parts of this particular David concert for me. I have been pushed to the point where I will go and do something for others. His speech before his rendition of Prayer of the Children was so heartfelt and showed real caring, so beyond the “’tis the season for giving” platitudes that we hear at this time of year. I want to be as giving as he is. I want to help others. I want to give. I want to share. This is what he has given me.

Sharing this experience with all the people I have met is the other gift that keeps on giving. After a concert like this I just want to reach out to everyone. Real-life friends sharing a bond with, and because of, an 18-year-old musical genius… Amen!

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  1. Abrra says:

    You are so on point about how knowing him makes us want to give, to share. It feels like a magnetic pull for me. I look forward to concerts so I can meet and embrace my friends face to face for the first time . That experience is is how his spirit passes through every part of us. It’s what the music connection leaves in its wake. Friendship.

    I am looking forward to the concerts this week where I get the opportunity to share his music in a tangible way. Look for the lady carrying a red Christmas stocking, she may have a gift. 🙂


  2. Abrra says:

    OK spamming! I love the snow here!! You guys rock 🙂

  3. awestruck says:

    (refnaf) – never doubt yourself in your ability to share through words. Ya do better than fine darlin’. Ditto to everyting you said, especially…

    It is interesting to read about the comparison from last year’s venues to this years.

    Hearing the Voice in the company of friends who get it just as much as you do enhances the experience in a huge way. Sharing and caring, in that same open honest way that David does, makes the friendships form in the same way, creating an instant connection. When I met you, TOfan and others in SLC it was this way for me.

    Oh yes ref he is addictive in the most powerfully emotional and spiritual way.

    “Open, honest sharing is what David does best. Each song a gift. Each note a blessing. Each person in the audience touched.

    For me, seeing David perform live is an addictive experience, one that gives me so much that it defies logic and explanation. A cleansing, emotional, spiritual high.”

    Lovely words, that find a home in my heart.

    “I want to be as giving as he is. I want to help others. I want to give. I want to share. This is what he has given me.”

    I have had this feeling before at other times in my life, but interestingly, it has usually faded away slowly. But, with David this feeling stays with me and actually intensifies each time I see him live.

    There, now, have I simply recopied your entire article?!?

    Abrra – soak up everything, enjoy your concerts to the max…

  4. TOfan says:

    my dear friend, words did not fail you this time. What a beautiful tribute to the generous loving spirit that breathes life into every note David sings.

    That POTC introduction (and the one for SN) moved me as well … what happened to that flustery kid who was so nervous about being “not so good at the talking part” before the A.I. tour???

    Awestruck, “There, now, have I simply recopied your entire article?!?” LOL … I was tempted to do the same thing!


  5. awestruck says:

    off topic – according to twitter Syesha is going to David’s concert tonight. I wonder if he will have her do a duet with him in HYAMLC?

  6. TOfan says:

    awestruck, I was wondering the same thing … what a cool way to include some surprises in every show (although I LOVE his solo jazzmatazz version!)

    also off topic:
    djxox’s amazing Montclair vids have been uploaded onto a page of their very own! (see tab up top)
    {{{dj ♥♥♥}}}

    KISS 108 Boston Interview Podcast:
    Listen HERE
    Download mp3 HERE (thanks fa3ryg1rl)

    • Abrra says:

      I listen to Matty most every day on my way to work. He is a huge fan. Note he says “I love this kid!” near the end. The last time David was interviewed about the Demi Tour, Matty said something that wasn’t very appropriate to David. David is smart and he just responded with ” HUH?” It was meant to get a cheap laugh. But I forgive Matty after hearing this interview. BTW I missed it this morning! TY Sheila! and this site for the link.

      Can’t wait to see “The Canadians” again at the shows 🙂 I am working on clipping that video of Providence VIP of the team with David and the sign. Its a bit shakey. I think someone was elbowing me to move over? LOL


  7. yjfanofdavid says:

    Refnaf, What a beautiful review! (And you said you have no words left to describe him? Oh my!)

    “The desire to hold on to the moments is overwhelming. The anticipation is so sweet. This is not entertainment, this is a life experience. For me, seeing David perform live is an addictive experience, one that gives me so much that it defies logic and explanation. A cleansing, emotional, spiritual high.”

    Have fun Thursday night. Soak it all in again for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be there!

  8. betsyjaney says:

    Beautiful recap. The gorgeous venue, the voice, the new friends. Something has been set in motion and cannot be turned back. Something very good.

  9. djafan says:

    refnaf….Thank you for sharing this. So glad you decided to take the leap!

    “He knows. He gets why we get him. He understands the hope and love and beauty that his singing can give. He understands that music can heal and refresh and uplift. Not in a egotistical way, but because music has done the same for him. Open, honest sharing is what David does best. Each song a gift. Each note a blessing. Each person in the audience touched.”

    And yes he knows…you saw that, felt that as have I. Beautiful.

  10. gengenw says:

    just a quick hello before the Baltimore VIP. Going to have lunch with the amazing Karin @zerogravity1. Will come back to do a little recap if time permits tonite.

  11. TOfan says:

    Gengen, can’t wait! G, KT, Lorna & other Baltimorians (Baltimites?),

    Have a blast!!!!!


