Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

One thing I’ve learned while David’s been away is how LAME Toronto’s postcards are. I’m talking…




See what I mean?

I’ve never had reason to send one before since I only usually do that when I’m on vacation somewhere. But by sending D. a postcard from here I wanted to:

a) Make sure he got at least one piece of mail with a Canadian stamp on it (although when he sees the pathetic pics on these postcards, he’ll probably try to avoid ever coming here for a show);

b) Thank him for what he was able to do for us before he left; and

c) Remind him that a lot of us are still here for him. *wipes tear stains from postcard*

How about you guys?? I’m curious to find out if you’ve sent him anything at all. Please share or take this quick poll.

Please do share in the comments! πŸ™‚

From the amazing @rhiminee’s tumblr:

“i will never get over that chick behind him. never.”

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45 Responses to Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

  1. betsy says:

    I bought him like 10 postcards last year.
    They are still in the bookstore bag.
    Then I bought him a cute (I thought) blank card with a fish on it.
    THEN I wrote a poem to him inside. I’m no poet, believe me. I was
    simply inspired to tell him I hoped the sun was shining on him,,
    that his bike tires were always filled with air, etc (you don’t want to know,
    I went on and on and filled the entire top, bottom and back with it))

    I wrote it last September and it’s still in a cubby on my computer desk. I feel
    weird about mailing it.
    Not sure why.

  2. Archugeezer says:

    First, thanks to @rhiminee for that gem of a gif. ROFLOLOL

    Good poll, Deb! I am very curious about this too, as I do write to him. Still, I don’t want to be known as β€œthat one old lady” who is rumored to be waiting for a missionary. I worry that I may inadvertently creep out the entire fan base.

    Too late now though. I have been sending Elder Archuleta a postcard each month, with a very short supportive message. I feel obligated to stay in touch because we are best friends, something I will explain to him when he returns. πŸ™‚

    Where did I get the 24 postcards going to Chile? I made them. Not kidding. They feature a variety of homemade (totally obvious) graphics–inspirational, cheesy, seasonal, etc. Admittedly, more than a few designs emerged from the deep recesses of something only I can call a sense of humor.

    • TOfan says:

      you made them??? wow! and knowing your amazing sense of humour & creativity I can imagine how awesome they are… I think I need to upgrade my ghetto postcard selections, lol.

      • Archugeezer says:

        I keep coming back here to chuckle at that priceless gif. Meanwhile, I have come to love the photo bombing raccoon on your lead postcard. How about an international trade? Just one of those Canadian beauties for two store bought Idaho postcards? (One has a picture of a potato field, and the other one has a picture of a potato field.)

  3. peppertara says:

    Love the postcards LOL. Well, David does love animals! I confess that I recently sent David a postcard with a little (Canadian) deer on it….bambi style, I truly did.
    My previous postcards had big city skylines, etc. of Vancouver….rather bold and obvious.
    So thought I would send him something a little softer and more subtle this time….hence the deer.
    I suppose I have sent David 4 or 5 postcards since he has been away, didn’t want to bombard him with cards from an ‘old fan’ either but at the same time wanted to show some support.
    Kudos to those who managed monthly postcards! Especially like Archugeezer who makes her own!
    TOfan….we know David loves Toronto…don’t worry about racoons or hockey players in long skirts (not raccoons in long skirts, just the players) they would not keep him away. πŸ™‚
    Love the poll too…” I’ve sent him some gifts. Hair extensions, no biggie.” Haha.
    I agree, that gif is a gem! Hilarious, oh my.

  4. dangitdavid says:

    My plan when he left was to send a postcard a month but that hasn’t happened!! I’ve sent a total of three postcards…all from PEI as I usually stock up on them when I’m there and to be honest, I’m biased that its Canada’s most beautiful province…and that has everything to do with the fact that I grew up there lolol. I also sent a Christmas card and birthday card last year and will do the same again this year ;). I struggle with what to write bc when it all comes down to it, I’ve never even met the guy and he doesn’t know me from Adam!! Lol…makes it difficult to try and write something without me sounding like we’re life long friends and him wondering who the lunatic might be :p. There’s always that second after dropping the card in the mail box where I want to reach back in and grab it out haha..

    BUT he did say he would like to hear from us so I’m doing my small part and letting him know how much I appreciate all he’s left us while he’s been gone, and while I do still struggle with what he’s doing, I do wish him well and hope he’s getting everything out of the experience that he wanted…and judging by the few pics we’ve seen, he certainly is…he looks very happy :))). Anyway, back to postcards…I sent one out this week and I will send him a Christmas card and a birthday card in a couple of months and that’ll be it!! My small job in this mish thing will be done πŸ™‚

    • TOfan says:

      “There’s always that second after dropping the card in the mail box where I want to reach back in and grab it out”… SAME!!! πŸ˜†

  5. rooster says:

    this eighty year old fart sends i a month,,and all they say is waiting for youe return

  6. pastelpastel says:

    Hi all and happy weekend! Yes, I’ve written David. Short and sweet. So I hope there is at least one Canadian stamp he’s seen lol (and maybe more to come Penny?). Postcards are very difficult to find, without a moose or a too-bright Toronto skyline. I like yours best Deb!

  7. Ok, I’ll admit to the hair extension gift…lol. Actually, I’ve written him every 2-3 months since he’s been gone but I don’t use postcards. I write a one page letter and try to fill him in a little on what’s going on in the world and let him know he’s thought of and prayed for. I’m not sure he has time to read much so I do keep it short…but there just isn’t enough room on a postcard even though apparently St. Louis has prettier (although not nearly as funny) postcards as Canada. LOL!

