Song snippet = two of the most beautiful words in the ArchuVerse.

Let’s have a quick poll, shall we?

Okay, I can’t get the poll thingie to work so let’s just wing it…share your answer in the comments. Lives may depend on it:

What do you think this song is called?

◉ Strings of my heart

◉ Caps of my dreams

◉ Numb, the Sequel

◉ Slovenian Rhapsody

◉ Obla Dee Enchila Da Da

◉ Once I looked 12 years old

◉ Other

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15 Responses to BREAKING NEWS!!!

  1. oliveoil says:

    He cracks me up …..but you can see me …

  2. I think it should be called “Peek A Boo With You” (written from a fan’s perspective 😉

    I need to Peek A Boo, I gotta see u Peek A Boo
    with the fans all over the world tonight
    said the fans all over the world tonight

    Hey! Little enchilada, oh, you a teaser
    Hot Spicy Nacho, yes, you a pleaser
    And we’re so glad to be your fans,
    You’re voice don’t need no band
    And, oh, little cutie, when you talk to us
    We swear, Twitter stops, to see the fuss
    And we’re so glad that you’re our man
    We’ll always be your biggest fans

    Maybe you mean more to us than we mean to you, but together baby,
    We can always play Peek A Boo
    ‘Cause if we’ve got you,
    We don’t need vlogs, we don’t need tweets
    ‘Cause you Instagram, you’re so sweet!

    And oh! we’re into you, and boy, no, one else would do,
    ‘Cause with every note and every run
    We want to chair dance and have some fun
    And no, we can’t be the only ones,
    We bet there are hearts all over the world tonight,
    Who are loving those eyes, and feel
    What we feel playing Peek A Boo with you, with you, with you, with you boy,
    With you, with you, with you, with you

  3. refnaf says:

    “Once I looked 12 years Old” is my vote! Prob because I CAN NOT GET HIS EvRSION OF 7 Years Old OUT OF MY HEAD! Not that I’d want too….
    Oh my heck you are a riot TOFAN!!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. missbianca says:

    “Caps of my dreams” or perhaps “Caps in my dreams…”

    He needs a few new tee shirts. We must get right on that.

    Barb, your song had me giggling from beginning to end. Brilliant!

  6. Kizzi says:

    I’m voting Other…..either “Peek-a-Boo” or “It’s Me” are my predictions because I’m psychic…or, ahemmmm, maybe that’s psycho, lololol.

    Nice to see David playful and in a sharing mood. And more music is the sweetest words to hear in the Archuverse.

  7. lynnella says:

    I’m going for Once I Looked 12 years Old, because, in that cap, he still looks 12 years old.

  8. peppertara says:

    Love the sound of new music! Great poll…”Obla Dee Enchila Da Da” LOL. Whatever he is working on, looking forward to it.
    Love Barb’s “Peek A Boo With You”……haha, very creative.

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