A @DavidArchie tour like no other….


datourwrap1“This week we finished the Military Tribute Tour. We went back to Kuwait for 3 shows, and then did our last show on the tour in Djibouti. It was a bittersweet experience having it come to an end, but it made such an impact on me.”

Read rest HERE!

Click pic 4 vid (*DYINGGGGG*)

Click pic 4 vid (*DYINGGGGG*)

Confession: I’m probably over-sensitive about things. And although I’ve been loving Jason’s incredibly detailed blogs, his Raptor-face pics frighten me. Seriously.

But this latest blog is all kinds of awesome….

From this:

“I am continually amazed at Dean’s wit, his genius on the piano, his spirit which pretty much can barely be held inside the bounds of his physical body.”

To this:

“And David, he is a most wonderful gift to our earth. His spirit is great, his heart is pure, his example something I wish I could emulate.”

To this:

“The spirit was there, the feeling of love and respect was strong, as we heard testimonies from those of many faiths. What an experience!”

And this:

“Encouraged by some to take the stage, as audience members are to run up and put money in the shirts of the dancers, I hesitated too long and never got my chance. It wasn’t meant to be. But next came a real special moment, when the restaurant owner approached our table and begged David to sing….

“David tried to let them know he wasn’t prepared and was embarrassed, but not in a jerky way, just in a ‘who told them I could sing?’ kind of way. After enough prodding he took the stage. Dean brought his guitar in case he’d have a chance to play with the band. When introduced the crowd kind of took notice and clapped a little, but once he laid into the first line of ‘Stand By Me’ with ‘When the night has come’, there was a collective gasp and everyone reached for their phones to record it. [WE ARE WAITING PATIENTLY PEOPLE!!!!!!!]

“With the flutes and drumbeats, and whatever other instruments were on stage, backing Dean and David’s performance, this was something most unique to witness. The cheers following the song lead to him throwing down REM’s, ‘Everybody Hurts’ to which the audience chanted ‘ONE MORE! ONE MORE!’ upon his finish.

“Turning red from embarrassment we returned to our seats to sit back down and then came the flood. The whole room seemed to converge on David like a swarm of flies to a recent kill. We had to flank him with our people as we rushed him out of the place for his own safety. One guy grabbed David, in a headlock for a picture, Dan and I ripped the guy’s arm off David and yelled, “Hey, NO Touch!” It got scary quick. [I imagine David saying: ‘Where’s that bomb-suit when you need it?!?!’]

“And that was our night.


“As we drove away people were taking pictures of the van, looking in, it was like the Beatles but wrapped in one person. To scare them off I did my Raptor face out the window, which did scare a few people.”


And most of all this:

“Upon our return to our homes, I feel a greater peace than I’ve ever felt. The peace that only comes when you have done something for the right reason, for the service and love of others.” (Read whole blog HERE.)

This isn’t a tour any of us could attend. This isn’t a tour that could be crappy cellcast or live-tweeted. This isn’t a tour where we could watch 62928347 versions of every single song on YouTube… um, a bunch of times. But somehow it was perfect, wasn’t it?


How about you guys?? What are your thoughts about this tour? (And please do share, I’m getting so bored with my own words, lol.)


Dean’s FB post (& more pics) HERE.

Credit: Dean's FB.

Credit: Dean’s FB.

Credit: Dean's FB

Credit: Dean’s FB

Screen shot 2014-07-26 at 1.03.13 PMScreen shot 2014-07-26 at 1.03.18 PM

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12 Responses to A @DavidArchie tour like no other….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for highlighting this tour so wonderfully. You’ve made it easy to follow the ‘action’ and enjoy the journey. This site is a treasure. ❤

  2. You’re right. This was a tour we couldn’t ‘see’ or revisit on YouTube (many, many, many…..times) however it was soooo right. This wasn’t for us but it still filled my own soul with how in turn I felt just knowing how these four guys touched the souls of those men and women who are there to serve and who are sacrificing their own personal lives for period a time to do it.
    And on a selfish note…this was the perfect setting for David to sing Bring Him Home which is currently my crack. Would we ever have heard this had is not been for this tour? (I wonder the same about a couple other favorites of mine that he did while on his mission – The Prayer and O Ven).

  3. peppertara says:

    Aw, another wonderful blog from David! Yes, I can imagine how this special tour impacted his life and the lives of his companions and of course the troops. What a unique and inspiring experience and how fortunate we are that we were able to follow along via all the wonderful blogs, photos, etc.
    Thanks for all the ongoing updates TOfan, was terrific to be kept “in the loop” and have a sense of some of the experiences on their journey overseas.
    Have to say Jason’s humour cracks me up! A nice addition to the sober existence over there and I’m sure the troops needed some laughs.
    This has been some tour, glad they are all home safe and sound with all the life changing experiences that they brought with them They made a difference in the lives of many and their own lives have been changed for the better, no doubt (as well as ours)!
    Loving all the great photos!

