Can we please talk about how amazing David was on GMA???

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.01.30 PM


Here, watch it again:


NO ONE on this planet but David could get me up that early to watch TV… totally worth it.

Here are my Top 10 highlights:

1.David on my TV again. DUDES… is that face not MADE for TV? The camera loves him almost as much as we do!

….He sparkles, he glows… well, he always glows but on TVΒ he glows IN HD!

2.He is so eloquent! He managed to get his “elevator speech” about his album, the meaning behind it, his tour, some wise advice for the new crop of Idols, all in just a few seconds… do you know how hard that is to do?? (Impossible for me, but very difficult for most peeps.)

3.That S7 charm was there in full force. Even the FB BTS guy, Rob Marciano, noticed it. David has a gift for connecting with people whether he’s singing or not… and the way he talks to us through the camera… that is GOLD on television… and he does it so naturally and authentically, like he’s just talking to us individually. (He actually was talking to me individually, sometimes you just know. πŸ™‚ )

4.They put the Postcards album on their Times Square jumbotron!!! Not sure why this thrilled me so much… like it was MY album or something, lol… but it was so cool!

5.The BTS segment caught David snacking. I’m sorry, I thought this was classic David and I loved it. And also loved how he turned it all around and shared how he’d been chatting with the people in the green room and even knew their backgrounds. WHO does that??

6.He even charmed the make-up person:


7 to 10. He just looked so happy and relaxed and his eyes were twinkling and his outfit looked great and he wore my favourite shoes of his and no he didn’t sing but that means now they have to have him back!!!

How about you guys?? What did you think??


If you only watch one thing from last night’s Dosey Doe show (see what I did there? πŸ™‚ )… make it this one.

Beware the ending though, it is LETHAL!

I’ve watched it a bunch of times now and it takes me straight up through the Milky Way galaxy off to a land where rainbows shine through your eyes and David’s voice salsas through your ears… it’s a good place.
Also loved the change-ups on Postcards… man, I love this song!

The puppy totally put me over the edge *SOBS UNCONTROLLABLY*

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7 Responses to Can we please talk about how amazing David was on GMA???

  1. Pepper says:

    David was wonderful on GMA even though unfortunately, they didn’t have him sing but yes…..he’ll have to do that next time! Great that he got a little promo for his album. He really does shine on TV (and elsewhere). He’s so well spoken and engaging and really is eloquent. Then there is his smile, has always been one of the best I have seen. Got a kick out of him referring to the younger AI contestants as ‘youngsters’. lol. (David’s a wise old man now). Actually his is just wise beyond his years. πŸ™‚
    Love his Selena songs, absolutely beautiful. David singing in Spanish adds a whole other dimension to his wonderful musical world (and ours). Love it.
    Such heartwarming messages and comments…..and the puppy named Archie, the sweetest. ❀
    Thanks for the updates, great videos, etc. and your creative words, which I always love TOfan. πŸ™‚

  2. missbianca says:

    1. Yes. More, please!
    3. No, to meeeeeee. Okay, he was’t because of the 3 hour time difference. But I couldn’t tell.
    4. I teared up when I saw that.
    5. Classic. The whole thing was classic. More, please!
    11-infinity. Happy. He’s happy, everyone who talks to him gets happy, and we’re happy. I guess it’s not happy if it happens too often? But as long as he’s happy, more please!

    TY for “Best of Dosey Doe.” I get so overwhelmed.

    Why is it you always blog everything I’m thinking? Oh yes, because you’re BRILLIANT! Ha!

    Puppy named Archie…will n o t cry.

  3. TOfan says:

    what. a. sweetheart. 😍

    • janey79 says:

      i’ve said it a thousand times, his huge ol’ heart is second to none. nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

  4. refnaf says:

    Thanks for putting this together TOfan!!
    I was a #badfan and did not get up to watch !
    I thought he did so well!!!!!
    Perfectly Davidly done!!!!

  5. mlpb3 says:

    A birthday cake and gifts were given to Kari today the 27th at Tuacahn and some thought today was her birthday. Her birthday is May 4, Friday, for anyone who wants to know. She is a superwoman (chauffeur, photographer, den mother…..) so hope she has a great birthday.

    Also David posted some after show singing in his Insta stories. Pretty spectacular.

  6. mlpb3 says:

    Instagram story after Tuacahn:

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