    EDIT: CFTH set designer dishes on “set” HERE

  12. TOfan says:

    Great interview in that ties into your post, Ref. — “He knows. He gets why we get him.”:

    “Sometimes it can get like a little, like, whoa,” he says. “Sometimes I’m, like, what is it that people are so interested in? Because I just feel like I’m me. It’s interesting when people take an interest in you and want to talk to you and be around you and get a hug from you and follow you to the shows. It makes me feel like there must be something more that’s involved with this, because it can’t just be me.”

    Rather, he says, it’s about the music he sings and how fans relate to it.

    “It’s interesting how they’re feeling the same thing I’m feeling. It makes you feel so good that it can do that for people. That, more than anything, is what made me want to be a singer and a performer,” he says. “I’ve never been a big talker or anything, but I felt like I could say what I wanted to say in music. There’s just such a power in music. I don’t have much to say, but I wanted people to be aware what music can do.”

    Read whole article HERE.

  13. refnaf says:

    Thanks for all your comments ((((Abs, awestruck. TOfan. YJF, betsy, dja, gengen)))).

    Crazy how this last interview ties in…!!! wow, I am stunned! Yes David, there is so much more!!! and we keep coming back for it!

  14. TOfan says:

    Okay, Baltimore VIPers, can’t wait to hear what this tweet was about! LOL

    @DavidArchie Hm… Interesting VIP today…. Lol

    … great Providence Journal Interview HERE.

    Also, anyone going to the MGM Foxwoods show on Thursday night who’d like to get together after the show, please see the Christmas Tour page for details.

  15. gengenw says:

    There were a few kids coming up to David during photoshooting asking for autograph. David had to say no to them repetitively which upset him very much. When I was talking to David (I was the last in line), a little girl showed up again, interrupting our conversation, begging for an autograph. You should have seen the look on David’s face.

  16. awestruck says:

    Hey gengen! Sad that they were asking for autographs from David and interrupting your and others time with him. It really hurts David to have to say no – Ray where were you!

    Tell us more if you get a chance… here’s hoping for tiny tidbits of information.

    Just read a fan’s recap of her Waukegan VIP – during Q and A: “One lady asked him, “Was it planned for you to go into the audience on Feliz Navidad and did Ray have a heart attack?” ??? He’s like,”No, Ray didn’t have a heart attack. I just saw stairs and I like going down stairs, so I did. It’s natural when I see stairs to want to go down them.” And then Ray said something after hearing his name, and David is like, “Oh you know, Ray is such a joy to be around…a beam of light..a Ray of light!!” ??? ??? ???”

    go to for the entire recap

  17. refnaf says:

    Thank you Abrra! emailed received, Yay!

    Gengen, that would have made for an “interesting” VIP for David. Seems like he does not like to disappoint peeps, but yikes, the demands are getting more aggressive I suppose.

    TOfan, that set design link was very interesting, Thanks!
    Off to work….AND I CAN NOT believe I see David again tomorrow???

  18. awestruck says:

    KT – that’s a tentative here I am kinda post. Everything OK?

  19. awestruck says:

    refnaf – I hope to be watching the show on billboardlive!!!

  20. TOfan says:

    Gengen, was it the now-famous “Michael Buble” look? 😆

    LOLOLOLOLOL … still breathing????


  21. KT says:

    lol…more in a little bit. Was awesome.

  22. emmiegirl says:

    refnaf, loved loved your entire piece! And I love being a part of this joyous journey with him and his incredible fans.

    Boy, he was knocking it out of the park in Baltimore! Sooo much energy and passion! And did he have his dancing shoes on for the first half of FN or what!

    (Wading back in to watch more vids)

  23. TOfan says:

    Thanks, emmie!

    Mr. TOfan came to the Cleveland show and remarked how David comes alive with the Latino numbers (FN & RRC) … he asked me if I’d noticed how his entire body language changes from head to toe for those songs … um, ya. 😆

  24. gengenw says:

    Ray did really well to protect David but the policy autographs are not allowed was not stated clearly in the beginning of the VIP, plus, there were a lot of VIP newbies last nite, which is good because it shows David’s fanbase is expanding.

  25. awestruck says:

    TOfan – “he asked me if I’d noticed how his entire body language changes from head to toe for those songs … um, ya.”


    gengen thanks for that info. and YES to new fans!

  26. emmiegirl says:

    TOfan, awestruck – lol, even so much that the Mr. noticed!

    …and yes, yes, we have noticed. Don’t believe there is much that goes unnoticed.

    VIP newbies, great news! Maybe that’s partly what he meant by an interesting VIP, alot of new faces.

  27. TOfan says:

    Rereading your post … again … and this part particularly struck me:

    “Arriving home from a concert, compelled to act … this is one of the most stunning parts of this particular David concert for me. I have been pushed to the point where I will go and do something for others.”

    For as much David inspires adulation and awe, it reminded me of what he’s said many times — that it’s not about HIM, it’s about the music. As you put it so well, the power of the music to “heal and refresh and lift” us, the way it’s done for him.

    To connect us to our fellow man (and woman) and to inspire us to care about each other and “do something for others.”

