Snow angel tutorial….



It’s snowing in Toronto. Again.

David be rehearsing. Doesn’t that have a lovely ring to it?

Anywayyyyys, here’s a tutorial to help you kill time until videos slash new music surfaces.

You’re welcome.

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7 Responses to Snow angel tutorial….

  1. missbianca says:


  2. Abrra says:

    What the what?


  3. trace says:

    This is my 3rd time trying to comment since your last post. Hope it works this time.
    Hahaha every post of yours tickles me and it’s difficult to resist to blubber away something.
    So happy for you David responded to you. High time! You’ve been keeping his fandom happily amused! 😀

  4. peppertara says:

    That video is too funny (and bizarre) haha. The things you find during intermittent waiting spells are the most original, lol. Thanks for the entertainment, you are the best at it TOfan!
    p.s. I know it is snowing in Toronto, sorry……but lately here in the west we have almost spring like weather, mild temps, flowers blooming….again, sorry. We do get the rain though. 🙂
    At least video watching, surfing for news, etc. is not dependent on weather,….usually…..fortunately.
    Nor is David’s singing and performing….usually….fortunately.

  5. refnaf says:

    And here is a purpose for our snow angel making!!!! Peace ✌

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jason Castro is getting his real estate license-a reminder of how tough it can be to support a family as a musician.

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