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What else would David be doing while Nathan’s answering a Q&A but Googling a song that popped into his head after Nathan said “This is gonna be fun.” Answer: (as he played for us) a song from Hannah Montana. [oops, correction: It was from the Master of Disguise (starring Dana Carvey) soundtrack.]



I will be more coherent when I get home (that’s the plan anyway, lol) but I just had to share real quick how amazing tonight’s Indy concert was.

Ya ya, I know, I always say that, but seriously, this show was off-the-charts amazing.

How can David keep sounding better? No clue. But he does.

His Ave Maria in VIP had me in tears two notes in. Not even kidding. It was incredible. If I’d gone home right after that I would have been perfectly happy. Unreal. Like an express train to Angel Gabriel’s cloud for a power hug. I was in the front row. How am I still breathing? I wanted to clutch my chest for the whole thing but, again, front row. Did not want The Archuleta to think I was having a stroke. I might’ve been.

And answering the VIP questions, he gave equal sincerity to naming his favourite Pokemon and their special bond, to sharing that if he could go back to any time period, he’d like to be in Jerusalem during Christ’s time, especially to see what he was like at David’s own age or younger… He us simultaneously 12 and 112.

Nathan is lovely and charming and so outgoing and personable that I think it took the pressure off David a little to share the show with him. And their voices do sound beautiful together.

I wish they would have done a Little Drummer Boy video (like The Prayer’s) to release this year… it ROCKED! When he casually strolled out after Nathan had begun the song, it took me back to his entrance to Apologize on Idol… still gives me chills.

I wasn’t going to post my faraway video but I didn’t see any other LDBs out there (and my audio’s not too shabby), so here you go:


You can’t tell from my pic but there was a crowd 2 and 3 deep at D’s merch table both before & after the show. Yes, I did elbow past everyone. πŸ™‚

‘Twas awesome to see the lovely and amazing Jonerzz and Silverfox and SandyBeaches and FunnyGirl after all this time! And to meet fans I’ve never met before, like Spirit, Jane, Joy, Paula and so many others… not to mention a super-fun 9 hour road-trip (each way) with fellow Canucks Refnaf and her sis and Dangitdavid, who was meeting David for the very first time ever and seeing only her 2nd David show …SO sorry I missed you,emilylovesarchie!!! Was it not incredible?!!!!!

Such a great crowd, he felt the love, which always makes me happy.

White Christmas was a trip to Jupiter on a sleigh fuelled by champagne… make that sparkling cider. πŸ™‚


Joy to the World dropped my jaw to the floor…unreal.

And OHN… full-on sobs

I guess what I’m trying to say is…get thee to a Christmas show!!!!

babysnowlargeHolt International

One of the most moving parts of the show was when David spoke at length about his visit to the Shanghai Baby Home and how that inspired him to partner with Holt International for his Christmas shows. He was choking back tears and so was I. At each of the Christmas shows there’ll be a table where you can ask for more information about supporting the cause or sponsoring a child.

According to their website:

Holt International provides the tools and resources to uplift children and strengthen families in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Today, we maintain active partnerships and programs in 13 countries.

David said that fans are always asking what they can get for him but he said, “If you really want to do something for me, support these kids” … I know I will.

Despite making 1543368 mental notes to not be rude to Nathan when we went up for the VIP photos, I completely forgot he was there. Like, “turned my back on him to talk to David” forgot he was there. I am so sorry, Nathan!

And I had planned to shake both their hands and introduce myself when I walked up. You know, like a polite, well-mannered person would do in that situation. But no.

Having two of them standing there was clearly more than my pea-brain could compute so I waved my hands wildly at both of them simultaneously while shouting, “Hey guys!” Β Like I was on their bowling team and just got there to take my shot. Sheesh.

Some videos from the lovely & amazing myheartsong!!!!



BAHAHAHA... Robin managed to catch my reaction to Ave Maria at the beginning of this video… it may look like I’m super-excited to hear LDB (which I was, of course πŸ™‚ ) but I was reacting to David’s phenomenal Ave Maria, truth be told… Nathan had come out after it and said, “Is that not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard” … and then I had to wait for David to turn around before freaking out. hahahaha. Good times.




I think he enjoyed the show too. πŸ™‚






This one still cracks me up.

AHA! David’s new stylist revealed!

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.14.23 PM.png

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57 Responses to Indy Magic

  1. janey79 says:

    that’s one oh holy night for the record books

  2. He is simultaneously 12 and 112. That’s a perfect description!!! I am giddy with excitement about his upcoming show in Sacramento. I will try and be polite to Nathan too!!!!!

  3. amb4da says:

    OHN…my πŸ’”πŸ’—just magnified, then burst. I don’t even know what to say anymore about this guy.πŸ’—πŸŽ΅πŸ’—πŸŽ΅πŸ’—πŸŽ΅πŸ’”πŸŽ΅ That exceeded anything that came before it, which was already the best…so he just keeps digging within himself more anew ❀️, and we get even more. Poetry.
    On a lighter note #bowtie.
    That is all, for now. I need to recover.

