David slays Sellersville

Dear friends,

I don’t even know what to tell you about Sellersville.

David sauntered onto the stage for VIP and announced he was “under the weather.”

Well, we all know what that means for we fans.

Sheer terror.

But a few songs and stories later, all our fears were put to rest.

Further evidence that our David is magic.

My mind is basically mush at this point from the amazingness that is David, but I will try to share what I can from the evening… the VIP questions were great.


As is my M.O., I subcontracted my *ahem* long list of questions and the lovely and amazing Penny (dangitdavid) asked about the story behind Seasons.

Well… turns out David came up with a bunch of different melodies while on his mission and most of Seasons was one of them (Aiming for Hope the other) and Stephanie Mabey and another writer helped David finish them when he got back.

He spoke very eloquently about the families he tried to help on his mission… couples where the husband was often struggling with addiction, alcoholism or other issues and they would all cry together but the husband was often unwilling to change to save the relationship.

This got David thinking about changing with the seasons and a beautiful song was born. He even hopped over to the keyboard to be plunk out those early chords that “came” to him.

Someone else asked if he’d ever consider doing Broadway and he said he’d been offered Les Miz while he was on his mission. But that, although he loves musicals, he’d never been a “theatre kid”… that being an introvert, all the people and wild energy of a production might be more than he could handle. But that he might be okay with it now… “Never say never” were his exact words. 😍

Oh, btw, he had a Sharpie hanging out of his pant leg and then pulled it out, announcing, “I have a hole in my pants.” You know, like one does.

SSomeone else asked how his mission influenced his music and he said, “Well I made a whole album about it.” … Sasschuleta strikes again!

I just have to say that I’ve never heard David express himself so eloquently… about how your strengths can compensate for your weaknesses… how he wants to give a voice to those who need it, especially children…how he’s had some controlling people in his life but now he realizes his sense of worth doesn’t come from the opinion of others.

I will never cease to be amazed by this dude.

Wonderful to see Marlie and Stenocruiser and Silverfox and SandyBeaches and Maureen!

showsellersville.jpgAnd despite his cold, he sounded incredible! So exciting to hear the newest songs for the first time. And the crowd LOVED him. Tons of guys whooping and cheering too, which was pretty cool.

I love how David gives the same 135686433% whether he’s performing for thousands in Manila or 250 peeps in PA.


Thanks to Penny (@dangitdavid) for a lot of these videos!


I took this one tho’… DUDES! FIRST. TIME. EVER. PERFORMANCE OF POSTCARDS!!! As much as I love this song on the record, the live version is like putting on 3D glasses for your ears… it felt like getting intravenous happiness coursing through my veins… please get to a show if you can JUST to hear this insanely good song. It’s actually perfect.

Penny took this one… if it looks like she was practically sitting on the stage it’s because she was. I was sitting behind her and Refnaf because I needed a buffer. The intensity of The Archuleta threatened to burn my retinas. For real.

I am obsessed with how he moved to this music. I am so glad Penny videotaped it while I was busy being hypnotized and mesmerized so I could go back and verify that it was real. Watch and you’ll see what I mean. David doesn’t just move to music, he becomes music in motion. I’m making no sense after a 9 hour drive home, so there you go.


At the end of the show, David bolted to my right, extended his hand to the people in the far corner and said, “Thanks for coming!” I thought he knew them and would be chatting for a second, so I was standing there like an idiot when he started to reach out to the rest of us. I stuck my hand out just in time but almost thwacked him in the face. Not awkward at all. 🙂

More videos HERE.



Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.20.00 AM.png

Photo: The splendiferous Shelley

Okay, the Club Cafe is my new favourite venue. I’d somewhat lost my mosh mojo so ended up crunched in the crowd and loved every minute.

The exciting VIP reveal was the Dec. 15th Calgary Christmas show (I hope Awestruck is still breathing),.

The audience were mostly David’s age, lots of young guys (one of them I caught crying when David was singing Crush, awww) and they jumped and bounced and high-fived him and sang along to EVERYthing and it was a blast.

pittsburghvip.jpgScreen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.10.34 AM.pngWhen David finished his first number, he was taken aback at how close the crowd was to the stage and how the lights weren’t blinding him.