    Thanks sooooo much for posting rhiminee’s gif!!! ROTFL!!! I hadn’t seen that before! I absolutely LOVE her sense of humor. β™₯

  8. Yes, I’ve sent him a “communication” about once every month or so since he hit the one year mark. I am certain he thinks I’m looney tunes and will call security if he ever sees me at a future VIP. LOLz

  9. ….And that GIF….*dying* hahaha

  10. betsy says:

    By the way, I love the postcards you chose. The raccoon photobombing the city of Toronto and the ladies hockey team = priceless. LOVE that they were wearing real hockey skates back then.David will love. β™₯

  11. Kizzi says:

    I haven’t sent anything. But if wishes and thoughts and prayers count, I’ve sent a zillion.

    The gif is absolutely hysterical. The post cards just too funny.

    I miss you TOfan and am looking forward to seeing you and everyone at SAz in 2014. Hmmmm….maybe I will send D a postcard about a tour in 2014 to be sure of that….haha!

    Kudos to A’Geezer for home made postcards. I can just imagine D’s joy in getting those!

    Love and hugs to all!

  12. newangel2 says:

    That GIF is hilarious!! Oh my gosh. I never notice the people behind him or anywhere near him but LOL, that lady is checking him out. And specifically his… uh.. halo. LOL. I’m dying laughing.

  13. Charlotte says:

    First time posting here. Love the Canadian postcards πŸ˜€
    I’ve bee sending little notes, too. I think I did one a month last year and, while I was planning on every other month this year, it’s turned into every six weeks or so. They’re just short little notes letting him know we’re thinking of him. Just mailed a Thanksgiving card for him the other day. I am aware he may not get to celebrate it, but I thought he’d still like the card, since Thanksgiving entails his favorite things; family, gratitude and, of course, FOOD, LoL. I have cards for Christmas and birthday that I’ll mail together. I do hope he enjoys our little notes πŸ™‚

    • TOfan says:

      thx. for posting, Charlotte! Do you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, by chance? πŸ˜‰

      • Charlotte says:

        You’re welcome. I’m in the US, so it’s US Thanksgiving for me. It takes something like 8 weeks for international shipping(figured that out when I I went to New Zealand and I got home before the postcards I mailed arrived), so it’ll be close to the US Thanksgiving by the time he gets Kari’s next package. Glad to see we’re starting the birthday book now.

  14. Charlotte says:

    Forgot to add, that GIF is hilarious. She’s definitely checking him out, and I can’t say I blame her for taking the opportunity πŸ˜‰

  15. davidarchiefan4life says:

    Oh dear, that girl in the gif! Every time I look at it I start laughing again LOL.

    I wasn’t going to mail anything to David. I suppose I wanted him to have these two years to himself without having to think about we fans. Not that he doesn’t appreciate our support but I imagine even though we are well meaning, all of our collective attention must weigh on him sometimes.

    But then I saw the picture of him with the birthday book that he tweeted when he received it and all that went out the window LOL. He was BEAMING. Even more than usual. So I did break down and send him a short note, as others have said, letting him know we’re thinking of him, praying for him, and here for him when he returns.

    • TOfan says:

      He IS beaming in that twitpic! That smile said it all, didn’t it?

      btw, like newangel, I usually don’t notice peeps in the background but now, thx. to rhiminee/Tina I’m noticing D. getting checked out all over the place! hahahaha (not sure who’s cracking me up more here, the girl in blue or the guy in green πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† )
      check out

  16. SandyBeaches says:

    Love the postcards TOfan. So funny!!

    Like some of you I keep buying them and they are gathering together in a pile here and I don’t know why really!

    Your writing is worth all the postcards sent and not sent because this may be saved for him, you never know!

    Thanks for the humour!! Keeps me going!


  17. Charlotte says:

    So my reply above to TOfan did not go through for some reason. I’m in the US, so I celebrate US Thanksgiving, like David does. It can take 8 weeks for international mail(figured that out when I went to New Zealand in March and I got home before the postcards I mailed arrived) so it’ll be close to US Thanksgiving by the time he gets Kari’s next package. Glad we’re starting his birthday book now so it’ll get there in time.

  18. Charlotte says:

    Now my original reply shows up, LoL. Why can’t computers just cooperate the first time.

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, I feel your pain, Charlotte! I had wondered why they were starting the b-day book so early but that makes perfect sense, didn’t think about it taking so long for int’l delivery.

      • Charlotte says:

        It does take a a while. I laughed when my uncle got his postcards from my mom and my aunt a month after we got home from NZ. De snail mail, she is slow LoL.

  19. Grammyj says:

    I just read that the postal service workers in Chile have been on strike for a month, so David has been without mail for awhile. I’m sure he will be happy to get his mail once the strike is over.

  20. Charlotte says:

    A mail strike is a sad thing, especially for David and his fellow mishes. Getting mail cheers them up and keeps them from feeling too homesick. Thank goodness for email at least so they’re not completely out of touch with their families and friends.

    • refnaf says:

      Love this post and everyone’s comments! I have been meaning to send David a card since the beginning and STILL HAVE NOT DONE SO. I have a hesitation about it and not sure why….partly because words just can’t express what his music does for me. I guess I should send him a postcard to get our Canadian stamps up…. So that is on my list for today!
      Hopefully Chile will get their postal issues cleared up!!!

  21. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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