#RIP Prince

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I’ve always loved Prince. His music, yes, but also his attitude, his whole being. There’s no one else like him in music. A singular talent who kept to himself (sound familiar? 🙂 ). He lived in Toronto for quite a while but sadly I never ran into him at Timmies.

I love his own songs but also this song he wrote for The Bangles….


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9 Responses to #RIP Prince

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was sorry to hear this sad news. Too young. So much of his music was the soundtrack to times in my life that I’ll always remember. RIP sweet Prince.

  2. missbianca says:

    A lovely tribute, TO. Prince was a unique and vibrant character and his death is a huge loss to our culture. I was very sad to hear the news.

  3. peppertara says:

    I was sorry to hear this sad news too. Another immensely creative, unique and multi talented musician and individual gone too soon. Thanks for the tribute TOfan.
    I didn’t know that he wrote that song for the Bangles.
    He will be missed by many.

  4. peppertara says:

    This is wonderful:

  5. amb4da says:

    Such a bummer. Way too soon.
    Same as the top comment…he was THE soundtrack to my post-college 20’s…that whole decade of life flashed before me watching tributes yesterday…
    But man…the music….genius. One-of-a-kind, hard to wrap your brain around awesome to watch on stage.
    “A singular talent who kept to himself.” ..TOfan, yep.

  6. amb4da says:

    ps. I didn’t know he wrote Manic Monday either! Love that song still…loved The Bangles too. Have that on vinyl. Note to self: GOT to buy that turntable.

  7. TOfan says:

    Has not been a great day, but then this happened:


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I’m so happy I got to go see David in Cincinnati! It had been 5 years, way too long! TOfan, you are right, he was enjoying the signing after the program. He smiled that very real smile, laughed a bunch and was very relaxed. Sincere and sweet as ever!

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