Every picture tells a story….

From the lovely & amazing Gengen on FB:

Most grateful to the generous Mr Chewea Hu again! Enjoy David’s photos at Taipei concert! Poor baby showed what a trooper he truly was that day. The last two pics are us waving to his last song. He sang “the moon represents my heart”, IN CHINESE!

Thanks, Gengen, and Mr. Chewea Hu!

No captions needed for these, am I right? *sniff*



TISSUE ALERT!... clutched my chest the entire time watching this, just want to jump through the screen and give him a hug… and then have security politely escort him offstage and force him to get the rest he needs to get well. Oh, dear David.

Bringing this over from The Voice, thanks, dja & fenfan!

Translation from Fenfan:
“The MC said she was surprised and touched to see fans who had come from Britain, America, Canada and the Philippines to attend the press conference and asked them to say a few words to David.

“GenGen talked about her experience as a fan of David from Idol days till now. David came to her attention when he sang Angels and Imagine. She was in Canada at that time and set up a David news site. There were many Chinese fans at that time who were around the same age as David i.e high school age. They were all influenced and inspired by David. Gengen herself had never followed any idol before David. She is very inspired and moved by his singing and his spirit. While she was in Canada she attended nearly 20 of his concerts in America. Then David went on his mission and activities died down. During the time when David was away, Gengen herself was in China where she was involved in a project (I didn’t understand what this project was about). Now David is in Taiwan and she is back in Taiwan. She believes she and the fans and David have yuanfen, having been on this fan journey for almost 10 years. She hopes the other fans can say a few words. She and the fans want to sincerely thank David.

“A note on yuanfen: this is a Chinese concept that has no equivalent in English. It roughly translates to a kind of fated or predestined affinity, connection or relationship. Please google for further explanation of this concept as I am in no position to expound on Chinese philosophy here. LOL”

I love that concept of “yuanfen”! Sounds about right! 🙂 And pretty cool to hear Gengen mention Toronto to David! 🙂
How many times have I heard him sing Imagine? And it STILL makes me cry. Dang.

And HOWLING that David’s “Shawty, why’d you leave me” intro to MKOP is being simultaneous translated… how that guy did not start cracking up is beyond me, what a true professional! LOL

Thanks, Gregorie!!!!

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10 Responses to Every picture tells a story….

  1. lynnella says:

    What wonderful pictures of David. We always knew he was not of this world, and now we have proof. In the 10th picture down, where he’s pointing, his finger is glowing like ET’s in the movie did. I wonder if he’s getting ready to call home.

  2. peppertara says:

    Such terrific pictures of David and really enjoyed reading Fenfan’s write up. Yes, noticed the glowing finger where the light meets his hand! The Chinese concept of “yuanfen” sounds about right to me too. David is such a trooper, always. Such a sweet video of him singing, I do hope he is on the mend and caring for himself and those gorgeous vocal chords. Hope others are caring for him too, I’m sure they are. The Taiwan experience….glad we get to absorb some of it through some great fans and those who were a part of it. Thanks TOfan and you’re right, no captions needed for these fabulous photos.

  3. TOfan says:

    Put a Nunca Pense/Imagine, Crush, MKOP & Glorious vids at the end of the post… plus:


    Looks like he’s making a quick getaway, LOL.

  4. missbianca says:

    Oh such wonderful photos! Can’t access that first video though (facebook one).

    Even though these photos don’t NEED any captions, it seems to me that there are a few that cry out for the Snowangelz special treatment–perhaps once winter has set in and you are going more than a little stir-crazy.

    • TOfan says:

      thanks for the thought, Ms. B., but he looks so pale and under-the-weather in these photos, as he’s fighting to give the crowd what they came for… saps every ounce of humour I have, I’m afraid.

      • missbianca says:

        Aw, hugs! I think the difference must be that I didn’t listen to any of the videos done while he’s been under the weather. So he looks just tired to me and not in all the pics. You have such a kind heart! ❤

  5. TOfan says:

    “What if I lost my voice permanently?” okay, not gonna lie, heart stopped for a moment when I read that, for that’s exactly what went through my mind in Layton when he lost his voice. Heartbreaking. David is surely a lot more than just his voice, but wow, what a voice, what a gift, a treasure, a blessing… gotta value every note we get, people.

  6. TOfan says:

    Imagine, courtesy of Gengen *sniff*… amazes me how well he knows his voice so he can work around limitations while he’s sick and change things up so he makes it work in a brand new way. Guess I’m a fan. 🙂

    The Moon Represents My Heart Pt I (Gengen, again 🙂 who says “his pronunciation of Mandarin is perfect”!)
    You ask me how deep my love for you is, how much I love you. Look at the moon and think. The moon represents my heart.

    A small kiss has touched my heart. A deep love has made me think of you until now.

    Pt 2 (love the singing along!)

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