How to double-stream #Leo


Made a fascinating discovery about Spotify… (this is likely common knowledge, right? 🙂 ) … I downloaded it for free onto my desktop from HERE (opened account via FB), did a search for “David Archuleta Leo” and proceeded to put the EP on repeat (just turning off the speakers when need be) … and left the computer on overnight.

Why does this matter?

Because streaming counts toward Billboard charting, my dear friends.

I have no idea if Leo has any chance to doing that but, just in case….

And there’s moaaaar:


another Spotify discovery… I have the app on repeat on my computer at work (opened the account with the Facebook link), so I just figured out how to stream it at home too:

Step 1: Went to on my home computer and created a new account with an email address diff. from my FB one. #mwahaha

Step 2: Back on the home page, I opened the web player (link in the footer at the VERY bottom of the Spotify home page, see screen capture below)

Step 3: A browser page opens up where I searched for “David Archuleta Leo” and…again… hit play & repeat (see screen capture above)! turn off speakers as needed 🙂

WoooooT! Double streaming!!!

Now go! Go! Go!


Web Player Screen Capture

To find the link to the Spotify Web Player, scroll to the bottom of the home page… it will look like this:

web player link.png
Full disclosure

I posted something very similar… in fact, almost identical… when Up All Night came out but just HAD to repost because MORE PEEPS NEED TO HEAR THESE AMAZING SONGS!!! Right??

imo, this is the best work he’s ever done… don’t get me wrong, I obviously love David’s voice and his earlier albums, but THIS one… he’s just taken things to another level… a level above the clouds where ice cream is served all day and hugs are given freely on every corner. OTIS is my absolute fave… I’ve listened so much, it’s literally become another layer under my skin, I swear… but I don’t just replay it because I want to hear all four of the songs, they all have their own special somethin’ somethin’.

I remember right after Idol when David sang an acoustic Waiting on the World to Change with Dean Kaelin on guitar at some TV station or other and it just b.l.e.w..m.e..a.w.a.y… the groove, the soulfulness, just took me places… and I’ve been waiting for David to share that side of him on record ever since … and that’s what #Leo does… takes me places. We’ve certainly seen that side live (praise be!)… but to hear it captured in the recording studio finally…. YES!!!!! I just want the world to hear it… is that too much too ask? 🙂

What do you guys think??


Run don’t walk to read the lovely & amazing @rhiminee’s “Big Ol’ Leo Feelings Post” HERE. You’re welcome.

This is all kinds of awesome!! Lovely Chicago peeps (*cough*Jonerz*cough*)

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16 Responses to How to double-stream #Leo

  1. Pepper says:

    Wow, thanks TOfan. Lots of info re: spotify, appreciate all the ‘research’. You are so much more ‘tech savvy’ than I am, lol. I do stream Leo on Spotify every day on my home computer, will have to see what else I can do now. 🙂
    Oh Leo is such a gift, I agree this just may be David’s best work. I feel doubly happy about that because he said that he feels happier right now about his current work than he has throughout his entire music life, along with the fact that people are responding well or connecting to his latest EPs, because this music is really him (or something to that effect)
    Personally I can’t imagine how anyone couldn’t respond favourably to Leo! So, so good. I can’t help but think that any or some of these songs would do well on radio play. He may not consider them ‘radio friendly’, not sure, but boy, I firmly believe they would do well once people could hear them. I would love more of the world to hear these fabulous songs too. 🙂

    • Grammyj says:

      Yes, I wish more people could hear David’s new songs, but unfortunately getting radio play takes big bucks. David has told us that being on a major label did not make him happy and that time in his life he felt empty. I’m so glad that he is now in a good place and happy with his new music.

      • TOfan says:

        I’m glad too that he’s in a good place with his music… and even if he’s not on the radio, there are so many ways for peeps to hear about his music these days…

        I don’t know if my streaming like crazy will help give him a boost on the Billboard chart, but it’s certainly something that’s easy for me to do and actually will have an impact (at least gives him more $$$ to make more music! lol… and Billboard does include streaming in their calculations)… unlike trending and all that, which I really don’t think makes much difference any more. My opinion only, however. 🙂

  2. Pepper says:

    Yes, true. ..Grammyj……I know that it does take very big bucks to get songs to radio and I am happy that David is going his own way. I have read stories from other artists as well who wanted to get out of their contracts, some had to hire lawyers and spend a lot to do that. For me it was just a comparison as to what I have heard on the radio and what I hear in David’s songs. His songs fly compared to a lot of songs out there (not all but most, IMO)) but I say kudos to David for what he is doing, my utmost respect and support for that (and think he’s doing great).
    Certainly doesn’t hurt to stream though and it’s true TOfan, there are other ways for people to hear about his music. 🙂

    • Grammyj says:

      I so agree with you! David’s new songs are better than many of the popular songs on the radio IMHO. Some of the words in some pop songs just make me cringe. The streaming on Spotify does help David as he does get paid a bit per stream where most of the polls we’ve been encouraged to vote on did nothing for David. I’m glad that most of the polls are gone.

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  4. missbianca says:

    Oh OTIS how I love thee.

  5. Pepper says:

    I love OTIS too, big time, along with Spotlight Down, my two faves at the moment.
    Great song by song look at Leo by the way from ‘Chels on the shelf’ and @rhiminee’s……she is so good at that!
    p.s. Forgot to say that I loved this description TOfan…”he’s just taken things to another level… a level above the clouds where ice cream is served all day and hugs are given freely on every corner.” Ha, that is true and when we run out of descriptions with true expression for Leo this is a new go to.

  6. TOfan says:

    Love this write-up in this Canadian music industry publication about David’s “Listening Party” here in Toronto:

    “— Vince Degiorgio and Libby Elming of Cymba Music Publishing hosted an intimate listening party for industry tastemakers last week at Toronto’s Orange Lounge for American Idol alum David Archuleta. Guests were treated to selections from his Orion and Leo EP’s, a few newer songs to be included on his new fall release, and the gracious hospitality of Vince and gang.

    “FYI’s eyes in the crowd spotted publicist extraordinaire Jane Harbury, journalist Nick Krewen and 604 Records label rep Kara Purto as well as the music supervision team from Instinct Entertainment. The forthcoming single “Up All Night” and tracks such as “Numb” was given the playback treatment, while standouts such as “Say Me” were amongst the songs performed by Archuleta on the piano to enthusiastic applause.”


    • Oliveoil says:

      This is very interesting. It’s hard to know what it all means. I just know I love Davids new music . It’s still pop, but nuenced and kind of raw. I’ve noticed less posting on fan sites, but he’s getting lots of comments on his Facebook and other social media. I think a lot of fans prefer to communicate directly with him. I like coming here because of the great people that post here.

  7. Pepper says:

    Yes, I agree, this is a good place to visit. That is an interesting article re: David’s Listening Party in Toronto. Who knows what those connections will bring. Another nice vibe for your city TOfan. 🙂

  8. janey79 says:

    Instinct Entertainment attended the listening party. You can read about them here:

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