You were just a dream that I once knew….

So, in The Blog, David says:

“Constantly forcing myself to be talkative, animated, on the camera, etc. for the sake of all of you getting to know me only pushed me into a corner of letting all of you get to know someone who wasn’t even myself.”

Do you think David’s right? Or in some ways, did we get glimpses of the Real David? What do you guys think?

THEN                                                                                                  NOW








Some FB comments I had to share:
From Stephanie Mabey’s mom:

“There’s something about YOU, I’m certain of it” … me too. 🙂



And, of course:
Perhaps my favourite:

LOOOOVE the headline at MJ’s: 🙂 🙂 🙂
“David Archuleta is Done Making Everybody Else Happy”

David Archuleta released his first blog of 2015, and it’s a long one! The American Idol season 7 runner up goes into detail, explaining where his head is at after returning from a 2 year mormon mission in South America. Click to read the entire blog.

David explains that the trappings of fame and the chase for celebrity really made him uncomfortable. It was a chore to be constantly “on” for people, as folks around him expected him to be.

David always struck me as a young man who just LOVED TO SING. That’s it. There are many artists making a living who have no interest in the fame game. They just want to CREATE and share it with other people. Of course, the conundrum….how do you share your art without promoting yourself? David will have to figure out exactly where to draw that line. It sounds like, at this point, he’s got a pretty good idea.

It appears that David was NOT a happy camper prior to leaving on his mission. No wonder he dropped everything to do the Mormon mission thing for two years.

All of these people David kept trying to “please.” Hm. It would be easy to point a finger at his manager/stage dad, who had a reputation for being aggressive when it came to his son’s career. I’m sure he’s somebody David had to set boundaries with. But David also had a slew of managers and PR people around him at various times telling him what to do. It sounds like, to me, he’s just saying no to the entire celebrity rat race.


Since coming back from his mission, David has dove into projects related to the Mormon church. I would not be surprised if he stays in Utah, and builds a modest, but happy career around faith-based music. If there are fans that are disappointed he won’t be recording pop music. Oh well. I was bummed when Cat Stevens disappeared into Islam. But I got over it.

Good luck on your journey, David!

And love this comment:
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.39.51 PM


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20 Responses to You were just a dream that I once knew….

  1. peppertara says:

    Thanks for this TOfan and the comments you brought over, love that last one too…and I can’t help but think yes.. we did get glimpses of the real David. In spite of what he had to deal with his heart always seemed to shine through. You could feel it. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable with that fast paced lifestyle and always having to smile for people or the cameras and always doing what others thought he should do (poor guy) but I believe he was real in the sense that he was a genuinely good person then as he is now and it showed. We also witnessed time and time again how he poured himself in to a song (you could feel that too). Just was not David’s mode of living, not comfortable for him. We know he loves music and loves to sing though, a good thing!

    I hope David finds the way to do things his way and still be able to sing as much as he wants (for the public too). I think he will. Wish him all the best and will always be supportive. 🙂

  2. oliveoil says:

    Hey Tofan, love the way life mimics art.( The swings haha ) Anyway I’m kind of surprised how some fans are so surprised by what David said. If you read his book, really listened to his pre- mission interviews and listened to what people closest to him would say about the kind of person he is, well, voila. He’s a quiet, introverted, bighearted young man who loves to sing. Go David !!!

    • TOfan says:

      I’m with you on that, oliveoil. When I first read it, I thought: “um, David, we kind of figured all this out, already”… but then I saw some peeps had not. But then, I’m also always surprised when fans think he finds twitter parties or VIPs “fun” when I’ve always thought it was just part of his job, and not easy or natural for him.

      I do feel bad for fans who took some of his comments personally — some are fans I’m usually on the same page with. When he did the publicity tour for TOSOD and kept saying the album was supposed to “introduce the world to David Archuleta”… to me, that sounded right out of the mouth of a Jive marketing rep, not David at all. So I’m thinking that’s the kind of thing he sees as us “getting to know someone who wasn’t even myself.”

      sidenote: I thought the part about not sucking up to fans just for more fame was a direct slam at Taylor Swift, lol. (But I’m probably reading too much into it. 🙂 )

      • oliveoil says:

        Thanks for responding to my comment. I actually don’t think he was thinking about anybody else but himself when he made the suck up comment. He was probably told to do this by other people who thought they were helping him get ahead in his career. I remember him saying something in Works for Me that sounded like ” I know you mean well, but……….”.

        • marin says:

          That sounds right to me. But I have seen quite a few tweets to David asking him to be more like Taylor in his contact with fans. And who knows what he has to read in his mail.

          I did take a few of his comments personally at first. I felt more guilty than anything. Guilty that I had made demands on him, asking vor vlogs and such. And it also made me question what was “real” and what wasn’t pre-mission.

          Did he really have fun doing NA like he said he did? Was it really a “Good Place” like he said in the song? But on rereading, I think I see more now where he is coming from and yes, we did know he didn’t like to be the centre of attention, etc. COS Book 2 should be a doozy I expect. 🙂

    • refnaf says:

      Bring on COS 2, lol **demands** JK!!!

  3. I’m still searching for just the right words to describe what I took from David’s blog. I knew he was shy but not to the extent he expressed. I also felt he treated each fan as though they were the only one in the room at M&G. He was gracious and seemed happy to see us. I feel there was a glimmer of truth there, even though it may not have been easy for him. I also hope that he knows how good he made us feel after the entire experience of a LIVE concert…cloud nine for days. I pray he will find some balance in his life. He deserves it. ❤️…OH! and continue to share #DatVoice with us. 😊

    • TOfan says:

      You’re so right, Marylee, he did treat each fan at M&Gs that way, but maybe all that took it’s toll. idk.

