Leo readiness checklist 



Duuuuudes! Are you truly ready for the next few days??

Never fear, SAz is here.

This is what you need to do to be prepared for the onslaught of awesomeness about to befall you.

Step 1

Dress appropriately.

Step 2

If you’re a “trender” and end up in Twitter jail, never fear… been there… they have great snacks.

Step 3

Drink Coke, Pepsi, espresso, whatever caffeinated beverage it takes to keep you #UpAllNight (see what I did there? 😊) until Leo pops up on iTunes and Spotify (usually around midnight ET tonight).

Or try some of these moves… pro tip: warm up first. 😊

Step 4

Set yourself up to keep streaming on Spotify … I trust you lovelies to be able to figure that out (or see my earlier post for double-streaming UAN HERE).

Step 5

Make sure you have all your email addresses handy for iTunes gifting.

Step 6

Buy that baby or check for your preorder to download automatically and then take a deep breath …


Step 7

Banish all noise and distractions from your happy place… put on your super expensive headphones that you bought just for David music, close your eyes and let the exquisite sounds wash over you, fill your heart with joy and give you the overwhelming feeling that anything is possible.

Step 8

Repeat Step 7. As many times as you can handle.

Step 9

Share the Leo iTunes / Spotify link on your preferred social media platforms, and leave a comment on iTunes… I always forget that one, lol.

Step 10

After you’ve heard the songs, think of some questions for David’s FB live.

Step 11

Get some rest before Friday night’s Leo Release Par-tay.


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51 Responses to Leo readiness checklist 

  1. awestruck says:

    I’m wearing the biggest GRIN evah!

  2. nellie83 says:

    You’re too funny girl! I love your posts. I’m super excited. It’s amazing that David is doing the acoustic versions of the songs for us tomorrow night. Is it any wonder why we’re such devoted fans? Great guy to go with that great voice!

  3. TOfan says:


    as you can see i just listened to the whole EP … omgomgomgomgomg … WOW… so overwhelmed by how good it is, truly… Other Things in Sight in particular … it. is. incredible.

    have you guys hearrd it yet???????????

  4. Pepper says:

    Yes, love it! Got it, been listening on repeat. This EP is sooooo good! I can’t pick a favourite and have been loving every song. Right now I’m stuck on Spotlight Down, oh that song just gets to me, so good. Other Things in Sight….such a great song, wow….as are all the songs. I always think David outdoes himself and he seems to have done that again (of course I say that each time, lol).
    All I can say is bravo David, what a wonderful EP!

    p.s. Love the Leo readiness check list, couldn’t be better, haha. Think you have covered all bases.

  5. refnaf says:

    This EP IS SO GOOD!
    Such depth in the lyrics and the vibe is awesome and his VOICE!!!!
    I cannot say how much I love what he is doing with his career right now….. so happy he is telling his story in his music…LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Also thanks for the checklist!! Very helpful, lol!!

  6. TOfan says:


    I’ve embedded it at the end of the post for your re-viewing pleasure!

    I swear I could have watched him ramble on, sing a few songs, answer a few Qs, breathe in, breathe out for, like, EVER!

    Peppertara, he answered your question!!!!!! *high-five*

    And LOVE the album title Postcards from the Sky! And him fiddling with his phone to show it to us… CLASSIC DAVID *DEADDDDD*



    (sorry, guys, I think I need to lie down! 😆 😆 😆 )

  7. none says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed David’s FB Launch Party! Both EP’s are great but liking Leo more with each listen. Looking forward to seeing him on his tour. Plans in the making! Maybe we will see you TOfan at one of his shows. Or maybe two. You never know. 😉

  8. “none” is me! Sorry about that. Haven’t commented on a fan site in a while.

  9. emmegirl14 says:

    Thanks for the link TOfan – not a chance tonight for full viewing but the peek I took – WOW! Can’t wait till tomorrow to watch the rest!! He does keep getting better and better and better. From what I’ve heard, this could be my favorite release yet of his! E XC I T E D!!!

