Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noёl, @DavidArchie friends!

I just read this comment on David’s last FB post:

Thank you David, for coming to visit my daughter… You blessed her home with your love.

Apparently, David sang to the young girl struggling with cancer in her home the other day. (Not that he’d ever mention it.)

I know David’s done this type of selfless thing tons of times, so why did it strike me now?

Because I plan on remembering this any time I get impatient for new music or different music or vlogs or whatever.

To me, this is what Christmas is truly all about … love … simple acts of mercy and loving your neighbour as yourself.

So Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noёl to one and all!

Here are few clips I thought might capture the magic of the season:

Both versions because I can :)

And please don’t judge me, but I recorded this audio snippet of the children’s choir from the SLC Cathedral de la Madeleine (who were supposed to perform at the Interfaith Concert but didn’t) and just had to share (don’t worry, Mass hadn’t started yet :) ):

What do you guys listen to at this time of year??


Brooke + David Archuleta “Cherry Lane” Stream

This guy, I can’t tell you the love and respect I have for him and his absolutely incredible talent which can only be surpassed by his character. Maybe he wins the #bestpersonIknow hashtag award. I’ve known him for years now since our Idol days, and have watched him grow from a shy teenage heart throb into such a great dude with such a solid sense of himself, God and all that is important in life. Since the return of his mission we’ve seen each other for a quick minute but have talked several times. Every one wants a piece of him, I knew people were beating down his door with requests and opportunities to lend his golden pipes so I was apprehensive at first to even ask him to do this, as a friend I try not to ask for anything :-) But given the nature of the project I figured it was worth asking, so I picked up the phone and gave him a call and told him about the cause. With in a few days he responded with an enthusiastic yes! Such great news! It just so happened that we would both be in Nashville at the same time, this in itself is a miracle.

So he came to Daniel Tashian’s studio on a Friday and the three of us wrote and recorded “Cherry Lane”, one of the happiest songs of the whole record…. stylistically it probably leans a bit more my direction with it’s throw back vibe, but the soothing sound of his voice on this call and answer chorus is what makes it completely magical. You don’t understand, his pitch perfect tone is at such a world class level, and it’s baffling, and yeah, nerve racking to even have my voice on the same track. Seriously, I get a tear whenever I hear him sing. Who doesn’t?! Anywho, “Cherry Lane” is a song for us grown ups, it was that first street I grew up on, it represents a simpler happy time and place when we’d “rather stay outside and play than stare down at the phone all day”. It’s emotional too though, David’s voice beckoning “we could go back, we could go back to where we were”. Thanks David for being a part of this. Also, funny side note, I was so excited that I called my parents from Nashville to tell them about the song the next day, and my mom said “oh honey, the street was actually called “cheery lynn”…. haha, ah well, cherry lane/ cheery lynn, tomato /tomahto close enough ;-)

We’ve reached over 60% of our goal! Please help spread the word and get us over the hump!
Cherry Lane feat. David Archuleta:



From David’s Instagram: “Recorded a song called #CherryLane with my dear friend @realbrookewhite for her charity album “Brooke White & Friends, Never Grow Up”. Here’s a shot of us she got while we were writing and recording the song. She is raising her funds for #OURRescue now on Pledge Music so please help her reach her goal! Check out the other great duets and songs on the album! Great work Brooke! So glad to be a part of it! http://bit.ly/OURpledge”



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@DavidArchie Interfaith Concert recap

Credit: Me (doesn't the blurriness give that away?)

Credit: Me (doesn’t the blurriness give that away?)


This was on my bed in the hotel upon arrival. Is this only for Canadians??

A funny thing happened on the way to my fishing trip :) … I ended up in Salt Lake City this weekend.

I can’t say it was spontaneous because Refnaf & I vowed to be at David’s first concert, wherever that was. In fact we actually thought it might take us to Chile, so, ya, a little bummed we didn’t get to go there, but I’ll get over it… somehow.

Not sure why I’m posting this because I can’t really put into words what an amazing experience this was but I feel I need to at least try.

