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Concert Euphoria at DeJoria

David Archuleta had a concert last Saturday night.

Oh, you knew? Well, did you also know that the venue allowed every portable recording device imaginable to join the festivities?

Yup. Thanks to attending fans, there are videos aplenty, enough videos for you to do your own recap, so get on it! I’m just sharing a few personal impressions about my experience. I am at the age where I have to write something down if I want to remember it, and I really don’t want to forget Saturday night.


Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.40.45 PM.png.

I was at the concert due to the goodness of my husband. It has been a tough summer, and I had several tickets to see David that I never got to use because of it. When hubby saw me suffering through concert detox, he sacrificed his own comfort to get me to Kamas.

Don’t misunderstand. My husband loves David’s voice, and has been known to shed a tear or two when David sings Christmas carols. He is also supportive of my ODD, and enjoys seeing fan friends; but he is not really a pop concert kind of guy.

It didn’t help that Saturday night was unusually loud. We had no earplugs with us, which didn’t worry me, but I learned later that hubby fashioned his own out of some paper scraps he found. Emergency concert origami. Giggle worthy.

The DeJoria Center sits in the mountains above Salt Lake City (venue elevation is 6400 feet). The employees at the center were happy and helpful, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the seating.

While I didn’t expect my own comfy recliner, the ticket prices for this show indicated something a little more cushy than padded folding chairs locked together with nary a millimeter between them, an obvious challenge even for slim-hipped fans (I have actually met a few).

Nevertheless, any perceived discomfort was forgotten the minute the show began.

David Archuleta immediately hit his stride by bounding onto the stage and into “Up All Night.” I have written about his “bounding” before, but it is still an apt description and a joyous way to start a concert.

In classic OCD fashion, I determined to list, in order, every song David sang. Check it out, people. We are talking about a high degree of vocal stamina here, and that says nothing about the additional energy needed for bounding, bouncing, jumping, dancing, twirling, smiling, pointing, strutting, etc. Never mind that I am old and he is not, this is a very challenging workout and totally justifies David’s recreational eating hobby.

  • Up All Night
  • Numb
  • Something ‘Bout Love
  • Invincible
  • Spotlight Down
  • I’m Ready
  • He Lives in You
  • Parachutes and Airplanes/Thunder
  • Someone to Love
  • Other Things in Sight
  • Medley: Running, My Hands, Works for Me, A Little Too Not Over You
  • Beautiful/Scars to Your Beautiful
  • Say Me
  • Broken
  • Don’t You Worry, Child
  • Higher Ground
  • Nunca Pense
  • Encore: Glorious, Crush

I kind of expected David to begin with “Parachutes and Airplanes,” which he has done many times before. The song did show up a little later in the set, and when it majestically morphed into the Imagine Dragons hit, “Thunder,” we lost it, completely lost it, but in a good way. David was into it, the whole of it, and before you knew it, we had ourselves a rock concert.

The songs from David’s EP Leo, which we heard live for the first time, met every expectation and then some. Right after the EP release, there were online discussions about picking a favorite song, but once you hear them live, the game changes and a single choice becomes almost impossible. So different, so good, and so David.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 9.14.18 PMWe heard the Orion songs too. As David moved to the piano to accompany himself on “Say Me,” a male voice hollered out from the back of the hall, “David, I like your hair!”
“You do?” David responded. And then he launched into a hilarious soliloquy about styling his do. He managed to stop in time to remind us that we were having a concert, but that little conversation about a blow dryer had already been given the designation of “classic.” It will remain somewhere in an archive where we are allowed to bring it forth again and again to enjoy it. And we will.

David yielded up another goodie with his introduction to “He Lives in You” and asked the familiar “Do we have any Disney fans here?”

This question generated a big response and an additional observation from David, something to the effect of: “When it comes to Disney, I can always count on you, Utah. Disney is part of us, right? It’s who we are.”

I enjoy David’s stories, and he finds them much easier to share now; but I had to smile when he scolded himself three times for talking too much, and then followed it up with some muttering about how his manager wasn’t going to be happy about it. (“My manager is going to kill me.”)