    So the fact that there were new faces at the VIP is great to hear … new connections made, spirits renewed, joy shared … Christmas From the Heart, indeed….

  28. TOfan says:

    My boss just zipped out for lunch so I got to sneak a peek at djxox’s Montclair tab … The Riddle … ohmyheck what is it about THAT SONG????

    dj, nice zoom at the end! 😆

  29. Angelica says:


    I have had computer problems all day yesterday and couldn’t get on, but saw your comment re; my post on The Voice about how we are so on the same page. WOW! You are so right!

    “This is not entertainment, this is a life experience. For me, seeing David perform live is an addictive experience, one that gives me so much that it defies logic and explanation. A cleansing, emotional, spiritual high.

    It became more obvious to me on Saturday that David understands what his musical gift can do. He knows. He gets why we get him. He understands the hope and love and beauty that his singing can give. He understands that music can heal and refresh and uplift. Not in a egotistical way, but because music has done the same for him. Open, honest sharing is what David does best. Each song a gift. Each note a blessing. Each person in the audience touched.”

    So much there that is echoed in my own article. TOfan is right, we could be bookends. You have a beautiful way with expressing your feelings. I loved every word but I guess I would since you wrote what I tried to say too. lol. Great job and I so enjoyed meeting you and everyone in Cleveland. I did meet you, didn’t I? haha.

  30. yjfanofdavid says:

    “My boss just zipped out for lunch so I got to sneak a peek at djxox’s Montclair tab.”

    Are you 100 percent sure your boss is not a closet Archie and lurk right here? Just don’t want you to ever get busted! 🙂

  31. conditioner says:


    such a beautiful recap! So glad I was part of this experience!! It was so special! Still coming down…

  32. TOfan says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL … but just in case … I have THE best boss in the universe! 😆

    {{{conditioner & Angelica}}}

  33. awestruck says:

    A great/funny two part interview with KOST 103.5 FM southern California radio station

  34. awestruck says:

    Just listened to the interview(s) again and love how they ask David about his iphone app and mention the Billboardlive concert tomorrow night. Great promo.

    They played PAP too.

  35. awestruck says:

    Hey TOfan, just noticed the Curel Snow Angel Campaign… out to the yard I go ho ho ho to make a snow angel…

  36. refnaf says:


    Conditioner, so glad too that you were part of this trip! David road trips FTW.

    Angelica, being a bookend with you, aaawww. That WFM!

    KT, keep breathing….

    now I must go pack…. tomorrow I feed my addiction….

    (((hugs to all)))

  37. refnaf says:

    forgot to say.. love the Snowangel Curel campaign!
    woot TOfan

  38. marlie7 says:

    refnaf, I pulled myself out of my Archustupor to come and read your article when I saw the notice on Twitter. You are a lovely writer (and an even more lovely person to know).

    Your recap is such a mirror to my own feelings – being willing to drive for hours, being in a state of anticipation, meeting with friends before a VIP or concert, and then the feelings of peace and a desire to do more that follow me home.

    Thanks for sharing those thoughts with us.

  39. TOfan says:

    marlie7!!! *waves* I’m impressed you can pull yourself out of an Archstupor … you’ll have to give me some tips, lol

    thanks for the KOST podcast link, just got a chance to listen. Love the plug for Pat-a-Pan … and the way he describes the different concert crowds. Was it just me or did he actually sound a little feisty there? 😉

  40. awestruck says:

    TOfan – David seems more relaxed (freer laugh)for sure, thus more into the interview – sure, calll it feisty!

    Oh, how I wish I was going to one more concert…

  41. refnaf says:

    marlie ***waves*** and (((hugs))))

    TOfan and I are on the bus somewhere between Boston and Mashantucket!!!!

    Anticipation is a big part of the ride, wish you could all be here…:(

    KT we are also anticipating word from you about Baltimore or are you still rendered speechless!!

  42. awestruck says:

    Just a reminder to everyone to tune into BillboardLive for the concert tonight

  43. TOfan says:

    Ref & I have arrived … too funny driving through the quiet Connecticut woods thinking “how pretty, how quaint … wonder if we’re close yet?”…

    …then off in the distance, a gynormous mega-complex of buildings appears out of nowhere, like we’ve arrived in Oz … bahaha, guess we have.

    Great to see abrra, djxox, ninaf, river, SF, chickee, bubbly and Dawn65 …

    Here’s a twitpic from Dawn:

    Waiting in line at VIP on Twitpic

    fyi, tonight’s BillboardLive Broadcast will be made available as Video On Demand (for free) tomorrow.

  44. awestruck says:

    TOfan – give EVERYONE a hug for me. I am with you all in spirit.

  45. TOfan says:

    Concert was beyond amazing … David, as usual, stepped it up a notch for the BillboardLive broadcast. Afterwards, a bunch of us gathered near the stage for group hugs and to bask in the afterglow of the awesomeness and noticed David in the wings doing the Billboard interview (see clip below).

    We called out “hi, David!” and he waved and ran out afterward to say a final goodnight and Merry Christmas and to high-five everyone along the edge of the stage.