  4. tawna21 says:

    Are these shows not just the best!!! I mean theee best of the best!!! David just keeps amping it up from city to city. He truly does embody the Spirit of Christmas Past, Present, and Future!! β™₯β™₯

    I do love Nathan! I would really enjoy one of his shows! He is a remarkable entertainer. I find him very down to earth, like David. I feel he is there to share his talent for the purpose of making others happy, like David. Nathan has a warm soul, like David, that wants to, and is capable of, wrapping his audience in it and letting them feel where he’s at. That’s why I think they work so well together. They are of one spirit both on and off the stage. jmo

    Yes, TOfan, everyone needs to get to one of these concerts if possible!!

  5. djafan says:

    Deb! So glad you and refnaf were able to go to Indy! It sounds epic times a million! Thanks for jotting some notes for us πŸ™‚

  6. peppertara says:

    What a wonderful, incredible experience at these concerts. Oh my, OHN, Ave Maria, can anything be more beautiful to your ears, your heart. Would love to be at one of these concerts!
    Very, very grateful that we have the generosity of fans who are able to share what they can!
    So happy for you TOfan and others able to make the trip and attend these fabulous, glorious shows,, another unforgettable experience. There is just no Christmas concert quite like a David Christmas concert and love the David and Nathan duets too, so good!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  7. Jenny says:

    Thank u for taking time to write this despite your lack of sleep. You are so generous to share like this. I really loved the Ave Maria recording, I can’t imagine what it was like live in front row!
    Lucky you! There’s nothing like David singing soulful music.

    I was wondering what the etiquette for Nathan at VIP is. I really love his singing too and he seems like a really nice person but I’m there cause I’m a craaaazy David fan. I’m thinking his presence might diffuses my craziness a bit. Before Costa Mesa VIP, I’m having a glass of wine to relax and Zantac ( I hope that’s the right drug that dr friend recommended) so I don’t look like a red drunk Santa and mint so I don’t offend the good Mormons w my liquor breath.

  8. prd9601 says:

    We were there in Indy and it was simply fantastic! David has grown so much as an artist! Love the jazzy White Christmas and, well everything! Really enjoyed Nathan as well. His song, “Avatar”, was wonderful! The duets were just magical! Can you tell I had a good time?

  9. TOfan says:

    Just got home… 10 hour road trip totally worth it! 😍😍😍

    What this guy says!!!

  10. TOfan says:

    Standing mere inches from David at the VIP, his glow was particularly blinding … an actual full body halo, aura thing happening… so this does not surprise me. #unicornchuleta

  11. Deb, I’m sorry to have missed you too! We just got there in time for the show and had to leave to drive back home after. I’m student teaching now and it didn’t feel right to miss! But… it was fabulous! David is better than ever, and that doesn’t seem possible. His voice just keeps getting richer. My sister said that his voice sounds “thick”, “like you could stick your hand into the sound”, I think I know what she means! And he just has so much confidence now, he is as sweet and ramble-ly as ever, but the difference is that he owns it now. I love it!

    • TOfan says:

      haha, I know EXACTLY what she means! what a special special show to get to, I’m so glad you guys got there in time and didn’t miss anything!!! This was one I’ll never forget.

    • tawna21 says:

      I love that description, “thick”, “like you could stick your hand into the sound”. That really puts into words what I feel with David’s sound. Dang! It feels so good to have that identified! πŸ™‚

  12. I know it can’t just be me. David’s Ave Maria brought me to tears. Nathan’s Hallelujah brought me to tears. David’s Mary Did You Know brought me to tears. Nathan’s Nessun Dorma brought me to tears. David’s O Holy Night brought me to tears. David and Nathan’s The Prayer brought me to tear….are you picking up on a theme here? I was a blubbering mess all night.
    BTW, I uploaded several vids. The visual is a little washed out…must be the glow from the men on stage…but the audio is incredible… πŸ™‚

  13. Abrra says:

    I have added MP3’s of Robin’s videos ti the Candy Jar. Thanks Robin!


  14. Grammyj says:

    Could David have been any less informative when he answers the question about what he was going to do music-wise in 2017? He said he was releasing his album. We already knew that. Is he going to tour to support the album? When in 2017 will it be released? I could go on and on with questions about the new music and its release. As usual we will wait and see. I am loving all the goodies for Indy, and David’s quirky Instagram stories!