“I can literally see every one of your faces, and by the end of the night they’re going to be burned into my brain.” Much cheering.

There was such a crush of people that even though I was steps from the stage, I could only see David from the shoulders up… I literally had to look at one of the phone screens held up by someone closer to the stage to see the rest of David… like a mini jumbo tron.

When everyone sang MKOP with him, it was the sweetest thing ever… my vid is not good but I think you can feel how lovely this was.

And when it came time for him to leave the stage at the end of Nunca Pense, the look on his face was priceless because there was nowhere to run off to, “in a sea of people, there’s no way to leave the stage.” Such a jokester, I tell you.


“Usually I go off and then come back, let’s just skip that part.” 🙂

And then, just before he left for real, he made a bee-line for a lovely elderly lady with silver hair, sitting by the wall, to check that the show hadn’t been too loud for her. My heart.



Another lovely city, another very cool venue. It was split into two sections jutting off the stage in two directions.

The stage itself was hardwood, so it was like David just happened to drop by and do a show in your living room.

Okay, maybe just in my mind.

In VIP, he was on vocal rest again, but mimed a few answers or whispered them to Kari. I asked the band where they were all from and it turns out Desmond is from California (which I didn’t know).

Two newlyweds shared with David that they’d chosen Elevator for the bridal dance at their wedding. Elevator. At their wedding. I want to marry these people. And share more Elevator love throughout the land.

I kept thinking, “Oh man, those two are going to be so disappointed that Elevator isn’t in the show.” Why oh why do I ever doubt The Archuleta??

Then, David’s face lit up when someone came in late at the back and it turned out to be Jeff Leblanc, who opened for David on his MKOC tour.

Very cool.

When it was picture time, I went up and before I got to him, David put his hand over his mouth. So I paused and asked him if he needed to cough or something. He looked at me like, “Why on earth would you think that?”

Awkward. You know, the usual.

Oh, and new pants were in evidence (no holes). I know you were waiting for that detail.

When the show started, I couldn’t imagine people standing because the seats they have at the Ludlow Garage are these high-backed, very thickly cushioned Lazy-Boy size seats that even have pull-out trays in the arm rests. It was like sitting on a Greyhound.

But then David tore up the stage, whipping everyone into a wild frenzy of cheering and clapping and singing along until everyone bounced out of their Lazy-Boys and up on their feet in a massive Archupalooza love-fest.

And when he invited the newlyweds onstage for Elevator (which, of course, he added into the show just for them), the crowd went extra wild, it was a blast.

Postcards in the Sky was just. It was. Then I. And couldn’t. But oh. Wow.

And Someone to Love. Gorg.

Other Things in Sight. One of my faves on the album. (thx. Connie for this awesome vid!)

Ending to Higher Ground. Lordy Lordy Lordy.

Nunca Pense…so blazing hot, David took off his jean jacket part way through… you know the temperature’s rising when that happens. 🙂

And clearly Sellersville didn’t teach me anything, because when he came along shaking hands, after he shook mine, he leaned forward and for a split second, I thought it was for a hug so I leaned forward but clued in just in the nick of time that he was reaching for the peeps behind me, so I quickly ducked… if I hadn’t, my face would’ve ended up buried in his chest. I need a minder, I really do.

It was awesome to sit beside the lovely and amazing Nitya, to see emilyluvsarchie and her fam, and to finally meet Chelsy, and to see Marcia, and Holly, Robin, Paula, Pam, and the rest of that wild gang. And to travel with the stupendous Refnaf, Penny (dangitdavid), Tampa Terry and Connie (Cadthu & Mr. Cadthu).

We also got talking to people who hadn’t seen him live since the Idol tour and they were b.l.o.w.n..a.w.a.y… ‘natch.

For, as we know, David doesn’t scale back his performance for a smaller crowd.

It struck me the past few days that on this tour, we’re getting to see an arena-calibre performer … and performance … in small, intimate venues. How blessed are we?

Now, how do I get to every single other show there is??????


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97 Responses to David slays Sellersville

  1. Kizzi says:

    Thank you TOfan. I cried, and smiled, and danced and spazzed reading your post. As always, I am ever grateful for your sharing of your experiences and love of all things David!

