Hat’s off to @DavidArchie!

I’m all for David protecting his privacy and if wearing the occasional cap helps him zip to Noodles ‘R Us or Hummus-Making Class without being bothered for a photo or autograph, then I say, go for it!

But just to change things up a little, I’d like to offer some alternatives for D’Arch to consider wearing. I’m nothing if not helpful.


First up, the Turkey Cap… maybe a little toasty for summer, but perfect for those cool summer nights when you don’t want to catch a cold. Plus, you can hide spare change in the legs.



There’s a rainbow always after the raaaaaaain… need I say more?



The beauty of this little number is that it will not blow off in a windstorm. Mustard and relish are extra.




You will be the only one on your block. And NO ONE will want a picture with you.


Classic style, classic colours… goes especially well with stripey TOFW sweaters and white track jacket slash hoodies.



The Snail Cap: For those who take a loooooooong time to make decisions. 🙂



He may have already picked one of these beauties up in Slovenia….



AKA Incognito-To-Go


I personally think David would rock this look. And it could take him to 6′!



We all know how smart David is… why not show the world with a Brain Hat? I know I want one.



This one he may actually have ordered already, what do you think? 😉




So which one’s your favourite? 🙂



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9 Responses to Hat’s off to @DavidArchie!

  1. ray says:

    ha ha ha lol

  2. TaterZen says:

    Hahahaha! Not much can top a post about hats. 😀

    Every hat here has something special going for it, but I am kind of partial to the rainbow hat. It might be a little disconcerting to have clouds coming out your ears, but there is still some kind of significance there.

    Didn’t David admit to that somewhat annoying chap Michael Sleaze-act that people might really see “magic rainbows” over his head had he sung Cookie’s song?

    And didn’t David subsequently rise above that rainbow connection to charm us with his own version of a song (with lyrics you referenced) actually called “Rainbow?” In fact, I know of one fan who was so exceedingly charmed we thought “Rainbow” might become the new national anthem of Canada.

    Finally, there is the model wearing said hat and sporting a smile like he’s not even embarrassed. David could totally pull that off. Yeah, I’m going with the rainbow hat.

    About Rexburg. Excited?
    Sort of.

    • missbianca says:

      TZ, I for one am AEIBNEIOAOBIEHFSLA;BLHA;KJBHPIUHELKJBBKJBA!!!!! excited for you and Rexburg. Wave Hi for me!

      Slugs being the unofficial official animal of Seattle, I’m for the snail hat. The beauty of most of these hats is that nobody is going to look past the headgear. Recognition (and picture taking, snort-laugh!) will drop to nothin’.

      Your caption on the high-hatted women made me laugh. Read it without context, “He may have already picked one of these beauties up in Slovenia….”

      I only just got Tater’s pun about topping a post about hats. For this, I am sentenced to a class in “Remedial Crochet.”

  3. TOfan says:

    More David / Nathan Christmas shows! (tbh, wish it was David solo *hides*)


  4. refnaf says:

    The hamburger!!! So many of these I could commission my daughter to crochet!!!
    The rainbow would work for him tho….
    You all make my day!!
    I’ll be away this weekend so not sure if I’ll catch anything that comes out of Redburg, always hoping for vids!!!

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