  15. refnaf says:

    So much magic! A show of epicness…. Highlights def OHM, MDYK, JTTW, IDOAWC, actually who am I kidding? It was all one big epic highlight And THEN AVE MARIA at VIP $&@#%*{}Β£_
    And then as TOfan said, this icing on the trip-
    “Twas awesome to see the lovely and amazing Jonerzz and Silverfox and SandyBeaches and FunnyGirl after all this time! And to meet fans I’ve never met before, like Spirit, Jane, Joy, Paula and so many others …SO sorry I missed you, emilylovesarchie!!!”
    AND THEN- I was able to share it all with my sister! Her first ever David concert … And I think she liked it!
    What a blessing… I have not had time yet to view many vids….. But I for sure will! ((((hug))))s

  16. peppertara says:

    Well, David has always been a bit of a mystery Grammyj, haha. Yes, I’m sure we will get tidbits and then more tidbits of information about the album and then big news!
    What an amazing concert experience, happy for the folks who were able to experience it. Nothing like David live and on fire! Thanks to everyone who shared videos, pics, etc. It really means a lot!
    Yep, there is no one quite like David. Gorgeous interpretation of song, with that remarkable voice.
    It’s no wonder so many are moved to tears, he simply becomes the song, the words, the heart of it all.
    TOfan, thanks for keeping us a part of this, what an incredible time you all had!

  17. missbianca says:

    I’ve now read this review and the comments at least 4 times and every time my eyes brim up and I can barely see by the end of the thread. So special and Deb, so well-written. I cannot wait to hear this impossibly-even-better David sing. What a lovely program, too. And what wonderful, loving fans! Special wave to Jonerzz.

  18. Spirit says:

    Thanks for the great Indy post, ToFan! I’m still in a daze from that magnificent night!!!! There really are no words to describe David’s voice and spirit in a live concert. The power, the silkiness, the emotion, the warmth, the perfect nuance for every lyric and note…….it’s all stunning! I had such a great time at my first fan luncheon. Thanks to you and the Snowangelzz crew for the warm welcome. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with all of you. It was wonderful to be among a group who share an admiration for David and his musical talents. I told a friend about all the places that the fans had come from for the show, and she was really amazed at the fan loyalty and David’s widespread fan base. I also told her that they were all the nicest and friendliest people you could ever want to meet!!

  19. TOfan says:




  20. Spirit says:

    Oops! Sorry for the misspelling of your name, TOfan. I shouldn’t be typing comments at 11:00 pm!

    I also forgot to say how much I like peppertara’s comment that David becomes the song, the words, the heart of it all. That is absolutely a perfect description!

    • TOfan says:


      Was so great to meet you! and I agree about pepp’s description… “becomes the song, the words, the heart of it all” … that’s really it… oh man, I need a do-over! hahaha

  21. peacesignpam says:

    wonderful Indy posts Deb!!

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, Pam!!! It was so great to see you and your daughter, all grown up now! I think this show ranks alongside Ford Day as one of those special ones for me.

      I was thinking last night of how blessed I feel to have been at Tuacahn, a completely different kind of show, where he slayed pop songs and his new indie singer-songwriter tunes… and then this Christmas show, where he kills all those types of songs too… continues to blow my mind, he really does.

  22. TaterZen says:

    Back here for another run of all the videos. Thanks to those who shared!
    TOfan, your recap is mega peachy keen, and I can tell you’re still on an Indy high from the fun and the music and The David. Can’t wait for my turn.

    Boise. 4 more days. That is all.

  23. TOfan says:



  24. TOfan, refnaf, even the little waitress (who served us after the concert until she started shutting off the lights), and everyone in Indianapolis, it was wonderful to see you after 5 years!

    I arrived home after 16 hours of flying and driving time due to the weather, it was brutal! I am not fully awake yet!

    When SF asked me if I would like to go to Indianapolis I answered without another thought. Thank you SF, that was a wonderful Christmas present!

    I have had three wishes for David from the start and he quickly granted me the first wish of him singing with an orchestra and choir and that was years ago in SLC at his first Christmas concert. Then came wish number two and that was for him to sing with the MOTABS and nine months later we were again in SLC. Now for wish number three and he is on his way although there is a distance to go.

    His voice and stage presence exceeded my expectations and yes it was jaw dropping. I believe that Nathan singing with David has been wonderful for a number of reasons. When you listen to “The Prayer” and hear the development of David’s voice alongside Nathan’s, you may feel where he is going and it could have taken years to get past a lot of music to arrive there. He carefully watches Nathan who added so much to the concert.

    We will hopefully see you all soon!


  25. Kizzi says:

    Tofan, So glad you and Ref saw so many fans, many from years past. Thanks for the recap of the concert and all the vids and memories. And thanks to everyone else for sharing. Can’t wait to hear and see more! And now for Dec 5 and the music video. Its just keeps getting better and better.

    Happy Holidays to all at SAz! I see the snow Tofan! J

  26. TOfan says:


  27. TOfan says:



  28. TOfan says:



    • TOfan says:

      Here’s the full video… Nathan says it will be televised… somewhere… sometime… I’ll take it!!!

      Love his story about how he reacted the first time he heard David sing OHN … we’ve all been there, haven’t we folks?

  29. TOfan says:

    Someone’s pumped!

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