    He ran back and forth across the entire width of the stage touching as many hands as he could.

    He is love. He is David.


  46. djxox says:

    Last night was beyoooond Amazziiinnggg….


    Feliz Navidad~

  47. djxox says:

    and Silent Night~

  48. djxox says:

    Ave Maria~

  49. djxox says:

    Pat A Pan~

  50. djxox says:

    more are processing…

  51. Kizzi says:

    Looks like some of the SnowAngelz scored some mega big time in “heaven” at a place called “Foxwoods!”

    Great videos, as always, DJ! Thank you soooo much!

    The live stream was incredible – I used a media savvy laptop and I was able to switch from camera to camera – 5 different views – gah…all the views were a real treat and one of the cameras was from behind David and got to see what he saw as he sang to the audience….ref and SF…I’m pretty sure I spied both of you during the live stream from the audience angle…so wonderful.

    Kendra and the drummer seemed to be big favorites with the cameramen…seeing all that goes into the show was illuminating.

    And of course, the star, HIMSELF, seemed revved to a new level of performance…and that after the show interview was so fun and FUNNY!!! High on life is the ultimate to experience or see another experience.

    Merry Christmas! And, I wish everyone a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2010.

  52. awestruck says:

    All I can say is WOW

    A couple of things that hit me: David was pumped, the adrenaline flowing and the voice tonight!!! and in the interview right after the concert was EPIC – such happiness radiating from David; way cool to see the different angles – I agree Kizzi that the cameramen really got into Kendra and the drummer, both showed such passion will playing. Kendra had tears in her eyes by the end of OHN; there was this little girl playing violin who couldn’t have been more the 8 or 9 years old.

    I’m still processing… may just have to watch again, and again, and again – apparently available for video on demand for the next week I thought I heard.

    For anyone interested – this is the e-mail for the CEO of Billboardlive I sent him a thank you right after the concert.

    Very interesting: A-List Promotions is a company that works to bring fans “closer to their favorite artists, as well as introducing them to the next big things in the music industry and they are covering David’s concert in Westbury, NY on Sunday.

    Check out their website after the Westbury show

  53. awestruck says:

    dj – shout out to you for your vid’s – again. At one point one of the cameras zoomed in on a video camera recording David during the concert, can’t remember which song.

  54. djxox says:

    Awestruck, Kizzi ~ Thanks! Yes, it WAS heavenly…

    and I think this is a special Angelz fav??

    My Hands~

  55. emmiegirl says:

    dj – can’t even begin to thank you enough for the videos! My DSL was not cooperating with the broadcast last night so I am eternally grateful for your beautiful videos, once again.

    And oh my, how does he keep doing it…I am in awe of him, again! Amaaazingness last night! No words, just aaaahhhhhhh!

  56. djxox says:

    The Man himself says it best…

    ..this Crush ain’t going awaaayyaaayaayyyy…..

  57. yjfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, I am almost certain I saw you and Refnaf in the frenzy that ensued after he came back out … lol

  58. emmiegirl says:

    Amen dj!

    Last night’s Riddle was amazing, HYAMLC oh man; that Ava Marie, stunning; FN, energetic and so fun
    …and I am just getting started!

    Sounds like the crowd loved him! And he looked soooo happyy! 🙂

  59. emmiegirl says:

    Gotta get out of here, but one of the Alicia Keys songs he talked about covering “Sure Looks Good To Me” – wow! This song is so him…

    “Sure Looks Good To Me”

    Life is cheap, bittersweet
    But it taste good to me

    Take my turn, crash and burn
    That’s how it’s supposed to be

    So don’t rain on my parade
    Life’s too short to waste one day

    I’m gonna risk it all, the freedom to fall
    Yes it sure looks good to me

    Time passed by and leaves you behind
    Take it naturslly

    Heaven knows (OH) There’s so much more
    More than what we see

    So don’t rain on my parade
    Life’s too short to waste one day

    I’m gonna risk it all, the freedom to fall
    Yes it sure looks good to me

    (HEY) Sure looks good to me

    Ooh, ooh, oooo, ooohh
    Yea, yea, yeaaaa

    Ooh, ooh, oooo, ooohh
    Yea, yea, yeaaaa

    Deep in my mind Im secure we can buy
    I wanna see the light before I die or I lie in an empty space,

    The darkness comes and I’ve been telling my soul
    And me and myself we turn around, we’re getting old,

    But the lightning crashing, foolish emotions
    From the bruises and the beauty in this moment that we’re feeling,

    And I feel like I’m seeing the world inside of me
    But I can tell you that I know, it’s getting easier to breathe,

    There’s a cold in the morning, endless equation
    Of who’ve we’ve become, it’s a complex situation

    So live, love, life give love
    Live, love, life, give love
    Live, love, life, give love
    It’s who are we anyway

    So don’t rain on my parade
    Life’s too short to waste one day

    I’m gonna risk it all, the freedom to fall
    Yes it sure looks good to me

    (HEY) It sure looks good to me
    (I’m telling you) Sure looks good to me

    (YEA) Sure looks good to meeee

    Meee, yeaaa
    Looks good to me, whoo, yea, yea, yeaaa

    Happy Friday everyone!