    Hope the shows are beyond your hoghest expectations. I mean, its David, so that’a a rhetorical wish, eh?

    Love to all. Safe travels to all on the concert road trip!

  2. sea_ray / Sandy says:

    Thanks for sharing your VIP experience, Deb. He seems to be opening up a lot which has to be cathartic but difficult at the same time. And the Les Miz story is interesting too. As an introvert with anxiety I’m so impressed with everything he’s willed himself to do.

    • Grammyj says:

      Same with me! The extroverts in the fanbase maybe can’t relate to some of his new songs, but I relate to them all. I have found through my life that no one has it all together and we all have our quirks. I’m glad that David at his young age is already realizing that and writing inspirational songs for us.

  3. Pepper says:

    Thanks so much Deb for taking the time out to share your wonderful experiences! Happy that you got to take in these awesome experiences. Poor guy…under the weather yet plodding through like a trooper and sounding great He sang “Aiming For Hope” at VIP? What a treat and one of my beautiful favourites from the album. Loved hearing about the VIP experience and David’s eloquence and his heart. “his sense of worth doesn’t come from the opinion of others.” Such a valuable thing to learn. David stands head and shoulders above any of the naysayers out there, he is really living his heart and expressing it so beautifully.
    The concert sounds like it was fabulous, he never disappoints. The whole experience is a special one, most definitely. Great videos, thanks for sharing and thanks to Penny for her contribution, love them!
    Enjoy the rest of your ‘David journey’ and safe travels!

  4. tawna21 says:

    I love the hole in the pants!!! Just like a kid… there’s a hole there … dang, something needs to be in it, whether it’s a finger, a pencil, or in David’s case, a Sharpie! 🙂

    So sorry to hear he’s under the weather, and he’s got a string of concerts. I hope he gets some daytime rest.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Deb. I can’t find the YouTube channel to view the videos. 😦 Any chance you can put the link here? ♥♥

  5. Jenny says:

    U r a ninja. Before I goto David concert, I say “I’m so excited about x on x date” or “guess what’s happening on x date?” Daily about a week before! Lol.

    Now this is the kind of quality material to escape many malodorous waste that is hitting the fan in my life today lol. So happy for u! Aiming for Hope is one of my favorite songs ever

  6. TOfan says:

    Just a quick fly by to tell you how awesome tonight’s show was. Tiniest venue I’ve ever seen David in, but one of the wildest, most fun crowds… mostly his age, tons of guys, lots of love thrown his way… and he was sweetly surprised that so many of them were singing along to the new songs!

    In VIP, David was on vocal rest so we got to ask the band questions. I asked them all what’s their favourite thing is about Kari. 😊 They said how awesome she is at taking care of all the details musicians don’t like to… and her giggle. 😊

    But the big news is Christmas show in Calgary December 15!!! Details to come! Paging Awestruck!!!!!

    • TOfan says:

      I took a video of the crowd helping him sing MKOP because it’s the sweetest thing ever.

      Oh, and when he was doing the intro to Beautiful/Scars and talking about his sisters, the girl next to me blurted out, “He’s perfect!”

      Yes, yes he is. 😊

      • TOfan says:

        Oh and in VIP, he wore the same pants with the hole in his leg… just to give you guys the kind of quality content you’re looking for. 🤣

    • refnaf says:

      Awestruck!!! Where r u?! Lol

  7. Pepper says:

    You are a trooper too TOfan, thank you for the updates. That video is adorable, the sing along with David. Aw. hope David gets some more rest and gets well soon. The hole in the pants is great, love it. He is so real, natural and pretty wonderful.
    Wow, show in Calgary? Christmas concert? This is the Alberta show mentioned earlier? Must be.
    How fantastic is that? I’ll stop with the question marks now, lol. That is wonderful news!
    Now all of my senses have perked up and my mind is going at this late hour. Lots to think about.
    Will try and save that for tomorrow. Exciting news!

  8. oliveoil says:

    Thank you so much for all the VIP details ( the hole in the pants LOL ), your unique and humorous observations, and of course, the videos !!! I wish you could attend and post about every concert . This definitely made a great start to my day !!! Great news about the Canadian Christmas concert BTW:):):)

  9. roxfox says:

    Oooo, thanks for sharing Seasons deets. Amazing this man is. Simply amazing. When hubby was with me at the Layton flu concert, he commented David singing sick > than most singers well. They are both keepers. ❤

  10. roxfox says:

    Well I made a whole album about it. 😂 duh. Love it.