So I’ll at least try to break out my high points:


Surprised to find out the lovely Awestruck & her hubby were going aaaaand staying in the same hotel (and their flight home on Sunday left at EXACTLY the same time as ours, what are the odds, right??)

Getting to the theatre and seeing so many wonderful peeps we hadn’t seen in three long years. Many hugs were had.

FullSizeRenderReading in the program that David’s been “busy writing songs for a new album that will be released in 2015. Now, at 23, David returns to the music and his fans, older, wiser, and will faith still on his side.” (IT WAS IN PRINT, PEOPLE, IT MUST BE TRUE!!!! :)

The moments before David came out (we knew when that was thanks to same program). On the flight to SLC, Refnaf and I made a pact that we would leap to our feet as soon as David walked on stage for the first time. Extra pressure since we were sitting a couple of rows from the front so could have been awkward but NO, it was aMAZing, everyone ended up standing! And although he looked sheepish about it all, of course, we made him suffer through it by staying on our feet cheering. I tell myself he secretly enjoyed it.

Seeing him standing there a grown man. Not a boy, man-child or unicorn princeling (well, actually he still is that), but a grown up. We’ve been fast-forwarded two years and BAM there he was. (In really nice new shoes, btw.) And fully grown up singing too… deep, rich lower register like a river of molten chocolate lava… self-assured, in control… no bouncing to Zero Gravity…. yet… but I have no doubt he’ll go wherever his music takes him.

The First Noel. Hearing him sing live again was like being given water after three years in the desert. I can’t honestly remember anything but thinking how PERFECT it was and how grateful I felt.

Yada yada yada. Lots of other really nice music but honestly, checking program for when David was next.

Do You Hear What I Hear. Stunning, I just kept saying “WOW! WOW! WOW!” over and over again. It was like being a fly on a wall during a jam session, watching them improv a little and work out the arrangement on the fly. Seeing David be more comfortable not singing through the whole thing but letting it flow and coming in when it felt right and doing some cool jazzy things with his voice that there’s a technical name for but I can’t for the life of me remember what that is. This is my new “This Christmas” and “O Ven,” destined to be on repeat on my iPod for a looooooooong while.

Glorious. ‘Twas glorious. David gave a little intro and FINALLY we got to hear him say something. Didn’t realize how much I’d missed that (here in the No-Vlog Era) until he did start talking.

Silent Night. Like hearing it for the first time.

Some other talented people … musicians and choirs and dancers and an aerial artiste that Princess Archie dubbed “Kenny G” (uncanny resemblance), oh, and a wardrobe malfunction (not David’s), made for a very entertaining show. But yes, checking program again for you know who.

Believe. I’ve never heard that song and it made for a powerful finale… like getting blasted with a windstorm of David’s voice backed by the choirs, incredible. This was my favourite “Believe” maybe because I hadn’t heard it before, I don’t know. Although the pacing was a little off in the beginning and David seemed to be gesturing to the conductor and orchestra to get them in the groove… like a subtle but insistent boss. (You go, D.!!!!) At the end, David gave little waves to fans on the way out and then turned to the adorable kids in the choir and punched the air saying “Good job!”

Another big highlight: Finding the lovely @rhiminee outside and glomping her!!!! :) And seeing Kari there! (although waaaaaay too shy to say anything to her.)


Again with the pact, and Refnaf and I got up as soon as he came out, along with everyone else, and he looked more happy about it this time, lol.

This First Noel Made me cry, and Silent Night was literally buckets of tears for me. He totally went somewhere else for that one… straight to the manger, I suspect… and took us all with him. Stunningly beautiful. (On my feet again after Silent Night, I think I might have a problem.)

Do You Hear What I Hear took on new twists and turns. Still the highlight for me.

Glorious had no intro this time and maybe I was imaging things but David seemed a little perturbed about either that or something else. Just something different about his demeanor, but he still sounded incredible… of course.

Everything else was a beautiful blur. Props to the incredible musicianship of Kevin Olusola (even though I still can’t pronounce his name). And I loved the SLC Mass Choir so much I bought their CD, REALLY good!

