All hail Acoustic Archuleta!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 7.45.38 PM.

The best thing about getting behind in David world is when you get to catch up in binge-athon fashion and feel like you just polished off six double-chocolate cakes (but with no calories or sugar-rush crash or, in my case, icing all over your white blouse).

Oh ya.

That’s where I’m at right about now. I know you guys are probably all spazzed out over the Chapman vids but I just got a chance to watch them (and possibly rewatch them) and if you see any typos, it’s because my jaw keeps hitting the keyboard.

Wow. Just. Wow.

When David makes the live acoustic album he promised me *cough*inmydreams*cough* I really hope he records it in this venue. The acoustics. Like buttah.

I read dja’s amazing recap and I can’t believe she was able to string a sentence together after sitting there hearing all that live. I would’ve loved to hear his spoken ramblings too, of course, but that might’ve just put me over the edge. Especially as he’s wearing his stripey-TOFW-gonna-stir-your-soul-with-some-heartfelt-insights-before-I-slay-you-with-This-Voice sweater

I can’t even say which song is my favourite.

I love Numb, and acoustic Numb is SO powerful… heck, he even knocked himself off his own stool. But at least he had those cool giant shoes to balance himself with. 🙂

And I just knew he wrote My Little Prayer when I first heard the Slovenian Idol version. So sweet and simple yet profound. So David.

And Crush with him at the piano and a couple of eyebrow wiggles at the cap-and-gowns in the front and the whoop of the audience when he does his glory run… even the stoic lady on stage in the Chancellory robes waved her program in appreciation for a nanosecond. (She probably wasn’t stoic at all, just turned to stone by sitting so close to a serenading Archuleta.)

BSMS, hits me every time … the lady pianist was great but I loved the way he kept motioning to her to pick up the pace. #bosschuleta

He Lives in You. I. I mean. It. The. When he. And then. After. How. You know??

Best. Glorious. Ever.

The End.


And a big THANK YOU! and hugs and Beaver Tails all around to the folks who posted updated in the comments on the last thread to help catch me up, especially Tina, Rox, GrammyJ, did I mention Tina? 🙂
speaking of…. how did I miss this gem??



Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.40.32 PM


Two more!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.45.41 PM.png13254843_793677274100509_7230877277402687064_o.jpg.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.48.22 PM13198507_793677937433776_1359873524059112658_o.jpgSource

(forgive me if all this is old news 🙂 )

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11 Responses to All hail Acoustic Archuleta!

  1. tawna21 says:

    TOfan, this is awesome! Cracked me up with him falling off the stool. I noticed that, but no one else in fandom has commented on it, so I didn’t either … glad that you did so I could laugh with someone! 🙂 And trying to orchestrate his pianist to pick up the speed. She didn’t seem to notice.

    Yes, to have been at Chapman would have been a treat, that’s for sure. Every one of his songs e-wired through my monitor and into my soul! He really did raise his own bar with this one!

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen the Slovanian pictures that you posted. Wowzers! They are the best — BTS photos are sometimes just that .. the best. David’s hands — “here let me show you, Mr. nationally renowned pianist Paul Cardall, what the chord is… we really need to get it right if we are going to make this work tomorrow night!” And the pic just below that one … I have never seen that look on David’s face. I wonder what’s going thru his mind? Oh to see Mama Cardall pinch his cheeks … what a treat! She is definitely Archu-smitten! Can you tell that David is in his heaven when he’s amongst the missionaries? Lastly, David in prayer… What a humbling photo.

    Love this post!!!!

  2. Jane says:

    Love your posts. Always excited to see and read them all. As for David’s shoes, he has a very good understanding. Loved your comment there.

  3. roxfox says:

    Such a sweet and gospel truth post! Thanks for the Ordinary Dad goodies. ..I had not seen those.

  4. lol ~ one thing crossed my mind while enjoying this great post …wonder if Paul Cardall was waiting to see if David was going to wear that cap during the live performance haha… 😉

  5. My thoughts exactly NCGirl!!! When he clings on to something he don’t let go!! HaHa! He looks cute in them though!!
    Great post, love seeing David so happy!! Great post!

  6. missbianca says:

    Weren’t these awesome events, with amazing singing and fun photo shares! Just when I doubt there will be something new, well my “catch-phrase” for David is “David Doesn’t Disappoint” because he always exceeds my hopes.

    Scaled back acoustic arrangements would definitely be my choice for #7 (which isn’t a bad name for an album or an EP). Recorded in that acoustically-delicious hall would be a plus.

  7. TaterZen says:

    Couldn’t help it. This post required yet another play-through with these wonderful videos. I’m with Miss B: David Doesn’t Disappoint. That includes the photos too by the way.

    And then, the Cat in the Hat thing with David sitting on the invisible chair? Well, it may too late, completely illegal, and entirely inappropriate, but I still want to adopt him.

    • Grammyj says:

      Wouldn’t we all love to pinch his cheeks! Yea for Paul Cardall’s mother-in-law. Love uber-fans since I am one myself! Thanks for the “ordinary dad” posts as I had not seen them. Nice to know that David has a photographic memory for people’s names along with his singing talent. I wish I had that.

  8. peppertara says:

    Love this post too…..David and these scaled back performances are just so good and yes, great acoustics! It is hard to pick a fave from these videos but Numb and He Lives In You are especially powerful. Love watching all the videos and some great photos I hadn’t seen before, thanks TOfan!

  9. refnaf says:

    Your humour TOfan, and David acoustic = awesome sauce

  10. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article about the Chapman University event:

    Kaur and Archuleta: A Sikh, a Mormon, and a dozen Interfaith University Graduates …

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