  60. refnaf says:

    so…… words right now, gah…

    TOfan and I are headed to the airport hoping to get home before a winter storm hits. This has been one amazing trip….more soon!

  61. awestruck says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Busy day yesterday, but did manage to watch billboardlive concert again. Again, wow is all I can say.

    Be safe for anyone traveling in the heavy snow fall – blizzard warning area of the NE US. Boston? and Westbury may be in danger of cancellation?


  62. conditioner says:

    Stay safe TOfan and Ref!!! Boston in danger of cancellation!?!?! oh no!! :(. Those poor peeps.

  63. awestruck says:

    Conditioner – just brought that over from FOD, speculation only. Sorry if I panicked you and others.

  64. ninaf says:

    I am reiterating what I said on the TDC website:

    Thursday night at Foxwoods marked the 10th time I have seen David live. In my opinion, this was without doubt, the best performance that I have ever witnessed. I got home late evening yesterday, (after the worst traffic ever), and I’m still in a fog. I feel honored to be a witness to it all, and to everyone I was with, for dinner or just briefly, it wouldn’t have been the same without all of you to share it…A BIG THANKS!!

    Tofan, refnaf….get home safely!!

    Kizzi – I miss you – I was so disappointed to find out you weren’t going to make it to the concert…till we meet again [big hug]!!

  65. yjfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, refnaf, Hope you guys are making it home safely!

    Per Dave’s tweet, they make it to Boston safe and sound:

    “Just woke up in Boston! I am up way to early though. These are not good musician hours to be up. Playing at Boston House of Blues tonight!!!”

  66. awestruck says:

    ninaf – I have read that many fans who have seen David a number of times live think that Foxwoods was the best concert they had seen to date. We were all priviledged to be able to see it via (just a reminder that it is available for view all this week as well).

    yjfanofdavid – I hope the safe decision is made, depending on the weather, for David and company to travel to Westury or not.

  67. awestruck says:

    Cool, check this out Topsfield Performers to Open for American Idol Star.

    So it will be this brother/sister act, Benton then David tonight?

  68. awestruck says:

    OKaaaaay What would have reminded him of green eggs and ham?

    David’s latest tweets:

    ◦Well now I have something from 12 years ago back on my to-do list. Make homemade green eggs and ham.

    ◦I remember in kindergarten we had green eggs and ham. I decided one day I was going to make my own, but forgot until now haha.

  69. TOfan says:

    {{{dj}}} your vids are pure love!

    Thanks awestruck, conditioner and all for your kind concern! Fortunately, Refnaf & I were able to get out of “Dodge” before the storm hit and back to T.O. safely. I hope the same for everyone going to Boston and/or Westbury.

    LOL, thanks for that vid, I’m so glad somebody captured something of that cool moment … not me, though, David was too fast and my camera too slow! lol

    I so agree about Foxwoods … I sat there thinking, “WOWWW, this must be how it felt to be in the live audience at the A.I. finale” … chills, baby, chills … he “BRANG IT!” as Ms. Beebee would say.

    … and then Stroudsburg … still processing that one-two punch … lol

    As we headed back to the dark parking lot after our post-show spazz-fest with Zoe, archiefan4life, Trish, KT, Lorna and gang, we spotted David’s tour bus and all jokingly called out “Follow that bus!”

    And then, by accident, we did! (don’t worry just down the main street for a couple of blocks, lol)

    The picture-perfect image of that storybook Stroudsburg main street lined with trees blanketed in twinkly lights with David’s white tour bus rolling along ahead of us will forever be burned in my memory. A poetic end to a magical two days… more details to follow when the ArchuFog lifts… ohmyheck I feel blessed to be on this ride.

    what a perfect song for David to cover! Love these lines in particular:

    So don’t rain on my parade
    Life’s too short to waste one day

  70. TOfan says:

    New vlog … looks like Christmas morn with the snuggly and all the presents, lol:

    More info:
    Just wanted to have a quick check-in with everyone! Gifts have been a little difficult getting through lately just with lack of time. It’s more reading all the letters, since most of them are starting to get pretty long lol. So sorry but I have to just skim through most of them now without being able to really read them. It’s the only way I can get to all of them though. But thanks so much for supporting the tour you guys! It’s been such a fun ride! Catch the Connecticut show on this week!
    Category: People & Blogs
    David Archuleta Tour Christmas from the heart gifts billboard live

  71. refnaf says:

    umm…. he is …. so open and honest, I think he will keep on amazing us. I am in a wonderful place, Thanks to David and friends!

  72. refnaf says:

    lol TOfan,,,,((((hugs))))

  73. calliexoda says:

    Hi all from Zoe,

    Refnaf, thank you for your beautiful words (which seriously DID NOT FAIL YOU), and which eloquently capture the essence of what I feel after each and every David concert. I am so grateful to you and to the many writers over the last 18 months who have generously shared their verbal gifts on this and other sites. My cyberspace ODD adventure, my concert experiences and the friends I have met as a result have been the most lovely surprising gifts, which I could never have foreseen nor apppreciated more.

    Still trying to process last night’s Stroudsburg concert…it will definitely be added to my list of most memorable life events. In short, the experience for me was sheer perfection.