Saturday night

Last. Show. :( This time when we all stood up he seemed resigned to having to bask in the love (victory!!! )In fact at each show he seemed more and more relaxed and open to looking out to see who was there and having fun and enjoying himself. Was great to watch that unfold.

DYHWIH. SOOOOO incredible I literally jumped up at the end and didn’t care if anyone else joined but of course everyone jumped up. Because. David. I had been hoping he’d hold the big note at the end and he did and it was magnificent and every single thing about that performance was magic and they need to release it on itunes and let it take over the world. The End. Amazingly he seemed to enjoy the Standing O this time (probably because he pretended it was for the other 2 musicians), he was literally beaming. And he had that special smile he gets when he knows he nailed it. BECAUSE HE DID!!!!!!!

Did you know David’s Aunt makes great pie? I swear he could have waxed poetic about her pies for another couple of hours and I know we all would’ve been okay with that. (Have missed that Ramblin’ Man *sigh*)

(Sidenote: Met so many fans that aren’t online in our teeny tiny microcosm of a super-fan community… we may actually be in the minority of his fans, lol.)

At the end of the show, someone @therealnewangel called out “Encore” and the MC said “The only encore would be if I sing” … drats, David totally looked up for doing an encore. Oh well. Because they brought out all the performers at the end to take their bows, David was forced to stand there and soak in all the love… again, mwahaha. And he made a point of waving and saying hi to everyone who waved to him. (*cough*I might have done that*cough)

Watching the way he did that helped put things in perspective for me. He seems happiest when we’re at a safe distance, lol.

In fact, as a fan, sometimes I feel like a stray dog who’s followed him home and he’s appreciative of the loyalty and may even throw over a bone out of kindness but ultimately wants to wave goodbye, go home, shut the door and do his own thing.

I’m good with that. Just call me Spot.


Sorry if this blog is nuts, I am out of practice, lol… and a HUUUUUUUGE thank you to everyone who took videos. You guys ROCK!!!!!!

Like this one, for instance, from the lovely Muldur:

And this one (complete with Pie Monologue) from the lovely Shelley:

Credit: Again, me. Again, blurry. (It's now my style.)

Credit: Again, me. Again, blurry. (It’s now my style.)


oh, and from the lovely and amazing Abrra:


Proud of you! Good job little one.

A photo posted by Amber Archuleta (@lamberouge) on

“Proud of you! Good job little one.”

No idea who this guys is but ROFLOLOLOL

From Shaycarl’s IG: “Day 2 on set of this #ShareTheGift shoot with @davidarchie and my receding hair line.”

Day 2 on set of this #ShareTheGift shoot with @davidarchie and my receding hair line.

A photo posted by Shay Butler (@shaycarl) on

"I had an incredible time shooting a video with The Piano Guys and David Archuleta! I seriously cannot wait to show you all!! #sharethegift #soexcited"

“I had an incredible time shooting a video with The Piano Guys and David Archuleta! I seriously cannot wait to show you all!! #sharethegift #soexcited”

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Love you guys!!! Have some personal stuff going on that needs my full attention right now. But until we meet again, I’ll leave you with this:

Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 8.54.29 PMIn my mind, it’s a no-brainer as to which role David should play in this live Nativity Scene thing. (No, not Jesus 2.0… he might be a tad too tall :) ) … The Little Drummer Boy, of course!

Okay, technically, LDB might be a fictional character, but bear with me.

NOBODY bangs a drum for Him like David, am I right?

When I first saw him do LDB in Westbury, the first stop on the MKOCT, my mind was completely blown.

(This is it here… I love this vid because, well djbell took it for one :) , and I love the crowd reaction, everyone literally went WILD when he started drumming slash rocking it out!

Here’s a cool angle from backstage… band was on FIYAH!

And he’s done so many different, and equally amazing, versions since then.

Which one is your favourite? Share why in the comments!

This Spanish one might be at the top of my list… although I was really wishing it had been David who popped out of that wrapped gift the kids opened up! The Archu-growl was in full force and in Spanish, whoah, just whoah…..

‘Tis almost the season where this version is on serious repeat….