  11. janey79 says:

    love comments, and details for the weary, thank you one and all ❤

    • TOfan says:

      Another flyby… will do a full recap when I get home and have had a chance to process all the amazingness.

      Let me just say that David was on fiyah! Have never seen him sound so good, move and groove with more confidence and work the crowd like a BOSS!

      He sang Crush in VIP ( and changed it up a bit) because it was one girl’s birthday 😍… posted Cincinnati vids here:


  12. jackryan4DA says:

    Waving to all Snowangelzz peeps!
    Is SILVERFOX in the house? Oh how I have missed you!

    MARLIE so glad you were able to see the show. Sorry that I was not able to post at TDC. Aside from the fact that I still have to re-learn posting & learn the new interface, David’s timing in Manila was, as all of the Archuleta Phils elders have said – not a good time, not a good time.

    We had to gather the “troops” the last minute. TeamHotel & TeamAirport almost didn’t happen. But I could not… never want for David to feel things have changed since 6 years ago in Manila. You now what I mean?

    So when he cried during the concert, feeling all the love since his arrival I was a mess. From happiness.

    But you are so right TOFan: small crowd, big crowd, it doesn’t matter. Our young man gives his everything & more. Truly worth the wait.

    As the industry now goes by streaming, please keep streaming PCITS. I hope he could have more guesting in US TV shows. This baby needs to be heard.

    Waving again to all 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{JR}}}} you’ll be happy to know, I left PCITS streaming on repeat (muted 🙂 ) on my office computer the entire time I’ve been away the past few days! 🙂

  13. jackryan4da says:

    Not now, but KNOW. Sorry

  14. jackryan4da says:

    And Silverfoxe – I sent you an email my friend 🙂

  15. Pepper says:

    The fans in the Philippines did a wonderful job jackryan, so much love on both sides.
    Yes, streaming is important. I do my daily duties on Spotify for PCITS (like this abbreviation much better). Well, it’s not even a duty really, it’s a pleasure. 🙂
    Hope you have a good trip home TOfan. Looking forward to hearing more!.

  16. TOfan says:

    Just updated the post to include Pittsburgh and Cincinnati recaps because… sleep? what is that again???

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. jackryan4da says:

    “And then, just before he left for real, he made a bee-line for a lovely elderly lady with silver hair, sitting by the wall, to check that the show hadn’t been to loud for her. My heart.”

    Oh my dear. Dear David, you will be the death of me. This golden girl’s heart cannot take this much sweetness

  18. jackryan4da says:

    Thank you TOfan for all your recaps & for posting the videos. Esp enamoured with your stories & insights. Wouldn’t it be super if we could all just follow him physically on this tour? 🙂

  19. chelsontheshelfsite says:

    So lovely to meet you! Wish we could have spoken a moment more, but I had Mom waiting for me. 😉 Was Cincinnati not just amazing?! He was on another level. It felt so energetic and fun, but at the same time calm and meaningful. How does this guy do it?!

    • TOfan says:

      “so energetic and fun, but at the same time calm and meaningful”… so true, Chelsy! Really hope you’re going to recap your concerts!

      • chelsontheshelfsite says:

        I’m planning on it, as long as I can get all my thoughts together! XD Right now, I’m planning to take fewer videos in Indy so I can just enjoy the whole experience. 🙂 I also have VIP so I’ll add that to the reflections!

  20. EL_FOD says:

    Deb, as usual you blow me away with your writing skillz. I love your recap because it puts into words what I wish I could say, but sometimes when I think of writing down my thoughts after one, or in this case two, of his concerts, my mind says “gylkdkezldyhtghgfgwp” and I don’t think people would understand that. Just a guess. So thank you for being the concert re-cap queen!
    PS – Thunder is playing on the TV right now. David’s song now. sorry (not sorry) Imagine Dragons!

