Hey, wait a minute….


Gee, David’s even busier than I thought….

see what I mean?? Busy, busy, busy. πŸ™‚



and bless his little heart, he HAD to make corrections!β™₯β™₯β™₯

Sidenote: At last December’s Layton show, Refnaf and I were picking up our Will Call tix and Dean was standing there picking up his… he was on the phone… doing these vocal exercises with David! Pretty dang cool. We spoke to Dean at the intermission (he was sitting near us) and he said that he wished David wouldn’t do so many volunteer singing things while he was touring, that he should rest between shows and give his voice a break. Oh, David.

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13 Responses to Hey, wait a minute….

  1. TaterZen says:

    “I’ve got other things in sight in mind…” πŸ˜€

  2. oliveoil says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm Similar features but a different face. RICKY !!!! is that youuuuuuuu ?????

  3. TOfan says:

    LOLOL you guys!!!

    I added David’s IG story vocal-warm ups to the end of the post… eek, a reminder to me what a miracle that voice really is!

  4. TOfan says:

    Nice interview with Brady Bills, love what he says about David!

    “Working with David is awesome. He’s not faking it. He is that nice, honest and real. He’s a great boss to work with and a great singer. Holy cow β€” his pitch is insane. I don’t think I’ve played with a singer who is that in-tune all the time. He’s very connected with the music in a physical sense. If he’s dancing you know it’s working out. If he’s not dancing something has got to change.”


    • Grammyj says:

      I love what Brady says about David in the interview especially “He’s very connected with the music in a physical sense. If he’s dancing you know it’s working out. If he’s not dancing something has got to change.” Two musical geniuses working together. David a singing genius and Brady a guitar genius. I’m glad they are working together.

  5. Pepper says:

    Haha, definitely another “Hey, wait a minute” moment. Well yes, it seems David is busy as the bachelor (in his own right). πŸ™‚ Do love his instagram stories and nice that he shared his vocal warm ups with everyone and yes, that voice really is like a miracle! Glad he takes care of it.
    Nice that you talked to Dean, TOfan. I guess David is just a generous guy, will share his singing when people ask, usually.
    When you think of how many singers have issues with their voices….really is something you have to work with properly I guess and be careful with. It’s good that David has a great vocal coach that he has worked with for many years. That voice is pretty priceless.
    Loved the article with Brady too….and great words about David. Yep, two talented guys there.

    • TwoCents says:

      That is very true Pepper. So many singers, like Adele and others, have vocal issues. It is nice to see David taking such care with his “instrument”. I sometimes forget he went through all that and how special it is that he pulled through and now brings us such beautiful music.

      • Pepper says:

        Yes, it’s amazing how David sings so beautifully, after all he has dealt with, vocally. Bless those vocal chords, they really are chords of strength πŸ™‚

  6. jackryan4DA says:

    Hi Snowangelz! Just dropping by to send prayerful thoughts & wishes to all those in the path of IRMA. TC y’all

    • TOfan says:

      {{{{{❀️JR❀️}}}} … Thinking of everyone in Irma’s path today! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  7. Pepper says:

    Kinds words, jackryan4DA……Yes, my prayerful thoughts are with those in the path of the hurricane too. May all life be protected.

  8. TOfan says:

    So rumour has it, David might be filming a music vid this weekend…it’s probably for “I’m Ready” but it would be awesome if it was for “Other Things in Sight” 😊

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