    Like Refnaf, I, too, am often at a loss for words after attending a David concert. Certainly an overwhelming sense of joy…more like rapture. Like my heart is about to burst from the audio and visual assault to my senses. And I marvel at how much he brings to each and every song, performance after performance, adding nuances and surprises along the way. How he’s grown in confidence and stature and rapport with the audience. How at a startingly young age, he exudes a sense of goodness, humility and compassion for others. I was deeply moved when he spoke about his charities and how everyone’s small contribution can make a difference to the greater good, and how it’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. So well said, David! I am utterly blown away by this young man.

    A special thank you to my dear friend archiesfan4life with whom I shared the evening and for her lovely gifts. And it was a pleasure to finally meet Abrra (thank you for the CD – you’re an angel!), Dawn (am feasting on those pictures from all your concerts!), and of course to see TOfan and Refnaf again, albeit all too briefly. Nice to also see KT again and to meet Trish…wish I could have hung around for the afterparty with you guys, but glad to know you were able to get home safely.

    Just wanted to mention a really powerful moment that came at the end of the concert…don’t know if this has been talked about or done before. As David was ending his finale song (OHN), a shower of spotlights that were poised just above him began to slowly lower down and through him till they reached the floor and then rose up again. As if the lights were bowing down to him in gratitude. It felt almost reverential, and I think Abrra or Dawn said it seemed like angels wings were enveloping David. At that point the tears were overflowing.

    It was a glorious ending to a most memorable night.

  74. TOfan says:

    Thank you for describing that incredible moment at the end of OHN so beautifully:
    “As if the lights were bowing down to him in gratitude.”
    It was so very powerful … I’ll never forget it either, “angels wings” indeed.

    To download mp3s (thanks, muzikfreeke) of all the BillboardLive songs, click HERE.

  75. TOfan says:

    Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this jazzmatazz HYAMLC in Stroudsburg was so off-the-charts incredible, I spontaneously leapt to my feet for my own personal standing-O at the end:

    • Sunshine says:

      Wow!!! David’s rendition of HYAMLC in Stroudsburg is out of this world. Kind of like hitting a home run in game 7 of the world series with the bases loaded.

      In the words of that Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…. you’ll go down in history….

  76. Josie says:

    *sigh* last night WOULD have been the concert I could have gone to, but alas my family Christmas with all my brothers, sister and their families took place! Noni kept whispering to me “we could sneak out now & be there in plenty of time”…Oh NONI! So I will be living very vicariously through everyone else and will be content. I think. No, I will BE! I hope. ack!

    The Nor’Easter that has hit NE was rather ill-timed, but true to our weather, it’s actually par for the course! Hoping that everyone is safe!

    Huge HUGS!

  77. TOfan says:

    {{{Sunshine}}} “you’ll go down in history” — that is exactly what crossed my mind when he was singing that HYAMLC. There were so many show-stopping songs in that show, I think it may have been overshadowed by them for some, but for me it was a glimpse of a Future David, and what a bright, blinding future I did see.

    awww, so wish you & Noni could have snuck away, hope you were able to tune into BillboardLive!

    Yes, stay safe everyone tonight!

    Here’s a spot-on review of the Stroudsburg concert from The Morning Call website, click HERE.

    Loved the ending, “The level of Archuleta’s talent, the breadth of styles he can master, the warmth he brings to a concert. Those were Christmas gifts, indeed.”

  78. awestruck says:

    HYAMLC – Stroudsburg OH MY HEAVENLY STARS how does he do this so effortlessly?!? He absolutely blows me away with this song on tour and it keeps on getting better…

  79. archiesfan4life says:

    David sings to express what he finds difficult to say. Like David I find putting my true feelings into words challenging and since I most definitely cannot sing, I look for other ways to make that heart connection. It is my fervent hope that I was able to convey to those I shared the concert with in Stroudsburg how much it means to me to be a part of this special community that David has brought together.

    I am not a music aficionado – I just know that David brought music (and much more) back into my life and hearing him and seeing him in concert is an experience that leaves you conspiring with your friend Zoe (before the last song is sung) for yet another chance to do this again – the sooner the better.

    Volumes are written by people who are qualified to describe every nuance relating to The Voice so I will leave them to their writing and say thank you for putting into words what I cannot.

    The highlights of Friday evening, besides David of course!, were to see TOfan and Refnaf again and to be able to spend some time with them after the concert – I can’t wait to do that again! Trish0400, KT – it was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again soon. I finally got to met Abrra – THANK YOU so much for the CD and the gift from your VIP goodie bag – I will treasure both forever! And Dawn – {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}!!!

    Of course, there’s my dear friend Zoe – our first concert together in Allentown seems like ages ago. Your friendship is a very special blessing and for that I thank David with all my heart – without him we never would have met.

    I have started a journal to record all that has transpired in my life because of one David Archuleta and I pray that I will need more bookcases to hold all that I will fill over the years.

    Love & Hugs to all!

  80. emmiegirl says:

    Reading all of your concert experiences and watching these videos blesses me more than I would have ever thought imaginable. What he gives just seems to emanate throughout his fans. What a gift.

