@DavidArchie in Taiwan

Calgary’s lovely Gengen (who has been doing humanitarian work in Asia for the past few years) is at the press conference! (Who knew she’d have better luck seeing David sing there, than I have here in Toronto? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

13886471_10210641448819049_2493721153430774705_n (1).jpg


“Almost fainted! David looked at me and smiled!”

So is Gregory Ranin!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.10.55 PM.png

Apparently, Gregory live-streamed David’s “Glorious” on FB… fingers crossed we get to see/hear it!

more from Gengen….



Me: David! You haven’t changed a bit! (not being flattering, 100% true)
David: You haven’t changed either, still as energetic.
Ah! The good old Fangirling mode is on, again!


his change-ups are … Glorious!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚




Motion-sickness warning! ๐Ÿ™‚

also, how cool is this?

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.43.03 PM

22-second vlog… I’ll take it! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks so much, Joanie, my IG is too old for the stories feature and I can’t update #grrrrr


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Shared by Gengen: Professional photos of David at Taipei Press Conference from Mr. Chewea Hu. Thanks, G.!!!!






This picture reminds meย of the tagline on the lovely @rhiminee’s Tumblr: “David Archuleta is a precious porkchop who must be protected atย all times.” #word


*busted* ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.49.09 PM.png

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31 Responses to @DavidArchie in Taiwan

  1. tawna21 says:

    Exciting times!!!! Hopefully there will be lots of vids and pics!!!!

  2. peppertara says:

    How nice that Gengen is there…and Gregorie, possibly other fans. Hey, we’re everywhere!
    Hope David has a great time in Taiwan and yes, fingers crossed for some vids. Great photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. missbianca says:

    Gengen! How great to see her(you?) again! The greatest fangirling session I was ever in involved her and a bunch of other great people in a hotel room in Idaho Falls. Aww, I miss Gengen even as I admire the sacrifices she has made to do the work her heart says she must.

    Does anyone know what David is actually doing in Taiwan? Is it connected with his church? Wishing him a lovely trip!

  4. refnaf says:

    How awesome for Gengen!! ((((hug))))
    And Greg!!!

  5. Martha says:

    Looks like David will be hitting all parts of the world (east coast & Toronto included hopefully) as an ambassador for his church. Regular concerts seem to be less likely but not impossible I feel.. This is what is near & dear to his heart. The other is probably secondary to him but still important. It’s all music after all. The preceding is my personal opinions. โ™ฅ

    • GrammyJ says:

      Go to The Voice David Archuleta website for a wonderful article about all the places he will be singing in Taiwan. It is all church related but is jam packed with lots of beautiful venues.

  6. TaterZen says:

    How sweet is it to see Gengen again?!

    Loving these pictures and the reports about David’s latest of many excellent adventures.

  7. karenkid says:

    Gengen!!!!! David in Taiwan!! This is awesome in every way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. trace says:

    Thank you so much for this! I confess that the pictures of Gengen hugging David made me tear up! Such is the love Archies have for him!
    And Glorious is sounding better and better ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. TOfan says:

    Do I spy Gina Orr?


  10. penciltopaper says:

    I can’t stop smiling. So happy to know Gengen was there; had no idea she was still following him <333 Happy to see David remember her. And Deb so true what you said 'Who knew sheโ€™d have better luck seeing David sing there, than I have here in Toronto?'!!!!! I hope he shows up in your neck of the woods to serenade you and Refnaf in the not too distant future!

  11. maggiefod says:

    So happy for Gengen that she got to see David! OMJ! She even got a two-armed hug!

  12. TOfan says:

    and in more serious news (just saw this on the David Universe FB page):


    Thoughts and Prayers for Margie

    Hi friends~

    We recently received some health news regarding a fellow fan/family member: Margie (@Hunnzy). Margie โ€˜okโ€™dโ€ us sharing this news with all of you. If you recall, Margie had been diagnosed with kidney cancer this past Spring and on May 2nd, she had her affected kidney successfully removed. Now, however, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Margie has opted to enter a program using alternative therapies (no chemo or radiation) and has travelled to Mexico with her husband to begin this program called โ€œHope4Cancer.โ€ She will be there until August 26th. Margie shared that she is feeling strong both physically and spiritually. She is excited to see โ€œwhat God is doingโ€ and thankful that she was lead to this program.

    Margie would be very thankful and grateful if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this time. We are wishing the very best for her and are hoping for successful treatment and healing!!

    We have created a group card in support of her that will be delivered on Friday afternoon. If you would like to sign her card and add a message, please click on the link below. Thank you!!


  13. TOfan says:

    From the lovely & amazing Abrra!!!!! who emailed these links to me to post so she wouldn’t land in comment “jail” LOL

    I put mp3&mp4 in Candy Jar. trimmed the end on the mp3 cuz all the whoohooing hurts the ears.

  14. peppertara says:

    Wow, David singing in Chinese for the people there, how beautiful, sweet, thoughtful and amazing of him. Another language added to his singing repertoire! He does have a skill for that….among many others. Loving David’s “mini-vloggy” things too TOfan! Another great experience For David, being in Taiwan, I’m sure. Not to mention how special it is for the folks there.
    Many thanks to Abrra! Thanks for all these terrific updates TOfan and many good thoughts and wishes to Margie for a complete recovery. โค

  15. Kizzi says:

    To quote one of the awesome-ist SnowAngelzzz….”Eeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!” All kinds of goodness and beauty to enjoy in this Taiwan trip. Just Wow. And David seems so content, still challenging himself for sure, but in an environment that speaks to his soul. Kudos and a big Bravissimo to him.

    No matter where he goes no matter who his audience is, he changes lives. He seems to have acclimated to that gift and using it in a manner that achieves what he wishes. Such an incredible human being…*sniff, sniff*

    I need a road trip fix. ****remembers St George, 2015….awesomeness***** LOL. Can’t do the fall this year but I’m going on one next year for sure. I am always in awe that I got to be a David fan.

    Love Hugs and Kisses to all at SAz! ๐Ÿ˜€

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