A Taterzen exclusive!

New EP in May: Spring #Onion!

Life-is-like-an-onion-You-peel-it-off-one-layer-at-a-time-and-sometimes-you-weep.-Carl-Sandburg.jpgI was on the road with my husband when my cell phone dinged.

Reception had been wonky, but I got a quick glance at the exciting news: David Archuleta is releasing an EP called Onion!

Onion? Er… OK.

Personally, I think Onion kinda stinks as a name, but it’s David’s EP and there must be some kind of deeper meaning going on there.

Nevertheless, if David is singing, I am more than happy to support his Onion, or any of his other vegetables for that matter.

I wonder how many songs we will get with Onion. We already know two titles and there are leeks all over the Internet about other possibilities:

Numb (from trying to think of a name for the EP)

Up All Night (with heartburn)

Shallot Samba (comeback of the onion dip)

Blind Date at the Salad Bar

Little Rap Scallions (hip hop)

I Weep at Your Touch

An Onion Ring for My Baby

Apparently, the country song was rejected (I’ve Got Tears in My Ears from Lying on My Back and Crying Over You)

ra,raglan,x1000,white_black,front-c,230,190,225,294-bg,ffffff.u2And now I hear that David will tour with the new music! I bet the merch table will have the good stuff.

Who doesn’t want a T-shirt with a giant Onion on the front? (Children’s sizes feature chives.)

So, spread the news!! Tell your friends!! I did… What? It’s not Onion? Really?

It’s Orion?

So, do you mean Orion, like that hunter in Greek mythology? And Orion like those stars that can be seen all around the world?

Orion, eh? That fits. Perfect.


And so completely embarrassing.

I guess Onion doesn’t even qualify for a constellation prize.





I put tour info on a new Tour Page HERE.

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8 Responses to A Taterzen exclusive!

  1. TOfan says:

    Taterzen, you KEEL me! Just came back to read this again! Shallots o’ fun! 😆 😆 😆

  2. refnaf says:

    Oh my Zen friend!!
    LOLing so hard!!!
    I lurve onions, deep fried, to keep me #upallnight!
    Thanks so much for the laugh!

  3. Grammyj says:

    This “onion” post didn’t make me cry but it certainly made me laugh! Love it!

  4. peppertara says:

    LOL, this is too funny! Thanks for the humour Taterzen. “Who doesn’t want a T-shirt with a giant Onion on the front? (Children’s sizes feature chives.)” Haha, well that would be unique. So much funny here, loved it!
    Just can’t wait for that new “Onion” EP. 🙂 You know there is probably an album out there somewhere called Onion. 🙂
    TOfan, thanks for the new Tour page!

  5. ray says:

    lol, you made my day a good start

  6. Martha says:

    This is hilarious! At first sight it does look like Onion. Maybe it will cause people to take a second look lol.

  7. missbianca says:

    Dyingggg! This. Is. Hilarious. All of it. The techie in me liked, “leeks all over the Internet.”

  8. Anonymous says:


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