There must be some kind of reason WE ARE A-FLAILINGGGGG!!!!!

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Things I love about the video:

♥︎ The song itself, one of my faves on the album. Their voices blend gorgeously and it’s surprisingly catchy, staying in my head for ages… in a good way.

♥︎ The simplicity of the video matches the song itself.

♥︎ They both look so pretty.

♥︎ David’s “shades of Josh Bradley” emoting through those pre-contact-lens eyes of his.

♥︎ That it was launched as an exclusive to Variety! Nice strategic move, Team Archuleta! Fave bit of the interview (man, he’s a poet and doesn’t know it 🙂 ):

“When the seasons change in our lives it’s harder to stay motivated to say you know we had a beautiful time in our life. We had a beautiful spring and summer, but now the fall is coming, and I don’t want to go to your winter again,” he says. “But the woman is able to endure longer, and Madeline’s voice is saying you know what? Winter is coming, and it’s hard, but spring comes after that, and if we stick through it we will be able to see the blooming of our lives again, and I know if we hang in there it’s going to be ok.”

♥︎ That I only discovered watching the video that David and Madilyn sing different lyrics during the bridge (I, um, might have mostly been listening to his voice on the recording 🙂 ):


David: It looks like… / Madilyn: When will you see …
…we’re just running out of time.
David: I wish I could make it right / Madilyn: …what you and I could be
Both: We’re just watching summer die
Both: It’s (our) time to say goodbye

♥︎ His swanky coat.

♥︎ His even swankier boots.
oh, and one more thing: 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 12.43.57 PM.png

How about you guys???? What did you think???
Love that David was pulling a Shelley and Insta-storey-ing from this Nashville songwriter jam. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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20 Responses to There must be some kind of reason WE ARE A-FLAILINGGGGG!!!!!

  1. tawna21 says:

    LOVE IT!!! I love this video! And, because of the video, I like the song more. This hasn’t been at the top of my list for some reason (I did like the voices together, though). Like David, and Madilyn, it’s clean and uncluttered, smooth and mellow, softly spoken.

    I also love the fact that David can be in an audience in Nashville and have other entertainers recognize him and be grateful that he was in attendance. This man has made his mark in the industry!!! Perfect!!!

  2. Pepper says:

    Oh what a beautiful video! Love it, very nicely done. The video really captures the essence of the song and gives emphasis to the seasons nicely and to those beautiful voices and harmonies. Love the effects with David in the fall/winter months and Madilyn in the summer months. The bridge is one of my fave parts….love it. This video is really so lovely. I think I feel somewhat as tawna21….I have always loved this song but even more so now because of the video. Great job!
    p.s. David looks very nice (they both do). A big congrats on a terrific video!
    Nice Nashville experiences!

  3. amb4da says:

    Awwww…so cute those two at the end. 💕 Yes…I love the sweet, simple, lilting blend of their two beautiful voices on the cd and here…I love the simplicity of the song. I’ve had an ongoing debate with two Archie pals, who for them this is not a fav…and usually I’m not one for really slow melodies…but this one is just…beeeUtiful to me. I loved it more and more each time I listened on Postcards. AND last but NEVER least…I LIVE for his last mmmmnnnallOverrrr at the end…that alone, from day one, was worth my price of admission on this one. Just now…the chills washed allOoovverrr me when he got there. *sigh* David. ❤️🎶 (Indulge me, David, that one bit of focusing on just YOU for that! 😉 ) That out of the way…they both sound, blend and look beautiful together. Lovely.

  4. refnaf says:

    I’m all for the flailing!!!
    I really like it!
    I did not notice the difference lyrics either! Makes the song even better! Nice write up as well in Variety….. love the way David explains the song. The vid really give the vibe of the song well I think! Well done!

  5. Kizzi says:

    Amazing. Simply David all the time. How wonderful to see him take the reins of his career and life goals. So lucky to be a fan.

  6. janey79 says:

    i feel the same as tawna, i really like the song so much more now and i am particularly enjoying David guiding his own career as kizzi pointed out. it was worth the wait.

  7. TOfan says:

    Wow, the video was at about 2,000 views when I checked yesterday, now it’s over 21,000!!! woooot!

    love this comment on the video, thought it just about summed things up:

    “Dear David, your voice takes me to heaven with it’s purity and softness every time i hear it. Your beautiful soul shines through every word. Thank you for the chance of knowing you. Please come to Russia, where you also have many loving fans.”


    WATCH @DavidArchie and @MadilynPaige_ new "Seasons" Music Video #AmericanIdol #TheVoice— mjsbigblog (@mjsbigblog) January 26, 2018

    • janey79 says:

      such a sweet comment. i feel for those people who have little chance of meeting him or hearing him live. i treasure every memory and try to share as best i can. it was a thrill to watch the folks in red bluff and grants pass bestow their love after waiting 10yrs to see him. ’twas a wonderful thing.

  8. Pepper says:

    It really is a testament to David’s incredible musical gift and his persona, so many people from countries around the world would love to see David perform / meet him. Lovely comment posted Deb. This video is so beautiful, I’m sure the views will keep rising steadily!

  9. emmegirl14 says:

    Seasons was a favorite from the start, love this song and I love the video! I really like the symbolism, in the lyrics of the song as well as the video itself. And I love the contrast of their voices, especially fitting for this song. As for the closeups, one can never have too many closeups.

    Tofan, thank you thank you for showing the tweet in your Postcard blog with the line “map of scars.” I always heard it as “map of stars” and I didn’t get it. Even though I really liked other parts of the song, that one line at the very beginning affected how I felt about the entire song. But now…..I am listening with an entirely new appreciation and love for this song! It’s weird how the difference of a lyric or two can turn a “meh” song into a “love it” song!

  10. Poof says:

    I woke up with a start last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Finally, “All the hurt you are hiding, for everyone you are missing, throw it in the sky.” circled into my brain, around and around. I then figured out I was missing my mom who’s birthday is this weekend. She has been gone for 10 years now, but the loss is still there, just hiding.
    I miss my mom so much but I can’t think of my mom without also thinking of my dad, who is also gone. They were tight. Kind, loving, funny and tight. This takes me to “Seasons”. I love the song, and it is the most powerful for me on the album. I interpret them differently than it is meant to be taken. That is, perhaps, because I have never heard a song about this particular kind of love story.
    My Dad, “The autumn leaves, have dropped to our knees, I don’t think I can do this again.” My Mom, “The winter winds can blow, but you and I both know, this story doesn’t have to end.” My Dad is talking about living, she is trying to talk him into staying. Poor health and old age was taking their toll and they were preparing their goodbyes.
    Thank you David, for giving me the opportunity to acknowledge these feelings. TOFan thank you for the chance to “Throw my words into the world”.

    • GrammyJ says:

      This is beautiful, Poof. I love how song lyrics can mean different things to different people. That just shows what a good song it is. I hope David writes more songs with Stephanie Mabie. Seasons and Invincible are my favorites from Postcards in the Sky.

    • TOfan says:

      omigosh Poof {{{{{hugs}}} I never thought of the song that way, that is beautiful.

      And that has happened to me more times than I can count, where I wake up with David lyrics swirling in my head and they take on new meaning. The gifts that keep on giving. ❤️

  11. janey79 says:

    self promotion ftw! go Big D, go.

  12. TOfan says:

    I can’t watch the Grammys anymore withouut thinking “David deserves to win all of them”. ☺️

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