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Can anyone play this?? (Not available “in your country” #grrrrr.)

(Discovered by the illustrious @rhiminee… it translates to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)

I think I am just as excited to hear the Spanish versions of the 4 Christmas songs even though I don’t speak the language, lol… just love how David sounds singing in Spanish, he makes me understand it, if that makes any sense at all.


SOOOOOO glad there’s going to be a video! Makes it easier to share the song, which I have had on repeat. A whole music video already plays out in my mind every time I listen to the song …in my version, an entire town starts to gather (growing in numbers 3 and 5 and 10 at a time) behind David as he struts through the snowy streets “Pied Piper” style. A girl can dream. 🙂

(Sidenote: My 84-year-old dad always asks what David’s up to, like we’re buds, lol, so I told him about the new Christmas album and song and he insisted on hearing it right away, so I hooked him up with my earbuds. The look on his face while he listened was priceless. 100% focus. I thought it was over and I went to take my phone back and he waved me away because it hadn’t finished yet. 😳😳😳 #dayyumm … He did like it but he asked, “aren’t Christmas songs usually religious?” hahahaha … so I told him not to worry, those are coming too. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) I wanted to say, “Yo, Dad, do you realize who we’re dealing with here?” lol)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I WISH I could hear it, like NOW!

  2. Pepper says:

    You can play it on Spotify,, love it. He is such a natural and so good, love his Spanish version of the song! Thanks for this. Christmas video will be awesome too. Love your pied piper vision of it TOfan, haha…..and sharing with your Dad, sweet.

  3. TOfan says:



    What do you guys think??

    • angelofdja says:

      YAY! I listened and LOVE IT! I’m going in for another listen…Yup, It makes me happy, joyful & I feel like Salsa dancing although I don’t even know how!?

  4. Pepper says:

    I preordered too, loving this Navidad track list (even though I don’t speak Spanish) makes no difference when it comes to David. This little Spanish EP……wonderful!

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