    How many favorites do I have from this tour? Too many to count. Every night you think this one is the best, bar none, then the next night he goes out and tops it! Thaaank you TOfan for that OHN and HYAMLC!

    And again, he is a whisker away from totally busting out in this Feliz Navidad.

  81. calliexoda says:

    Archiesfan4life – what an eloquent posting!!

    Your friendship is at the tippy top of my gratitude list when I count the many blessings I’ve received due to the incomparable David Archuleta!

    {{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}

  82. emmiegirl says:

    Short break from wrapping gifts – looks like everyone on stage was enjoying this:

    This video, by the way, was taken by mj from mj’sbigblog…another one bites the dust.

  83. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – squeeeee

    MJ has definitely bitten the dust. I love this comment “Plus, he’s articulate and funny between numbers, using his adorakable charm to win the crowd over.”

    Archiesfan4life/Zoe – Beatiful fan friends stories, thanks so much for sharing

  84. TOfan says:

    emmiegirl & awestruck,
    WOW to both Pat-a-Pan & Mj “biting the dust” bahahaha

    Best. Pat-a-Pan. Ever. I’ve been hoping someone would make a dance-mix of this song and this would def. be the sassy, soulful version to use … looks as though the conductor would agree! 😆

    archiesfan4life {{{big hugs}}}
    Loved your non-recap, recap, LOL ArchuBookcases FTW!!!!

    (fyi, djxox’s amazing MGM Grand at Foxwoods vids have now been posted on their own page, see Tab up top)

  85. TOfan says:

    Thank you so much everyone! An Amazing @DavidArchie tour! Hap... on Twitpic

    Double-click on pic for original.

  86. TOfan says:

    HYAMLC duet with Ray (via Trish0400 twitpic) LOLOLOLOL:

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    From @pecanpie on Twitter:
    Ray sings about “olden days” and @davidarchie says “you know a lot about olden days”

    Ray and David singing HYAMLC on Twitpic

  87. emmiegirl says:

    Thanks for the crew pic TOfan! Just enjoying the final cellcast, sounds like they are having a blast. Those that braved the storm are being rewarded!

    (Do you think the bands’ Batman theme tonight is a playful reference to David and his alter ego?)

  88. TOfan says:

    LOL emmie … could be, or either “Pat Man” or “Robin get your fife & come” 😆

    Clearest cellcast I’ve heard … or maybe my eardrums have adjusted… 🙂

    Another crew pic:
    Enjoy one more pic of the crew from the @DavidArchie Christma... on Twitpic

  89. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – what do you mean batman theme? and did Ray actually sing with David???

  90. awestruck says:

    TOfan you’ve a clever way with words “could be, or either “Pat Man” or “Robin get your fife & come” LOL

  91. emmiegirl says:

    awestruck, someone tweeted they play part of the Batman theme song at the end of one of the songs, and then at the end of Pat-A-Pan, I believe. You could here it on the cellcast.

    And yes, he and Ray sang the duet together tonight. The twitpics look hilarious!

    TOfan, lol, didn’t think about the play on words, I bet your right!

    What a year! Can’t imagine it without him.

  92. awestruck says:

    sure hope we get vid’s…

  93. TOfan says:

    Good thing he’s got a bunch of TV appearances this week or we’d all be in serious ArchuWithdrawal!

    Monday – Today Show, NBC, 7-9 a.m. (ET)
    Tuesday – Regis & Kelly on NBC – 9-10 a.m. (ET)
    Wednesday – Larry King on CNN – either 9 or 10 p.m. (ET) for an hour (check your local listings)

  94. TOfan says:

    acc. to tweets, the venue was uber-strict about videocameras and actually threw someone out who was taping!

    Hope it wasn’t either of our super-ninjas djxox or KT!!!

  95. emmiegirl says:

    And then…a major ‘period of adjustment’!

  96. emmiegirl says:

    someone just tweeted there are some vids, specifically of the duet! Yes!

  97. Angelica says:

    Cellcast was epic. So clear, we could for once even understand the banter. OMGOSH, we heard someone was going to duet with him on HYAMLC right before it started, and chatters were flying with speculation. Would it be Jordin, Charice, Lupe?? Then out comes Ray!! It was hilarious, LMBO!

    He killed them in New York tonight. It sounded divine, and OHN was taken to another level, if a cellcast can be believed. I sure hope our ninjas don’t fail us one last time.

  98. emmiegirl says:

    Angelica, sounded like a mututal lovefest tonight! Hoping some vids surface in the next couple hours, think I can hold out till then. Sooo hoping for every song, but will be thrilled with anything we get.

    And according to a tweet, some ridiculous moves during, I think, PAP!

  99. TOfan says:

    Ridiculous moves FTW!!!!

    …. also want vids of the banjo they reportedly brought out after all his “banjo banter” every time he introduces Kendra, LOL

    What a party was had by all!

    Safe home, everyone there! *runs to set timer for Today show*

    HYAMLC duet with Ray! LOLOLOL

  100. TOfan says:

    Zero Gravity & pranksters!

  101. emmiegirl says:

    Thanks to the daring-do of the videographers! Would have hated to have missed all of this!