      Really interesting to watch this “Something Pitchy” interview now… right at the end (starting at 41:15) he talks about how much energy it takes because it’s like meeting someone for the first time, hundreds of times.

      This was done pre-TOSOD release and I really wonder how much the sales-failure of that album he worked so hard on affected him, must’ve been devastating. (I still love it.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow, Twitter is not where david’s fans are at these days, check this out:

    For his blog post:

    Facebook: 30,390 likes / 288 shares / 550 comments
    Instagram: 8,285 (not sure how many comments)
    Twitter: 383 RTs / 656 favorites

    • GrammyJ says:

      His Instagram blog post has 10,808 likes and 406 comments.
      David’s Instagram Hay Snowman picture has 8404 likes and 144 comments.
      Facebook: 7.5 likes and 120 comments
      Twitter: 980 favorites and 344 retweets
      Not sure what the stats mean but David is still has a following and fans like his pictures.

      • marin says:

        I find it interesting that twitter is so far behind FB & IG, kind of tells you where most of his fanbase is? i bet he’s liking IG more than twitter (since a picture says a thousand words 🙂 )

  5. refnaf says:

    Gosh…. I am finding it hard to put my thoughts on the page… so interesting to read peoples comments everywhere. I really get where David is coming from, as I too need time to recharge after any social interactions. My idea is that perhaps it is kind of a pendulum thing…. He put him self so into EVERYTHING he did (and he did a lot) that it really made him realize it was too much to maintain and stay balanced (and sane). I was always amazed at how he made everyone that met him feel like he was totally “there”. I really don’t think it was “fake” just TOO MUCH. So since his mission the pendulum has gone the other way> very little fan interaction, and now the pendulun settles in the middle, where there is a proper balance between work and life. We really are a part of his “work”… and that is a healthy place for him and US to be. I am thankful that he is able to be himself and that he is willing to share his journey with us…. We learn so much right along with him. New music will come…. And I am going to stay here!! Stuck in the middle with him….

    • cc halo says:

      I like this way of looking at it–“too much” not “fake. And I so hope that we’re heading to the middle now, with a proper balance.

      I was so worried with the TOSOD marketing strategy–if it’s all about him and it fails, wouldn’t that be a rejection of HIM personally? I had hoped and assumed that David had a healthy enough sense of self to not take the low sales personally, now I think not.

  6. peppertara says:

    It’s so interesting reading everyone’s great comments here and elsewhere, there are a lot of them out there, mostly supportive. One can only imagine what it must have been like for David, being so young, trying to express his passion, trying to please while under the reigns of others who basically took control of his agenda while skimming over his personal feelings. In spite of it he still managed to express his music in an incredible way (that was real), he’s a class act. 🙂
    By the way, I still love TOSOD too, was a hit for me and still is!
    I thought that this blog in response to David’s blog, written by a younger fan was so beautifully expressed and really impressed me. I think she sees a lot of what David was trying to say and did say:…/…/fangirl-fan-admirer

  7. TOfan says:

    Thanks for that, pepp! Beautifully expressed blog, and really interesting to hear from a fan David’s age. Especially loved this part:

    “Only he knows who he is deep down. Only he knows what he feels in his heart. It is clear that he has figured out how to listen to himself and be the person he is meant to be, and in turn be the artist he is meant to be. He will share what and when he feels he needs to, and I take comfort in the fact that this time around, it will be truly personal and honest and right for him.”

    Remember that rumour a while back that David was moving to Nashville for songwriting? Sounds like his “hay” road trip pic points in that direction… methinks all the “untying of knots” David is doing could make for the “real,” soul-baring music he says he wants to write… “Organic, free-range ‘Fresh Baked Guhroovitude‘,” as dear Beebee used to say.

  8. peppertara says:

    “Organic, free-range ‘Fresh Baked Guhroovitude‘,” love that. Hope his “hay” road trip does take him on that road to more music…his style. “Real” soul-baring music, as you say TOfan, could just be the remedy he needs. Not to mention how much we would benefit as well. 🙂

  9. marin says:

    nice to see some very positive comments at MJs, and not from ODD fans either:

    Incipit •
    “I have needed this time to think about things because I never cared enough about myself to give the time before my mission, and no one else cared enough either.”
    There’s heavy stuff buried in that paragraph – fundamental to human happiness stuff, IMO. It’s good that he took the time to figure out what he wanted, and took charge of his own image and future plans. Other people had their own agenda, obviously. Always thought he was one of the Good Guys – I wish him nothing but the best.

    Niall •
    That’s the line (“…and no one else cared either.”) that stuck out the most to me. Yeah, I’m sure he is thinking of Jive A&R people, maybe a publicist, perhaps some fans that got entitled, but that screams to me that daddy Jeff was more interested in being famous and milking his cash cow than he was in asking his son “What do YOU really want. Forget me, forget our finances. What is in YOUR heart.” The kid needed that mission in Chile just to regain control of his own life.

    weareallinnocent •

    H.A. •
    I’m so glad David has found his peace. I think the mission was something that he needed to do. It seems to me David just wants a normal life. As he takes more control of his life he’ll be a better artist making better decisions. Good for him.

    girlygirl •
    David should do what is right for him and not worry about what his fans or the people on his team want him to do. And it sounds like that is exactly what he is determined to do, so good for him.

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