Wow, this video has inspired me to toss my M&Ms and start working out!

bahahaha… sorry, just checking to see if you’re still with me! 🙂

Seriously though, if anyone could inspire such an event to transpire, it would be David Archuleta.

I mean… come ON! Don’t these motivate you to start screen capping, I mean, exercising??! [Some ace ones here on the lovely & amazing @rhiminee’s Tumblr, by the by.]

I do walk every day, does that count?? A smidge?

And his video did remind me that I’d missed lunch, so there’s that.

Whatever keeps our guy on track for good physical and mental health is OK, All Right by me.

And I’m totally with him on the loud noises thing… I am so sensitive to having the radio or TV turned up too loud, or people with scream-y voices… I think it’s because my mom’s Italian and she yelled her way through my childhood, lol… in a loving way, but still. 🙂

So what did you guys think?? Are you heading out to flip tires? Find a guy named Cory? Scarf fries? No judgment here, my friends.


Here it is on YouTube.

Views be multiplying. 🙂


Thought David deserved one of these. 🙂


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15 Responses to Buffchuleta

  1. janey79 says:

    Personally, I’m looking forward to eight 80/20 meals a day.

  2. Pepper says:

    Really impressed with David, takes discipline! I’m glad it helps him feel better. Yes I walk too….that should count! No flipping tires for me…only pancakes. 🙂 Have never really been a gym person for some reason. At my age, I’ll take some gentle stretches, a little yoga and pleasant walks…..and doesn’t housework count?? 🙂 But hey…go David! Way to go.

  3. angelofdja says:

    Does babysitting my two grandsons 40 hrs a week count as exercise??? There are three different flights of stairs I climb many times throughout my day? Alas, it’s not working, so the answer is prolly a big NO!
    P.S. Go David! 😜

  4. amb4DA says:

    When Italians are happy, they yell. Passionate, yell. Pi$$ed, more yelling. If they are quiet, they have likely “written you off”…but…watch your back. 😎 But, my paisano…as usual, I digress! Love your wit here, as usual also. And I’m with you and David…I never could listen to those screamy, rah-rah exercise videos…so annoying! Or loud commercials. It’s the HSP/INFP in me, perhaps. As for David, impressed, but not surprised…dude’s been lookin’ buff in recent years. Go David! Signing my name cuz writing at someone else’s Wifi and I don’t think this registered as me…AmyB. 🙋

  5. TaterZen says:

    Hilarious here as usual, almost missed it. Putting this workout video on my list of Top 10 Shutdown Surprises and calling it The 80/20 Infomercial.
    Cory explains the facts, all the facts. David does the demonstrations, provides the entertainment and keeps the audience engaged to the very end. I’m buyin’ it.

  6. emmegirl14 says:

    Love the article, “his video did remind me that I’d missed lunch” and
    the comments, “I’m looking forward to eight 80/20 meals a day”!

    Keep up the good work David! I don’t know, but I feel better just watching it.

    • janey79 says:

      “Keep up the good work David! I don’t know, but I feel better just watching it.” and this my many fan/friends is known as the power of The Archuleta.

  7. TOfan says:

    The caption on this post says it all. (Not sure whether to laugh or cry).

    Plus, I may be getting my wish for a deluxe edition of Therapy Sessions!! 🙌🏼

    • janey79 says:

      Yay on more songs and I think D’s therapist doesn’t have to worry about job security for sometime to come. Btw, “Well, it’s not exactly an episode of anything. But y’know.” reminds of his tweets from yesteryear. Remember the marching band one? Or “What the random?”

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