    • TOfan says:

      same, emmegirl! I’m pretty sure it is my favourite to date… and you’re right, he just keeps getting better, as amazing as that sounds, lol … I remember someone in his inner circle (can’t remember who) saying that years ago, that people had no idea of what he’s capable of, that we’d seen only a sliver of his talent… I’m starting to get that, lol

  10. TwoCents says:

    how absolutely wonderful!


  11. Pepper says:

    TOfan, yes absolutely fabulous facebook live! David seemed so happy and those acoustic songs, so good!! His Q&A periods were great and yes… surprise, he did answer my question….and yours too! High five, yes! You asked a great question by the way!
    So much great news too, album in October (love the look of the album cover and title).
    More tour dates and David travels….and did he really say he was coming to Alberta to do a show?? I may have to listen again to that, whoa. May still be in shock.
    Best facebook live!

  12. emmegirl14 says:

    Well, he done good 😍 Reaaaalll gooood! I love how he is putting more of those special nuances we’ve always loved from his live performances into his recordings. Hope his (to quote him) “groovy” trend continues with rest of album. Just love that vibe from him!

    Canada! Wishes do come true, so happy for ya’all!
    Lots going on, he seems so happy with where he is at. It’s all good, reaaaall good 😊

    Good to see you Dee!!!

  13. I think I may have died last night sometime during or after that FB live. Checking pulse…..________________________________

  14. Has anyone made mp3s of just the songs from FB live?

  15. TOfan says:

    Robin, your wish is my command! :)))))

    The lovely & amazing Abs created an mp3 and mp4 of the WHOLE thing HERE.

    And because the glorious & splendiferous JackRyan4DA made vids of the songs… I’ve made mp3s HERE.

    EDIT: d’uh… JR already has mp3 links in her vids *facepalm*

    A little too not over the whole thing tbh.

    • You ALL are the BEST!!! Thanks Deb!! 🙂 Oh, and congrats on the mention from the man himself. He said my name too but it got lost in a sea of names about Annie Schmidt. Such a sweet tribute to her and so sad she’s gone so young.

  16. Grammyj says:

    Wow, What can I add about David’s fabulous Facebook Live album release?! It was everything and more! I love the EP, of course, and so enjoyed the acoustic versions of the songs. Hearing the stories behind the songs especially “I’m Ready” was so special. I was so disappointed when Daid quit his quirky Vlogs but his Facebook live and Instagram stories have taken their place and are great.

  17. Pepper says:

    Yes, to all the comments! TOfan, thanks so much for the links and the mp3 downloads, just too good not to have them. I think we are all a little too not over that Facebook live release party yesterday. 🙂

  18. missbianca says:

    I’ve only just returned to the living. Oh my heck, that Facebook Live Launch Party was as a VIP. David was so relaxed! So much information! I SO didn’t expect to see the album cover or learn about international concerts (how happy are the fans in Peru?!)! I’ve already looked into train transport to Alberta. It’s only about 5 or 6 times as much as flying. O.O

    I’m also thinking about a crazy trip which would encompass Pittsburgh, Nashville, and so many relatives that Harvey was worried I’d get peopled out. (Introvert alert.) Even if I don’t get to see the Leo songs performed live (this tour anyway), that FB Live was almost as good as a concert and as good as a VIP for me.

  19. emmegirl14 says:

    Enjoying Leo so much – the groovitude in Other Things In Sight and Someone To
    Love and the simplicity and specialness of I’m Ready.

    Other Things In SIght relaxes me mentally, emotionally, reminds me it’s ok to consider myself sometimes. And at the same time it makes me wanna get up a do a little groovin.