David’s spiel about the children he has encountered through Holt International is always humbling. He followed his talk with a lovely rendition of “Broken,” but he did not linger in that mode for long and began to wrap up the concert with some lively numbers to get people up and moving.

The crowd didn’t need much encouragement to dance. In fact, they became part of the entertainment. I wanted to stand and do my part, but couldn’t. I felt a little guilty about it, hoping David wouldn’t notice; but as real craziness ensued, I realized I was having a great people-watching experience. (I will not name names.)

Several fans were still dancing their way into the foyer when it was over. The post-concert chatter mostly contained praise for the music and several declarations of love for David Archuleta. Fans left the venue so happy they hardly noticed the serious blizzard going on outside.

Yes, snow!

Those of us heading back to the valley had a white-knuckle ride, but with plenty to talk about.

There is a popular LDS hymn, “High on the Mountain Top,” which is not only sung by LDS congregations, but is also a standard number for the Tabernacle Choir. The lyrics were written in 1853 by Joel Johnson, a Mormon pioneer. Although they are meant to reflect his thoughts about when and why he crossed the plains to join others in the Salt Lake Valley, my own brain was hearing the music, and did one of those inexplicable leaps from the beginning text of the hymn to what I had just seen and heard at the DeJoria Center:

High on the mountain top
A banner is unfurled.
Ye nations, now look up;
It waves to all the world.

It was a banner night all right, and David unfurled everything he had to give us with his performance: new songs, new dance moves; more energy, more confidence, more surprises. David was having as much fun as we were. You could see it!

Will there ever be an end to the surprises? I certainly hope not. What should end are the questions about how he wants to share his talents.

Look up, and listen. His intent is his alone, for all to see, wherever he goes.

(“You can come along or stay, or give it up, give it up.”)

I’m staying.



Top photo and B&W shot: The illustrious Shelley

A few vids for ya….

His voice on Someone to Love though… like buttah!!!


and looooove this!!! Look at that crowd!!!

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24 Responses to The lovely & amazing Taterzen recaps Kamas

  1. TOfan says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing concert experience with us, Tates… loved every word!!!

    I watched some of the Periscopes and even there, you could tell he was on FIYAH!!! (Still LOLing at your hubs’ makeshift earplugs 😆 )

  2. tawna21 says:

    Perfect, Taterzen! I’m so glad that you were able to make it down to Kamas. David concerts are a balm for what ails us. I love how you took me to the concert with your descriptions (even felt the chairs). ♥

    Isn’t it interesting that thru these last 10 years we’ve all aged, and feel that 10 years, but David seems to be skipping that part. How does that work?! Did I used to be able to expend as much energy as he does and still come up for more?! Probably, but it seems like a lifetime ago. Actually, it is kind of a lifetime ago.

    And, thank you for not leaving out your husband’s invention for earplugs!! 😀 He sounds like the McGyver type of person that my hubby is — “necessity is the mother of invention!!”

  3. janey79 says:

    Nice write up! I don’t believe I have ever seen D work harder than that night. And it was a terrifying ride home but luckily I had an excellent seasoned driver 🙂

  4. Pepper says:

    Taterzen thank you for such a great recap! Always enjoy them tremendously. One thing I find about David’s concerts, all that joy, energy and musical magic puts you in such a good place you can put up with slightly uncomfortable chairs and other distractions. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Loved reading all of it. Happy that you got to attend and take in David’s first ‘Leo concert’!
    Thanks so much for sharing and glad that you included the ear plugs story too. 🙂

  5. Grammyj says:

    I want to add my thank you for the fabulous recap, Taterzen. The September blizzard was interesting to me as here in Iowa I was sweating at an evening college football game that night. We had a record five days in the 90’s near the end of September. Sounds like David was hot even though the weather was not!

  6. refnaf says:

    Awesome post is AWESOME!

    So happy that it worked out for you to go! And your hubby is the best!

    Love all the details in your description, almost like being there!

