Sad breaking news: Do You Hear What I Hear is an illegal release (really)

This painting has nothing to do with David but I thought it was beautiful. (No idea who the artist is, unfortunately.)

This painting has nothing to do with David but I thought it was beautiful. (No idea who the artist is, unfortunately.)

So, apparently the mp3 for sale for “Do You Hear What I Hear” (on both CDBaby and iTunes) was released without David’s permission.

Here’s the story from Kari’s twitter timeline:

@HUNNZY it’s an illegal release and has been reported on iTunes and CDbaby @mlpb3 is correct there was NO permission from DA or team.

@kariontour @HUNNZY @mlpb3 thanks Kari for the info!
@kariontour @HUNNZY @mlpb3 it is beautiful though.

@kimak it is and maybe if they had asked for permission we could’ve worked something out but then illegally posting is wrong.

@wordsfrommysoul @kariontour @mlpb3 yes thank you Kari just promoting @DavidArchie never dreamed it was illegal

@HUNNZY & I love u all still promoting. We will have plenty in the future but trust if he or team haven’t promoted it most likely is illegal

@wordsfrommysoul we hope! It’s sad they do it to him. He has such a big heart.

I was fortunate enough to attend that Interfaith concert and “Do You Hear What I Hear” was definitely a highlight.

I have to say that I thought it was gohqdefaultod of David to even participate in that show. It was fun but, dare I say it, amateurish compared to his own shows and other productions he’s been involved in.

(I mean, it featured a guy in a sheer white leotard dangling from a ribbon (no, not David).)

Like a lot of you, I bought the CDbaby version, not realizing it was a “pirate” track. Because (a) Loved the arrangement and the performance; and (b) Thought it was supporting David; and (c) I admit it … just so dang impatient to get music from the guy.

He’s worth waiting for, I’m just not good at waiting. 🙂

What do you guys think?

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15 Responses to Sad breaking news: Do You Hear What I Hear is an illegal release (really)

  1. peppertara says:

    Oh gee, what a shame that it was an illegal release. I also bought it for the same reasons. Geez, always bothers me that people do these things. Makes you wonder who is behind it. I guess if it is not promoted by the team or David or his O.S. then it is not legit! Didn’t think about that ’til after the fact and I think it’s true, a word about any music release regarding David is enough to get most fans running to buy it! Shame on those folks who steal from other artists.
    Too bad. 😦
    Well, when the real stuff is released legally, once again I’ll be running to buy it! And yes, he is worth waiting for. Patience, patience.

  2. missbianca says:

    I entirely missed the whole thing. I sure can’t blame impatient fans for downloading it. I am really shocked that it was available on iTunes–I guess they don’t screen music as well as I thought.

    Can I be disappointed that I won’t ever hear the song, ’cause I don’t play the ones the D-Team has not released? Oh yeah. Oh … yeah.

    I like the painting you chose, too. Inspired by Van Gogh?

    • tawna21 says:

      Miss B…. have you not listened to the fan recording of DYHWIH?

      • missbianca says:

        I put fan recordings in a different category from illegally pirated music. Perhaps I shouldn’t but I do.

        • tawna21 says:

          Good deal…. I just wondered if you had never heard the song before. I totally agree with your thinking on the music. Anything pirated is just wrong! I’m so glad we found out about this. I almost purchased it, and then for some reason just decided not to. (theft by deception 🙂 )

  3. amb4da says:

    Hi guys…so this is randomly off topic (haven’t even finished reading about this mp3 thing yet, but will catch up later)…just wanted to post this in Davidland somewhere…just cuz I just heard it and to me it described fans’ feelings about David. I just caught the tail end of a PBS special on Judy Garland, and at the end one of the narrators was saying something to the effect of no one having what Judy had, and there being no way to ever really explain it, no matter how you might try…he followed with this, in comparing “everyone else vs. Judy”:
    “they hit the same keys, they sing the same notes, the melody’s the same….except it’s different.”
    Bingo. David.
    To me…that sums up the enigma that is David’s singing, And I could talk all day long on it (Lord knows I’ve been accused of it)…and still come up short to describe what “it is” about his particular brand of musical magical genius.

    Sorry to hear about pirated music (ever) and especially David’s. Whoever tweeted about “his big heart” …was that Kari? …touched mine. Cuz it’s true.