    Going to call it a night. Heading to bed with a silly smile on my face after watching these.
    Hopefully will wake up to “hoe-down” banjo dancing and ridiculous PAP dancing and more!

  102. TOfan says:

    Click HERE for Today Show interview and performance!!!!

    Click HERE for Neon Limelight review of Today Show appearance.

    Click HERE for A-List Music Promotions Westbury review.

    Fave bit:
    “Let’s face it, this kid’s talent is undeniable and truly remarkable. Throughout the duration of the performance, Archuleta proved the soulful artist he is deep down. Not only can he belt out the highest of notes, but he knows how to move an audience at any given moment. Whether he may be flashing that perfect smile of his or doing a classic, ‘hoedown’ Archuleta has what it takes to remain in this industry for a lingering career.”

  103. TOfan says:

    Today Show rehearsal clip:

  104. emmiegirl says:

    David and crew in rare form last night! They had to have had a ball on this tour!

    Great video of complete HYAMLC & Happy Birthday

    Looks like “the Swim” during the “Batman” theme, ala sixties!

    And the adorable “Hat Flip”

    Have a great day!

  105. TOfan says:

    Thank you, Santa!!!!

    via Twitter:

    I asked Billboard if there was going to be a DVD available a few days ago, hmm, looks like there is going to be a DVD, so cool!

    Today interview with Kathy Lee & Hoda:

  106. awestruck says:

    NEW appearance for David on Fox and Friends –

    producer of Fox and Friends:

    taping something w/ david archuleta for the show right now. and i have to say – kid has an UNBELIEVABLE voice. i mean, STUNNING.

    @janey79 on fox news channel, 6am-9am eastern
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to janey79 @janey79 you can watch the interview & performance on fox & friends this wednesday! he sounded awesome
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to janey79

  107. awestruck says:

    woohoo to a DVD from billboard

    I taped the Today show, saw his performance and didn’t see the interview?!? How did I miss it?

    I have watched Ray and David duet multiple times now and have laughed every time, love it.

  108. refnaf says:

    Lots of goodies, no time to watch gah. I need January to come so I can relax and wallow in all the vids, and interviews…
    A DVD of the billboard thing, that is great news… another thing to warm up January, or will it be a while before it comes out?

    Zoe and archiesfanfor life… thanks for your beautiful posts…. *sniff* , loved seeing you both in Stroudsburg. this is such an adventure and meeting fellow fans like you and sharing our stories is incredible.

  109. KT says:


    8:00 Last Night: An Amazing Finale to the David Archuleta Concert from the Heart Tour!!!

    10:10 Last Night: Leave The Amazing Finale 😦 and start the 4 hour drive home.

    2:30 ish THIS MORNING! Arrive home to Snow that would even make the Snow Angelz shocked.

    2:31 THIS MORNING! 3 Concert buddies and me start shoveling

    3:45 THIS MORNING! 3 Concert buddies and me finish shoveling

    3:46 THIS MORNING! My car gets stuck in street right by newly shoveled driveway thereby blocking neighbor access

    4:00 THIS MORNING! Concert buddies and me give up hope of moving the car. They leave to go home and I put note of apology on my car directed to my neighbors.

    4:05 THIS MORNING! I call AAA and they say they will be on their way

    5:10 THIS MORNING! AAA arrives and does their thing

    6:05 THIS MORNING! Car is in driveway and AAA departs.

    6:05.01 THIS MORNING! I finally go to bed!

    Noon today…I wake up.

    3:15 today I just finished watching the videos from last night and all is right with the world!

    I will try to get them posted asap…but they are big!

    And in closing, can I just say that the Snow Angelz are A LOT of fun to hang out with!!!!

  110. djxox says:

    hey all!

    Just got home from the CFTH finale..lots of homework *cough VIDScough* to do 😉

    KT~ you were there???? How come I missed my chance at meeting you?? Did I meet you?? LOL

    lots of familiar names there… fun tmes!

    this was EPIC and beyond priceless…

    HYAMLC duet with Ray !!

  111. djxox says:

    David and Johhny attempting a bit of banjo jig…?????

  112. djxox says:

    Silent Night~ *sigh*

  113. djxox says:

    The First Noel~

  114. TOfan says:

    new post, dj! LOLOLOL


  115. awestruck says:

    KT lololol

    dj – Silent Night double SIGH – I am most impressed with your video camera, but especially with the sound quaility. It doesn’t seem to matter where you are in the audience the sound is always so clear. What kind of video camera is it?

  116. awestruck says:

    KT just to clarify. I feel your pain, but it made me laugh how you wrote it up.

  117. gysbr says:

    Dear fans, Archies, Arch Angels…
    Archie loves twitter! And this is about The Best American Idol Ever!
    Will we let him behind even Taylor Hicks???
    Come on, why can´t we try a little hard and give this to him as a Christmas/Birthday combo gift?
    Where are all his fans? Didn´t we even win a “The most fanatic fans” award contest?
    What´s happening, for God´s sake?
    We can vote every 20 minutes… We vote, wait 20 minutes, refresh the page, it turns from red to green and we can vote again.

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