  20. JONERZ says:

    Just listened to LEO and watched the FB album launch and I’m KEVELLING!!! K.E.V.E.L.L.I.N.G. I tell you!!! I love his new music! It’s so AUTHENTIC. I know he’s a private guy yet I feel like I was sitting in an adjacent booth overhearing him talking with a friend and he invited me over to join the convo. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his music from the past but I feel like he had to back into the emotion of some of the songs. Does that make sense? Anywhooooooo….I love his newfound self-awareness and confidence and am SO looking forward to hearing the rest of his conversation! I need to go tip the waiter. This was worth the wait! PEACE AND LOVE GUYS! ❤️

  21. TaterZen says:

    JONERZ! ❤ ❤ ❤

  22. refnaf says:

    The FB live was amazing!!!
    I’ve been busy having a new grand baby but everchance I get I’ve got #leo on!!! OTIS CANNOT be repeated often enough for me!!!
    Gosh I’m so happy about where this young man is at right now!!
    Great to be a fan of his…. and his latest endorsement of the #Loveloud event is sooo meaningful!!! Hope he can perform there next year!

  23. awestruck says:

    O. M. G. He’s coming to Alberta!!!!!! Not listed yet on his website. Anyone know anything more?

    • TOfan says:

      Just what he said in his FB live… for peeps in Alberta to stay tuned! LOL

      “Alberta bound, Alberta bound, @DavidArchie is, Alberta bound”!!!! 😊😊😊

  24. oliveoil says:

    Every song on Leo ( and Orion ) is amazing !! I do have some favorites, but they keep changing. David is so talented in all aspects of music. He just amazes me !! His face book party was so much fun to watch. He is so sweet, adorable,funny, and honest. Plus his voice is just BEYOND !!!! I am so glad David is part of our lives . :):):):):):):):)

  25. janey79 says:

    hellooooo JONERZ and SILVERFOX (once a fan always a fan)! missed you both! welcome back to the fold, my lovelies.

  26. TwoCents says:

    love this comment on David’s last FB post about the LoveLoud concert:

    “I was there too! Big Bonus: While in line someone asked me if I liked your music. OF COURSE i DO! She gave me a pair of tickets to your show in Kamas that she’d won on the radio. 😀
    C’ya there Buddy!”


  27. emmegirl14 says:

    The Loveloud IG’s, was he having fun or what!
    So proud of your showing of support for LGBQT community.
    You just 100% sealed the deal, life long fan ❤️✌️

  28. emmegirl14 says:

    refnaf, OTIS, repeat repeat repeat! The lyrics – who can’t relate to this song!
    And that groooove, yeah.

  29. Pepper says:

    Kudos to David for supporting the LoveLoud event. Good for him. Looks like he had a great time too. There is always some controversy with anything, it seems, that David does. For the most part though there was really positive responses. I applaud him!
    What can you say about Leo that hasn’t already been said, haha. Loving every song on this EP!
    OTIS is such a great song with so much soul and groove and yes, the lyrics, say it all, same with Someone to love. I’m Ready has always been beautiful and the recorded version with the extras, wow. Most fans, it seems, have picked their fave with OTIS.
    Even though it’s hard to pick faves, I have to say that mine has been Spotlight Down, love it! I just find it so beautiful, moving, so David and with his gorgeous, sensitive vocals (that tug at my heart) I can really feel his words, can’t stop listening. I listen to the whole EP and love it all but right now for me Spotlight Down is a little extra special.

    Will wait for the announcement re: the Alberta show (still can’t believe it). Curious as to where it will be. Will it be Calgary or Edmonton? Or will it be Cardston or maybe Lethbridge, which I believe is closest to Cardston? My curious mind wonders. Will have to see.
    Extremely happy for the fans in the Philippines and for the fans in Peru! Actually very happy for anyone who will be enjoying a concert on this next tour. 🙂

  30. Pepper says:

    Deb, David’s acoustic set was fabulous, all the songs were so good! Nice photos emerging.

    emmegirl14, not a lot of controversy but just some comments I noticed from people on his social media sites. Some didn’t like what he was doing or criticized a little (try and figure that out) but the majority were definitely good, positive, supportive comments. 🙂

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