    Can’t way..way..waaaait to BUY some new DAVID ARCHULETA MUSIC soon. Can’t wait to buy some TICKETS TO EAST COAST SHOWS….SOOOON. Jonesn’. (pls, pls, plllllsssssssss)

    ok…thanks for letting me share here…even if ramblin’ off topic…it is about David anyhoo. 🙂

    • marin says:

      “’they hit the same keys, they sing the same notes, the melody’s the same….except it’s different.’ Bingo. David.” yes! I think Judy Garland is a good comparison because of the emotion she would stir up whenever she sang. And like David, she started so young, What was she, 14 or so, when she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow? A lot of singers sound pretty but I feel nothing when they sing, not so with David, of course. Too many feelings sometimes. 🙂

      I too bought the 1st download of DYHWIH, didn’t know about the iTunes version. Does not reflect well on the people from that concert who took advantage of David… and his fans. I wonder if the Pentatonix musician on the track (sorry, can’t recall his name) also didn’t give permission.

      • Anonymous says:

        Speaking of Judy… interesting article on “Will We Remember Today’s Pop Stars in 50 Years?” (and for once, the comments are worth reading 🙂 )

        • missbianca says:

          Putting this comment here (from the article Anonymous posted) because I flat-out love the description of today’s music.

          christopher jones
          “N.O. – especially this vapid, jaded generation of some of the weakest
          Pop music since the days when Rock and Roll died – 1960-64 – before
          arrival of Beatles – to rescue us from Annette Funnicello/Frankie Avalon
          and all the Bobbys – which was horrible but at least not jaded like all
          the negative he said-she said, slap my b**** misogynistic, boring
          repetitive – insecure rap bravado – materialistic (bling),
          shallow, superficial – Cheesy Broadway like spectacle, big booty shaking,
          downright awful 4th grade lyric content level garbage – that passes as
          music nowadays. Video killed the radio star – MTV/videos ruined Pop
          music and made looks & dancing more important than the music.”

          That’s what David is up against. You’d think there’s be room for him amid the lousy stuff out there but it’s a hard road to travel.

          • missbianca says:

            Sorry about the terrible formatting. I should have known better than to just copy and paste.

            In this form does it remind anyone else of the poetry of ee cummings? No, huh? I need some sleep.

          • TOfan says:

            It does look kind of poetic there, Ms. B. … you can still find some good pop music out there but you really have to look for it, certainly not what’s on Top 40 radio stations today.

            Unlike other music recommendations D’s made, I didn’t love the song he tweeted about the other day (although did love the fact that he tweeted about music 🙂 ) … if anyone is looking for new tunes, this album is aMAZing, gorgeous harmonies and beautifully crafted songs:

  4. trace says:

    I had always known that, as a fervent and impatient and “nevermind-I’ll -think -about-dying-later” archie, I would get into trouble one day. All this stalking for so many years – besides, can’t be that legal either. But do I regret it? that I might land up with the face of the law? Not really. I would happily face the consequences haha. Only regret is I have done David an injustice (red-faced). But he understands. It’s his fault for keeping us waiting so long anyway tut tut! So I’m not going to lose too much sleep over this.
    But guess who’s one of the fastest-running archies running to buy the legal recording? Me!! So everything should equalise at the end! LOL! 🙂
    (PS I did not download or buy it – just talking hypothetically. 😉 )

    • Anon says:

      It was only illegal for those who posted it up without David’s permission. Those who bought the song did nothing wrong because there was an assumption of trust from the customer to the provider (either cdBaby or iTunes) that the music they were purchasing had the correct licensing in place. Many fans now would choose not to buy it knowing the situation but it doesn’t make the actions of those who did purchase it before illegal. So no worries 🙂
      If a claim is submitted, I suspect that both sites will pull the song. iTunes may even have a way to delete the song from your library and refund the money. I’m not sure on that though but they do have all kinds of fancy abilities lol.

      • tawna21 says:

        You’re right, Anon. iTunes can do some pretty fancy stuff… they’ve helped me out in a funny situation before. And, purchasing that song was not illegal to us, the fan/consumer. It’s the big guys, like you said, that have the issue in this. 🙂 So, until anything further comes up, those of you that purchased…. enjoy!! 😀

        Still…. it’s a very, very sad situation for David. ;(

  5. Lurker Fan says:

    I didn’t know about the availability of the download otherwise would’ve bought it, I still love the song but won’t buy it anymore. 😒

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