  21. none says:

    I previously wrote a long comment about what I think about David now and his performances in Sellersville and Pittsburgh but it disappeared into the ether or like a postcard in the sky? Anyway, it’s gone so I’ll try again.
    What can anyone say about David, his growth as an artist and as a man? To say he gets better with age is an understatement! Yes, he still looks like a teenager, still has a hint of awkwardness at times but when he speaks about his songs and how and why they were created, the shy David some of us remember is gone. It’s quite amazing.
    As I listened to him sing his songs with his uncanny ability to sound better than the recorded versions, I was transported back to the time when I thought there was no limit to the heights he could and would reach as an artist. His vocals are sublime, so much so that it’s difficult to describe in words. I can only “feel” his voice resonate through me when he sings my personal favorite at the moment, Postcards In The Sky or when he rocks to Higher Ground. There just aren’t any words that do his vocals justice. His stage presence is still magic. He’s charismatic, confident and gives his all no matter the size of the venue though I always felt and still do, that he should be singing in places like Carnegie Hall. But if he’s happy doing the small venues, that’s all that matters.
    Times change, David has changed, I have changed. The world is a different place now full of uncertainty. I am so grateful my friend SandyBeaches and I were able to add this experience seeing David and meeting all the fans, TOfan, Terry Tampa, Refnaf among many others who come from different walks of life with perhaps not a lot in common except for the awe and admiration of this wonderful man, David Archuleta.

    ps. JR, 😀

  22. janey79 says:

    hoping to hear from the lovely emilyluvsarchie, wherefore are thou?

  23. TOfan says:

    Awesome awesome interview… David even talks about Upset With Me 😳


    • refnaf says:

      Wow… great answers from David especially about UWM. I think it is so healing for him to have been able to get the emotional hurts out in song and that he has been able to move forward and grow in the journey. I’m glad he decided to put it on the album. So open and honest and we can all relate in some way to the hurts he has felt. Also helps me to realize the struggle he has had in his life. How thankful I am that he is sharing and helping others who need to make there voice heard! He is truly an inspirational guy.

  24. refnaf says:

    What a road trip!!!
    So thankful for your recapping abilities girl!!!! I can’t get over this guy….. BLOWS MY MIND what he is able to do with his voice even when he is not feeling 💯 he gives his all…. and sometimes the little changups he does because of a cold are pure gold!
    Each venue and crowd was sooo unique, which makes multiple concert road trips a delight!
    I was so pleased he did so many songs off the new album….gosh I love them all.
    Then of course there is the joy of meeting up with fan friends! How great is that?!

  25. TOfan says:

    Love the B&W pic (scroll thru)!

    And, oh my heart, this lovely girl was in a wheelchair and had other challenges but David was so sweet with her at the Cinci VIP. 😭😭😭

  26. mlpb3 says:

    Awesome recap. These 3 shows were special; so many highlights. I know the coming shows will be memorable too

  27. Pepper says:

    What a wonderful recap TOfan, thanks so much! So glad you were able to travel and catch some amazing shows (along with others). Yes, David is definitely a unique artist and human being. He really is all kinds of wonderful. I love how he takes the time to talk to the older fans there, people with special needs, etc. and the Holt kids stories are so great.
    Great, intimate venues too, up close and personal. From what I saw in the videos, etc. and the write ups, he only gets more incredible. I still have a lot to catch up on but thanks again for sharing so well….the way you do and am so happy that you, refnaf and others got to make the trip (or trips).
    Such great experiences and memories!
    I am going to wait patiently and see if we hear soon about the Alberta concert. 🙂

  28. tawna21 says:

    Awesome, TOfan!

  29. TOfan says:


    • jackryan4da says:

      I teased her, that they should take up where they left off – wink, wink.

      Oh happy days…. (singing)

  30. jackryan4da says:

    @chelsyjordan 15h ago
    I have a lot of feelings on this pic from Cincinnati…you can probably decipher most of them. 😂😍 (Credit Kristin Ponzio on FB!)

  31. TOfan says:

    love love LOVE the Showbiz Shelly interview!!!