  4. archugeezer says:

    I avoided the internet for most of this tour. It was a promise I made to myself so I could enjoy the full-fledged craziness of a planned family reunion—my own family! We were at Bear Lake where the water is turquoise—it really is—and covers parts of both Idaho and Utah. I must say, it was a promise worth keeping; and if I could corner any of you for a few hours, I would tell you every detail. 🙂 #bestfamilytimeever ❤

    When I got home Wednesday night, it took me at least 30 seconds before I could get out of the car and sit in front of the computer. I have spent the last two days catching up on all things David (and Dean and Dan and Jason). What an incredible feast! And then David blogs again today. Sigh. Between a wondrous reunion and the music, photos and sentiments of the military tour, I feel completely smothered in love (no cheesiness intended).

    David Archuleta is made of all natural 100% goodness. On one hand, I feel somewhat smart and smug about being his longtime fan. On the other hand, I probably need to up my game to be worthy of it.

  5. amb4da says:

    {{{Deb}}} My b-day message from “DA man!”
    I just noticed it!
    Had a great b-day, away over nite in Newport RI, and funny, while riding on the way home I tried finding David singing in your post that I said I’d play and couldn’t find it using my phone to see your blog. Just in here now and about to click to see comments on this latest post when I noticed your sidebar. LOLlol….you always make me laugh, girl.
    Just gotta tell ya, and not to sound whiney but…after a FAB b-day yesterday, let’s just say I had a “challenging” day at work today….was feelin’ not great….and that post just lifted me. Tku! 🙂
    Going to read others’ comments about “Military tour-wrap”…have feelings myself I just haven’t put into words….
    Tku again for the much needed smile today! …He really IS singing just to me…I can tell. 😉

  6. Kizzi says:

    Well Deb, since you are the master of linking words together to create the definitive description, expression of emotion and breath taking beauty, I am at odds to think what else there is to say beyond plagiarizing your commentary since tour beginning.

    So I will just string a few words together here….love, courage, integrity, pureness, wonder, universal connection, the meaning of life, growth, what it’s all about…but mostly love. *sniff, sniff*

    Look what you made me do…..

  7. amb4da says:

    “David Archuleta is made of all natural 100% goodness. On one hand, I feel somewhat smart and smug about being his longtime fan. On the other hand, I probably need to up my game to be worthy of it.”
    Archugeezer…wow. Dead-on perspective. Didn’t even know it, but I feel the same. Tks for the words. David’s grown leaps and bounds since he left us in 2012. And I’m scramblin’ just to keep up.

    • amb4da says:

      …that said…I always knew he had it in him. Even that shy kid on Idol…I kept saying “he’s only just begun to show us who he is…” and I still feel this way. There is a deep well there.

      Re: this tour “like no other”…I love that we’ve gotten first hand accounts and a very intimate view of the what’s, why’s and who’s-who of our military and what they are doing over there. And the inside perspective about how the locals appreciate our military was also gratifying to read. So different from what is skewed in our own politicized media. Tks for Jason, Dean, Dan and David’s heartfelt journaling of it all…I learned much valuable insight.

      Thank You to our troops…sacrifice, bravery, selflessness, patriotic…doesn’t even begin to describe them.

  8. missbianca says:

    I really hope that performing as “David Archuleta” on this tour has given David a fire to perform more here and abroad. I really miss going to concerts and seeing everybody (David included).

    My favorite bits of “Davidy” news from the blogs we’ve been given were the “collective gasp” at the first notes of “Stand By Me” (I can just imagine that!) and Jason reporting “[David: ‘Where’s that bomb-suit when you need it?!?!’]” David cracked a joke, y’all! I’ve never seen his actual words quoted before unless from an event.

    I know this tour has given me a fresh perspective on our armed forces and their mission. I am really grateful for this. Sometimes I have a tendency to browse to another topic when world conflicts are reported. The 3Ds and a J have shown me faces of the people fighting–and I will pay more attention.

    Oh, and can we have Jason follow David around and just write about him? (Bad thought on so many levels…)

  9. TOfan says:

    first of all, {{{{{{{{{{{ARCHUGEEZER}}}}}}}} welcome back!!!! You have been missed!!!

    2nd of all… is it my imagination or are the shorts getting shorter and the socks getting taller?!? (Cookie, have a talk with him, stat!)


  10. Grammyj says:

    Loved all the daily blogs, pictures and the occasional video we received during the Military Tribute Tour. I’m going to miss that. Wonder what David will be up to next? He needs to have a concert at the Sandy Ampitheater like Cook. Nice that The Davids got to see each other.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LMBO 🙂

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