Introverts unite


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David definitely not Canadian, eh

Sorry, David, but with that paddling technique, your mom would be allowed into Canada but you’ll need some remedial lessons first … just sayin’.


What the heck am I saying? … That smile will get you all-Canada canoe-access in a flash! :)

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Why are you still a @DavidArchie fan?

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What’s your take on trending?

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Alvvays, Marry me, Archie

This is an actual hit song here in Canada. I don’t make these things up, folks.

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Team @DavidKat-chie

In one of Harper Lee’s non-fiction pieces for Vogue magazine, on the topic of love, she wrote:

“Why, when we are familiar with every line, must we stop and listen when ‘The Messiah’ is playing? Because every note was born of a man’s love for God, and we hear it… Every creation of man’s mind that has withstood the buffeting of time was born of love — love of something or someone.”

So go ahead and write and sing what you love, David.

And if you love wearing ties, do that too.

If that means you inspire a legion of tie-wearing cats in the process, like these ones, then I say, go for it!

“David, you inspire me … and clean my litter box, you rock!”

“Elder Katsu, reporting for duty.”
“What?? I got it at a post-Valentine’s Day mark-down sale.”
“We can’t all tie the perfect knot like The Archuleta.”
“What was that? I was distracted by my tail.”
“Collar. Too. Tight.”
“Yes, I know I’m late, blow-drying takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r.”
“Whoah, can’t find my name tag.”
“That hymn touched my soul, dude.”

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One awesome thing about … David


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Why no David-spotting tweets lately….

“heh heh heh”

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A Life That’s Good

Not David related but the lovely ms. abanana77 told me about these two and they are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. (and not just because they’re Canadian :) ).

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