David on Jennette McCurdy’s podcast… I. am. not. okay.


omigosh this podcast


I think I cried my way through most of it.

How brave of David (and Jennette) to open up like this… to share his experiences with his dad, and talk about Jeff’s abusive behaviour and how it scarred him, in the hope it will help someone else.

It’s a miracle to me that David didn’t just crash and burn and leave the industry altogether, like so many other young performers who are thrust in the spotlight at a young age by overbearing stage parents who continue to try and control them.

I admire so much that he sought help, and is still working hard to slay all those demons… and that he’s so compassionate towards his dad that he’s tried to better understand him.

I’m listening to Therapy Sessions now and, boy, do those songs ever take on even more meaning.

In David’s last Christmas tour, he talked about dealing with negative voices… I guess now we know where those come from. 😦 😦 😦 😦

How about you guys??? Thoughts???!!!!

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10 Responses to David on Jennette McCurdy’s podcast… I. am. not. okay.

  1. janey79 says:

    Brave. Beautiful. Brave. Bittersweet. And how lucky are we and the world at large that he came out on the other side as you suggested. Thank you to his therapist extraordinaire, to David himself for all the hard and painful work and to the co-writers of Numb who brought him back from the ledge to music.

  2. MissB says:

    Wow. Yes, David has worked hard and come a long way. Does anyone else want to hit a Jeff-shaped pinata? I know we fans idealized David a lot and this rips into my heart the pressure it must have put on him every time he heard the opposite of what Jeff was saying. David wasn’t (just?) humble, he was abused.
    I wonder if D. could find the digital scrapbook I made for him which on every page said something admirable about him. I look at it now and it’s all still true, but at the time I gave it to David, I’m sure he couldn’t read most of it without going, “no…no.” So much to admire so evil to try to control him.

  3. moelita says:

    That the abuse continued even while David was on his mission was astonishing to me. Thank God his mission president helped David understand what was really happening to him. He really needed someone to be in his corner unequivocally. He probably saved David’s life, not to be too dramatic about it, but many times that type of abuse can lead to a person harming themselves. No wonder David’s music is so heartfelt and relatable, he is writing his own truth. We definitely picked one of the most talented and deserving artists to follow.

  4. ray says:

    god bless that young man,what a role model he is so honest, almost to a fault,will fallow him to the end of earth

  5. Pepper says:

    Wow, really brave of David (and Jennette). ♥️ Reading all the comments, yes….I feel the same. Takes much courage and strength to deal with all David has had to deal with and to be open about it and to share what must have nearly shattered his sense of self worth.. So difficult. Thank goodness for the good people in his life who lifted him up…..and all those years his fans telling him how wonderful a person and talented a person he was, may have been a positive affirmation for him, even though he didn’t always believe it.
    ….and yes, Therapy Sessions does take on even more meaning now and as Moelita says he is writing his own truth and that makes for some great and meaningful music. It must all help him in his healing process. ♥️

  6. refnaf says:

    This podcast hit me hard as well…. what a heart breaking journey he (and Jeanette) have had.
    I have a feeling that is partly why it took him so long to go through the Idol memorabilia.
    He shares his story so eloquently and has so much grace for his Dad! Shows how mature he really is.
    I believe there is a divine light shining one his path, that helped him meet the right support people when he needed them, so that we would be able to be blessed by him, his voice and his music. He is “saving” so many people

  7. desertratt says:

    hello everyone. the podcast was hard for me too but not surprising. i still recall the article from fanscene in 2008 that featured jeff’s mother and mentioned her show business career. at the time, i thought david had a strong resemblance to her. during the podcast, i had to laugh when david mentioned having to fire his manager three times; something about the inflection in his voice when he said it. anywho, enjoy the weekend everyone and stay safe!

  8. emmegirl14 says:

    Whoa, worse than I ever even imagined… thankfully the cycle will stop with David.
    Explains a lot, as Miss B said, “David wasn’t (just?) humble, he was abused.”

    Admire so much his courage, his fight to literally save himself. That rabbit hole can become one from which you cannot escape. By opening up publicly, hopefully as cathartic as it was difficult.

    I have always been glad Jennette was in his life, even more so now. The parallels are unbelievable.

    Yes, his music since he has been back now resonates even stronger.

  9. janey79 says:

    listening for the second time. i highly recommend it if you have the time, i got so much more out of it, including the disclaimer.

  10. “… and that he’s so compassionate towards his dad that he’s tried to better understand him”
    We have always talked of David being wise beyond his years~this is a perfect example~striving to have a better understanding of their relationship after all he’s been through. I cried through it as well, Deb. I think I realize now why his song “Brave” touched me from first listen. I will hug him even tighter in 2021 than I did last time I saw him. If I have half a chance💕

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