And this one mentions drumming… and is my fave Pat-a-Pan so I’m including it. :)

Oh, this one mentions drumming too… I think.

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#ThrowbackThursday @DavidArchie-style

Can we take a moment to celebrate one of the finest moments in all Archudom…

Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 9.02.17 PMScreen shot 2014-11-13 at 9.02.23 PM

 (What, no #ModestIsHottestDancers hashtag???)



… and another version focusing on, you know, David (flirty-eyebrow alert at 0:29 :) )….

Still LOOOOOOOOVE this song!!!!!

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David Archuleta #NanditoAko script leaks! (not really)

You thought David Archuleta’s TV5 miniseries was about love triangles, family roots, testing friendships and rose-petal dinners-for-two? Think again! Watch the real drama unfold below!

“Pssst, it’s me, Josh … I’m undercover… looking for the weirdos who stole my two-ton backpack … oh, cool shoes btw”


“I won’t rest till I find it.”

“Uh oh. Did I leave it at the all-you-can-eat mango place??”



















“Sorry dude, take it up with the union… it’s work-to-rule till I get it back.”


“Hey, kid … what’s the word on the street? Is it Eula or Jasmine who’s got it??”

“I just want to look in your bag… what’s the big deal???”


“C’mon, you must know something, you’re the director …I’ll give you a signed poster and a squiggly pig pin.”

“Back off, Archuleta!!! I have a black belt too!!!!”

“I should’ve known Kari had it all along :) ‘”

(sings) “Reunited and it feels so goooooood!”




(Photo: FB/Stephanie Dan)














And they lived happily ever after. :)

P.S. Photos from FollowArchuleta.ph, @aedrielhanz, @mykapalaran and HERE.

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Separated at birth….

A friend asked me to do a post about the similarities between David and a young Paul McCartney… and I aim to please. :)

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 11.42.35 PM


And this comment was from just 7 months ago:
“tressinar: This kid can sing the phone book. He should have won Idol.”

Sorry, couldn’t resist (but don’t worry, it’s the one with the lyrics filled in :) )

Totally forgot about these:

Michael Johns *sniff* … and what the heck was Jim Carrey doing in the audience in an elephant suit? lol

Aaaaaaand, from the lovely emilyluvsarchie…..

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You know @DavidArchie would hate this, but hey, it’s reality….


Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 10.30.27 PMAnd you just KNOW a ton of those sales are from Tim Allen. :)


TXNancy shared this on the last thread… check out the intro!

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A different kind of glorious

Maybe you’ve seen this video, which has gone viral. I just saw it now and it moved me to tears. An old, battered piano was set up in downtown Edmonton, for anyone to play, and when this man — Ryan Arcand, who’s been homeless for 30 years — sat down to play his own composition, a passerby was so moved she captured it on video. I’m so glad she did. Nothing to do with David… but everything to do with David, you know?

Here’s more about his story.

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It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

BlackandWhiteNo, not just that David actually has enough hair now to blow in the wind, but this…. THIS!!!!!!

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 10.10.27 PM

Still cannot get over the beauty of SOT or the comeback of the Soul Man of Utah in SBM, wow.

Thanks again to Pattirae for her amazing recap & vids at The Voice HERE.

NEW VIDEO FROM @GwenPo!!!! Thank you, Gwen!!!! (intro to Lexi “They did a video of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen… And I’m feelin’ a little frozen right now” :) … and ALL of The Riddle!!!!)

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@DavidArchie boot appreciation post

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 8.50.50 PMScreen shot 2014-10-24 at 8.50.58 PM

That is all.



Kendra Lowe, Lexi Walker, David Archuleta, and me at out Rising Star Outreach charity event. They put on a remarkably touching program at the home of Scott and Karen Keller in Bountiful this evening. Thank you Kendra, Lexi, and David for touching our hearts.


2qi9wypEEEEEEEP WHOLE NEW WORLD SNIPPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

🎶A Whole New World!!🎶 Loved every second with @davidarchie and @regginadellacucina

A video posted by Leximaewalker (@leximaewalker) on

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