A little too not over this


My initial reaction to finding out this morning that a friend *cough*Pastel*cough* got to attend David’s listening party here in Toronto mere STEPS from my office.


Or maybe more like this….


Actually, it was this….



But when the shock wore off … (full disclosure: it may never wear off)… I was happy she was there to represent for the Canuck fans and put in a good word for a possible Toronto show sometime in 2226.

Go and check out her must-read recap of the event… which sounds like a cross between a VIP at the Vatican and brunch with David where he sings and gets emotional and snacks on poutine.

Def. read the whole thing but I’d just like to call out a few questions I have:

Excerpt 1:

Vince was our incredibly charming and knowledgeable emcee. Obviously a man with a keen ear for talent, he introduced David by explaining that we were there to preview David’s new CD, coming out in October (Note: subsequent to this event, David Archuleta announced the date for “Postcards in the Sky” as October 20th).  David had already released Orion EP which was available for all the guests.  He was also to release Leo, is second EP, on August 25th.   Collectively, those 8 songs would  be part of the album plus a few others, some of which we would hear during the event.

Wait, what?? “Plus a few others, some of which we would hear during the event” … You heard his unreleased songs? Like not released to anyone yet?? First fan of all us fans to hear these songs?? HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SO CALM ABOUT THIS??!!*

Excerpt 2:

He spoke of the day when he called his Manager, Gina Orr, to discuss his decision to not continue in his career, to “not do this anymore”.  The description was very poignant since Gina was in the room and added a bit of colour to the explanation as well.

Okay, I need more here, my friend … what do you mean by “colour”? Did she give more background? Throw in more details? Re-interpret the convo in mime??

Excerpt 3:

The next song we heard was “Up All Night.” Vince was effervescent with enthusiasm for this song and couldn’t hold back his excitement.  He told us that once he heard it, he said to himself “Now that is a REAL RECORD”, indicating he will be talking about that song “daily for the next six years.”

Confession: When I first read this through, I thought David was the one saying these things and I was extremely confused. I confuse easily.

Excerpt 4:

The next song was another song David wrote for a specific reason.  In this case, it was a song of inspiration for those battling mental health issues.  He carefully described the message of the song was to explain there was a universe, a bigger picture at play when dealing with issues, rather than what is occurring on a single day.

I need to hear this song. Like NOW.

Excerpt 5:

David discussed a song that he was initially not going to include on the CD, until further reflection that day.  He explained he had been at Orange Lounge Recording Studio earlier that afternoon listening to final cuts and reconsidered the CD track list.  Still undecided, he provided a detailed backgrounder to the song, let the tape play, and then asked the audience for feedback to assist with his decision… As the song’s sound filled the room, the mood changed instantly.  It was apparent we instantly understood that the song was written from a very difficult place, a very painful place.   It was a song without a lot of lyrical structure but nevertheless, David had so very much to say.  We will have to wait for the final decision from Team Archuleta regarding its fate, but the crowd was unanimous in its recommendation.

Okay, this KILLED me… I would’ve been heckling from the back, “BONUS TRACKS, DAVID, BONUS TRACKS!!!”*

Here’s the link again, because she also shares a videooooooo!!!!!!


Photo up top: Credit @pastelpastel

*You can clearly see why I wasn’t invited, lol.

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12 Responses to A little too not over this

  1. Pepper says:

    Wow, what an incredible experience for Pastel! Loved her write up and recap. I can understand your reaction TOfan, when you found out she was there, lol. How fabulous that she was invited (and deservedly so) and got to experience that event, very special!
    Hearing unreleased songs, again very special! We need to hear all unreleased songs IMO, ha.
    I am all for bonus tracks too, most definitely.
    It must have been wonderful to be there and with David sharing the way he did, can imagine the vibes in the room. Yes, here’s to a Toronto concert (way before 2226). 🙂
    Well TOfan, you never know…..it may be your turn next to attend a special event like this, you certainly deserve it!
    I am still rather excited about David’s connection with Toronto and Cymba music!

  2. refnaf says:

    Wah!!! Your questions are our questions TOfan!!!!
    What cool experience for Pastel!

  3. tawna21 says:

    WoW! Like really WOW!!! In-cred-a-bull!!!

  4. Spirit says:

    Yep! I had some of those same questions and thoughts rattling around in my head, too, TOfan! Inquiring minds want to know!!!! Love your reaction memes! LOL

  5. Jenny says:

    Always appreciate your humor and honesty! I too was jealous even when I don’t even live anywhere near the venue and don’t contribute to promoting David’s music like you two do.
    What’s a boutine? Snacks for fancy folk? Now that you made your wishes known 😂, you might be invited to next one!
    I really am happy for Pastel. She’s such a hardworking, wonderful, thoughtful person and she wrote such a warm detailed write up for us. I think you can be happy for someone and jealous at the same time!

  6. Pepper says:

    Jenny….for your info, poutine is a french Canadian dish (popular across Canada) that is basically french fries with cheese curds, topped with gravy. Not a low cal dish, lol……but tasty. 🙂

  7. mlpb3 says:

    Don’t know all the ins and outs, but would have liked to see you there Deb (you could’ve walked there I presume) and Joanie who is really a hard & consistent worker behind FOD without Fanfare (excuse the pun). I’m sure she would’ve hopped on a plane. Lol. It pays to be proactive.

  8. janey79 says:

    i feeel your pain, Deb! But how lucky are we that Mary Lou was invited and that Cymba wanted to share this event with fans? Pretty sure this wouldn’t have been the case in the old jive days. I hope Cymba continues to share, they seem like a friendly and supportive group.

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