    Love the energy David has…. and I too am not feeling as young as ten years ago! Lol, I guess David is in his prime and a lot of us are just past it!!!

    • missbianca says:

      Going to add my thanks to Taterzen here. So grateful for your recap! But I am most grateful that you were able to make the trip; I know how hard it was for you to miss the summer tour. ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. SueH says:

    Thanks for your fantastic recap of an amazing evening in Kamas! It was an epic concert from beginning to end….from David’s voice and non-stop energy, his dancing, audience dancing and guitar riffs from Brady…too much! 😀 So glad we made the trip from SoCal to experience this special evening with everyone…great to meet up with fans we haven’t see for awhile too! Leo EP is sooo good….can’t wait for Postcards in the Sky! 😀

  8. TOfan says:

    so is he moving from caps to Stetsons? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Pepper says:

    Nice picture…..maybe David is gearing up for his Nashville show. Stetson and boots to make his entrance. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Moelita says:

    There are 16 songs on Postcards in the Sky. Dreams do come true. Snippets up on amazon. Sorry, technology challenged so I don’t know how to bring over the link.

  11. Pepper says:

    I am thrilled about Postcards In The Sky, yes 16 songs! Thanks to David for sharing and giving so much on this album. Have been listening to the snippets and they sound fabulous. Already so moved by some of them, can tell they will be beautiful From what I am hearing they all sound great!

  12. TOfan says:

    alsdkfakfdjaljfalkjfafkjaf YES!!!! … David had mentioned in one of the VIPs that he had 16 songs to share but I thought maybe some would be bonus tracks or something … this is aMAZing!!!!
    So far I like Seasons and A Little Goes a Long Way sounds kinda sassy, lol… how about you guys??? Link here


    • missbianca says:

      16 songs! It’s like getting two more EPs! So happy! When I first went to the album preview, I didn’t know there were so many new ones so I actually missed hearing some clips. *eye roll* But now the word is out! 16 songs! 8 more than Orion+Leo! Snips of a couple sounded a bit “samey” to me, but I’m sure once I hear the whole songs I won’t have that impression–this is David Archuleta, after all.

      • Anonymous says:

        I actually thought the same the first time thru, Ms B, but after *ahem* one or two more listens, they each had their own feel… and my faves changed… the title track is really growing on me.

  13. TOfan says:

    The mesmerizing JR4DA put all the snippets in one youTube! wooot!


    • TOfan says:

      Awesome article from Mark Franklin HERE.

      “After a long period of silence, American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta has broken out in a big way in 2017.

      When David released his four-track “Orion” EP in mid-May, it marked his first major release since 2013, when he embarked on a two-year mission trip to Chile.

      In late August, he followed up “Orion” with another four-track EP called “Leo.” Those EPs contained some of the best music fans have ever gotten from David.

      Now comes news of a new full-length album — “Postcards in the Sky” — due out Oct. 20. Pre-orders began on some sites (like Amazon) on Friday.

      The album will feature a whopping 16 tracks, including eight new songs that weren’t on either EP.

      Judging from the snippets you can hear on Amazon, fans won’t be disappointed. The title track and “Cracks of Heaven” sound particularly promising.

      There’s also a duet on a song called “Seasons.” Is that former Voice contestant Madilyn Paige perhaps? Earlier this year, David sent out a Twitter tease about recording a song with her.”

      Rest HERE.

    • Grammyj says:

      Wow, I am delighted with eight new tracks on Postcards in the Sky. I can’t pick a favorite. I need to hear the whole songs. October 20″can’t get here soon enough. David is really putting it out there lyrically, and, of course, his voice is awesome as always.

  14. emmegirl14 says:

    My snippet favs are Seasons, A Little Goes A Long Way, Cracks Of Heaven and Upset With Me. Title track, anxious to hear it all!
    And yep, the voice, sublime throughout..

  15. Pepper says:

    Have to say I am really liking every snippet I listen too, Right now I love what i hear from the title track and Aiming for hope. All the others grab me as well, of course. One heck of an album! Really cant wait to hear the entire songs. The voice truly is sublime. 🙂

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