  32. jackryan4da says:

    For those w/ problems viewing FB live interview of David & the lovely Shelly, here is YT version

  33. awestruck says:

    Still breathing…

  34. jackryan4da says:

    Also added another video (53rd) to the MNL Media Blitz (and yes TOfan, am not yet done, hehe)

    (Please check description for some translation)

    The group that has the mini-banner of Archuleta Phils are our resident TeamHotel 🙂

  35. TOfan says:

    aww, Shelly’s hashtags #lovefest #myfave … and she’s so tiny, even in heels they’re about the same height ♥♥♥

  36. emmegirl14 says:

    Showbiz Shelly – awesome interview!

  37. TOfan says:

    The lovely and amazing MaggieFOD sent me a DM the other day after reading my recap and said, “If you have more questions to subcontract I’m going to VIP in Chicago!” … well, of course I have more questions, bwahahaha, so I said, “cool! I do have another question: Will there be a video for the Postcards in the Sky title track? (or any song on the album)”

    and then this!


    And Maggie is also Periscoping!!!!


  38. TOfan says:




  39. tawna21 says:

    Oh! My! Stinkin’! Heck!!! These IG’s need a warning before viewing!!!! Trying to pick myself up off the floor here!! #whew #DavidArchuleta #thismancanmove

  40. Pepper says:

    Wow, loving the videos, instagrams and Maggie’s periscoping was so good! Is it me or does he just keep getting more incredible with every concert? My goodness….of course he appears to be feeling a little better now, thankfully.
    I don’t think he could put any more in to these shows than he already does. Voice, moves, grooves, heart talk, communication, humour, it’s all there. Appreciate all that is shared with everyone from the terrific fans!
    A video for PCITS will be wonderful. i can just imagine how beautiful it will be.
    Thanks TOfan!
    Oh and that interview with Shelley….the absolute best. 🙂

  41. missbianca says:


  42. angelofdja says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for sharing! I’m getting myself ready to be blown away by David at the Indy concert tomorrow! Why am I so nervous? Anyone else going?

    • Spirit says:

      I’ll be at the Indy show! Think there are several fans coming from the area and the surrounding states. Looks like we’re in for a fantastic concert! You just never know what surprises David has in store each time!

  43. oliveoil says:

    YOU ALL !!! I just watched the vids on Maggie’s periscope. ( Thank you Maggie !! ) He was lightening before the THUNDER !!! Seriously guys. I have never seen him so unleashed in every way. His voice, his stage presence, his energy, and intensity. And he just keeps raising the bar. I’m afraid one day his little body is going to explode into a flash of light and fierce unicorn confetti. LOL

  44. Spirit says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for the fantastic recap, TOfan! Kari was so right when she said that the best was yet to come! We just had to practice that dreaded word… patience! I’m beyond excited to be seeing David in Indy on Wednesday. It will be my first VIP experience!

  45. Pepper says:

    To everyone attending the Indy show (or other shows), have a fabulous time! Yes,, David has been on fire and you are all in for a special treat, for sure. 🙂

  46. angelofdja says:

    Oh YAY! I’m so glad to hear some of you will be in Indy! I believe David will WOW us all!

  47. TOfan says:

    Pastel be Periscoping tonight in Minneapolis HERE!

  48. emmegirl14 says:

    Have only seen the IG’s but man o man, WHAT is in the water out there!

  49. refnaf says:

    WowZers!!! Go David! Concert David is really finding his groove and looks soooo happy! IG David is HILARIOUS! Why is he so fun to watch? Tell me whyyyyy???

  50. TOfan says:


    • jackryan4da says:

      OMG.. How can you not love this guy? Pure joy. Thanks for the recap ToFan. And yes Maggie’s periscope was SO, SO good, had to DL everything so I can come back to ithe whole easily, even offline.

      But the show am looking forward to is Nashville! I feel it in my bones, it is gonna be extra special.

      Although that viking thing is sure hard to beat 🙂

  51. emmegirl14 says:

    I am so happy to see him share more of this part of him in his concerts – letting loose, having fun, a little silliness. We neeeed this in today’s world, ok, I need this!! The news makes me want to get in bed, pull blankets over my head and never come out. With his return home and adjustments, we have seen him more serious, introspective – so it’s great seeing the goofy, lighter side now – he has always had a great sense of humor!

    Did anyone get videos of these last two concerts?

    (A big HI to all the familiar faces, so nice to see you all again!)

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